Best Skateboard For Commuting (Travel & Long Distance)

If you’re tired of walking a long distance to work or school, you need to get the best skateboard for commuting. Skateboards are different. They are not all made for the same purpose so it’s important the type you buy if you’re a commuter. Randomly picking a product off the market might not work and neither will get the same skateboard as your friend. You need to find the perfect skateboard that fits your size, riding level and will be strong enough for commutes.

There are so many products available in the market today. New skateboard companies seem to be popping up every day and everyone has a great idea for the next best skateboard. The options are too many to sift through on your own. But don’t worry! You don’t have to despair when we have done all the research for you. We have tried testing some of the industry’s finest products in the market. After looking long and hard, we gathered seven of the best skateboards for commuting in this review. Don’t skip the buyer’s guide we provided at the end as this will help you when making that final decision to purchase.

Best Commuter Skateboard For Commuting (Electric Skateboards)

We’re going to examine the top commuter skateboards for commuting that you can buy right now. We compiled this list of options based on personal tests and reviews from a group of local skateboarders.

  1. Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard
  2. New Olym Skateboard
  3. Tooluck Electric Best Travel Skateboard
  4. Penny Australia Casper Glow Penny Board
  5. Magneto Barefoot- Best For Long Distance
  6. Eggboards Mini Bamboo Longboard
  7. WZHESS Professional Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Commuting (Travel & Long Distance)

Skatebolt Tornado II Electric- Best Commuter Skateboard

Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Best Commuter Skateboard


Top-class design and professional research are the strongest keys Skatebolt uses when manufacturing its products. This expert electric skateboard company based in Los Angeles has provided an all-powerful solution for commuters in the Tornado II electric skateboard. The high-tech company has been consistent with maintaining a standard of outstanding production of electric skateboards for five years. This electric skateboard is more than a toy. It is a safe, affordable, and convenient mode of transportation fit for daily use.

General Specs

  • 38-inch x 9.4-inch skateboard.
  • 8-ply Northeast maple wood deck.
  • Normal top speed of 13.75MPH. Sports mode top speed of 20MPH.
  • 280 pounds maximum weight.
  • 15 to 20 miles range.
  • 500W dual hub motors.
  • 2 red taillights.


This skateboard is built with 8 layers of rock-solid maple wood. The deck is so strong and sturdy that it can handle up to 280 pounds of weight. That makes this electric skateboard perfect for children and adults alike.

The Tornado II is powerful enough to go anywhere with its dual hub 500w motors. These operate quietly and efficiently. You can climb hills up to a 25-degree incline and this electric skateboard will still ride smoothly. The electric skateboard can run more than 13MPH at top speed but you can reach 20MPH when you’re on sports mode.

This machine is fitted with an upgraded 750mAh battery. The durable battery can run for 15 to 20 miles before it needs to be recharged. That’s enough power to commute within a small city or across your school campus. The battery can be recharged to full capacity within 2 hours.

This skateboard is fitted with two red taillights for increased security. You can easily navigate through traffic while being visible to other vehicles, especially at night. The safety lights are always blinking to warn vehicles that you’re in the way.

The skateboard comes with an ergonomic remote controller for easy navigation and control. From the LCD screen on the remote, you can see the battery capacity, change speed modes, and brakes while riding.

My Personal Experience with Skatebolt Tornado

For the past two months, we’ve been riding over Skatebolt Tornado II, testing its limits, and stressing it out to see how it holds up. We came at this project with curiosity and an open mind – if there was anything we didn’t like about the product based on our criteria above, we would have let the reader know within our in-depth review below.

I checked the stats and noticed that the top speed during the ride was 21.7 mph according to the ride app. This board advertises 25 miles per hour max speed and I had hit 25 miles per hour on a previous ride. Check the stats pic 

Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Best Commuter Skateboard

Now I am doing a brake test using a speedometer to ensure I am at max speed in each mode. Before engaging the brakes in regards to the range at this point my controller is making me second guess myself and over a 60% battery indicator flashing on and off every few seconds. I then write up a slight incline and very quickly following this the 10% flashes and the board shuts off a few seconds later. I was surprised by this as a fluctuation between the 60% and 10% battery indicator just mint ago told me I had at least 10% to cruise back home. This is not the case I finished up at 8.3 miles which is understandable considering I was riding on unstable roads sidewalks various hills and even grass at some point. 

Overall Build Quality 

It’s quite a bulky board it weighs 19 pounds and has a load capacity of 264 pounds. It’s definitely not something you want to carry around all the time you will want to keep it on the road as much as possible. It’s excellent for speed and rides quality and it has an impressive range as well and looking at the construction materials.  I don’t doubt that it well serve through extended wear and tear but the main trade-off I keep coming back to is the weight of you don’t mind the 19 pounds of weight and large dimensions then you will have a hard time finding a board that packs so much value into such a smooth ride at this price point.

Please watch out ride test video of skatebolt tornado ii electric skateboard

Final Verdict

In crowded cities where public transport is the best way to get around, you can stand out with this skateboard on your side. This best skateboard for commuting can do more than get you from point A to point B. It is a powerful solution for movement and fun. Anyone looking for effortless transportation from a powerful skateboard should not miss out on this offer. Customer service from Skatebolt is also very effective and all your complaints will be handled professionally and speedily.

    • Smooth and powerful acceleration.
    • Offers more speed than you will ever need.
    • The brake lights are good.
    • Perfect for skaters who are new to electric boards.
    • The remote doesn’t have a wrist strap.

Meepo V3- best electric skateboard for long-distance

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

The meepo v3 is so good I bought two the meepo v3 is arguably one of the greatest budget e skateboards out there. There’s a bunch of reviews there are a bunch of people buying it it’s literally 389 dollars on the market right now so the question is is this board worth the money so we’re going to be going over all the. Major parts of the meeple v3 we’re going to be looking at the deck the trucks. We’re going to be seeing the acceleration we’re going to see how much punch power and torque this board can give us and we’ll see if it’s actually worth 389 dollars let’s get into it.One of the best parts about the meepo v3 is the acceleration.

You have so much power punch and torque with this thing let me see I’m on the road. I’m going 10 miles per hour and I punch it I go to 20 miles per hour instantly this board is an absolute beast. I’ve tried the backfire g2 I’ve tried a diy e-board I’ve tried the ae board af none of these boards have the amount of power and punch close enough to the meepo v3. I’m riding with my friends and they’re riding a 700 board and I’m out here riding a sub 400 board and I’m going faster than them that doesn’t really make any sense does it. It’s because the vivo v3 has dual 450 watt motors this has one of the biggest hub motors out there to allow for that amazing torque and punch but that also leads to a lower ride quality since the motor is so big you have way.

Less urethane on the sleeves leads to a lot of vibrations on the road and it makes it feel really uncomfortable. Now let’s talk about the top speed of the meepo v3 for me is 32 miles an hour. I don’t like to ride that fast because there’s really high risk for accidents if you hit any bump or crack going at that speed it will amplify it by 10. The fact that I can even hit 30 miles an hour on a little dinky longboard that costs 400 is pretty impressive to me and the remote tells you how fast you’re going which is pretty awesome just make sure that you have the harder orange bushings on the back. If you’re going more than 30 miles per hour or even more than 25 miles per hour because you will experience speed wobbles without these.

I personally use the 98 bushings on the front for a more Harvey field and I put the 108 bushings on the back. So that I have the added stability the braking on the meeple b3 is actually super strong compared to all the other boards that I’ve tried this braking is way more powerful than I personally like. I like to have the braking modes on medium if I go. High or pro mode that’s just way too much braking power for me and the board actually slides out that’s probably due to my lower weight for heavier riders this is actually better because you have more braking power and you can stop literally on a dime but if you’re a lighter rider like me you might want to lower the setting to about low or high so that way if you ever get.

Into a sticky situation where you have to brake immediately fast without thinking the board will slide out these shredder trucks are insane. I’m able to carve beautifully on smooth pavement roads while also maintaining high stability at the top speed when it comes to sidewalks though there’s a lot of bumps and imperfections in each. Step off the sidewalk and when your board goes over those they jut up really aggressively. I don’t like the feeling of going on the sidewalk that’s why I mainly use the roads but obviously, when there’s a lot of cars on the road there you’re going to have to use the sidewall what’s even worse than the sidewalk is imperfect roads.

As you can see the wheels are jittering up and down very aggressively and very uncomfortably riding on these roads for an extended period of time literally turning your feet into jello. That’s why I highly recommend at least upgrading to the 100-millimeter wheels on your back motors one it gives you more protection for the motors and two it gives you a better ride-feel but that is at the cost of torque and range.

When you’re buying your first board just make sure that you survey the sidewalks make sure that you look at the roads whether you need ac wheels maybe cloud wheels or if you could stick with the regular street wheels make sure that you see the quality of the terrain around you so that when you’re buying your board that will highly influence your decision.

So this deck doesn’t have a lot of concave in it so when your feet are on it and your feet slip off you don’t really know where to put it so you do have to look down sometimes. I love the grip that really grips my feet and I don’t feel like I’m gonna fall off the deck does have a handle and if you ever have a board that doesn’t have a handle you really miss that so if you ever damage up to your board.

I love the battery and esc cases they look really awesome especially with these grilles on the side of the esc to allow for heat dissipation but one of the most annoying things is this little orange flap holding the charger and the usb charger in there. It is so incredibly annoying to put this thing back in I don’t want to risk this getting wet so taking 30 seconds out of my day every single time to plug this in is a really big pet peeve one of the things that’s on the battery case if you click on this little button right here it actually shows you.

The wheels look really really nasty that’s mainly a factor due to how squishy they are because they are 78a squishiness these shutter trucks are very very durable and it doesn’t look like they’re going to bend break or crack anytime soon. I really do like this braided cable coming from the esc to the motors so you know that’s not going to be nicked or snagged on anything so let’s talk about water resistance I have ridden this board in the rain multiple times you do not want to ride this is really deep puddles just know that the foam on the esc casing and all the battery casing is not exactly waterproof as water does get into this foam and seep inside the cases but after riding the rain about three or four times my board is actually helping. Alright, guys so that concludes my review of the meepo v3 I can confidently say that there’s no board better under 400 than the amiibo v3 with the acceleration the torque the deck the motors the trucks everything combined into a nice great package I think that this is the best deal for under 400.


New Olym- Best Longboard For Commuting

New Olym Drop Through Longboard

If you love the idea of skating to work but haven’t learned how to skate, this longboard from New Olym will be the perfect beginner skateboard for you. This upcoming skateboard company has put its best into the production of this sturdy drop-through longboard to ensure the safety and stability of every rider. The drop-through design helps you remain centered on the board throughout your ride as a low center of gravity will keep you in control of every movement. We recommend this as the best skateboard for commuting to all beginners and heavy skaters who need a strong and balanced skateboard.

General Specs

  • 41-inch x 9-inch skateboard.
  • 8-ply Canadian maple wood deck.
  • Thick heavy-duty aluminum trucks.
  • 660 pounds maximum weight.
  • Chrome steel ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Skate tool included.


Built from strong Canadian maple wood, this 8-ply skateboard deck will stand the test of time. The high-quality wood has been professionally laid to perfection to ensure a long-lasting skateboard you can rely on. This 41-inch skateboard is the right size for children and adults alike because it has ample space for different shoe sizes. The non-slip emery topping finishes off the deck with a plus. Not only will your feet be firmly planted, but they will also be glued to the board because of the gripping surface.

Apart from the sturdy deck, the trucks and axles are also made from heavy-duty material. All these high-quality parts ensure this longboard can bear up heavyweight without overly flexing and snapping.

This longboard comes fully assembled with a beautiful design and a T- tool. The all-in-one skate tool included with this package will be very useful for adjustments and simple repairs. This includes switching out the custom wheels for sturdier ones.

Customer Review

Pretty great board for the money. TBH I figured this would be barely adequate for me to play around on when my daughter went skating. Turns out the trucks are responsive, wheels are great, board carves great. And my daughter has now stolen my board…because she likes longboarding better. So I’ll be buying another one soon. Amazon

Final Verdict

The combination of a strong deck, heavyweight trucks, and amazing drop-through technology make this an excellent commuting skateboard for heavy riders. It is very easy to learn skateboarding from scratch on this stable longboard. The skateboard carves and cruises smoothly and the grip tape works like magic. We highly recommend this to heavy riders who are just learning how to ride skateboards or have little experience in the game.

      • Has a sturdy and reliable deck.
      • Great for beginner skaters.
      • The contrast top design is beautiful.
      • The trucks are responsive and the board carves great.
      • Great for cruising.


    • The wheels seem cheap.


Tooluck Electric Best Travel Skateboard

Tooluck Electric Skateboard

Skateboarders enjoy electric skateboards but we think commuters get the best use out of them. That is because these battery-powered skateboards take away the hardship of skating long distances. Tooluck understands that commuters need more energy. The company is committed to developing top-notch electric skateboards so that more people can enjoy the fun and ease of riding smoothly. This machine is made available at an unbeatable price. This is unlike most electric skateboard offers. If you love some power but can’t afford to shell out over $500 for a good electric skateboard, you should grab this offer with both hands.

General Specs

    • 5-inch x 8.7-inch skateboard.
    • 7-ply maple wood deck.
    • Top speed of 12MPH.
    • 220 pounds maximum weight.
    • 6 to 8 miles range.
    • 350W brushless motor.
    • 2 frog eye lamps.


This electric skateboard is constructed from 7 layers of strong maple wood. The solid material is highly durable yet flexible for riding. This construction can carry up to 220 pounds of weight easily. The skateboard offers a very smooth riding experience because of the shock-absorbent PU wheels.

Equipped with a quiet 350W brushless motor, this electric skateboard will deliver smooth and noiseless operation all its life. This new generation motor uses a kick-to-start feature that leaves the fun of starting without the hard work it takes to keep riding. The powerful motor can power the skateboard up to 12MPH. That is a great speed for commuting in a busy area.

This electric skateboard has a strong 2000 mAh lithium battery. It only takes two hours to get to full charge and can last for six to eight miles before it needs to be recharged. You can easily run quick errands and power through short commutes on this small but mighty electric longboard. You will need more power for longer commutes.

The ergonomic remote is great for accelerating, braking, and other controls. You can easily view battery usage and other information on the wide LCD screen. This remote can control the skateboard from a 14-meter range. If you’re interested in shooting videos on a skateboard, this will be the perfect tool for that.

User Experience

This skateboard rides unbelievably smooth on its shock-absorbent PU wheels. The soft wheels are great for cruising and also come in handy when riding over rough patches on your commute. The smooth and almost silent torque works very well. This electric skateboard is suitable for riders under 220 pounds. The lighter weight you are, the more power and range you can get from this skateboard. We suggest going for a more powerful electric skateboard if you are a heavy rider. In low light conditions, simply turn on your frog eye lamps to increase visibility and enjoy a safer ride.

Final Verdict

This is a very portable electric longboard for commuting. It is also very pocket-friendly when the high price of electric skateboards is considered. This might not be as powerful as some options in the market but it will suffice for short commutes. Because it is smaller, this electric skateboard is not as heavy as other options. It is also not suitable for heavy riders but will carry up to 220 pounds easily. For an exceptionally smooth ride, this portable electric skateboard is just what you need to ride to work in style. The easy operation of this waterproof electric skateboard will make your rides more enjoyable.

    • Manageable speed makes this skateboard safe.
    • It is a lot of fun.
    • Offers a smooth and quiet ride.
    • An excellent gift for a beginner or a child.
      • There is no replacement part for the remote.


Penny Australia Casper- best board for commuting

Penny Australia Casper Glow Penny Board

This skateboard company offers pure quality and high value for money. When you look at the life and journey of the founder, Ben Mackey, it is no wonder why. Ben started skating at the age of 5 with a second-hand plastic skateboard his father got him. He grew up with a love for plastic skateboards and a zeal to make them better than they had ever been produced. We owe the extremely high quality of this skateboard to his experience. Almost fanatical attention to detail is why every penny board is super strong. They are built with top-quality raw materials and designed to perform exceptionally.

General Specs

    • 27-inch x 7.4-inch skateboard.
    • Plastic deck.
    • 59mm wheels with 83A durometer.
    • Penny stainless steel ABEC 7 bearings.
    • Non-slip waffle top.


If you have ever considered riding a plastic skateboard, you must go for a penny board. The deck is fashioned out of high-quality synthetic plastic material, specifically engineered to be flexible and yet very durable. The 27-inch deck will conveniently carry up to 220 pounds of weight without breaking.

The skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to roll straight out of the box. It is fitted with durable trucks, stainless steel ABEC7 bearings, and premium 83A wheels to give a smooth ride. These premium parts allow the small skateboard to ride smoothly and go very fast.

Riding your skateboard around campus at night is not a problem. This penny board is designed to glow in the dark so that incoming vehicles can spot you as you ride. This will help you avoid unnecessary accidents. If you’re a beginner, this skateboard will suit you just fine.

User Experience

Having a skateboard for transportation seems absurd until you get one that can fit in your handbag. At 27-inches long, this tiny penny board is one of the best skateboards for commuting you will ever lay hands on. Don’t underestimate the Casper Glow board by its size. This small skateboard is made of durable plastic and will not bend or break easily as wooden skateboards do. This skateboard looks exactly like it is shown in the pictures. The non-slip waffle top adds to its beauty while helping with grip.

We have to admit that the grip is not so good and you should add some grip tape for a stronger hold. The skateboard glows beautifully in the dark, just like Casper the friendly ghost. It will be a great attraction for your children so it will make a great gift for your child so they can ride this beautiful board to school.

Final Verdict

This penny board looks good, is very portable, and will exceed your expectations in performance. The durable plastic material of the deck ensures strength while offering enough flexibility. The best thing about this skateboard is probably the small size. You can glide smoothly to work on this small board and put it away easily. Because it is short and small, you can carry it around all day and not even know it. The lightweight of the small skateboard also allows for easier movement and maneuvering. You will not regret spending good money on this penny board.


  • It glows in the dark so it looks awesome.
  • Rides smoothly.
  • Very sturdy board.
  • The most portable for commuting.


  • The grip is not fantastic, you might need to add some grip tape.



Magneto Barefoot- Best For Long Distance

Magneto Barefoot Cruiser

Magneto Skateboards is one of the newer companies on the scene. Although they are fresh, this family company is wholly dedicated to producing top-quality longboards and skateboards at unbeatable prices. They do this by sourcing the best materials at bargain prices to offer more value for less money. This company operates out of Carlsbad, California, where the culture of surfing and skateboarding began. They infuse the passionate traditions of the people in their merchandise to ensure every Magneto skateboard you buy will be worth the purchase. The barefoot cruiser is an excellent commuting skateboard designed with these values.

General Specs

    • 5-inch x 7.5-inch skateboard.
    • 6-ply Canadian maple wood deck.
    • Paris-style mounted trucks.
    • Polyurethane wheels.
    • EVA foam stomp pad top.


This skateboard deck is fashioned out of 6 plies of sturdy maple wood and finished with an EVA foam top. The genuine Canadian maple wood material makes this skateboard durable and flexible. The surf stomp pad replaces traditional grip tape to provide cushy comfort under your feet. This is why it is called a barefoot cruiser, you can cruise on it without your shoes on. This does not eliminate the place of grip tape. This soft top still performs the functions of traditional grip tape.

The high-quality truck son this cruiser is gravity cast from premium aluminum material. This adds stability and sturdiness to the board. You can rely on this skateboard to take you to work and school in comfort and style.

The shock-resistant polyurethane wheels are strong and reliable. You don’t have to worry about your skateboard breaking down because this one is made with quality parts from beginning to end. There is no weak plastic found on this strong skateboard and it will serve you for a long time.

User Experience

If going barefoot is your thing, you have to get yourself a Magneto barefoot cruiser. This skateboard has a soft top that lets you ride without shoes. The soft surface will protect your exposed feet when you ride and will be easier on your fingers when you have to carry the skateboard around. You can ride with your sandals or sneakers on if you don’t want to go barefoot. Your feet will be well-cushioned whether you have shoes on or off. This skateboard is small enough to move around with and also big enough to ride comfortably. At 27.5-inches long, it will fit into your backpack with ease.

Final Verdict

There are many great skateboards for commuting but not many that will allow you to ride barefoot in comfort. This cruiser skateboard from Magneto is a dream come true for many skateboarders who would like to throw away their protective shoes sometimes. The comfy foam on top can get dirty quickly but it is also easy to wash off. Whether you have your shoes on or off, you will enjoy riding on this super comfy skateboard.

    • This is a sturdy and good-quality skateboard.
    • You can ride barefoot or with sneakers.
    • It is easy to turn.
    • Rides smoothly.
    • A good choice for a beginner.
      • The wheels squeak a little bit.
      • The padded foam can get dirty easily.


Eggboards Mini Bamboo Longboard

Eggboards Mini Bamboo Longboard

Longboards are perfect for commuting. They ride very smoothly, offer very good stability, and have good speed. The biggest problem with them is their size. Paolo Dobrowolny, the founder of the Eggboards brand, found a solution and changed the game in 2015. He created a mini longboard with all the benefits and cut out the problem of having to lug around a huge longboard. This special mini longboard is every commuter’s dream.

General Specs

    • 19-inch x 9-inch bamboo skateboard deck.
    • 69mm wheels with 76A durometer.
    • Aluminum reverse kingpin trucks.
    • 300 pounds maximum weight.
    • Precision stainless alloy ABEC 9 bearings.


With a very unique design, this egg-shaped mini longboard is a wonder and a great solution for commuters of all ages. At 19-inches long, you might not consider this a longboard but it is. The stylish and special egg shape provides a deck that is wide enough to stay balanced on but narrow enough around the trucks that it doesn’t interfere with the wheels when you make turns. This simple design avoids terrible wheel bites that cause accidents. The skateboard deck is fashioned out of pure bamboo. This gives it very good flexibility and yet keeps the deck strong and reliable.

The large trucks and wheels on this mini longboard provide absolute stability. With the balance of a longboard, you can have complete control of your skateboard to make quick turns and stay cruising for longer on your way to work or school. The large wheels are also smooth and add more stability. When you ride over rocks or small rough patches, you won’t even feel it. The wheels absorb vibrations as you cruise. This setup makes this skateboard a perfect beginner’s tool.

User Experience

We love that this skateboard is already assembled and ready to ride when you receive it. The design is unique and beautiful. Although it is small, this skateboard functions like a professional-grade material. It rides very smoothly and is perfect for cruising around town.

Your short commutes can become cruising adventures with Eggboards mini longboard. Who says you have to leave your skateboard at home when you travel? Because it is so small and cute, you can carry this skateboard around easily and even pack it up for an overseas trip.

The customer service from this company is unmatched. Every question is professionally answered from before you purchase to after your mini longboard has arrived. Sometimes, you can get answers from the owner of the company himself.

Final Verdict

Getting outdoors for a change of scenery has a different definition when you’re doing it with this mini longboard from Eggboard. You will cruise like a pro on this skateboard’s soft wheels and remain balance while riding along with rough patches on the road. This skateboard offers the smoothest ride with the smallest board and the largest wheels. We highly recommend it for commutes all over your city. This bamboo skateboard is made from bamboo instead of maple wood like other options. Bamboo is more sustainable and better for the environment. It is also more flexible and does not chip easily like dry and hard Maplewood.

    • Very efficient anti-wheel bite shape.
    • Glides fast with ABEC9 bearings.
    • Longboard wheels and trucks give better shock absorption and control.
    • Super portable.
      • The deck is made with thin layers of wood.


WZHESS- best skateboard for travel

WZHESS Professional Complete Skateboard

This skateboard company aims to deliver passion and fun in the same package. That is why their skateboards are safe but fun. This primary-level skateboard is great for cruising and will make a great traveling companion. The best skateboard for commuting has to be strong enough to handle the rigors of the road. That is why this 9-ply skateboard is a great choice. Anyone can ride this beginner-level skateboard with ease.

General Specs

  • 31-inch x 7.8-inch skateboard.
  • 9-ply A grade Canadian maple wood deck.
  • 36mm polyurethane wheels.
  • 220 pounds maximum weight.
  • Steel ABEC 7 bearings.


This is one of the strongest skateboards we have ever come across. It is made from genuine Canadian maple wood. The standard for a good skateboard is 7 layers but this deck has 9 complete layers of premium maple wood. Each sheet is of average thickness and the middle and bottom pieces have been dyed for improved aesthetics.

The surface is covered in a non-slip waterproof emery sheet. This does not only look great, but it also protects the skateboard from harsh weather and damage. The top is covered in tough slip-resistant grip tape. This ensures you have maximum hold when doing tricks or enjoying a rough ride on a rough patch. If you are a beginner, this grip tape is excellent to keep you safely glued to your skateboard when you move.

The wheels are modeled from new technology polyurethane perfusion material. This increases the rebound rate of the wheels to 70%, making it highly shock-resistant and comfortable for cruising. Other parts of this skateboard are also fashioned from high-quality materials.

User Experience

Whether you are commuting, performing skateboard tricks at the park, or simply cruising around your neighborhood, this is a great starter skateboard for you. The greatest quality of this skateboard is its toughness. It is made from 9 layers of high-grade maple wood carefully placed together to last long. Since it is a cruiser, this skateboard comes in the right size so that it is large enough to maneuver and not too large to carry around. This skateboard will be a great gift for your child or a friend who needs a sturdy board to get around on.

Final Verdict

Nobody wants a skateboard that breaks easily. This strong skateboard will be the perfect tool for all your long and short commutes because it is built from very solid material. The deck, wheels, and trucks are solidly built. Although many customers complained of late delivery, they were happy with the skateboard when it came in the looks exactly as advertised and performs like a dream come true. We recommend this strong and durable skateboard for anyone who needs a solid mode of transportation to beat traffic.

    • Very strong and reliable deck.
    • Comes well packaged.
    • Already assembled and ready to ride out of the box.
    • The non-slip design adds points for safety.
      • Many customers report a late delivery.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Skateboard For Commuting

After considering the best parts and little misgivings of these skateboards, it’s time to make a choice. Before you pay for anything, make sure you read and understand these simple points. Keeping these factors in perspective will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Ease of carrying the skateboard: you are going to have to pick up your skateboard when you arrive at your destination. It is great if you can store it away, but most times you have to carry it around until it’s time to go home again. Avoid long and heavy skateboards if you are going to be carrying them most of the time. Longboards have a great advantage for traveling long distances, but you don’t want to awkwardly lug a huge skateboard around all day.

Traffic and type of road for your daily commute: if you need to cover a long distance on a somewhat bumpy road, go for a longboard that gives speed and stability. A shorter skateboard is more ideal for crowded areas where you need to do a lot of carving, turning, and stopping. If you have an uphill commute or you’re too lazy to bother, an electric skateboard will suit you perfectly. Penny boards look good and last forever but they take a little mastery to work for daily commutes.

Maintenance: you’re already doing plenty of work riding a skateboard often, you don’t need more problems. A low-maintenance skateboard is always the best if you’re lazy. Avoid products that are hard to clean, hard to put away or break down easily, and need too many spare parts. This will save you time, energy, and money.


There is no single best skateboard for commuting. There are too many great options for skateboarders to be restricted to just one. We have reviewed seven of the best options in the market in this article with an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice. Out of the seven products mentioned, our top three are as follows:

  • WZHESS Professional Complete Skateboard is the strongest skateboard for commuting. It is the only skateboard on this list made from 9 layers of hard rock Canadian maple wood. The other decks are strong, but none comes close to this skateboard.
  • Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard is the most innovative skateboard for commuting. This electric skateboard is packed with lots of power and plenty of innovation to keep any geek happy for months. If you love technology, you should reach for this one.
  • Eggboards Mini Bamboo Longboard is the most portable skateboard for commuting. At just19” long and 9” wide, this skateboard is wide enough for you to stand comfortably and short enough to fit into a small backpack. If your greatest worry about commuting on a skateboard is how to carry it around, you should consider this option.

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What is the best skateboard for commuting?

Some people swear by cruiser skateboards for commuting while others insist longboards are the best. Others just go for regular skateboards to get the job done. We think there are too many options on the market for one skateboard to cut it. The best skateboard for commuting will differ from one person to the other. Every style of the skateboard has its advantages. You will have to select the best to suit your needs. We have a good selection reviewed in this article to help you make a choice.

Are skateboards good for commuting?

When it first started, it was strange to use a skateboard as transportation. However, this trend has grown and is now almost normal. Many people commute on longboards, cruisers, and skateboards of different kinds. In a crowded city with lots of traffic, this is a very fast way of getting to your destination. It is also a healthy option because you are exercising on your way to your terminus.

Can you use a skateboard for transportation?

As we have mentioned above, skateboards are a healthy mode of transportation. They help you get around hard-to-reach areas and are faster than walking. You can easily use a skateboard for multimodal trips. Because they can be easily carried around, skateboards are commonly used in combination with other modes of transportation. For example, you can drive or take the train to an area and finish off the trip on your skateboard.

Are longboards good for commuting?

Longboarding is a popular means of transportation. Many people use longboards to work, school, and run errands in town. The main reasons we have found for this popularity are easy, fun, and a good workout.

What is the difference between a cruiser vs longboard for commuting?

If you have to cover short distances around three to five miles, a cruiser is a great option. A cruiser is the best kind of skateboard to navigate crowded spaces. A smaller board is also easier to maneuver and also good for stopping easily. On the other hand, you will want to go for a longboard if you have to cover longer distances on your commute. If you have decent wheels and bearings, a longboard requires little effort to keep the momentum going for longer distances. You will have to get some practice in to get used to the feel of a longboard. However, you can be carving and doing power slides like a pro in no time.

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