The Best Skateboard Bearings Money Can Buy in 2022

As you’ll know by now, skateboards come in various designs for different riding styles. Some are suitable for just cruising, and others are designed to allow you to carry out tricks on them. Then there are others that you’ll find are more versatile, allowing you to combine the two styles already mentioned.

You’ll also know that each board is made up of various components, such as the deck, truck, grip tape, and bearings. If you are thinking of customizing your skateboard for a smoother ride and faster travel, then you need to look at replacing the bearings.

Below we review what we consider to be five of the best sets of bearings you can buy to customize your skateboard. Plus, we’ll offer some advice that may prove helpful when deciding which are the best bearings you can get.

The Best Skateboard Bearings by Category

1. Best Skateboard Bearings For Longboards: Bones Big Balls REDS

If you are looking for a good set of skateboard bearings for your longboard, then look no further than Bones Big Balls REDS. These are the latest bearings by a company that has been producing quality products for over 40 years. These are manufactured using the same engineering as Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings, which are reviewed later in this article.

These Bones Reds bearings are now produced in China, but they are still made to the exacting standards that the Bones company requires. In skating terms, you will find that these bearings equate to bigger wheels that will provide you with longer and faster rolling.

This is because less friction is being placed on them, and far less heat is generated. In turn, you will find that these bearings last longer. Their price makes them an excellent value.

  • Perfect for use on longboards
  • Provide a much higher top-end speed with a smooth ride
  • Bigger and less susceptible to damage from dirt or impact
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Need to be careful as some can prove unreliable, and break in a matter of weeks

2. Best Bearings For Boosted Boards: Acer Racing Boosted Board V1 Ceramic Bearings

If you are looking for a new set of bearings for your skateboard, consider the Acer Racing Boosted Board Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Kit. You will find that this kit will allow your board to spin smoother and faster for much longer.

Plus, the ceramic bearings used in this kit are more durable than other makes. Included in this kit are Acer Racing’s tried and tested silicon nitride balls. These are the same ones they have used in their Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings kits. These same models have given this company the distinction of having the “hardest balls” in this industry.

The ball bearings in these come with a much smoother, shinier finish than others, as they are finished off using diamonds. Before being placed inside the no-contact grey seals, they are coated in Acer’s SIN oil lubrication. Plus, they are easy to remove, so cleaning them is a breeze.

  • Lightweight and have lower friction and rolling resistance
  • Comes with an improved range
  • Version 1 has ten bearings, Version 2 has eight
  • All are coated in ACER SIN Oil lubrication
  • Offer you the smoothest, fastest bearings to fit on your boosted board
  • Come with a money-back guarantee
  • Come with an ABEC 7 Rating
  • Substandard quality control

3. Best Versatile Skateboard Bearings: Kvein Premium


If you like to do tricks that involve lots of jumps and agile moves, then you need these bearings for your skateboard. The rigid structure of these Kvein Premium skateboard bearings ensures that they can cope with high-impact moves. Inside each bearing, you´ll find a set of ceramic balls that are durable enough to protect against any possible deformation.

Plus, adding a housing made of carbon steel also helps to protect them against any potential damage. Also, these bearings come with a set of unique colored seals that further protect the components inside. This also helps ensure that this will last longer than some other brands. These versatile bearings are suitable for skateboards, longboards, scooters, and even trikes.

  • Chrome and ceramic combination helps to reduce friction
  • A rubber seal helps to provide additional protection
  • Can be used with a variety of skating products and are even suitable for use with fidget spinners
  • Are affordable and also come with a money-back guarantee
  • Are designed to last a long time
  • Take a long time to break in

4. Best Value Skateboard Bearings: Bones REDS

If you are looking for a new set of bearings at an affordable price, look no further than the Bones Reds Bearings with spacers and washers bundle. As well as being Bones’ best-selling bearings, these are among the cheapest bearings that this company has.

They are still very popular with many beginner skateboarders. Instead of being made in Switzerland as the Bones Swiss line is, instead they are now made in China. As labor costs are lower there, this has helped to bring the cost of these particular bearings down.

This has allowed the company to pass its savings on to its customers. Although they are our best-value bearings, you will find that these are still made to Bones’ high-quality standards.

  • Offer great performance at an affordable price
  • Nade of reasonable quality steel
  • Relatively durable
  • Somewhat unreliable, and may not last as long as they should
  • Lots of fakes out there

5. Best Skateboard Bearings For Speed: Bones Super Swiss 6


Whether you own a skate, cruiser, or longboard and want to replace the bearings with ones suitable for speed, then look no further than Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings. You will find that these high-quality bearings are an upgraded version of the original Bones Swiss bearings. However, these come with one primary difference use six larger balls rather than seven.

You will find that the main benefits of fitting these to your board are they provide more speed, are more durable, and are a lot stronger. As a result, these bearings will last longer before you need to replace them, especially when you take care of them properly. Of course, you need to remember that, as these are made to such exacting high standards, they cost a lot.

  • Larger balls produce less friction
  • Larger balls rotate for longer and ensure consistent performance
  • Less susceptible to damage from impact or dirt
  • Are specially designed bearings for skateboards so that you can accelerate more quickly
  • Are lightweight in comparison to some other Bones bearings
  • Like all Bones precision bearings, do not come with an ABEC rating but are affordable

Types of Skateboard Bearings

As you look more closely at skateboard bearings you will find that there are several different types available. Below we look at the three main types that will affect the actual performance of your skateboard.

Steel Skateboard Bearings

These are the most often used as they are affordable and durable. However, the quality of the steel used in these can vary. The main issue with these cheap bearings is that should they get wet, the risk of them rusting increases.

Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

The main benefit of ceramic bearings is that they are harder than steel ones. Not only are these more heat resistant, but you will also find that less friction is caused when traveling at high speeds. Plus, should these bearings get wet, they will not rust. However, if you like to do a lot of tricks on their skateboard, consider other options as they are quite brittle.

Titanium Skateboard Bearings

Titanium bearings aren’t only lightweight but also durable products and highly resistant to rust. These bearings perform the same way as steel bearings but last longer as long as regular cleaning is carried out. However, like steel bearings, you will need to apply a lubricant to titanium bearings to prevent excess friction.

How Do They Work?

Each wheel on a skateboard is designed to have two bearings, so each board will have eight. Often skateboard bearings have a total of seven balls placed inside a track. The balls then roll against a smooth inner and out surface that helps reduce friction from the board’s wheels as they spin. This translates into extra speed being produced without the skater needing to push more. However, as you´ll see above, one set of bearings is available with only six balls in each.

Is the ABEC Rating Important?

The ABEC rating with some skateboard bearings relates to how precise they are. This is something that many skaters who want to travel fast on their boards look for. So those with a high ABEC rating are considered faster. But this isn’t the most crucial thing to consider when it comes to buying such components for your skateboard. Some don’t even have an ABEC Rating.

How Long Do They Last?

There isn´t any set time for how long the bearings you fit on your skateboard should last. Several factors will determine their lifespan. These factors include how well they’ve been made and how often you use your board. Also, maintenance plays a part in how long these will last. If you are someone who takes proper care of their skateboard, then you can expect the new expensive bearings you fit on yours to last for quite some time before replacing them.


Do Skateboard Bearings Fit All Types Of Wheels?

The majority of skateboard bearings come with the designation 608. This means they are part of the 600 series and have an 8mm inner diameter. So nearly all wheel cores are likely to fit on inline skates and skateboards, as they all come with a standard configuration.

Are Skateboard Bearings Waterproof?

These days you will find that the design of skateboard bearings has changed somewhat. Many now come with shields and seals that ensure water cannot get inside them. However, those that don’t come with shielding tend to include ceramic balls inside them that are resistant to damage from water.

Let´s Wrap Things Up

If you have now got to this part of our article and are still unsure which skateboard bearings to get, let us make it a little easier for you. If you are casually learning to skateboard, use cheaper bearings such as Bones Reds. If you want to upgrade the bearings you already have on your skateboard, we suggest you consider the Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings.

For those who want a new set of bearings for their board that is suitable for longboards, opt for Bones Big Balls or Kveni Premium Skateboard ceramic skate bearings. Finally, if you want bearings for your skateboard that aren’t likely to rust if they get wet, consider investing in a set of the Acer Racing boosted board bearings we reviewed above. We hope that you find the information we’ve provided helpful and now can find the best skateboard bearings to meet your needs.

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