Best Skateboard for Dogs: English & French Bulldogs (Riding & Pulling)

Imagine skating down a hill on a sunny day with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world. That’s an amazing experience to have, and anyone would want to share it with their best friend. Who says anything has to change if your best friend is a Dog? Many people would jump at a chance to exercise with their dogs. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to teach and share sports with your furry friend.

You could have your dog cruising on a skateboard-like all the skateboarding pups you have seen on YouTube and TV. Before you can achieve the ultimate goals, the first thing you would have to do is buy an appropriate skateboard for your dog. There are enough skateboard choices in the market to have your head spinning. You don’t have to get confused or overwhelmed over which skateboard to purchase so your dog can learn how to ride like the cool kids. Browse through our solid options below, and you will be sure to make an excellent choice.

Best Skateboard for Dogs (Riding & Pulling)

Choosing the best skateboard for your dog can be a difficult task. There are so many choices on the market, and there are many important factors to consider before making a purchase. I conducted some research, spent some time testing various boards out, and came up with this list of the top Best Skateboards For Dogs.

Best Skateboard For Bulldogs (English & French)

Kryptonics Stubby Skateboard- Best For Bulldogs




Kryptonics is a flagship brand of Bravo, an innovative skateboard company with a commitment to creating exciting skateboards and accessories. Based out of South California, this brand has been delivering great boards with classic designs that the market loves. This 7″ x 19″ skateboard is one such masterpiece. Kryptonics Stubby is a terrific skateboard manufacturing company that has been creating high-quality designs for flexibility and comfort. This non-electric skateboard is a work of genius on all sides.

For under $35 this beautiful skateboard can be yours. The best deck is fashioned out of thick 7-ply maple wood, guaranteeing a sturdy skateboard that will stand the test of time. The 60mm soft polyurethane wheels are wide and soft enough to keep your bulldog balanced on this board whether they are riding or just posing.

The skateboard is the perfect size for dogs and is fitted with the right wheels for beginners and advanced riders. That means it can double as a learning skateboard for your dog and a stunt skateboard for you. The wheels are not flimsy at all and are paired with the right bearings to offer a smooth ride all day long.

This skateboard can support weights of up to 110 pounds. That is more than enough leeway for a bulldog to balance properly and shift its weight around freely. The sturdy aluminum trucks are also built to last and support the overall weight-bearing effort of this skateboard.

When your dog has mastered the basic movements, it can control its movement by shifting its weight around. The carbon steel ABEC3 bearings fit perfectly. They will not create unwanted noises and only offer a smooth and seamless ride with no sudden noises to startle your dog. The bearings will also work to dampen the speed of the skateboard so your dog doesn’t accelerate too much and go too fast on the board. This will lessen accidents and keep your pup in good health as they enjoy the skateboard.

User Experience

Perfect skateboard for a dog to learn on. We recently bought it for my dog and he is warming up to it quite a bit. No doubt after a few hours of training, we will be able to watch him take to skateboarding as a bird does in the sky! It’s sturdy, easy to handle, and just the right size!


  • 19 inches long and 7 inches wide.
  • 60mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Carbon steel ABEC 3 bearings.
  • 7-ply maple wood deck.
  • 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks.
  • 4mm riser pads to support more weight.
  • Can support 110 pounds weight.
  • Will comfortably support up to 110lbs. Great for a heavy dog
  • Can be used by beginners and advanced riders so you can share it with your dog instead of having two different skateboards
  • The perfect size for any dog to stand comfortably.
  • The riser pads help with shock absorption too.
  • The wheels ride smoothly and are wide enough for proper balance.
  • Well built with a nice and beautiful finish.
  • The carrying handle is convenient.
  • The plastic wrapping on the wheels is hard to get off.
  • Only suitablee for small dogs


Eggboards Mini Skateboard- Best For English Bulldog

Eggboards Mini Longboard Skateboard- Best For English Bulldog

Say hello to the shortest and most portable longboard you ever saw, the Eggboards Mini Longboard. This unique skateboard for dogs combines the portability of a mini-board with the stability of a longboard. This is the perfect longboard for your dog because it is not overly large as usual and can be easily maneuvered by your pup.

The Eggboards company was founded by Italian-born and raised Paolo. He moved to California in 2015 and started the company to fill a gap he noticed from personal experience. As a longboard rider looking for a new skateboard in a new town, he couldn’t find a shortboard with stable wheels like he was used to.

That is how the first tiny longboard was formed and this incredible skateboard has grown to become a sensation. Because of the combination of a portable deck with large wheels and resilient longboard trucks, you can now cruise in style and comfort without the bulkiness of a huge board. The deck size is 19 inches long and  9 inches wide. 

Eggboards Mini Longboard Skateboard deck size


Your dog can balance very easily on this board, and it won’t be difficult for you to carry around in a backpack because it is lightweight. This mini longboard is the perfect tool for short commutes and will work perfectly for your English bulldog learning to skate for the first time. You can purchase one for yourself too and ride along with your furry friend.

The large wheels and longboard trucks on this board make it ride smoothly, so your dog is not scared during practice. It is made from thick, sturdy bamboo that will stand the test of time and always support heavyweight.

User Experience

When you first unwrap this skateboard you’ll probably wonder why you paid so much for such a tiny product. After you get on this board and test it you’ll know you paid good money for super quality. This skateboard is solid and feels really good when you pick it up and examine it. If you want a longboard that rips without lugging around a huge piece of wood, this is the right one for you.

It will fit your dog perfectly because the smaller size gives stability and speed. This short longboard rolls very smoothly and is stable. Your dog will have no smoother ride on a longboard than on this Eggboard. Also, this skateboard is easily portable. 


  • 19 inches long and 9 inches wide
  • 67mm wheels with 76A hardness.
  • 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks.
  • ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Made from durable bamboo.
  • Offers smooth riding.
  • Will last for long as the durable bamboo will not chip or crack under pressure.
  • Very easy to carry around as it is super portable.
  • Customer service is excellent and you can even speak directly with the owner.
  • The oversized wheels may get in the way.


Globe Big Blazer- Best For French BulldogGlobe Big Blazer- Best For French Bulldog

Three Australian brothers came together and founded the Globe International company in 1985. Till today, this brand sells incredible clothing, shoes, and skateboards for young people to enjoy. This cruiser skateboard from Globe rides like a dream and will be the perfect fit for your large french bulldog. A little dog might find its hand to steer or turn on this skateboard because it is standard-sized.

At 7.25″, this skateboard is wide enough but not too narrow for your four-legged friend to stand balanced on top of. The deck is 26″, not the usual 31″ or 32″. This shorter length helps reduce bulk from the skateboard and makes it more lightweight than it could have been. This skateboard deck is made from real maple wood. 7 plies of this strong wood have been put together to ensure a sturdy and resilient deck that will not bend or break. The deck has just enough flex that it does not snap but is sturdy and very well-made.

If you love sesame street, then you probably watch it with your dog. That is more reason to buy this skateboard which has Elmo from sesame street smiling on the back of it. Your dog will surely be delighted to see Elmo on his skateboard and the view will make for a good picture.

Every part of this mini cruiser skateboard is made from strong premium materials. The soft conical wheels are made from polyurethane and will not give way easily. This is much better than the plastic wheels you’re used to seeing on cheap skateboards. The trucks are also solidly built from tensor alloy. They will hold up the weight of your dog and will not easily rust or break.

Globe Big Blazer Skateboard is one of the best for beginner, intermediate and expert riders. Whether you are just starting with your pet or you just need a great skateboard for her comfort, you have them at hand. The medium concave of this skateboard will help keep your dog centered and comfortable as they cruise around.

If you have a pet that is scared of skateboarding, you can make use of this board to bring back her confidence. The skateboard isn’t just strong and beautiful, it is a real cruiser and moves smoothly even on rough ground.

User Experience

This skateboard arrives early in the mail and looks exactly as it is pictured in the product description. The size is perfect for a small dog to cruise on and this skateboard will hold up the weight of your dog without overly flexing. The 7-ply maple wood used for construction is truly rock hard and won’t give up under any weather conditions.

Your dog can be using this skateboard for a very long time because of how well-built it is. The diamond crust tail and pointed nose help clearly show which part is the nose and which is tail. You will know just where to place your dog on this skateboard.


  • 7.25” x 26” skateboard deck.
  • Riser pads.
  • Standard tensor alloy.
  • Globe ABEC 7 bearings.
  • 7-ply maple wood.
  • 59mm wheels with 78A hardness.
  • It has a good-looking design.
  • It had excellent grip and good traction for cruising.
  • It requires less effort to push.
  • Accurate bearing and portable deck.
  • It can be heavy for carrying


Swagtron Swagstake NG3- Best For Riding

Swagtron Swagstake NG3- Best For Riding

Located in the heart of Indianapolis, this locomotive company has created some exciting scooters and skateboards. The Swagskate NG3 is one of their more popular skateboards. It is an electric skateboard sold for under $150 which is a huge bargain for electric skateboards.

The Swagstake NG3 is a fantastic beginner board that delivers the true feeling of skateboarding. A beginner will feel like a pro in no time because learning stability and basic movement are simple. It has motion sensors that detect weight and motion. When your dog gets on and pushes a little, the skateboard will begin to move. When it gets off, the sensors will automatically slow the skateboard to a stop. The electric mini cruiser board offers maximum support and is also lightweight and portable for easy handling and storage.

This electric skateboard can travel up to 9.3MPH and run for up to 6 miles when the battery is fully charged. You don’t need a remote to control it as motion sensors work to control movement when a rider hops on and off. The battery only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge fully. That is a very fast charging time so you can get back to your pleasant activity in no time. 

The deck on this skateboard is wide. It measures 8.85″ giving plenty of room for your dog to stand comfortably. It is made from a very strong material, polypropylene. This is not wood and will not be disturbed by harsh weather conditions. Because this synthetic material is so strong, don’t expect this skateboard to flex for tricks and flips as normal skateboards do. It is a good thing you’re buying this skateboard for your dog to cruise on and not for tricks. The sturdy deck will not crack under pressure and can support weights of up to 150lbs. The beautiful design will not fade so you can keep enjoying the cool look.

The wheels are also made from strong material. They are soft wheels so they are large and very good for cruising. The 100w hub motor on this electric skateboard operates very quietly. Whether the skateboard is moving slowly or at maximum speed, it will not make loud noises to scare your dog from the sport.

User Experience

If you have never experienced electric skateboarding before this will be a great way to transition. This cruiser almost does all the work for you without taking out the fun of skateboarding. It might not work well for long commutes because it doesn’t maintain speeds well enough to go up an incline but it will be an excellent learning tool for your little dog. 

Speed Test: As I said before the company of the skateboard claimed a top speed of 9.3 mph. When I did the speed test, I got to 10 mph, which is a decently fast speed, especially if you are on a skateboard. I also attached a speed test video on my youtube channel. Watch the video. 

This skateboard gives a little soft beep when it’s coming through. This gives pedestrians a warning that a little dog is coming through cruising on its skateboard. You can even share this board with your dog, it will just move a little slower to make up for your added weight.


  • 19.6 inches long and 8.85 inches wide.
  • Strong polypropylene deck.
  • Motion sensor technology.
  • Soft 72mm wheels.
  • Automatic stop technology.
  • A full charge takes 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • The durable and beautiful design will not crack, fade or wear.
  • Shock-absorbing wheels make riding smooth.
  • The board will automatically stop when you get off.
  • The kick assists feature works excellently well.
  • Customer service is highly responsive.
  • Coming to a stop might be a problem for your dog since there is no remote.


Magneto Mini Cruiser- wide skateboard for bulldog

Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboards- Best For Dogs

Magneto is a company that prides itself in creating high-quality longboards and skateboards and selling them at affordable prices. This is a kind of skateboard for everyday use. It is created with the avid rider in mind so it has been built to last long.

The skateboard is built from 6 plies of strong Canadian maple wood pressed together and given a mellow concave shape. This constriction will be sturdy enough for your dog to balance comfortably on. If you’re looking to have fun with your dog at the skatepark, this is the perfect skateboard for the event.

The skateboard deck has double kicktails that make tricks and flips easy. We don’t think your dog will be doing any stunts just yet but this is still a cool feature to have for when you want to take a spin on the skateboard. The asymmetric shape of the skateboard and identical nose and tail is a good thing for your dog because it doesn’t have to figure out which side is front or back when it’s time to ride. At 7.5” wide and 27.5” long, this skateboard has enough room for you or your dog to balance.

The wheels on this skateboard are soft cruiser wheels. That is excellent as they are wide and add to the balance of the board. They will also roll smoothly over almost anything and absorb shock from ramming into rough patches. The smaller size of this cruiser makes it portable. You can simply pick this board up and walk about without feeling the heavyweight of dragging a skateboard around all day.

User Experience

The nice feeling of riding this skateboard can almost not be replicated on another. That is the kind of feeling you should want for your dog to enjoy. The deck is the perfect size for dogs and it has a very nice grip to add safety to every ride. After the first ride, your dog is going to hop on and ride like a pro because this skateboard makes it so easy.

This skateboard looks great, moves great, and performs great. It will be one of the most valuable buys you ever made. Be careful not to become a Magneto addict after trying this skateboard. Everything about it is so good that you’ll surely want other skateboards like it.


  • 7.5” x 27.5” Canadian maple deck.
  • 60mm wheels with 78a hardness.
  • 275 pounds weight capacity.
  • 5-inch gravity cast trucks.
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes
  • It is very durable
  • It has a great design
  • Quality wheels and accurate bearings
  • It has a good speed
  • Perfect for beginner and professional
  • It offers high stability
  • It is too long to carry about


Landyachtz Dhingy- Best skateboard for Dog Pulling

Landyachtz Dhingy- Best skateboard for Dog Pulling

When you’re looking for the best skateboards for dogs, you should seek out brands that deliver quality over everything else. Landyacthz is an experienced skateboard company with over 22 years of experience. What makes them stand out is how well they test each product before releasing it to the public. Professional testers ride, scrutinize and push every skateboard design released at this company to its limits. This helps them to solve all design flaws before pushing any product to market.

The experts at Landyachtz heard the publics’ discontentment with unmatched wheels on skateboards. This phenomenon is often overlooked by many brands but the riders suffer wheel bites if they are not careful. The measurement of a skateboard’s wheelbase should determine the size of wheels that can fit. In other cases, wheel flares can also be used to avoid wheel bites. This brand has fixed mini wheel flares after providing wheel cutouts on this skateboard to arrest the problem. You and your dog will both enjoy a smooth ride without injuries.

Only top-notch materials are used in the construction of Landyacthz skateboards and the Dhingy is not an exception. The deck is built from 7 plies of strong maple wood. This will last a long time and not break in half when your dog tests it for the first time. The wheels and trucks are not flimsy and are also solidly built.

User Experience

If you’re looking for stability then you’ve come to the right place. The Dhingy rides much more smoothly than most longboards we’ve tried. It offers amazing control and is an absolute joy to ride. This is why we’re convinced you and your dog will enjoy this skateboard when you’re taking turns to ride. This skateboard moves fast for a longboard. However, the nice grip on top will help keep your dog stable even when riding at top speed. This skateboard will fit you and your dog whether you’re commuting or cruising.


  • 7.5” x 28” maple wood deck.
  •  63mm wheels with 78A hardness.
  • Cut out wheels with wheels flares.
  • Distinct nose and tail.
  • Quality material.
  • Reliable bearings.
  • Lightweight aluminum suspension.
  • Featherweight skateboard.
  • Good for tricks and flips.
  • Strong and durable deck.
  • Little expensive due to its quality.
  • Not suitable for riding on uneven surfaces


DINBIN- Puppy skateboard

DINBIN Complete Highly Flexible Skateboard

This colorful penny board from Dinbin will be a marvel to your little dog. It is not only bright and attractive, but it is also very strong and will surely have your dog interested in skateboarding. The deck of this skateboard is made from high-strength polyethylene plastic. This material is more durable than wood and it is also more lightweight. You might not get adequate flexibility from such a rigid material, but since the purpose of this skateboard will be to cruise a dog, you don’t have to worry about flex.

This little skateboard is suitable for all levels of riders, including your cute little dog. A small dog will comfortably balance on this small penny board on all fours and enjoy the smooth movement in either direction. The waffle top will help keep your dogs’ feet glued to this board as it moves. It is not made from any flimsy materials and is CE certified to show you it has passed all tests and is safe to ride.

This is a complete skateboard that comes pre-assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box. You can purchase one for yourself too and ride down your street with your dog immediately it arrives in the mail. This skateboard will arrive on time when ordered. After-sales communication with this company is also very fast and reliable. They will answer all your questions and make any replacements if necessary. 

User Experience

This brand has many great products but if you need a smaller-sized board for your dog, this is one of the better picks amongst their products. Your dog will really take to skateboarding after just a week practicing on this board. This skateboard is very balanced, strong, and smooth. That is exactly what your dog needs to skate in safety.

The outer packaging is not so impressive but you will not be disappointed when you unwrap this skateboard. Customer service with this company is also very good. If there is a fault with your skateboard they will reply promptly and find a lasting solution for you.


  •  6” x 22” plastic deck.
  • 60mm rebound wheels with 78A hardness.
  • 220 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • ABEC 7 bearings.
  • Bright design light deck.
  • Improved Concave.
  • Large board sizes.
  • Wide and reliable suspension, but within the established weight.
  • Fiberglass reinforced eight-layer maple deck.
  • Stiff suspension.


Geelife 22″ frenchie skateboard

Geelife 22″ Mini Cruiser Skateboard Set

Geelife has been a professional skateboard manufacturer for several years and they did not disappoint with this astonishing product. This mini cruiser skateboard set comes complete with all accessories a beginner will need.

When you open the package, you get 1 pre-assembled 22″ x 6″ skateboard, an LED silicone skateboard lamp, a carrying and storage bag, extra anti-skid grip tape, 4 ABEC-7 bearings, and a T-tool.

This skateboard set is durable. It is made from strong polypropylene material and the trucks are made of aluminum. The polypropylene material is bendable, allowing this skateboard to be flexible while in use. The board is also portable and easy to move around with.

This super fun skateboard set has everything your child needs to learn skateboarding. It is also bright and colorful while being safe. The LED wheels are beautifully bright to match the bright colors available.

There is adequate grip tape on the deck to offer security to the rider. The grip tape is colorful to enhance the beauty and is also very functional. There is extra grip tape in the package also. The LED wheels do not require recharging or batteries to function. This is very convenient and lessens the maintenance work of the user.

The storage bag is very convenient. It will help you keep the full skateboarding set safe when not in use. When using it as a carrying bag, beware that it is not very strong and can begin to fall apart with rigorous use.

The board can support up to 330lbs of weight without issues. It will bow a little in the middle when in use but will not break as long as the weight limit is not exceeded. If you are a grown-up or over 330lbs in weight, don’t opt for this mini cruiser. It has been specifically designed for beginners and children. This will make the perfect skateboard for your English bulldog but not for you.

User Experience

This is a great starter skateboard to enjoy the game while learning balance. The light-up wheels will add the element of excitement to your dogs skateboarding journey which will keep it coming back for more fun every day. The tools and bags in this package are very helpful and totally worth purchasing this package for. The high-quality polypropylene material used for the deck is very strong. It also holds up very well. Even when it rains, you can enjoy this skateboard without fear of damaging any of the parts.


  • Soft 60mm PU wheels.
  • 330lbs maximum load weight.
  • Made with strong polypropylene material.
  • Comes with ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Comes with 3.25″ aluminum trucks.
  • Ad-ins included in the package are all very helpful.
  • No need for recharge or batteries for the wheels to light up.
  • Rolls very well.
  • The color is bright and exciting for kids and French dogs.
  • The storage bag is not very strong.
  • Only for kids and dogs


Magneto- bulldog longboard

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

The first great thing about this brand is that it is run by skateboarders who love the game and want to share that joy with the world. They believe a good longboard should not be overly expensive and have committed to making sturdy longboards available in the market. That is why this complete longboard is not expensive and yet a perfect first skateboard for your dog.

Magneto plays around with different materials, shapes, and compositions to get the best skateboards to you. There is a lot of testing going on and they never release a new product to the world without rigorous tests and necessary adjustments. Even though the design is not a primary concern for most buyers, Magneto still takes it very seriously. They put effort into releasing cool new designs with every series of products. This brand is new to the game but they are here to make a big name for themselves and they want to stay. We say magneto has our full approval if they keep making great skateboards like this.

Good skateboards can be differentiated from cheap fakes by the deck. This 9″ x 42″ longboard is designed to be both strong and flexible. It is constructed with 3 plies of real bamboo sandwiched between two sheets of fiberglass. This 5-ply combination is not as thick as a normal skateboard but stronger. The fiberglass gives reinforcement while the bamboo offers optimal flexibility. This combination also helps to reduce the weight of the longboard, therefore making it easy for a rider to carry it from place to place.

This is one of the best skateboards for dogs and bulldogs because there is ample space for them to balance without staggering. The skateboard glides smoothly across all kinds of surfaces. The rebound wheels have a special shock-absorbing power that dampens the impact of the board rolling on rough surfaces.

Other components of the skateboard are also well built. The trucks are reinforced and very strong. Everything on this skateboard is set up for great carving and an all-around enjoyable cruising experience. Your French bulldog will not be happier on another skateboard.

User Experience

The stability of this board is super amazing. After working a little on the product and tightening the trucks, it rides super smooth and carves like a dream. This skateboard responds very easily to commands and will be easy for your English Bulldog to maneuver.

The deck is very high quality with the fiberglass reinforcement helping to reduce weight. Magneto also responds very quickly so you will be well cared for if there is a problem with your skateboard when it arrives. Overall, this skateboard is quite easy to ride so it is perfect for beginners.


  • 44 inches long and 9 inches wide.
  • 7-inch kingpin trucks.
  • Bamboo and fiberglass construction.
  • 73mm rebound wheels with 78A hardness.
  • Subtle u-shaped concave.
  • 275 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • Skate tool included.
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes especially for French bulldogs.
  • Offers super stability.
  • The company is good at after-sales service. Very responsive.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Too long to carry around and store away


RudeBoyz – Best for small dogs

RudeBoyz - Best for small dogs

If you think your small dog is ready to skateboard, this is a great board to start with. Specially designed for newbies, this skateboard is ideal for grasping basic beginner skills like standing and managing balance. It measures 17” by 5” and can support up to 121lbs, which makes it ideal for a small dog.

A shorter skateboard deck gives more control to newbies. They need to be confident enough to move around on a skateboard and a smaller surface is simpler for most small feet, especially small dog feet. This tiny board is not just beautifully designed and cute, it is made from real wood and sturdy materials to make sure it serves your little dog for a long time. Whether you’re just using it as a photo prop or your dog wants to skate, you will enjoy the full use of this skateboard.

It is not heavy or extra-long, so you can easily carry it around and stow it away when not in use. Small dogs are in a peculiar situation when it comes to skateboard size. Even mini skateboards can be too large for them so you need something small like this cute little board to make them comfortable. Your dog will look so cool riding on this beautifully designed skateboard with vibrant wheels.

User Experience

You’re not going to believe this skateboard costs just $20 when it arrives. It is made for kids so every care has been taken to ensure it will not cause unnecessary accidents. Since your dog is a kid of yours, you can rest easy knowing it is safe on this strong kiddie’s skateboard. This skateboard might be built for little ones but the deck is just as thick as an adult-sized board. The bushings are stiff but that will allow your little dog to learn balance more comfortably. You should also add some grip tape to this board to increase stability and control for your dog.


  • 17 inches long and 5 inches wide
  • Very durable and portable.
  • 6-inch trucks.
  • ABEC 7 bearings.
  • 54mm hard wheels.
  • Durable design.
  • Portable
  • Offers versatile performance for the different stages of your dog’s skateboarding journey.
  • The deck is not wide enough to support a big dog because they need more legroom.


OLEIO 23.2″- dog skateboard deck

OLEIO 23.2″ Mini Cruiser Skateboard

If you’re planning on getting skateboard dogs and English dogs as well, this mini cruiser from OLEIO is probably the star choice. It is especially colorful and beautiful. It is available in different colors that your little one will love. The deck is small and portable.

It is made for little children and so is lightweight and easy to move around. The handle grip created on one edge of the deck is a super convenient way to transport this skateboard around. You don’t need to grab it with both hands or use a bag if you don’t want to.

This skateboard comes with 60mm soft wheels. They not only improve the smoothness of your ride, but they are also wide and add to the stability of the board. this is very good for beginners and kids. The trucks are great for cruising and very sensitive to turning and curving.

You don’t need to recharge the wheels that light up. You also don’t need batteries. That reduces maintenance requirements which is convenient for the user. This is surely an ideal gift for a little child who loves skateboarding or wants to learn the sport. Everything comes ready to use straight out of the package.

This skateboard is made with high-quality bendable polypropylene material. The deck can carry a maximum weight of 220lbs per time. The deck is lined with non-slip grip tape to help the skater balance. Providing even more balance is the unique design of the deck with supporting columns.

Because of this reinforcement, the deck is secure and extra stable.  Keep in mind that the beautiful design is not imprinted with heat and could begin to bubble off with use. If you don’t mind losing the beauty of your skateboard along the way, this should not be a problem.

User Experience

This small skateboard is a really good size for your small dog to enjoy. The wheels are big and soft. They extend to the outer edges of the board and help to increase stability. Any dog will feel weird standing on a skateboard for the first time so they need all the stability the board can offer.

The rubber wheels will help reduce the shock of bumping over uneven surfaces. We love the handle grip on this skateboard. It will help with transporting it easily from one area to the other. This skateboard is durable, stylish, stable, and tons of fun for you and your dog to enjoy.


  • Contains one fully assembled cruiser board.
  • Has soft luminous 60mm wheels.
  • Fitted with fast ABEC-9 bearings.
  • The maximum load weight is 220lbs.
  • Made with strong non-slip polypropylene material.
  • The wide wheels on a small board help with balance.
  • Has a handle grip for easy transportation.
  • Zero batteries or charging is needed.
  • Great shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Very nice and stylish bright colors.
  • Best skateboard for dog pulling and also walking.
  • The design could wear off easily.


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How To Teach A Bulldog Or Dog To Ride A Skateboard?

Most people that have seen a video of a skateboarding dog often wonder how it learned how to do so. You can teach your dog how to skate by following these simple steps.

Step 1: get comfortable on the board

It is the most critical step of beginner skating for dogs. We know you might be eager for your dog to start riding right away but don’t take it for granted and don’t skip it for any reason. Apply brakes to the skateboard and help your dog to balance comfortably on the board. Start with the front paws on the board and advance to placing all four paws and allowing your dog to stand and gain balance.

Step 2: start moving

When your dog is comfortable with being around a skateboard and standing on it, start teaching movement a few inches at a time. Choose a smooth ground for this kind of practice and control the speed, so the skateboard only moves slowly. Electronic boards have an advantage here as you can control the speed and movement from a remote control without touching the board.

Step 3: teach pushing

After your dog has learned movement, encourage them to stand on the board and use one or two back paws to push forward. If you have been using the remote control on an electric board, this is the time to put away the controls and let the dog move on its own.

Step 4: increase speed

As practice advances, you can slowly increase the speed at which your dog moves and the distance it covers. Some dogs might be scared to move faster, so don’t jolt your dog into higher speeds until they are comfortable and ready to move.

Step 5: introduce steering

You can loosen the skateboard at different stages, so it rocks back and forth and is flexible enough for initiating turns and steering. Teach your dog to shift its weight around the board so it can turn in the direction of its choice.

Best Size Skateboard for A Bulldog?

It does not matter which brand you use, Which think is important to choose the right skateboard for your English Bulldog. Pick the right size for your Dog otherwise, your dog gets injured like any other sportsman and athlete. Skateboard size depends on dog size but one thumb rule is that the skateboard deck should be 1-inch wider than the bulldog resting stance. But normally 9 and 10-inch sizes are best for your dogs.

How do I buy the Best skateboard for dogs?

There are many brands on the ground when it comes to buying a skateboard, but you shouldn’t have any trouble if you let me guide you. Before buying a skateboard, you need to take a look at the quality, design, and price it comes with.

  •  Quality

The material make-up of the skateboard is one of the things that determine the quality. You need to review the quality of every board you wish to get to ensure that it stands the test of time. You won’t be happy buying boards now and then just to make your pet have fun and travel with you. We’ll take a deep look at this on every product we review.

·         Design

For a very comfortable ride, you will need the design of the board to be great. The design comes in the graphics and the shape of the board. One with great graphics can make your pet fall in love with her board and a good size will help the easy balancing and control. If you make a great design choice, making your pet have a comfortable ride will be very easy.

·         Price

Out there, the price varies when you want to buy a skateboard for your pet. You would need to first make a budget of what you want and then take steps to review the different brands for the best price that will suit your pocket. I have a detailed price range for each board listed. Price should never replace quality and design if you want to save your pet from falling while on a ride.

Let’s dive quickly into some of the best skateboards for dogs that you can buy to make your pet have fun all the way.

Why Do Bulldogs Like Skateboarding?

Why do bulldogs like skateboarding? Who knows why, but if you got one they will most likely want to show how it’s done by pushing themselves onto their wheels. They’ll probably not be able to go very far or turn very well for the first few weeks, but once they’ve mastered it I’m sure you will see them around town cruising the streets with their full-face helmet and pads on.

Bulldogs are normally fairly laid-back dogs so why do bulldogs like skateboarding? Your bulldog is probably just showing their age-old love of riding anything that moves, why else would a dog love to play frisbee or go swimming than for fun reasons! Dogs love to have fun, why do you think they wag their tails at any person or animal that comes near them? Probably for the treats and love you give them.

What Consider Before Buying A Skateboard For Your Dog?

If you are thinking of buying a skateboard for your dog, you won’t regret it. Seeing your furry friend cruising on 4 wheels with the wind in their faces will give you joy and be very enjoyable for them.

There are numerous options available, but choosing the right skateboard for your dog should not be difficult. You must consider certain characteristics of the board to make sure it is suitable for your dog before making a final purchase.

Go to a reputable skate shop: purchasing from the mall or toy shop will be very different from going to a professional skate shop. These places have dedicated salespersons who have a vast knowledge of skateboards and can advise you on what board is right for your dog. They are also guaranteed to sell durable skateboards that are made of high-quality materials as opposed to products that look good but will not stand the test of time.

Rider experience level: there are different skateboards made for beginner, intermediate, and expert riders. You want to stick to beginner-friendly boards that will help teach your dog the basics. Jumping the gun and picking a higher-level board will constitute problems in the future and might cause unnecessary accidents.

Size is important: the size of the skateboard you choose will depend on your dog’s size. If you have a big dog, you cannot choose a skateboard with a width of fewer than 10 inches, as the dog will require adequate space to place all four legs. If you get an overly large skateboard for a small dog, they will have a hard time getting off when the board is in motion.

Wheels: select a board with hard wheels that will ride over obstacles easily. Softer wheels are more liable to cause accidents, especially at the very beginning of your dog’s skating journey. Also, choose short wheels that will offer a more comfortable ride.

Grip tape: since stability is more important for beginners than any other quality, having a skateboard layered with grip tape will help your dog balance better without slipping.\ Budget: there are skateboards with different price tags, and you are sure to find something in your budget. Make sure to budget for a quality skateboard that will be sturdy and last long. Choose a board made from sturdy materials that will not give way and cause an accident during use. You don’t want to buy a new skateboard every few weeks as that will build up costs.

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Final Verdict

In today’s world, a skateboarding dog is not unheard of. This is not a funny joke or a myth either. There is video proof of many Bulldogs on skates. You can teach your furry friend how to get on a skateboard, balance, and even move by himself.

Of course, you’re going to need a skateboard even to start. That’s where this post comes in. We have detailed our top-quality picks that will ensure your dog is safe and has the perfect learning board to learn how to skate.

For safety purposes, it is essential to select a skateboard that will be appropriate for your dog’s size and weight. For example, a heavy Pitbull will need a bigger skateboard than a Yorkie.

If the skateboard you choose does not come with safety gear, you can purchase a helmet and safety pads to ensure your dog is not wounded during practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a bulldog ride a skateboard?

Of all the different breeds of dogs, bulldogs are the best at riding skateboards. Some dog breeds won’t even go near a skateboard from fear but a bulldog will jump on and shred that deck. With its paws, a bulldog will confidently prop itself up on a board and surf crowds, and make turns like something in an action movie. These cute dogs can easily master a skill that many humans find very hard and have become popular for cruising on skateboards.

What is the best skateboard for a Dog?

There is more than one perfect skateboard for a bulldog. The size, age, and confidence of the dog in question are all important factors to determine the perfect one. However, as a guiding rule, you can get a skateboard with enough room to let any dog stand comfortably on all fours. That will probably be a 9” x 30” skateboard for beginners with soft wheels for cruising.

How do you train your bulldog to ride a skateboard?

Now that we’ve established that bulldogs take to skateboarding very fast, we’re sure you’re more confident about training your dog to start the sport. As we mentioned earlier in this article there are five simple steps to train your bulldog to ride a skateboard. First, your dog must get comfortable standing on a skateboard before they start moving. Next, you teach them how to push and gradually increase their speed as they advance. You can introduce steering when the dog is comfortable with going faster and even teach some simple tricks from thereon. You can apply these same steps to teach other dog breeds how to ride a skateboard too. You can scroll up to the section on ‘how to teach a bulldog or dog how to ride a skateboard to get the full list.

Why are bulldogs good at skateboarding?

So many bulldog skating stories are popping everywhere and grabbing human interest. These dogs are so good at skateboarding because of their peculiar wide body. This natural characteristic gives them a low center of gravity that helps in balancing properly on a skateboard, even whilst moving. Bulldogs can run up to a skateboard and leap on or climb a stationary board and push themselves.

Watch my full review on best skateboards for dogs on my youtube channel.

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