What Size Skateboard Does Tony Hawk Ride?

Tony Hawk is one of the most successful and famous skateboarders in the world. He has been skating for over four decades and has won numerous competitions. He is also known for his extreme stunts, such as becoming the first person to successfully land a 900-degree spin on a skateboard.

what size skateboard does Tony Hawk ride?

According to Hawk, the width of a skateboard can make a big difference in how stable it is. He prefers to ride a wider board, as it gives him more confidence when performing tricks. A wider board also makes it easier to balance on, which is important for tricks that require precision. H he typically rides a board that is around 8.0 inches wide and 31.75 inches long. This is a similar size to the boards that many other professional skateboarders ride. This extra width gives him the stability he needs to land complicated tricks. By riding a wider skateboard, Hawk is able to push the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard.

Tony has been skating for over ten years, and in that time, he’s ridden just about every kind of board there is. He started out on a mini-board but soon moved up to a standard-sized deck. He’s experimented with different shapes and sizes and even tried his hand at longboarding. These days, Tony likes to mix things up and ride whatever strikes his fancy. He’s equally comfortable on a mini ramp or shredding the streets on his cruiser. And whether he’s hitting up the local skate park or cruising around town, Tony always comes prepared with a few boards to choose from. So whether he’s in the mood for some quick tricks or a leisurely ride, Tony is always ready to roll.

How Big Tony Hawk’s Board Is Compared To Other Skateboards?

The answer depends on what type of skateboard you’re talking about. Tony Hawk’s signature series boards from Birdhouse are actually smaller than most standard skateboards. The width is 7.5 inches, which is a bit narrower than the average 8-inch wide board. The length is also shorter than most, at 28.5 inches.

However, Tony Hawk’s pro model boards from other brands are usually the same size as standard skateboards. For example, his pro model from Zero is 8.0 inches wide and 32.0 inches long.

So, if you’re wondering how big Tony Hawk’s board is compared to other skateboards, it really depends on the type of board you’re talking about. His signature series boards from Birdhouse are smaller than average, but his pro model boards from other brands are usually the same size as standard skateboards.

What Is The Best Brand Of Skateboard For Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is a world-renowned skateboarder who has been in the business for over three decades. He is also the owner of his own skateboarding company, Birdhouse. In order to find the best brand of skateboard for Tony Hawk, it is important to consider his specific skating style and preferences.

Tony Hawk generally prefers a wider and longer skateboard deck than the average skater. This is because he needs the extra space to perform his signature tricks, such as the 900. He also prefers a softer wheel, which helps him absorb the impact of landings. Based on these preferences, it is clear that Tony Hawk would do best with a brand that specializes in decks and wheels that are designed for street skating.

Some of the best brands of skateboards for Tony Hawk include Element, Girl, and Powell-Peralta. These companies offer a variety of deck and wheel options that would be perfect for Tony Hawk’s skating style. In addition, these brands are all highly respected in the skateboarding community and have a long history of producing high-quality products.

No matter what brand of skateboard Tony Hawk chooses to ride, it is important that he always wears proper safety gear. This includes a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards. By taking these precautions, Tony Hawk can continue to enjoy skating for many years to come.

what kind of skateboard does Tony Hawk use?

Hawk uses a variety of different boards, depending on the situation. For street skating, he prefers a smaller board with a shorter wheelbase. For vert skating, he uses a larger board with a longer wheelbase. And for skateparks, he likes to use an all-around board that can handle any situation. So, there’s no one answer to the question of what kind of skateboard Tony Hawk used. It all depends on the type of skating he’s doing. But whatever board he’s using, you can be sure that Tony Hawk will make it look like a piece of cake.


Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, and his choice in skateboard size is not what you would expect. While most people think that a bigger board equates to more stability and control, Hawk has found that a smaller board gives him more maneuverability and speed. If you’re looking for a new way to try out skating or are just starting out, maybe consider going with a smaller board – it may be the difference between nailing your trick or eating pavement.

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