Width 9cm
Length 33cm
Cost $- $
Grizzly logo Printed

This is probably the most popular grip tape that is used by skateboarders today because of its latest feature designs. They are one brand that gives a mature look to all skateboarders and know how to help make skaters love what they have. Users don't just use grip tape, they love the high quality and the simple design. If you don't want your skateboard to look like a toy or that of a teenager, you can bank on their grip tape. They have a simple design that can fit your lifestyle and make you look mature.

This brand has been in existence since 2012 and they hold a great quality in making their products. They are known all over the world as one of the best grip tapes that any skateboarder can use.

Grizzly Stamp Print Grip Tape comes with only the Grizzly logo, of course, the quality is also very high and one of the best you will find out there. It is made to have more grains and granulation. To your interest, more grains and granulation means a better grip and balance with ease to control while riding.

This makes skateboarders love to go with it more. They also have a very good price that all income earners can go with. If you have a low budget in mind to get your tape, you can enjoy making a purchase of Grizzly Stamp Print Grip Tape.

Design and user experience

You must look out for the design of a grip tape before buying one as it plays an important role in your skating. The design of the Grizzly Stamp Print Grip Tape is cool and mature. You can get the color you want with just the Grizzly logo on the tape.

The user experience is great with the grains and granulation that are present. It is well perforated and can give both Beginners and pro riders the best experience they've ever had. Whether you are new to skateboarding or you have been riding for a long time, you can boast of having the best grip experience with Grizzly Stamp Print Grip Tape.

Final verdict

You can't trust a brand that hasn't been tested and one with that won't give you the best that you want. I recommend Grizzly Stamp Print Grip Tape for you if you hope to get a good grip on your skateboarding.

You will spend less on shoes, and pants if you have a good grip. Once you are balanced on your board, you won't fall as a beginner and as an expert rider, you can do more tricks. You can make a purchase now and get a very good delivery.

  • The grip tape is very easy to fix on the board
  • It doesn't crease easily
  • It comes at a good price
  • More grains and granulation makes it balance and gripper
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Not suitable for people that love multiple color grip tape


Width 9
Length 33
Cost 9$ to 25$

Pro skaters know what is best when it comes to getting a good grip for their skateboard and Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is one of the most used. This brand is well known and they have high quality in production.

They are one of the best and one of the newest in the grip tape industry. It has full color and high performance that is second to none. It is special among all brands and can give the maximum grip that a pro needs to make tricks.

One of the things that make the grip tape special is the waterproof nature. It also has a high perforation and full-color design. When you want to speak about what expert skaters like Tony Hawk and their grip tape, you will have this at the forefront. It doesn't lack durability and high performance when in use.

The grip is very high which makes it best for beginners and pro riders. Whether you are using your skateboard for trick or for commuting, you can trust this brand to give you the best. It doesn't tear easily and can last the test of time.

Mob skateboard grip tape also has a sticky adhesive that is not easy to remove so when you fix the grip tape, it stays longer and gives you room to use your board for a long time with good grip. It has the best design color that can suit your style.

If you want something cool and presentable, you can make a purchase of this grip tape as they are widely known for beauty and quality.

Design and user experience

Mob skateboard grip tape techno 12 logy is the latest and the design is amazing. Both young and old skaters have a great love for the brand and their quality is high.

The tiny holes help to remove creases and make the riders have a good experience. If you will be fixing your grip tape by yourself, this brand is the best.

It provides a high grip that makes learning fast for a beginner and tricks go well for pro riders. If your board lasts for a year and you want a grip tape that will not tear easily, Mob skateboard grip tape can serve well in all weathers.

You don't have to worry about rain as it is waterproof and will not easily damage when water pours on it. You will also not need to be changing shoes easily as they grip well.

Final verdict

No grip tape will last you forever, not even the board does, so you can leave out the part of wearing out and make a purchase. Mob skateboard grip tape has a very good grip and good color variation that can make you look vibrant. You can make a purchase now and save the stress.

  • It has a very good grip
  • It has tiny holes that prevent bubbles and enhance easy fixing to the board
  • It is very easy to use
  • Good for beginners and professional skaters
  • Wide varieties of designs
  • Quite a good price
  • It is tear-proof due to the paper-based used in the making.
  • It Super sticky adhesive doesn't make it peel when exposed to extreme hot or cold weather.
  • It sometimes lifts up the board
  • It is difficult to cut in a piece


Width 9
Length 22
Color Variation
Cost $7- $15

If you have already seen this brand coming out in black color, know that it is just the color most users like. Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape is one of the best brands out there that have people’s hearts. It is one of the grip tapes in the market that has the best grip that many skaters go for. It never goes wrong and after months of usage, you will still love it. While many brands would have worn out in one month, it can last for several months.

If you are a beginner that wants something simple and cool that can help your learning process, you can trust this brand. If you also want to increase your stand in tricks, you can bank on them as well. It is one of the most recommended for all age groups and all classes of skateboarders. You won't worry about losing grip again with this grip tape on your board.

It is not all grip tape that can be used on any board. Some are good for cruisers, some for longboard, and some also go for them both. Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape fits in for both, you can use it on a longboard and get a very good grip.

Design and user experience

What people love to go with has a sign that it is best with high quality and also appeal to sight. Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape has a great design that makes people fall in love with it. It is simple and one of those great grip tapes that can keep the shoes from damage.

The design is classical and sticky. It comes in many sizes and can cover any size of the board. The user experience is a comfortable one and it will speak well of personality. With the grip, you can hardly fall from your board or not be able to do tricks easily. It is a boost to every skater that loves what he does.

Final verdict

If you want to buy grip tape that will help your shoes to stay intact, Jessup Single Sheet Grip Tape is good for it. This brand is loved for the quality they have and it will serve you well. Whether the board is for your kids or for adults, the grip is good for it.

Beginners of any age with a good board can go with likewise experts as well. The price is inexpensive, you can save cost by going for it and it will serve you well than you think. If you ask for my opinion, I would say go for it if you are not a color freak. You can make a quick purchase now!

  • Very durable, you can use it for several months
  • Best for shoe preservation
  • Less expensive compared to others
  • Too Plain for those that would love a colorful grip tape