Best Skateboard For Girls 2022 (Cheap, Cool & Cute)

Picking the right skateboard for beginner girls is a matter of purpose. There are different types of skateboards designed for different purposes. They come in small and big sizes, long and short decks, some with pony-like tails while many are super flexible. To pick the right one, it’s pertinent you consider what type of skating will suit a beginner best.

For learning new tricks, jumping over gaps, cruising down ramps, and moving in the park, a beginner skateboard can come in handy. But, for running around your neighborhood and serious commuting, a skateboard designed to cope with rough terrain, cracked road surfaces, and pebbles should be choicest to you. Nonetheless, a typical skateboard can be used to do all mentioned above. It’s better to use one that is purpose-specific to avoid any story that touches.

We purchased 5 skateboards and spent 60 hours testing them. Overall, the best skateboard for girls beginners is the Beelev Skateboard

List Of Top 5 Best Skateboards For Girls Beginners

I tested these 5 skateboards with my girlfriend and we create this list.

  1. Beelev Skateboard
  2. Meketec
  3. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches
  4. Seething 31- 
  5. NPET Pro Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboards For Girls 2022 (Girly decks)

Beelev- Best Skateboard For Teenage Girl

Beelev- Best Skateboard For Teenage Girl

Few things are better than seeing your girl smile and knowing you are the reason behind the smile. If your daughter has ever yearned for skating, it’s high time you get her a befitting beginner’s girl skateboard. In the BEELEV Skateboard lies that beholding smiles. It comes fully assembled, ride to hit the street right outside the box.

Thanks to its sturdy build, beautiful appearance, fast wheels and durable trucks, BEELEV  Skateboards for Beginners makes a strong case for itself.  Even while on a cracked bumpy road, it will give your beginner girl a fast and smooth ride that will keep her wanting to do more.

Key specs and features

  • Dimension: 31 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Max capacity: Up to220 lbs.
  • Deck Material: 7 ply Canadian Maple Wood
  • Wheel: 55 mm PU, 95 A
  • Truck: 5-inch aluminum-alloy truck
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 bearing

The truck is a 5-inch solid aluminum alloy material, capable of performing several moments of sliding and turning without friction. A common problem to most skateboards is wheel bite. BEELEV designed this board to forestall any occurrence of such. Thanks for the innovative riser pad that separates the deck from the truck. You can continue making swift turning without fear and enjoy a prolonged life expectancy of your board.

The deck packs great flexibility and stability in its board. A rugged 7-layer Canadian maple ply, that’s bendable enough to bring comfort to your ride. No matter how much you slide or break. It features a double kick concave design tail that does majorly two important things. It allows users to take total control of their movement and it comes in handy when it’s time to break. In addition, this design promotes performing tricks of all kinds and saves you from obstacles during your ride. Once you’ve mastered how it is used, skateboarding becomes more fun and enjoyable.

We see a lot of board wheels come with a hardness rating of 78A at most, but this BEELEV  Skateboard is a step ahead. A 55mm anti-slippery high rebound wheels with a hardness rating of 95A. This means a faster speed but less grip, which isn’t an issue for starters at the beginning. Your riding and carving experience will be smooth and fun, as you effortlessly cruise over a rough surface.

BEELEV  Skateboards features a high-performing ABEC-7 steel bearing, plus a superior shock absorption that will soak up bombs and cracks, allowing you to have a long-lasting ride at an incredible speed that’s smooth and soothing.  Straight out of the box, the bearing neither needs your attention for any adjustment nor does it requires any lubrication. They are pre-lubed to save you that headache. You wouldn’t have to worry about noise or creaking whatsoever, you can hit the road as soon as you unpack.

You can carry this board along wherever you go. At only 4.7 pounds, it has a carrying capacity of up to 220 pounds, despite being 10 mm thick. Meaning, it’s more than capable of accommodating any category of a skater but strictly recommended for beginners in the field. The length is 31 inches while the width is 8 inches, your feet will sit comfortably on the deck. It is easy to ride, control, and carry around.

The presence of a grip tape is to ensure your feet get the best positioning on the board and prevent miss-stepping when performing stunts and tricks. The grip tape here is a high-density emery non-slip grip tape that will last you longer and give you complete control over the board. Since it isn’t prone to scratches, your board is expected to be in a good condition for a very long time.

My Experience with Baleev Skateboard

3 weeks ago I got this skateboard! My friends recommended Beleev skateboards to me and since I’m interested in surfing and skating, I decided that it would be a great idea to get this board. I could buy one at a discounted price by reviewing it. In order to give you the best advice possible, you can see my video with my girlfriend just below. She’s an experienced skater so she and I both share opinions on how well it performed and what we thought of the different aspects of this skateboard. My girlfriend riding video

The skateboard is wider so I feel more comfortable skating this board. The board was made with maple wood, which is good quality wood. It’s great for me, especially from the price point of view. The grip tape gave me a score of 7 out of 10. Both wheels and bearings left much to be desired and I give them a mediocre rating at best because they really didn’t spin well at all, especially since the bearings are advertised as being ABEC 7-Rated.

This is not a bad quality wheel. Great for beginners to skateboarding, but the normal wheels I’m used to playing on are typically around $40, so this $25 board is still good in my opinion. You get what you pay for as a beginner – but I recommend this skateboard!

    • Very attractive design
    • It is a good budget skateboard
    • Available in six vibrant colors
    • Long-lasting non-slip Grip tape
      • Not very suitable for professional skaters.
      • Color may fade off quickly

RIMABLE – Best for girl beginner

Rimable 22 skateboard

If you are looking for a great entry-level board that a beginner girl could ride, rimable  is one affordable board that won’t disappoint. This great budget beginners’ board is available in beautiful varieties of girly designs that will invite any beginner girl to come riding. Besides its penny price tag, rimable equipped this board with an amazing set of features you are not like to find in any skateboard in this price range.

RIMABLE  Skateboard isn’t ideal for complex stunts and tricks. It can only be used for basic ones. RIMABLE is a great brand with great products. This board is designed to work best for beginners in the pre-teen ages.

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 22 x 6 inch.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Truck: 3-inch reinforced aluminum alloy truck
  • Wheel: 59mm 78a high soft PU Wheel
  • Deck Material: heavy-duty plastic
  • Maximum weight: 198 lbs.

It features a 3-inch reinforced aluminum alloy truck, designed to provide great maneuverability and movement to the rider. At its first use, you may need to adjust the truck, which is no issue. This is a common problem in new skateboards to get optimum comfort.

The length of this deck is 22 inches while the width is 6 inches, making it one of the best mini cruisers that are ideal for beginners due to their easy control and small size that befit their skill. Your beginner girl will surely fancy the great look of this board deck. This board is available in different attention-grabbing design options among which your girl will find a great sight to behold.

RIMABLE equipped this with a beginner befitting durometer of 78A hardness rating. A soft Polyurethane wheel that’s 59 mm in diameter. The wheel also has an impressive light-up feature that any beginner will surely love, while the moderately combined thickness and softness of the wheel will provide a noiseless and smooth riding experience at all times.

This skateboard features a high-quality ABEC 7 Bearing. Many professional skaters may be skeptical about this to match their games, but for any beginner, the ABEC-7 bearing is more than sufficient to give you the needed head start.

At its width and length, it’s evident that the board is more suitable for beginners. With just 4 lbs., RIMABLE Skateboard will be an adventurous companion to go with beginners everywhere they go. Due to this small size, it’s safe to say that this board is best for teenagers and kids on a newbie level and expert skaters and adults may not find great use in it.

My and Girl Experience with this board

The plastic of the board is good and the board is very flexible so you can even jump on it it won’t break. The stock wheels on the board are not bad at all. I just have much like the orange look on the board better than the blue ones that the board came with.  However, this board is a great board and my opinion a better option than an authentic penny board for the price. The board is six inches wide and 22 inches long. I like the portability of this board and I can take it everywhere even the store and the mailbox.

The Rimable 22 cruises well and has an enjoyable carving experience once trucks are loosened. I decided to try some tricks on the board but the board early isn’t meant for tricks. I recommend this skateboard for beginner girls, not for professional skateboarder girls.

    • Available in multiple beautiful designs options
    • Great traction-enhancing textured deck
    • Inspiring light up wheels for beginners
    • Sturdy and durable heavy dirt plastic material
      • The wheel may need retightening occasionally
      • A truck may need some work before usage

Meketec- Best skateboard for the female beginner

MEKETEC 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

There’s a lot of reasons many parents put their money on this 22-inch mini-cruiser retro skateboard. The star of which is how beginner-friendly it is. This board requires no athleticism whatsoever to start going. One thing most beginners doesn’t have. Meketec engineers designed this board with that purpose in mind, to give a safe and sound riding experience to girl beginners of all ages. No wonder, it remains one of the bestselling boards available on the marketplace.

You don’t have a high budget? Yes. This amazing beginner skateboard will not cost you an arm and a leg, and Meketec never used the affordable price as a reason to compromise quality and performance.

Key Specs and features

  • Dimension: 22 inches long and 6 inches wide
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 200lbs
  • Deck Material: polypropylene
  • Wheel: 60*45mm PU wheel 78A
  • Truck: 3.25-inch Aluminum
  • Bearing: ABEC-7 Bearing

Meketec equipped this with a 3.25-inch heavy-duty aluminum truck, powerful enough to give beginners stability and support as they learn. This solid truck design uses advanced truck building technology to produce a thin board that makes it easy for beginners to find their feet in little time. Heavy riders that need hefty boards to cope with their turns and tricks might want to look elsewhere because Meketec is solely for beginners.

The deck is made from powerful and super flexible polypropylene that can be bent sideways and still spring back plain and straight.  At 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide, it’s wide enough to accommodate any beginner’s foot placement. The maximum load capacity as specified by the manufacturer is up to 200 lbs., we’d advise you to keep it slightly below that.

The product comes with durable polyurethane 60*45mm smooth wheels to give your girl a hassle-free nice ride while adding to its durability and sturdiness. It features the popular high-speed 7 bearing that’s common to all, to save you the doubt about its on-track performance.

The overall weight of the Meketec Mini Cruiser is 3.8 lbs., coupled with its compact dimension. You can easily pack this board in your girl’s backpack and take it with you everywhere you go. And whenever you feel like riding, just visit your bag, put it down, and rock it well. It’s a great commuting board for beginners, whether in the park, school, or on the road.

Customer Review

“Purchased this for my daughter after looking at many penny boards but didn’t want to pay penny price for an entry-level skater just yet. I looked at an off-brand 22” side by side in a surf shop and I was very displeased(Not sure of the brand ). I had already ordered this board off amazon so I figured what the heck, if it’s bad I’ll just send it back. To my surprise, I opened the box and it was very quality”… Read on Amazon

    • High-quality material build
    • Captivating design options
    • Requires no athleticism for starters.
    • Unique Fun pattern and design
    • Durable and flexible for smooth riding
      • Not ideal for rough rides
      • Very small in size
      • Wheel get dirty easily and less translucent


Seething 31- Best Cheap skateboard for girls

Seething 31- Best Cheap skateboard

Seething is a reputable brand when it comes to skateboarding and this 31-inch skateboard from this manufacturer packs a punch. It showcases how far ahead they are in the production of high-quality skateboards when compare to others.

If you are looking for a high-performing girl beginners skateboard that’s compact, durable, and affordable. The skateboard is the definition of one. It’s best suited for riders whose paths are mostly plain and smooth. Due to the presence of ABEC-7 precision bearing, you can cruise smoothly in your neighborhood, street, and city without getting bored easily.

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 31 inches long and 8 inches wide
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 330
  • Truck: 5-inch Aluminum Alloy Truck
  • Deck Material: 100% High Quality 7 ply Canadian Maple
  • Wheel: 52mm*85a High Rebound PU Wheel
  • Bearing: ABEC-7 Precision Bearing
  • Weight: Lightweight of 4 pounds

The board is built to last long with its high rebound 5 inches aluminum alloy truck that’s wear-resistance and skids not easily. The front and back of the board is equipped with a comfy Kick-Tail which act as a modulator for riders when doing tricks and also as a break when it’s time to bring the board to rest.

Designed with safety in mind, the deck is made of high-quality 7-ply Canadian maple and comes with a unique high-density waterproof grip for friction and anti-slip safety. It features trendy eye-catching aesthetics that will make you stand out.

When riding at high speed, you can rely on the deck’s excellent grip to keep your feet on the deck. If you are interested in trying out some tricks and complex turns, the deck is built to take care of your concern of falling and slipping off.

The wheel is made of 55mm high rebound polyurethane material, purposely designed to give you a smooth riding and robust shock absorption, even when you are riding on a cracked surface. With the presence of an ABEC-7 bearing, you can ride this board smoothly at full speed without experiencing any dragging.

On top of its compact length and width, the Seething 31″ Standard Skateboard weighs only 4 lbs. You can easily control while in motion or carry it around when you are not. This board can carry up to 3300 lbs load weight.

Customer Review on This Skateboard

“I really like this skateboard! This is my first time trying skateboarding, but I feel very stable. And I love it. The size is perfect, not too small, not too big. Especially if you want to practice some skills, I strongly suggest you try this skateboard, I love it, it brings…”  Read full review on Amazon

    • Size is compact and portable
    • Price is very affordable
    • Solid construction premium quality material
      • Fancy prints may wear off quickly
      • Not very flexible


NPET Pro- Cute skateboards for girls

NPET Pro Complete Skateboard –  Real Cool & Cute

Few things are better than coming across a product that will grow with you from the beginning of your skating journey till you become firm-footed. Only a handful of skateboards available on the market can do just that. NPET Pro Complete Skateboard belongs to that league. You will appreciate every second of the ride you make on this board. It works superbly well for beginners.

Every feature of this skateboard is to take you from a newbie to a confident rider in no time. There’s been a lot of noise online about this amazing product. But is it worth it? This a question you will find the answer to shortly. Let’s look at what this board has got, that makes all and sundry sing its praise.

Key Specs and Features:

  • Dimension: 31 inches long, 8 inches wide
  • Capacity: 220lbs
  • Deck Material: 7-layer Canadian maple
  • Wheel: 52mm, 95A
  • Truck: Aluminum alloy
  • Bearings: ABEC 11 precision ball.

Diligently engineered with aluminum alloy, the truck is tough to make you’re running stable and safer. The hanger and the Baseplate are resistant to wear and tear, which means you are in for long life. Even under immense pressure, the NPET Pro Complete Skateboard heavy-duty truck will cope and conquer. It is resistant to fray and impact, which adds to its claim of durability and sturdiness.

Featuring an outstanding 7-layer Canadian maple wood, the beautiful truck of this board will impress you on sight. The top of the deck has a cover grip tape while the surface is non-slip to guarantee beginners’ safety.  The deck is also designed with a dual concave double kick design to ensure your feet fit in well and give optimum control during tricks and stunts.

Instead of the common sticker that lies on other decks’ surfaces, NPET Improves on this by printing a great transfer layer on the board. This board deck is covered with non-slip sandpaper grip tape that promises not to wear off easily.

To give beginners a high rebound smooth roll, NPET added a 95A PU wheel to drive this board from beneath. Although not the best grip available around, it is more than handy to give beginners their roll and grip. The size of the wheel is a 52 mm trick-aiding compact wheel, a bit smaller than the average beginner’s wheel. To be sure your riding will be comfortable, you’ve got an anti-abrasive PU shock-absorbing wheel under you.

With a length of 31 inches and a width of 8 inches, NPET  falls under the category of standard skateboards. The size testifies to the fact that’s it portable and a mobile companion. The deck stands only at 4 inch above the ground level, which gives the rider an easy push and breaking. Thanks to an overall weight of only 5lbs, which makes the control super easy. The maximum load capacity is 220lbs

The ABEC-11 ball bearing used on this board should give you all the speed you need. This built-in high precision stainless steel bearing will give riders a super smooth, safe, and flexible ride. You may experience a little stiffness on the wheel when you try to use it straight out of the box. This slowness and friction are usually due to newness. To overcome this, add a little lubricant to the bearings and adjust the screw carefully till you get the smoothness you need.

User Experience

For the price, it’s safe to say this board suffers from feature overload. This budget-killing board gives easy to control, speed, tricks and slides comfortably to its rider. On the upside, you’ve got a catchy deck that will make anyone casts a second gaze and it comes in not just one color. You’ve got the choice to select what suits you the best. Looking at the wheel and truck, they are superior to any random beginner’s board, super flexible, and adjustable to dance to your tune.

    • Great aesthetics and beautiful designs
    • Beginners can start making tricks
    • Great control and braking system
    • Support beginners for added stability
      • Not suitable for kids under 6
      • NPET mentioned this board shouldn’t be used in road traffic


Read More:

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Skateboard For Girls

Let’s look at some of the choice-influencing factors which do not only affect your decision when getting the best skateboards for girls but also define what experience you get from your choice of a skateboard. Whether you are a parent trying to surprise your girl with a stunning skateboard or you are a friend trying to find the best birthday gift for your best friend, you need to put the following into consideration to get them a skateboard they’d appreciate.

Choosing The Right Deck Size for Beginners Girl

The width, the height, skill level, and even the shoe size are what matter when it comes to selecting the best skateboard deck size for beginners.

  1. The Width: For beginners, the most important of all is the width of the deck and not the length. The reason is that the width determines how comfortable a beginner will be on the deck. At the same time, it’s the main factor that determines the energy that will be expended to get your skateboard in motion.

Below is a quick table guide for the ideal height-width paring for beginners to determine the width of the skateboard deck they should go with.

Category Height Shoe Size Ideal Skateboard width
Kids Below 3.5 inches 3 or less 6.5 – 7 inches
Bigger kids 4.5 inches Between 4 and 6 7 inches
Teenagers 5.3 inches Between 7 and 8 7.3 inches
Adult Above 5.3 inches Any Above 7.5 inches

Table: Ideal skateboard width for different categories of skaters

  1. The Length: According to experts, the length of a skateboard shouldn’t be much of a concern to beginners. It’s only veteran skaters that need the length for their professional exploit. Generally, the length of a skateboard is measured from the nose to the tail of the board. This length typically ranges between the 22 inches beginner-friendly mini cruiser and up to 48 inches for the experts’ beloved boards.
  2. The Weight of the Skater: Skateboard is designed with maximum weight specifications. It’s important to look at the maximum load capacity of a skateboard before getting on it. You must be sure that the skateboard deck you select is strong enough to accommodate your weight on the go.

Check the material if the deck as well as the specified load capacity to be sure it’s capable of supporting and carrying your body weight. Ideally, your body weight shouldn’t be a concern except if you are very heavy-bodied. The average load capacity of skateboards is between 180-220lbs, which will take a great deal of bodyweight to beat. As a slim skater, the worry is not yours but for big-bodied riders.

  1. The Shape of the Deck: The shape of the deck is another key point of consideration because it dictates the on-motion stability of the board. Basically, there are three deck shapes you may need to understand before making that purchase.
  • No Kick-Tail: The most recommended deck shapes for beginners are those without Kick-Tail. These boards give newbies an effective wheelbase and optimum stability. Besides, beginners can also pull off little flip tricks on a no-kick-tail board as they learn.
  • Kick-Tail: Skateboard decks with Kick-Tails are the king of tricks and stunts. They are designed for skaters that are more interested in action-packed adventure rather than just commuting. It allows the rider to turn and brake sharply, and also pup up and down with ease. A Kick-Tailed shape deck can be useful for beginners who want maximum control of their boards.
  • Twin-Tip: Twin-Tip deck shapes are designed to work for any category of skaters, be they beginners or experts. They are super easy for anyone to get on due to their stable form. Although boards like this will deny pro skaters to perform stunts and tricks, both newbie and pro will find great joy in their overall aesthetics and performance.

How to skateboard for girls?

First, you need to pick up protective equipment. Protection should be tried on and make sure that the knee pads and elbow pieces do not fidget, the gloves sit like a glove, and the helmet does not interfere with riding and does not squeeze the head.

Special clothes for skateboarding are not required, but at first, it’s worth putting on clothes that you don’t mind staining or tearing. Dress so that you can easily put on and remove protective equipment. Shoes should be comfortable. Sneakers or sneakers are ideal.

When clothes and protection are picked up, you can go to the first training session. The first steps on a skateboard are best done under the guidance of an instructor. The specialist will tell you what to look for to hold on the board for as long as possible. If this were not nearby, dads or mothers would have to take on the role of an instructor.

First of all, the child should be brought to a flat area without pits and inclines. An ideal option would be a specially equipped playground.

First, the girl must learn to stand on the board. The legs are slightly bent; the back is straight, and the body is slightly tilted forward, looking straight ahead. Pupils and adolescents can already control this situation on their own, but the babies will have to ensure their dad or mom. When the exercise “stand on the board” will be taken for granted, you can proceed to skate.

To begin with, they choose a pushing leg (this is the leg with which the child will push off when riding). Then the girl learns to push off, put a pushing leg next to the supporting one, without losing balance, ride on the board, and stop.\ You can’t say in advance how much time it will take to master the basic techniques of skateboarding. Some children take a couple of weeks to do this, while others take a couple of months.

It is essential to encourage the child and support his desire to get a new interesting skill.\ When a girl can boast of confident riding in a straight line, you can invite her to master one of the basic tricks. This is an Allie when a skateboarder jumps with the board. The athlete puts one leg on the backbend of the board (tail); the second stands in the center. Legs are slightly bent. Standing on the trail makes a click on the ground, and the second immediately extends parallel to the board.

A similar trick is nolly. Only a click is made with the foot in front, and the second leg pulls the skate up. Also, beginners are actively mastering the manual and rally with a twist.

The first is considered one of the simplest elements when an athlete clicks on the tail, lifting the front of the skate, and then holds the balance, helping himself with his hands.

The execution of the second is similar to the usual ollie; only it is performed with a twist: after clicking, you need to twist the board with your second foot and turn yourself. At first, you can help yourself with your hands.

The most challenging element is the kickflip. It is performed only when the ollie is obtained on the machine because both tricks start the same way. Only during the execution of the kickflip, it is necessary to twist the board in a horizontal plane.

First, they make an Allie, and when the front foot is at the level of the bend of the skate, it is sharply twisted. After rotation, the board is stopped with two legs.

If you want to master more complicated tricks, you should turn to experienced skaters. They can advise on the implementation of the element and verify the correctness of its application.

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Good decks are good decks and good wheels remain will remain good Wheels, the only difference when it comes to selecting is who the rider is. That is the main reason why we’ve put up this comprehensive guide, to help beginner girls of all ages select the best skateboard.

After our round-up on the best skateboard review, the value-packed guide, and the FAQs, we believe you are armed with the right information to make the best decision.


Can I Get a Beginner Girl Skateboard from a Toy Shop?

For parents looking to buy a skateboard board for their girl, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between the standard skateboard and those available in a toy shop. Toy boards a designed for toddlers to play with and cannot be used to practice skating.

Toys available in most toy shops are very cheap when compared with what real skateboarders ride. These boards are merely look-alikes, built in the shape of a standard skateboard to give babies something to mess around with. You should also note that these toy skateboards are made from cheap materials because of the purpose they are meant for.

If you want to get a skateboard for your girl, the ideal place to go is a professional skateboard shop like Amazon, Walmart, best-buy, etc. Not the kiddo-fancy shop on the next street.

Is There Any Difference Between a Girl and a Boy Skateboard?

There are no skateboards that are specifically made for boys or girls. Hence, there’s no difference between what board a girl should buy compared to girls. In fact, girls are lighter in weight than boys and this gives them an advantage when it comes to skating. They move easily and maintain balanced momentum.

It all depends on individual lifestyles such as fitness, health, willpower, and the effort a girl is putting to improve her skating skills. In essence, girls and boys are the same when it comes to skateboard selection, the choice of a board is due only to preferences and not the peculiarity of the board.

How Much Should I Spend On a Skateboard for Beginner Girl?

Just like any other product available on the market, you get what you pay for. The same theory works in the case of skateboards. However, buying a skateboard for beginners shouldn’t cost you a fortune. At this stage, what should be prioritized is the best value for money and quality. Our recommendation for beginners is to opt for a high-quality budget skateboard to start with.

All the products on our list are on average $30-40, which we believe will be a good entry point for beginners. They are sure to give a wonderful skating experience for beginner girls of all ages, even if they might want to upgrade later when they get better at skating.

Is It Compulsory For Beginners To Put On Skateboarding Protection?

Yes, it is very important but not a must. We always encourage beginners to always have protection when learning skating.

The fact is that as a beginner trying to get in the groove, you will fall a lot as you learn, and falling off a skateboard hurts for real. If you are falling without protection, there’s a higher probability of getting yourself injured which might take you off the track of practicing and ultimately make you lose interest.

The more you avoid injuries, the more your chances of learning faster to become an expert. We highly recommend beginners to wear protective wears such as pads, helmets,s, etc. till they become sure-footed.

For a review on the Best skateboards for girls, you can visit my youtube video.

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