CAL 7 Skateboards review: Are Good brand? ( Bought & Tested)

If you have seen many people hit the street with penny cruisers, and you want the same thing but the price is way higher than your budget don’t worry. The truth is this skateboard storm is the skateboarding world right now, but a better alternative to it that is best for all skateboarders exists and that’s what I am going to review right now. You need to relax and know everything that can help you take advantage of using this skateboard, how you can get one, plus what you need to be comfortable with the ride.

If you happen to be a beginner with loads of thoughts on your head on how to get a board that is not pricey and one that has a good quality that enhances a good ride, this review will help you.

Rather than just settling for any skateboard that is seen as good to the eyes, you will find help to make a choice that will meet your skating demands with this unbiased cal 7 skateboard review. We’ll look into the in and out of the board and find out how it meets your skateboard need in all ways.

A lot of people have given up in their quest for the best skateboard that comes with a good price, is high quality, is durable, and has the grip that suits both new and professional riders. They do this because of the many brands in the market and how daunting it can be to search for the best.

There are many places you will get biased reviews on boards and how they are sold but definitely not here. I’m here to help you know how you can scale through the market without thinking hard to make the best choice.

Whether you have made a purchase of board before or you are just taking the steps for the first time, you have nothing to worry about. However, there are things you should note that will help you make a good purchase. You need to have a budget while going for a board purchase and you should also have eyes for the design and comfort of the board.

While going through a review like this, know that the pros and cons are what will help you know what to expect of the board you are going for. Here I have the best review of the cal 7 skateboard that can help you lay hold of the board in a short time and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Is cal 7 a good skateboard brand?

There is a need to talk about the brand before we move into the review proper as many people struggle with this thought and it can affect your choice. Cal 7 has been in existence for a long time as a legitimate brand and they stay with their products.

Users love to go with them for the quality they offer and how well they produce their boards. Having many products, they give out the best materials that don’t leave a skater stranded on the way. Every part of the skateboard comes well fixed and with high quality that can be trusted. Both top and new skaters love this brand and they have a good stand with the people.

As a brand with experience, they manufacture their boards with a good design that helps skaters of any level skate comfortably. They also have the best price out there that saves pockets. If you are looking for a good brand that has a high-quality board that is less than $50, they are number one.

They are the perfect alternative for any brand that exists and can play any role if you buy new boards. Whether you are a cruiser, you love to do tricks or you just want to go with a board that can take you to places, you can trust this brand for what they offer. Many of my skater friends will go for no other skateboard than cal 7 for what they have. 

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard Review


The cal 7 complete skateboard is one remarkable skateboard choice when it comes to good skateboarding. It is a versatile board with a classical shape that comes with a good design that is suitable for both experts and beginners. They are loved by skaters around the globe and are good for both children and adults.

For teens that love simple starboard with a great design that can be used to commute on campus, cal 7 stand as their brand. They offer a high level of comfort that is trusted and the additional control features that help beginners stay gripped make it the best they all go for. If you are looking for a skateboard that fits your low budget and you can use it for a long time, you can go with this brand.

If you don’t know how to choose a good model of board, knowing a good brand is what will help you to trust what you are buying. Cal 7 has many products but they only differ in sizes, they all come with the best quality makeup and can stand the test of time.

They also have a very good price for all. It is good you think of what you will gain when it comes to the price of the best board and cal 7 complete has the best price out there. They have little or no competition when it comes to price that can help you meet all your targets.


  • 5.6 inches deck made of plastic
  • 60 mm wheels
  • 125 inches truck made of aluminum alloy
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Bold design that is pleasing to the sight
  • Wide color variation for all
  • Pre-applied grip tape


As one brand that comes with the best market price, they are loved for it. The price ranges from $25 to $50 which is a good one for any budget. It’s easy to grab many at a time for the price it comes with.


A skateboard with a great design is what accounts for a good ride. The design has a way of helping the rider feel attracted to the skateboard for a quick ride. You won’t want to leave your board for another if it has a great design that you can relate to.

Cal 7 is a versatile board with a classical shape, it has a bold design that is pleasing to the sight and one of the reasons why people love to go for it. This skateboard comes with an edge-to-edge grip tape that is pre-applied and helps you to get rolling with ease.

It has vibrant colors that are striking for all age groups and they bring the young and playful personality out of you. Whether you are a playful or of a relaxed style skater, you can enjoy the color variation.

The cool graphics and exceptional pattern feature great artwork that is irresistible to sight. Users have a good say in the cal 7 design and always want to go for it. If you always get tired of poor color selection, you can be sure to find a skateboard with a great color design that you can hang on your walls.

Riding experience

If you aren’t going to have a comfortable ride, there won’t be any need to buy a skateboard. So if you are spending on one, you should know the riding experience you will get. A skateboard with a good deck that promotes high mobility is what we are after, not one that you will struggle to roll and exhaust your strength while riding.

Cal 7 is compact with a good size deck that can enhance a comfortable ride. Any class of rider can comfortably stand with good space for a quick ride and not be tried.

If you enjoy your ride, then you should be able to carry it all around with ease. This skateboard comes with a good weight. It is portable and can be fit in your backpack. For commuters, it can fit in the deck of a train and also enter the locker.

If you are a regular rider, you will find the double kicktail and the concave deck design to be of help for a quick fly. With the plastic or maple design, your board can last longer with the great flexibility that is needed for a comfortable ride.

The outstanding features of the board make it an exceptional choice that gives a comfortable ride to both children and adults. Beginners and professionals also find it helpful for any distance ride they desire.


The deck is the number one part of the skateboard that you must look out for. This skateboard has a very good deck that is of concave shape. It is made up of maple with 5.6 inches which is good for any ride. It has a symmetrical, double kicktail design that can help you to quickly change your stance. The full-length grip tape across the deck accounts for the density and this makes it better than most board decks out there. It can carry above 200 ounces.


Cal 7 skateboard has great features that make them best for skating for all age groups. The wheels are wide and soft which is best to prevent shock while rolling over pebbles. The wheels make the skateboard balance which accounts for that floating pleasure you get while riding. It is super for beginners and expert riders that want to get at a high speed.


Cal 7 skateboard focuses very much on its truck quality and this accounts for the nature of the skateboard. The truck is incorporated with string aluminum that won’t wrap and will keep a steady look after years of usage. The 3mm riser pad comes Pre-installed which makes it preclude wheel bite and keep it steady on the road.


The busing of this skateboard comes with a high feature that allows flexibility. This type of busing is perfect for all riders and can make a good ride on both smooth and rough grounds.


Bearings are always measured with ABEC rating and the higher the rate the better the quality and performance and accuracy of the bearing. This skateboard bearing is ABEC 7 bearing which is Pre-lubricated and enhances a fast ride.


  • The price is affordable to all income earners
  • The design is great for any class of rider
  • It is made of high quality and durability is high
  • It has wide a soft wheel which makes movement easy without you exhausting energy
  • It comes fully assembled so you don’t have much stress to couple any part
  • The weight is light and can be carried
  • It has one year warranty
  • It makes a good choice for both children and adult riders on any ground


  • For heavy riders above 220 ounces, the deck can break


Final verdict

This cal 7 skateboard review shows that the board is great for both small and big skaters. If you are ready to make a purchase right now, you can do so. The features of this skateboard are the best that any rider would want to use.

As much as you can buy boards that are higher in price, you can save costs with this one and enjoy a good ride to any location. It is best for both students and works, regular riders also. If you aren’t thinking of going through much, you can end your search here and make a purchase with ease.

I recommend this skateboard for you if you are a beginner and if you are a pro that wants to test another ride, you will not be disappointed with what cal 7 skateboard has. If you have the intention of giving out a gift this season and you feel a skateboard is worth it, you can go ahead and buy cal 7 skateboard. It gives a comfortable ride to any user and you won’t regret having one for your ride all the time.

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