Globe Skateboard Review: Is Globe Skateboard Good Brand?

I love their boards, you love their shoes, He loves their clothes, she loves their wears, we love the brand- Globe; The company started by the Hills brother in the 1980s has become a powerhouse for all thing sport. Anyone who is yet to come across the company built by Matt, Steven, and Peter Hills probably lives in a far fairyland.

Started in Melbourne Australia, is now a worldwide company that has its products sold in over 100 countries. Their skateboards are shipped and distributed under the globe brand name and several other licensed brands such as Thrasher, Enjoi, Darkstar, Almost, Andale, Flip, Blind, Chocolate, and Pro-tech.

About Globe Skateboard company

Globe is one of the foremost skateboards manufacturers in the world that keeps sparking phenomena on a global level till today. Besides being a household name in the skateboarding community, the brand has expanded- in a bid to serve the skating world the right accessories and wears, from the production of high-quality boards to shoes and wears.

Despite growing into a global multi-brand skateboarding empire, the brain behind Globe’s products is a team of enthusiasts, with passion deeply rooted in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. With Globes skateboards on the market, there’s something for every skateboarder to enjoy

In this article, we are going to review globe skateboards from A to Z. Let’s get started

Are Globe Skateboards Good? Is Globe Skateboard Good Brand?

Globe skateboards are good because they are tried and tested and have been a very popular model among all ages. The skateboards were first produced in 1980, and since then it has become one of the most popular skateboards being produced today. It is an ideal skateboard for beginners since its design makes it extremely easy to use and learn tricks. The skateboard is great as it has been designed in such a way that if you make any mistake, the chances of a serious injury occurring are extremely less. The skateboards are very light and strong, which means that you can use it for a longer period.

What Are Globe Skateboards Made of?

Globe skateboards are made from three kinds of materials, each with significant advantages from users’ points of view. Maple, bamboo, and coconut are the three skateboard materials used by Globe in their skateboard.

Canadian Maple Wood Construction

It’s no news that skateboards constructed from Canadian maple wood are the industry standard and most popular on the market. They are trusted by millions of riders for their ability to withstand extreme tricks and complex skateboarding.

Globe’s prioritize serving their customers high-performing and tough deck, that’s why they equipped their boards with 100% Canadian maple wood. Besides, being strong and durable, decks made from Canadian maple wood are very lightweight and can accommodate riders of different weights.

So, whether your interest is cruising, commuting, or performing tricks, there’s a Globe skateboard constructed with Canadian maple wood to do just that.

Globe Skateboard Bamboo Construction

A lot of skateboard manufacturers have started using bamboo as the ultimate alternative to maple wood in recent years. This is in part due to the eco-friendly nature of bamboo and partly due to its performance.

Several types of research have proven that bamboo releases above 30% oxygen to the environment more than maple. Besides, maple woods are gradually going into extinction. This is because they take up to an average of 50 years to mature and they die off after been harvested. Bamboo, on the other hand, takes five years to maturity and when cut down they grow back even stronger than before.

Globe seize this opportunity to give their eco-conscious customers a happy skateboard to ride on, while at the same time contributing to the protection of our health and environment.

Globe Skateboard Coconut Construction

Globe continues to remain at the forefront of innovation in the skating world. In 2017, the brand introduced what proves to be another eco-friendlier alternative to the all-beloved maple decks.

These decks are manufactured from upcycled coconut husks that are naturally water and sun-resistant. They started by pushing out great boards constructed from a good mix of the traditional maple and coconut, engineered to stand up for the most abusive skateboarding.

With the presence of coconut fibers, the use of maple wood is dramatically cut down to give an environment-friendly board that leaves a minimal footprint. Apart from being readily available, the husks are natural elements that have minimal processing and no chemical additives for their clusterization.

Globe explained the manufacturing process that “the husks are sun-dried and hand weaved into a mat that we press into our board layups.”

Now let’s talk about their performance

Maple, Bamboo, or Coconut Skateboard; Which Is Better?

The deck is only one part of the skateboard. There’s a lot of factors that determine how good a skateboard is and what it is good for. Since skateboards are manufactured with specific purposes in mind, it’s hard to say which boards are better than which on a general level.

Sticking to the discussion of the manufacturing material, we can only look at what gives a board an edge over the other between three materials; maple wood, coconut husk and, bamboo. Let’s look at the corresponding weight, strength, and flexibility of each material and how they fair against one another.

  • Weight: You must know that bamboo isn’t a type of wood, rather it is grass. Decks made from bamboo are typically lighter in weight when compared with coconut and maple decks.
  • Strength: Maple wood is hardwood, therefore decks made from it are sturdier and slightly heavier than bamboo decks. Also, they tend to last longer. Maple woods are the strongest of all
  • Flexibility: Since it’s a type of grass, Bamboo decks are typically crisper and more flexible. The bamboo veneers provide more elasticity and offer a lot of flex.

There’s no gainsaying that maple woods are the least eco-friendly of all. Eco-conscious skaters will select either bamboo or coconut deck with bamboo being on top of their list.

Globe Skateboard Deck

Globe skateboard decks are produced by DSM, a renowned skateboard factory with a long history of premium quality boards. DSM was found by the legendary skateboarder, Rodney Mullen. Now Dwindle distribution, DSM is presently one of the licensed brands under the Globe group.

Globe skateboard deck construction is a step above the industry standard. By adopting Rodney Mullen’s single deck compression process, each deck is pressed individually using epoxy resin glue which is superior to water-based glue used by most other brands. The single-deck pressing process results in a consistent concave and shape across the deck.

Above other brands that employ multiple deck pressing which often leads to inconsistent deck concaves, experts have confirmed that decks made by DSM have superior durability and performance. Additionally, this process makes the deck lightweight, stronger, and less susceptible to delamination and warping even under intense pressure.

Globe Skateboard Truck

Another great feature that has made the globe’s skateboard well-received by millions of riders from beginners to professionals is the quality of craftsmanship in their truck.

The truck is constructed with a proprietary Tensor (TKP) That’s owned by the brand itself. These tensor trucks are made from high-grade magnalium; a calculated mix of aluminum alloy and magnesium that will overcome several hard landings and strong impact tricks for many years to come without showing any sign of slow down.

Globe skateboard trucks are also equipped with high rebound bushing and reinforced Grade-8 kingpins. Another good thing about these trucks is that they always come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects and breakage in normal usage.

Although the deck and truck are the two most talked-about parts of a skateboard, several other features make a skateboard great. Let’s look at some other features and parts of Globe’s skateboards.


4 Common Features Of Globe Skateboards

Before checking for specific features, below are 4 common features that all skateboards manufactured by this brand have in common. Whenever you see a globe brand, you are seeing as much as all of the following;

  • Graphics:

Globe is a brand with a minimalist concept when it comes to the appearance of its boards. Simple and clean so to say, they invest performance over appearance. When compared to other boards, their decks are usually single-colored and with inscriptions of the brand’s name. At times, plus a few stripes that are not easily noticeable, if there will be any.

  • Use of Epoxy Resin Glue:

It’s now news that warping and delamination top the list of factors that can quickly send your board to the junkyard. Globe put this into consideration in all their boards to give users more reliable, lightweight, and strong boards that will stand the test of time and will cope with extreme skateboarding adventures.

  • Single Pressed Deck:

Without mincing words, the globe is one of the many few brands that all their board through this manufacturing process. Multiple deck pressing is the industry standard but does not guarantee as many durable and consistent boards as single pressed decks.

  • Expert Construction:

The brains behind globe skateboards aren’t just craftsmen and product designers. They are a group of skateboarding experts who understand what users’ expectations are. So, buying a skateboard from the globe is buying expert recommendations.

After a thorough look into the globe skateboard product line, we discover that the brand isn’t interested in producing one skateboard that can do a thousand things. Rather, they focus on equipping each of their boards with specific capabilities that will serve skateboarders’ specific needs. For the sake of clarity, let’s take one of the globe’s high-performing skateboards for a spin; Globe Big Blazer 32 Inch Cruiser Skateboard.

Globe Big Blazer  Cruiser Skateboard Review

GLOBE Skateboards

Getting a decent cruising skateboard as an adult with big feet is a big challenge for enthusiasts. Globe Big Blazer Cruiser Skateboard is around to solve that problem. What cruiser comes at 32 inches long? Not many. That’s why globe skateboard stands out amidst all others on the market.

Key Specifications

  • Dimension: 32-Inch-Long and 9-Inch Wide
  • Truck: 6.0 Inches Tensor Alloy Truck
  • Material: 7-ply hard rock maple construction.
  • Wheels: Soft Conical 51 mm 83a Wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 bearings.
  • Concave: Mellow Concave with KickTail
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Two-tone matte design with tropical grip tape.

Product Details

At 32 inches, Globe Big Blazer Cruiser Skateboard is an amazing cruiser board that is designed to serve skateboarders who are keen on cruising but have big feet. Made out of 7-ply hard rock Canadian maple wood, the craftsmanship put into this board by globe’s designers make it one of the high-performing boards available on the market.

In terms of performance, nothing is lacking in this cruiser board. Even when tried out to pull off tricks, stunts, and sharp turns, the board performed excellently well. All thanks to its Mellow Concave KickTail that allows seamless breakings and optimal responsiveness.

You are guaranteed a solid grip and enhanced comfort as you ride on mildly hard canonical wheels that glide and move smoothly due to its not too large contact surface. At just 3.5 pounds, a global skateboard is inarguably one of the lightest skateboards you will ever come across. It can easily be packed and carried along without adding tons of weight to your baggage. While in action, it never feels heavy.

Looking into the quality, this board is equipped with premium-quality 6.0 Inches’ Tensor Alloy Truck, engineered to give adult cruisers a befitting companion. Another upside is that the board can cope with cruisers’ abusive rides, be it on the hard road surface, sidewalks, and crack terrains. While on the hill, you can blaze through without having a hard time just as the name suggests.

The grip tape found on this board is exceptionally useful to ease your adventure. This board isn’t just a big blazer by name, it indeed offers enormous blazing performance for cruisers. The look and feel will make other riders at the park envious.

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Users Experience

I have tested this board for 4 months. It is super strong turn great and have an extra smooth grind then we have the ABEC 7 bearings inside the soft Conical 51 mm 83a Wheels to give you a smooth ride with minimal pushing.

Watch Globe skateboard test ride video on my youtube channel


  • Wild board for big feet adult
  • Excellent grip tape
  • Great bearings with trick-aiding conical wheels
  • Lightweight due to its bamboo flex


  • Cannot be used by beginners and kids
  • Can take time to be used to

What Makes Globe Skateboards Sustainable

If you are an ardent supporter of sustainable products, Globe’s recent move towards creating more sustainable, high-end skateboards has probably impressed you. Here’s what they are doing to preserve our planet:

1. Reduced Velocity

A prominent enemy of our planet is overconsumption and extra waste. Globe is trying to reduce product waste and overconsumption by creating sustainable and high-quality skateboards that will last a long time.

They only use materials that are durable and resistant to practice-induced damage, paired with smart engineering that prepares your skateboard to sustain any kind of impact. 

Even their clothing line is trying to put a stop to the culture of fast fashion by focusing on quality fibers like cotton that are grown with organic agricultural methods and leave only a minimal amount of waste. 

2. Reforestation

Globe is one of the biggest manufacturers of skateboards in the world. Naturally, they are also one of the biggest consumers of wood. Thousands of trees are cut down every single year just to meet their raw material needs. But unlike other brands, Globe has recognized the detrimental effects of their business and taken steps to improve the situation.

For starters, they have teamed with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) on their tree planting initiative. Every year, they plant at least thrice the number of trees they cut down for business.

3. Solar Power Driven

Along with the rate of deforestation, a major contributor to pollution and environmental damage is the emissions released from petroleum-based fuels. To prevent the harmful gases and emissions from polluting the atmosphere, Globe has decided to carry on most of the factory processes through solar power.

One of the first initiatives has been to install a huge solar panel on their office roof. This new initiative for Globe’s headquarters in Melbourne is one step toward transforming their company into a 100% renewable energy-based skateboard manufacturer. Along with preventing harmful emissions, they are also preventing pollution from crude oil extraction.

This new installation has prevented 366 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere in its first year. Solar power comprises a minimum of 80% of the total power consumption with the remaining 20% to soon be sourced from “Green Energy.” This will be generated from clean energy generators regulated by the government. 

4. Sustainable Packaging

You might not realize it but product packaging is one of the major contributors to landfill waste in the world. These packages have no use except to serve as single-use covers for products.

That’s why Globe has decided to be a part of Prana’s Responsible Packaging Movement and has removed single-use plastics, virgin first fiber, and other avoidable waste from their supply chain.

They also plan to stop using all non-certified paper packaging by the end of 2022. Along with that, they are also taking the initiative to improve package recycling at their warehouses and supply chain centers. Instead of regular plastic, they use recycled polyester created from plastic waste like water bottles and carryout bags.


Buying the best skateboard is all about purpose and preference, that’s inferentially the brand watchword. Thus, their boards always come with some plus factors when compared with other brands that try to produce one-size-fit-many boards.

There’s something for all riders in the globe skateboard product line. As an international manufacturer, the globe remains at the forefront of innovation in the skateboarding industry. Each of their skateboards is built to satisfy a particular category of users. This makes their performance exceptional when used for the right purpose.

The globe skateboard we reviewed above is a cruiser board that’s designed to serve big feet cruisers, and that’s what it is best used for. It may however perform for other skateboarders but will not be as efficient as when used for the purpose it’s built for.

Watch a full detailed review of the global Skateboards review: Are Good brand? Here is my youtube channel video.

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