Best Pants for Skateboarding ( Jeans, Dickies & Cargo For Mens)

It is good to have a basic understanding of what you do before you take steps into it. Skateboarding doesn’t just have to do with the board, and tricks or finding a good board that will plow your kind of route easily, you need more than that for a good ride. You should have good pants for skateboarding to be comfortable at every ride.  You need to have your style as a skater and be different in a way that encourages and boosts your daily skating. If you have a problem finding the right pants, you can take your time to follow the guide I have here to get one that will suit you.

Every sport has its safety measures that must be followed and comfort must be considered as well. Buying pants is part of the needed things that all skaters must keenly take note of and happily make a purchase when it’s time. Now that you feel it’s time to change fresh pants, you don’t have to worry about the many brands in the market and how you will grab the best, as I implore all strategies to put the best pants together, letting you know the key things that will make the market less daunting for you.

I’m here to help you, and hopefully, you will get the best if you relax to follow this guide and take steps to buy as soon as possible. You can pick any one of the pants that interest you or one that falls within your budget. It’s funny how some people just wear what they have for skating and keep complaining about the uncomfortable ride at the end of the day. If you haven’t known that good pants that you can use exist, you may be using some baggies that your old man wore to work 10 years ago.

Your comfort should be your priority when it comes to skateboarding and I’m here to help you scale through the market for the best pants. If you have tried buying pants in the past and the different brands seem confusing, you can relax and get help to buy the best from the market.

Best Pants for Skateboarding (Jeans & Trousers)

We’ll present you with a compilation of what we believe to be the 7 best pants for skateboarding. We have put these items through a variety of tests and have reached out to skateboarders from the local community that can share their experiences with the products we include on our list. Check it out!

Best Skateboard Pants (Boys & Men’s)

Volcom mens skater pants

Volcom Men's Chino Pants

Volcom is known for its nice lifestyle and reputable sports products. They are trusted and reliable for millions of skaters that know the need for good products. They have been in the market since 1991 and still hold quality in all they produce.

They use the best materials to make their pants and this makes expert riders rely so much on their products. To be candid, this is one of the best brands that produce pants that are durable and comfortable for skaters to have fun.

Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fits Stretch Chino Pant is made of high quality and comes at a good price. It is a combination of premium cotton, polyester, and elastane material. When looking for pants that come with comfort and highly safe materials, you can bank on them.

They stand the test of time and save skaters from buying pants all the time. Two special things about these pants are that they can fit into your daily life. When you need pants that you can use for your skating and also wear in good times, you can buy one. It also comes with a modern design that is superior to all other brands.

If you are looking for stretchy pant that is breathable, this is one of the best you can think of that comes with a very cool price that will save your pocket.


Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fits Stretch Chino Pants is not a joke, with its modern design, it can be used by anyone. It has slanted pockets and a back yoke design that gives users a good fit. It has a wide color selection the inside cloth is soft and the feel on the skin is good. The design fits modern-day fashion.

User Experience

I’ve been looking for a pair of chinos that are comfortable, durable, and stylish, and I found them in the Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant. These pants offer all of the features I was looking for: a comfortable fit, a fashionable look, and great durability. And the best part is that I can wear them to work and skateboarding or out on the weekend. These pants are a great purchase!


The price ranges from $30 to $90.


  • Modern fashion style
  • Back yoke design
  • Varieties of color to choose from

Final verdict

If you put your comfort first when buying pants, you should try this out for what it has. No user ever complains about these pants and even if you have to fall every day, they can withstand the falls. You will enjoy the comfort that comes with it. Volcom is the number one choice of many and they don’t go wrong! You can place your order now!

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Affordable to all income earners
  • High durability
  • Made stretchy
  • Premium materials
  • The pockets are not secure

Otomix Men’s Baggy Bodybuilding Workout Muscle Pants

Skateboards often demand an extensive range of motions and superior ease of movement if you want to bring out their full capabilities. Established in 1988, Otomix quickly garnered a reputation for making pants stretchy enough to easily accommodate the dynamic movements peculiar to physical activity.

More specifically, the Otomix baggy bodybuilding workout muscle pants have quickly become a must-have article of clothing for the active skateboarder because of the perfect balance of style and functionality it offers.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and color options, this clothing level may just be what you need to perfect your authentic skate style. Unlike heavier pants for skating that may wear you down after a while, these super-lightweight pants accommodate different body types conveniently without sacrificing durability.

These polyester-cotton pants also easily match all kinds of tops and usually last for years on end, too! Mike, a member of our team has had a pair of these comfortable cotton and polyester for more than three years now. They’re his special pants for shredding so he wears them quite often and yet, it still looks almost as good as when he first bought them.

These surf pants also boast a wide array of versatile pockets you can use to hold small, valuable items while you move. It also boasts a decent resistance to wrinkles so your fashion level doesn’t drop if you just plop it in your wardrobe.

Like all good buying guides, we recommend that you look at the size charts and at least have a general idea of the accurate measurement of your true waist size. Although not knowing this won’t impair the combination of comfort and free movement these soon-to-be favorite pants for skateboarding offer, it can increase the functionality of the semi-stretchable pants.


  • Combination of cotton and polyester.
  • Drawstring adjustable closure.
  • 3-inch elastic waistband.
  • 2 quality pockets.


Otomix men’s baggy bodybuilding workout muscle pants are available in 10 different color options and 3 types of fit. Each one features an old-school yet stylish design.


Every article of clothing in this collection falls in a relatively reasonable price range and offers good value for your money.

Final Verdict

Mike isn’t the only staunch supporter of this pair of skate pants on our team anymore. Two other team members have tried out this attire and found that it had just the right range of dynamic movements to flawlessly shred at every trick level.

Even our female skateboarders had nothing but good things about these pants for skating.

So, if you’re looking to replace that old durable pair of cargo pants with something more stylish, or you’re looking for the best gifts for gender-neutral, male or female skaters, these pants are certainly worth checking out.


  • It’s a great fit for different body types.
  • It’s highly durable.
  • It offers a decent range of solid color options.
  • There’s zero shrinkage after washing.


  • Its old-school design mightn’t appeal to all skateboarders.



Rvca- Best Pants For Skating

Rvca- Best Pants For Skating

RVCA is a brand that is popular and used for its high quality and designed apparel for sportsmen. It is a California-based company that has been in existence since 1999. They design products for extreme sport and have a good ground for skateboarding products.

They produce their pants with high quality using the best materials that are available, good for all weather. Skateboarders patronize them a lot and one of their best products is the RVCA Men’s Week-End Pants.

This pant is of chino pants that are made for comfort and a free cut that allows free movement for riders. It is made of high-quality materials of cotton and polyester which accounts for the durability and softness of the pants.

It has a secured back and front pocket that can be used to keep things. It is very easy to clean and it provides high comfort and style in its use. You can find everyday use for it as well as your skating.

If you have tried the market for a brand that is cheap and holds quality for skateboarding pants, knows that you have one here. RVCA Men’s Week-End Pants are known to be very durable and cost-effective for those with a low budget.

There are years of experience that have given them a good name in the market and they still hold the quality production till date. If you want pants that are washing machine friendly, you can bank on RVCA.


  • Easily washable
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Chino Pants
  • Great colors to choose from
  • Polyester – 65%
  • Cotton – 35%


RVCA Men’s Week-End Pants come with straight cuts that make them fit and easy to wear. It has a back and a front pocket that is secure and of different colors. If you love to get lost with colors, you will have a lot to choose from.


The price starts from $21 which is a good one for any budget.

Final verdict

Many pants out there are not easy to wash which means you have to wear them with care to prevent frequent washing, but the RVCA Men’s Weekend Pants are washable and retain their color even after many washing. It is not too pricey for comfortable skating so you can grab one now!

  • Comfortable
  • Strong
  • DurableF
  • Can be too baggy
  • Weird fit


Dickies 847 Work Skater Pants

Dickies 847 Work Pants

Dickies pants are famous among many skaters. They are known for high resistance and high quality in their making. This brand is not just out today, they have been in the market for a long time. They are good-looking pants and perfect for all work. For a traditional pair of pants, Dickie’s is number one on the list of many skateboarders.

They are made of cotton and polyester with stain resistance that all skaters desire. If you are a long-distance rider, your style of pants should be the ones that are flexible and robust in making you give you free space for movement.

Dickies 847 Work Pants have notable sizes of pants that aren’t common with other brands. If your waist is 26 or you fall in waist size above 70, you can still get a size that will fit you in the brand. They have a wide variety of skateboarders and you get to choose the color you want.

If you love to have a thrilling ride in the best pants, you have a wide option with this brand. When it comes to price, they have the cheapest you can name. While many brands in the market will name a price of $30 above, it only costs less than fifteen dollars.

For washing options, they are washable and very easy to wear. You can use a machine to wash or any other means you love as they are stain-resistant and also very soft to touch. The color doesn’t wash out so you can wash without fear of losing the color brightness.

User Experience

I have owned a lot of dickey’s workwear, I like the 874 because they are long and fit me just right, my brother is 6 foot 1 and the same size, he has trouble with the waist, but this is a great buy, I like to wear them when I am doing skateboarding, I also wear them when I go to a special event, I think they are a nice look, they seem to wash up real good and they don’t wrinkle.


  • Durable
  • Wide color choice
  • Cotton
  • Polyester


The price is around $11 to $15. They are the best pants that come at a very cheap price for all categories. If you are on a low budget, you can have as many as you want.

Final verdict

I highly recommend Dickies 847 Work Pants for you if you want pants that are highly durable that you can use for skating and for all work. They have fade resistance which keeps them ever glowing in the color you choose. For the price it comes with, you can buy more than one and give out a gift to your friends. You can place an order now!

  • Very easy to wash
  • It doesn’t fade
  • Stain-resistant
  • Cheap price
  • These pants are famous for durable wear
  • Highly durable
  • The back pocket may be shallow


Dickies 874 mens skater pants

Dickies 874 Skateboarding

If you have wondered why dickies are a choice for many people, know that they have an upheld brand name and quality among all. They are one of the brands that give high quality, good price and coziness in their products making. This time, the dickies skinny kills it all for all that love to be fit while skating.

It is for a perfect size that gives a definition of what a skater loves and how he appears every time. Skinny people have nothing to worry about this brand and pants style as they come with the best quality and perfect touch.

We’ve discussed the Dickies traditional fits and now we have the skinny one. If you have tried to buy one in the past, or you have used one before, you will attest to the fact that it is a perfect fit for those that don’t like baggy or anything more than their size.

Young skaters always go all skinny and these pants are perfect for them. If you have a teen that wants to skate with ease and you don’t want to adjust any pants to wear, you can always make a purchase of the Dickies Skinny Straight Fits Pants.

Being skinny doesn’t mean that it is super tight to the body, but it has high flexibility that allows free movement due to the material makeup! It is made with cotton, polyester, and spandex (Elastane). It sits very well on the waist and allows easy wearing.


It is designed with 2-piece classic waistbands with a tunnel belt loop that you will desire to have. It comes with many pockets, two front pockets, two back pockets, and a multi-use pocket by the leg side. You can keep important things in this pocket for easy use and secure hold. It also has different colors that you can choose from. The comfort of this pant design is high for all that love skinny pants.


  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Spandex of 1%
  • Two front and back pockets
  • One large side leg pocket
  • 2-piece waistbands
  • Wide color variation

Final verdict

If you are a slim guy looking for that perfect fit, that can fit your everyday life and be good for your skating, and you can buy the Dickies Skinny Straight Fits Pants. I have seen many friends use it and they are cool to sight plus the comfort they enjoy. You can sit, run, and do all sorts of things with the pants. You can make a purchase now!

  • Wrinkle resistance due to the mixture of cotton, polyester, and spandex
  • The spandex helps the stretch and comfort
  • Good pants for skateboarding, running and sitting
  • Perfect fit for slender guys
  • Affordable price for all income earners


Rothco- Skate Cargo Pants

Rothco- Skate Cargo Pants

The Rothco Brand is the most famous brand of camo in the market that all extreme sports lovers go for. They have the best for all that want to show their camo style while skating home and abroad.

They are one of the top brands that are in vogue and come with what modern-day fashion embraces. Both sports lovers and everyday style users go with it. They make their pants with the best materials of cotton and polyesters.

Rothco is a unique manufacturer of military, outdoor, tactical, and everyday used materials. They have been in existence since 1953 and have a good name among the people. The company is trusted and one of the biggest when it comes to camo pants for skateboarding.

When talking of the best camo pants, this brand is one of the best that many skateboarders vote for. They have the best design that makes both small and big riders love what they buy. If you have used drawstring clothes and you love to go with them, you will definitely find Rothco Camo Tactical Cargo Pants as the best for you.


Rothco is second to none in design and color variation. The pants come with a double-stitched seam and a blend of cotton and polyester that feels good on the body. It has two slashed pockets on the front, 2 button-down back pockets, and two pleated down below the cargo pocket.

The back pocket is big enough for you to keep important things while skating. You will find any size you want with this brand and get to choose from a wide color range as well. If you love to use bright colors for your style, you can get them for sure.


  • Two back and front pockets
  • Double-stitched seam
  • Adjustable waist tab for perfect sizing
  • Drawstring ankle ties
  • Two pleated bellow cargo pocket
  • Cotton 55%
  • Polyester 45%


The price ranges from $22 to $60. If you are on a budget, you can grab these pants and enjoy comfort in riding every day.

Final verdict

Rothco Camo Tactical Cargo Pants is my favorite in the camo pants as they are durable and have a fabulous color to choose from. I recommend these pants for you if you want to use paint that will give you high comfort and make you feel modern in your fashion style. It is the best among all cargo pants that you can find with quality and at a good price that it is sold. You can make a purchase now!

  • High resilience pants
  • Long-lasting and easy to wash
  • Attractive military butterfly design
  • Wide color variation
  • Pants made for hard and long work
  • Large pocket with depth
  • Perfect for skating to any distance
  • You may have to be careful while choosing your size as some found that the button breaks off. If you have your size you won’t worry about this.


Ruiatoo- Best Skate Jeans

Ruiatoo- Best Skate Jeans

Many skateboarders love to go with the baggy style and if you are a pro since the 90s, you would have to use one at a time. Baggy pants are still in vogue with people that want to enjoy a style that is what they consider freestyle skating. Ruiatoo jeans baggy skateboard pants are one of the best in the baggy line that will love to use.

If nobody will fall for pants with embroidery, the young generation will definitely fall for it. They called the Ruiatoo jeans baggy skateboard pants “cowboy baggy style.”

The snake embroidery print on the jean makes it a perfect design that makes it gorgeous to wear and look good on the users. What users like most in these pants is the comfort and durability. It is made from cotton and it gives a great feeling along with a pleasant look. The loose-free nature of the jean allows you to move freely.


These pants come with snake embroidery prints that are outstanding and gorgeous. It has a button fly and zipper style that makes it cool to sight. It is loose with big pockets and allows easy movement.


  • Snake embroidery print
  • Button fly and zipper
  • Cotton


Ruiatoo jeans baggy skateboard pants price ranges from $12 to $20.

Final verdict

I recommend Ruiatoo jeans baggy skateboard pants with high satisfaction in the pants. They go for everyday style and are good for skating. The color is original and it is very easy to wash. It stands the test of time as a baggy that fits and gives free room for movement. You can make a quick purchase at once.

  • Loose fit pants that have free movement
  • Good choice for skating to any distance
  • Doesn’t fade easily
  • Very easy to wash
  • Button fly and the zipper is of an added advantage
  • Quite heavy


Southpole- Cheap Skateboarding Pants

Southpole- Cheap Skateboarding Pants

What many skaters are out for is just simple pant that fits and is comfortable to wear at any time. If you have pants that don’t just fit your skating but can be used for both everyday style, you will enjoy it more. Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger fleece pants are one unique pair of pants that skaters love to go for.

For an eye that is untrained, they look like one of those regular sweatpants, but they have more to offer than that. The pants have a robust design that offers lots of comfort to all users.

The pants are made of pure polyester which accounts for the stretchy, warmth, and comfort it provides. It is loosed around the knee to offer secure and free movement. It has a very good level of bagginess that makes you want to do all you want without thinking of tears at any time.

If when you last bought pants is years ago, and you feel the need to use pants that will ease your time and also last long, you can go with Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger fleece pants. They are always best for skaters at all levels.


No doubt, a great design makes a good pair of pants. If you will have pants that will be durable, the material makeup and the design will tell. If you will also be comfortable, the design will also tell. The Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger fleece pant has a unique design of classic cargo pants with lots of pockets. It is straight leg and sits well below the waist. It is a perfect match for anyone with the mind of finding good pants that is breathable and comfortable to wear. 


  • Polyester
  • Classic cargo design
  • Stretchy and warm
  • Wide color choice
  • Ribbed ankle


The price ranges from $15 to $40. This is a very good price for a pair of a pant with high quality.

Final verdict

Southpole Men’s Active Basic Jogger fleece pants are a good choice for all skaters. Whether you are just beginning or you are a pro skater, you need to use pants that are good and you can look into getting one at any time. They are easy to wash and fit for everyday life should you need pants that can go with your lifestyle. They have a very good design that you can rock for a modern fashion. You can order one now!

  • It has elastic closure for fit
  • It is stretchy and loose at the knee
  • Affordable to all income earners
  • It is made of high-quality polyesters
  • It has a good adjustable waist cord
  • It can be easily washed with a machine
  • High durability
  • Hard washing may deform the waistband


What to look for in the best skateboarding pants?

Wears aren’t just what you go to the market to buy, you have to know what you want first before you make a purchase. For a skateboarder that doesn’t want to be changing pants every week, you have to know the best in the market and one that is your style.

What makes good pants is first the materials it is made of, then the size, and the price comes in between. You will find great help to get the best purchase here.

Falling and spilling is one of the norms in skateboarding and if you will use a pant, it must be one that will not tear on one fall. You need pants that are good enough to withstand many falls and keep you from spending too much.

Pants made of stretchy material will keep you from buying pants all the time. It will also help you to ride comfortably as you will find easy to move freely. Pants that are thick and hard will give you a difficult time.

How to make the choice of the Best Pants for Skateboarding?

No matter the type of pants you have known to be good or bad, there are certain considerations you should take for the best choice. They are as follows:

  • Check for the best material

What a pant is made of is what makes it cool to the body or gives you a feeling that will make it easy for you to skate or do what you want to do. You can achieve many things with pants of good material makeup. You won’t have to worry about the inside feel, your warmth, and your freedom to move. Materials makeup of cotton, polyester, and spandex is best.

  • Mind the design

As much as comfort is key, the look of pants can add to why you should go for them. After all, you have a style you should go with and the fashion can make you enjoy your skating more than ever. You will be happy to skate and go out for your activities every day if your pants are unique and of modern style.

You don’t have to be shabby with your pants simply because you just want to keep a low-key. Your attitude and style are key and design is what gives you the style. The best skate pants don’t need to have too many designs but it is a must lookout.

  • Get the best fit

You must look for the best fit. Comfort and fit are key things to look out for and if you know you want to keep it clean, you take your time to check for your size. Pants that perfectly fit your body shape and call out a nicely waist-sitting look is what you need.

Best Pants come in different sizes and if you like to go with tight or loose pants, you can get one. Some brands only have few sizes while some have all sizes that you can think of. If you are slim, you can decide on the style of pants and the size with ease.


The best pants for skateboarding is not about the price but what materials they are made of and how flexible they are. You can also think of the durability and the style to make a good choice. Without a doubt, you can make a purchase from the few pants listed here to save cost and get the best use.

Generally speaking, skate pants should be very comfortable, flexible, and not easy to rip and tear. If you check through the list I have here, you will see how much they offer comfort and can help you have a comfortable ride to any distance. Whether you are big or slim, you can make a choice from this list and get the size you want to be delivered to you.

You can go ahead and make a purchase for yourself, or if you feel it’s time to gift a friend, you can order one for them at any time. You can count on my sight for the best pants in the market to get cool pants for sure!

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