This brand of insole is owned by a great skateboarder that has experienced discomfort in skateboarding as a result of bad insoles. He was tired of accepting foot pain as part of the sport and worked out what people see as a great console to skateboarding today.

The brand started in 2008 after orthotics accepted and spoke greatly of the comfort that the insoles gave. They are one of the best when it comes to buying insoles that are good for all tricks and long-distance commuting. They have a great market review and hold a good stand to date.

The feedback of every user of the Remind insole is always positive as they do well in the riding experience. They are made to relieve joint stress and cushion the foot. They have good alignment and promote extreme durability. If you are looking forward to buying insoles that will just fit into your shoes and make your feet comfortable, you have it. 

You will not have to trim to size since they have the exact size that you can get and expect the best. If you've had a rough experience as a result of the poor quality insole in the past, you will attest to the good experience you will have with a Remind insole.

They are great for anyone looking for a moderate impact while skating and jumping from a smaller height. They offer arch support that forms to your arch and gives maximum protection and a good feel. If you sweat a lot and you need insoles that will keep your feet dry and firm and you skate, you will find this insole the best. It also doesn't let your shoe smell fast.


The price ranges from $14 to $20 which is good for any budget.

Final verdict

If your concern is really that you don't want to bruise your heels and you want to be comfortable while skateboarding, you need this insole. You can always make your purchase and keep your feet protected from any form of injury.

If you are battling from flat feet, you can get that covered with the use of this insole. Make your purchase now!

  • It is very good for moderate level skaters
  • It offers good protection to all users
  • It gives a good feel
  • Extremely durable
  • It doesn't need trimming
  • It’s a little bit expensive
  • Not good for a huge height


Shred is a unique brand that has fame. They have been in existence for a long time with high quality that all users can attest to. Shred Sole Skateboarding Insole has a layer of ShredBed microcellular urethane under the forefoot.

These features do two major things that are found in good skateboarding insoles; it dissipates the impact of landing through the whole foot which is very good. It allows you to have a good board feel without any effort on your part. The arch built is not evenly, which gives a very good balance and positioning to the foot. It is of a deeper heel cup, lowering the foot into a properly supported arch position.

Shred Sole Skateboarding Insole has a better alignment that makes your feet, knees, and joints feel good. In epic days, you will always be happy you have the soles on. I have had experience with fewer quality insoles and know what it means to have one like this.

They are a brand tested and trusted with high quality and good price for all. The antimicrobial coating helps to prevent smell even after a sweaty ride. They come in different sizes for all riders.


The price ranges from $15 to $25

Final verdict

I like the Shred insole because of the comfort it comes with and the protection it offers. I hate the fact that some insoles smell quickly after one or twice ride, but the antimicrobial properties at work in this insole prevent such from happening.

You can prevent pains and also keep away smell from your shoes. I would recommend shred insoles for anyone looking for the best insole for skateboarding. You can make a purchase now!

  • It offers protection from a great height
  • It is very comfortable
  • It offers great height support
  • It has antimicrobial properties that prevent it from stinking
  • The arch support is pronounced and may take time to adjust to
  • It is best for cruising no much of high jumping


Sports lovers generally love this brand as they do well to give support and eliminate joint pains. They are best for anyone that leads an active sports life. Whether you are in for tricks or transportation with skateboarding, you can make good use of this insole to achieve maximum comfort in skateboarding.

They can help prevent muscle fatigue and eliminate pains in the feet thereby making you feel great during and after skating.

It has a flexible arch shell that provides you with motion control and stability to be able to move, stop, and easily maneuver your board with ease. Studies have shown that sportsmen that use this insole are able to move 10% faster than those on other insoles. The gel waves help to get a very comfortable ride that requires less of your effort. 

On the part of durability, you can count several months with this insole before replacement. Overall, skateboarders love the comfort that comes with it. If you aren't ready to buy what will make you have a hard time on your feet, it better you make this brand choice. As said earlier, gel insole is best for the feet and helps to prevent all manner of injuries from occurring.


It comes at a very good price and that makes it one of the cheapest that sportsmen go for. The price ranges from $14 to $25. You can save costs and enjoy quality with it.

Final verdict

If you love insoles that you can use after sport, they are the best. You can use them in your casual sneakers to work and get comfort. If you do a lot of standing or walking, they are an excellent addition to your footwear. These insoles are best for all sportsmen and offer maximum foot protection that keeps you happy.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro skater, you can save stress and fatigue with the insole. You will stay longer and be able to learn more tricks with the use of this insole. You can make a purchase at any time to get the best skating experience and never worry about foot problems.

  • It has a rogue construction
  • It provides all-day comfort
  • It offers lateral support
  • It prevents muscle fatigue
  • It is very easy to use
  • Not a lot of size options
  • It needs replacement every six months


Shock Doctor Skate Insole didn't make the first on the list because of the price tag but in terms of quality and what a good insole for skateboard takes, it is second to none. You've gotta know that insoles that offer arch support/correction are best for skateboarding and that is what this brand stands for.

They have all it takes to help you maintain balance and have maximum comfort while skating. Pro skaters worldwide go to this brand and place a high value on it. They feature adaptive arch technology; the ability of the insole to adapt to any foot for comfortable support.

The nature of the insole is high in shock absolving. The Air/FX top layer provides ventilation which helps to keep it from stinking. Its makeup contains a shock dome that absorbs any shock that will otherwise transfer to the knee, lower back, and hips.

It also features a full foot control bar that aligns the forefoot and heel to relieve stress in the joint and lower body. This brand is one of the best that every skater should have for a good ride. If you can close your eyes against the price and go for the quality, you will have comfortable skateboarding.


It is quite expensive compared to other insoles but not more than what you can afford. The price ranges from $20 to $60.

Final verdict

What is needed in every insole is the ability to offer comfort and support as promised and that is what Shock Doctor Skate Insole provides. The only thing that is restricting is the price and if you don't mind, you will get the best with it.

If you don't want to compromise your health, no matter your level of skating, you can have this insole. Good delivery is guaranteed and you can make a purchase now!

  • It offers the best protection that any insole can give for all that is seen today
  • It has foot and body structure correcting properties that are needed for the sport
  • It is quite expensive


When talking about superior cushioning and support, kingfoam insoles comes first. They are one brand that has the technology that converts impact into heat. They are recommended by doctors and professional skateboarders. They offer built-in arch support and a formed heel cup for more support and protection.

They are thicker than most of the other insoles and can be used in vulcanized shoes. These insoles should be what comes with skateboarding shoes in many skater opinions for every skateboarder to have a very good experience on the feet level.

If you have knee or hip pains and you want to skate without bump impacts or you just want to ride longer in the little life that we have, you can go for these insoles. They have a considerable level of shock absorption and a very good binding that protects the precious joints. It bends to fit every shoe and is pressure-free. It has a fully stitched shell and for flat foot skaters.

If you are a beginner thinking of how to prevent your knee and joints from such impacts, you can make use of this insole. It uses high technology of impact conversion to heat that makes it good for all users. The riding experience is great and worth investing in.


The price ranges from $19 to $30

Final verdict

My opinion about skateboarding insoles is never to think of the price as the first thing but the quality of comfort and support. Kingfoam orthotic insoles ate just the best for you to ensure your health is preserved as you skate.

Whether you are a commuter or a sports person, you should go for it. You can also make a purchase for a friend to help maintain good health while skating. I say yes to the brand and you can make a purchase now!

  • It is very comfortable for all level of skaters
  • It protects arches
  • It has a fully stitched shell
  • It is very great for flat foot users
  • Quite expensive