Hetman Regular Bearing and Linkage Oil

You don’t need an expensive, heavy-duty, specialized bearing oil to make your skates move without squeaking. A regular bearing oil like this product from Hetman will do an excellent job at half the price.

Many people swear by the Hetman brand and for a good reason. Their products are superior in quality and are made from the best high-quality synthetic materials, not organic petroleum products.

Where other bearing lubricants will cause buildup, Hetman’s Regular Bearing and Linkage Oil is an excellent alternative. The oil is not extra light but sticky and feels like a thinned out grease.

If you don’t want to rely on thick grease and think light oils don’t work well, this is an excellent in-between option to properly lubricate your skate bearings.

The precision needle design on this bottle is very convenient and easy to use. Just take off the cap, point the nozzle, and oil your skateboard bearings with ease. We would have loved more products in this package but the available 0.74 ounces is sufficient for some extended use.

Enjoy smooth bearing lubrication with this carefully formulated oil. Hetman assures customers of quick positive action and much-needed essential protection or your skate bearings. This is an excellent answer for corrosion and wears so your skateboard bearings can serve you better for longer.


  • Precision needle oiler.
  • 74-ounce bottle.
  • Medium thickness.
  • Synthetic based not organic.
  • Does not damage rubber or plastic joints.
  • Lubricates excellently.
  • Does not cause oil buildup.
  • Comes well packaged.
  • Great price for the value.
  • Smaller quantity in one pack than other options.

Ardent 0270-A Bearing Lube

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to your bearings and the types of lubricants you use for maintenance, you need to sit up and get a solid product like this bearing lubricant from Ardent.

Regular engine oil might have worked for you in the past, but you need a product that will offer full protection so your skateboard bearings can live a long and happy life.

Your bearings will not only loosen up and work more smoothly after using this product, but they will be protected from corrosion too. It is a low viscosity oil that is sure to get right into every nook and cranny of your bearings, ensuring the entire component is well oiled.

The bearing oil comes in a well-designed applicator bottle that cuts down the stress of use. The application will also not be messy because of how precisely you can reach all parts of your skate bearings with this bottle.

Although it is designed for use on reels, you will find that this bearing lube works like magic for all your skateboard bearings.

This bearing oil is 100% synthetic and free of graphite components. There will be no graphite particles clogging up your skate bearings and damaging them.

Say goodbye to grinding bearing noise and poor performance when your skate bearings meet this product. The bearing lubricant will flush dirt out of hidden places as it oils your bearings for better use.


  • 1-ounce bottle.
  • Ultra-low viscosity oil.
  • 100% synthetic.
  • Lubricates and flushes out dirt.
  • No graphite particles to damage your bearings.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Very convenient applicator design.
  • A little expensive for the size.

Finish Line Premium Grease

Sometimes grease is the solution to your bearing lubrication woes. This is an excellent choice from Finish Line, a reputable producer of lubricating oil and grease. Although this is originally a bicycle lubricant, it is very versatile and will work excellently on your skateboard bearings.

For under $10 you get to enjoy 3.5 ounces of premium grease for your skate bearings and other squeaky household equipment.

This functional bearing lubricant will prevent corrosion and rust even if your skateboard gets emerged in saltwater. Water emulsification and washout will never occur when you use this grease because the polymers offer optimal protection.

Unlike other lubricants that come with a spouted container, you will have to buy a grease gun to be able to use this product with precision on your skate bearings. Not using a grease gun means you will be dealing with some waste and mess because of manual application.

Make sure not to lubricate your skateboard bearings in a dusty environment when using this grease or it will attract a lot of dust and cause problems for your bearings.

The texture is very smooth, which makes for a nice, smooth application that will have your bearings working optimally right after application. Enjoy total thick protection for your skateboard bearings all year round with this exceptional lubricating grease.


  • 5-ounce tube.
  • Composed of Teflon fluoropolymer
  • Very smooth texture.
  • Will not wash out once applied.
  • Thick and tricky to handle without making a mess.
  • Attracts dust.

Supco CE441 All-Purpose Zoom Spout Oiler

Many skaters swear by lightweight oil to keep their skate bearings in optimal working condition all year round. If you don’t like to deal with buildup, you should also go for a clean and lightweight oil like Supco’s Zoom Spout Oiler. The bottle is very easy and convenient to use.

The precision spout is easily attachable to the bottle and can help you reach into hidden places and get them lubricated. This oil works well for different applications including barbing clippers, ceiling fan parts at home, skateboard bearings, and other machine parts.

If you have a lot of other oiling needs in your house, this product can serve them all and be an excellent choice to keep your skate bearings moving smoothly all the time.

People who don’t want to deal with a messy workroom after each oiling session will go for lightweight oils like this product with accurate applicators to cut out the fuss of having to clean up after.

If you have been using a thicker oil or grease on your skate bearings and noticed interference, try this MO-19 Zoom Spout Oiler for a change. Even with frequent applications, this size of bearing oil will last for a long time so you get value for your money.


  • 4-ounce bottle.
  • Low viscosity lubricant.
  • Telescopic spout.
  • Contains MO-19 paraffin-based oil.
  • The precision spout makes application very easy.
  • The oil is very clean and super lightweight.
  • Leaves behind a coating that leaves bearings coated for longer.
  • The packaging is flimsy.

Tri-Flow Superior Dry Lubricant

What do you do when your skateboard bearings badly need lubricating but you don’t have access to oil or grease lubricants? The answer is not to keep using your bearings without paying attention. You should have a dry lubricant on hand like Tri Flow’s Superior Dry Lubricant.

Everything you apply to this superior dry lubricant will move faster and better. Oils are dirt magnets but this dry lube will repel dust and dirt under all conditions. Oil and grease lubricants will also break down more quickly than this product.

One application will last for a few months before your skate bearings need to be oiled again. You will also avoid the buildup that oil and grease can accumulate by using this product. You don’t need a solvent to clean your bearings before re-application.

This is a true dry lubricator that works like magic. It has a waxy consistency that smoothly flows out of the bottle to lubricate the exact areas of your focus. Because of the pinpoint spout bottle design, you will enjoy precision application every time you need to use this dry lube.

Just make sure to vigorously shake the bottle before every use so the product mixes up well and applies in the correct consistency. This is the perfect lubricant to help you displace moisture from your bearings. It can be used on many other machines and equipment around the house. This dry lube works like oils but remains clean like a wax.


  • 2-ounce bottle.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Drip bottle with pinpoint spout.
  • Formulated with P.T.F.E
  • Dirt and dust repellant qualities.
  • Your skateboard bearings will move like new.
  • A great alternative when you cannot use oil or grease.
  • Does not attract dirt.
  • You must thoroughly shake the bottle before application.
  • The lubricant becomes less waxy and runnier towards the end of the bottle.

Singer 2131E Multipurpose Machine Oil

The only thing better than a good skateboard bearing oil is a multipurpose oil that is versatile and easy to use. For less than $7, you will get the value of a full bottle that you can use on your bearings and many other household appliances like computers, sewing machine, and scissors.

Take precautions not to over oil when using this machine oil. A little goes a long way. Applying more than a few drops at a time will cause droplet coatings which can attract dust and dirt. The spout works well and will help you control the amount of lubricant you apply.

This multipurpose oil will keep your skate bearings running very smoothly. Your bearings will be protected from damage and rust when coated with this specially formulated oil. It will also eliminate friction to ensure you have a noise-free, smooth flowing motion as you roll down your pavement with your newly oiled skateboard.

This oil from Singer is much less expensive than other special products that claim to do the same job. This multipurpose machine oil arrives well packaged in the mail.

It comes well protected so none of the contents is wasted before you get the chance to start using it. You will get the maximum value out of your money because this oil works much better than many of those so-called special formulas.


  • 4-ounce bottle.
  • Specially formulated for use on household products.
  • Multipurpose oil.
  • The spout works well.
  • It is easy to use.
  • High-quality oil for machines.
  • The nozzle is short.

Bones Racing Formula Speed Cream

If you are not comfortable with using multipurpose products or lubricants designed for other machines like reels and bicycles, you need a dedicated bearings lubricant. That is exactly what you get from the Bones Racing Formula Speed Cream.

Specially designed for skateboard bearings, this cream lubricant is an exceptional product with countless excellent reviews from customers all over the world. You can’t go wrong with such a highly recommended product.

Many lubricants work best in certain conditions but the Bones Speed Cream is excellent no matter where you live and what the situation is with your skateboard bearings. This product comes in a small bottle, the smallest of all lubricants on our list, but it packs a powerful punch.

A little of it goes a very long way and you will not need more than 2 drops to get your skate bearings running smoothly again. Take note that you must properly clean out your bearings before applying Bones Speed Cream. This lubricant is extremely lightweight.

It was designed to effortlessly glide unto skateboard bearings and not heavy machines so this is not a problem. One application might not last as long as heavy-duty grease would but you will enjoy extra smoothness every step of the way.

Cleaning out your skateboard bearings and lubricating with Bones Speed Cream will make your skateboard feel brand new again. The smooth movement after lubrication is almost unbelievable.

This is the go-to skateboard bearings lubricant for professional skaters. It should be the product you also choose. Bones Speed Cream does not attract dirt, will keep rust at bay and you will have the smoothest rides since you purchased your skateboard.


  • 5-ounce bottle.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Provides extreme riding smoothness.
  • Only one or two drops needed per application. A little goes a long way.
  • You must clean your old lubricant before applying a new one.
  • Doesn’t last as long as heavy-duty grease or oil lubricants.

Liberty Oil Synthetic Lubricating Oil

You might have used bearing lubricants packaged in sophisticated bottles but many of them will fall short of Liberty Oil’s Synthetic Lubricating Oil. This is a three in one product that will clean, protect, and lubricate your skate bearings.

If you purchase one bottle, you don’t have to go shopping for a specialized solvent cleaner or rust protection tool for your bearings. Everything is conveniently wrapped up in a single bottle for your advantage. You haven’t started living your best skating life if you haven’t tasted the power of this synthetic oil.

If some of this lubricating oil gets on your skateboard graphics or other plastic parts, they won’t fall apart and be damaged for life. Some other lubricants are too strong and will spoil other parts of your skateboard on contact.

With this product, you are allowed to be human and make some mistakes during application without facing serious consequences.

Although mistakes are allowed, you will probably not be making any because of the bottle and spout design of this lubricant. It has a stainless steel 1.5-inch applicator to help with the oiling process. You can point straight at and evenly lubricate the spots you want to.

You get a lot of product for a small price with this skate bearing oil. You will be using this oil for a long time if you only need a lubricant for your skates.

However, this product works excellently on many other machines and can serve a multipurpose function. Liberty Oil’s Synthetic Lubricating Oil might not look like much from the packaging but it could be the best bearing oil you ever purchased.


  • 4-ounce bottle.
  • 100% synthetic.
  • Comes fitted with a stainless applicator.
  • Made for varied applications.
  • Medium viscosity.
  • The long needle applicator is super helpful and very precise.
  • Very high-quality lubricating oil.
  • You cannot find a longer applicator needle to fit this bottle.