Best Skateboard For 8-year-old Beginners ( Boys & Youth)

Skating is an art that is deep-rooted with lots of history and attraction. It garners a lot of attention from adults and kids alike with more kids looking to try their hands in the game from a very early age. There have been disputes about the ideal age a kid can start skating with numbers like 3, 4, and 5 years been thrown around. However, it is widely accepted that an 8-year-old can skate with skills and guile.

Whether your 8-year-old kid has been on you to get that precious skateboard as a holiday gift or you have decided to teach him the art at the perfect age, this piece has got you covered with a list and detailed review of the best skateboards for 8 years olds. We have also covered some of the important features you need to consider in case your interest lies away from the skateboards on our list.

Top 5 Best Skateboard For 8-year-old Beginners

In our skateboard buying guide, we will review the top 12 best skateboards for 8-year-old kids. Are you interested in reading all about what our experts recommend? We hope so! Our team including some of the most informed buyers at Eight-year-old kid tests all kinds of skateboards and narrowed down a huge choice of excellent good quality boards to buy. See our results in this popular and helpful list!

  1. Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard
  2. Meketec Skateboards for 8-year-old boy
  3. Gonex 22 Inch Mini Plastic Skateboard
  4. METROLLER Skateboards 
  5. WhiteFang Skateboards

Best Skateboards For 8-year-olds

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Specificity has always been a standout feature of any product and this skateboard is no different. Magneto Kids Skateboard is uniquely designed for kids that are just learning skating and those that are masters of the art. What’s more, is the fact that it was designed by skaters with vast experience on the track and tested by kids to perfect its features. All of its features are just carefully considered to ensure that kids have so much fun and learn skating faster.

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 27.5-inch long and 7.75 inches wide.
  • Max capacity: 200 pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood
  • Wheel: 52 Millimeters, 95A SHR
  • Truck: Cast Aluminum.
  • Bearings: Stock ABEC-5.

I found this board a couple of years ago, and when my kids rode it this morning, it still felt like a dream. It’s cheaper than most skateboards but performs better than the others!

This skateboard has a cast Aluminum truck which provides enough support for kids between the age of 5-15years. The truck added to the deck assures strong footing for your kid at all times. Also, it has enough strength to carry adults looking to have fun on a mini skate around the park or street. This eliminates the need for another board in case you want to show your kid how it’s done.

Everything about the Magneto kids’ skater deck is centered on comfort and simplicity. The deck is made with 7 piles of hard maple making it one of the strongest and pressure absorbing decks out there. It has double kicktails on the front and back of the board which is coupled with a shallow concave for balance and comfort. There is also the high-quality grip tape which provides traction, balance, and better control. All these plus the 3 awesome graphic choices on the bottom without doubt rank this deck amongst the most comfortable for kids.

Magneto complete skater features a top-notch stock ABEC-5 bearing. This bearing is enough for easy flow and movement for any beginner. It is also a good fit for kids as it allows them to learn skating at a well-controlled pace. With the emphasis of Magneto kids skater being absolute comfort and control, it is not surprising that the wheel is a super soft, high traction 52mm 95A SHR – High Rebound Urethane wheel. This gives it a slick and smooth movement and also an inherent grip to run easily on any surface.

With the traditional 31 inches and 8 inches wide traditional size deemed too big for kids and beginners, Magneto slimmed this board down to a size suitable for kids. Its 27.5-inch length and 7.75-inch width are the ideal sizes for most kids’ feet. This size also eliminates the added length and weight of the traditional size and allows kids better control. Lastly, its weight stands at 4 pounds – perfect for kids of 8 years and below.


  • Comfortable and easy to control.
  • Value for money.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • A deck could get wavy after long periods of extensive use.


Magneto kids’ skater is a readymade skateboard that does not need assembling or additional parts. Its comfort-focused and classy design makes it an incredible fit for every 8-year-old kid. Lastly, it has the strength for one-off use by adults and as such, you can use it to show kids some tricks and moves.



Meketec Skateboards for 8-year-old boy

Meketec Skateboards for 8-year-old boy

Let’s start with meketec skateboard review. Do you need a skateboard that matches eye-catching design with efficiency and ease of use for your 8-year-old kid? Look no further than Meketec mini-cruiser as it is everything you want plus extras. A specially designed skateboard for kids and beginners, it packs in superb features that make learning skating easy and fast. It also has an attractive design and sumptuous finish that is sure to endear your kid to it. It is just the perfect holiday gift for skating enthusiasts looking to master the art.

Key Features and Specs

  • Dimension: 22.5-inch long and 6 inches wide.
  • Max capacity: 200 pounds
  • Deck Material: Polypropylene.
  • Wheel: 60*45mm PU wheel 78A
  • Truck: Aluminum.
  • Bearings: ABEC-7.

The truck Meketec skateboard is specifically designed for kids. Made of Aluminum, its inherent strength can only support the weight and height of kids between the age of 5-15years. Hence, youths and adults are advised to stay off this skateboard. The bearing of the Meketec board is a high-speed ABEC-7 bearing. This enables optimal speed on smooth surfaces while also providing the needed support to maneuver rough surfaces.

Meketec scores highly in the build of the deck as it is designed to fit perfectly. The deck is 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide which is about the ideal dimension for the correct placement of kids’ feet. This relatively compact size is aimed at eliminating extra weight that could be tiresome for young skaters. It is also made with polypropylene which makes it highly flexible – an important feature for tricks and skills and the much-needed cushion against mistakes. Furthermore, it can carry a maximum weight of 200 pounds which is a wide weight range for kids. Note that; it is advisable you keep the weight below the threshold.

This skateboard has 60mm*45 PU smooth wheels that make skating a thing fun. Paired with its ABEC-7 bearings, it glides effortlessly on smooth and uneven surfaces. It also helps in getting the board moving quickly unlike the rough wheels. As the size of kids’ skateboards goes, few can rival Meketec board. Its size of 22.5-inch length and 6-inch width is well-thought-out to fit to match the needs of kids. Also, the weight of 3.7 pounds is about as light as they come and makes it easy to control and carry around.


  • Easy and ready to ride from the box.
  • Well built with quality materials.
  • Soft and wide wheels make gliding over bumps effortless.
  • Stable and easy to control.


  • Hard for adults to ride even as a test due to the kid-specific size.


As evident from its design and features, Meketec board is specifically designed to suit kids, especially around the age of 8 and above. Starting from the size and weight down to the length of the deck and the make of the bearings, everything is perfected to make your kid fall in love with the game. Another trumping card for Meketec skateboard is its colorful design. This will undoubtedly make your 8-year-old kid fall in love with it and consequently skate. It is just an absolute joy of a skateboard for young skaters.



Gonex 22 Plastic Skateboard

Gonex 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

Gonex is another one of the superb kid’s skateboards with a fine finish. It is a high-performing gem that makes learning skating fun and enjoyable for kids and teens. Its aesthetic design makes it a perfect holiday or birthday gift for your skating enthusiast 8-year-old kid. It scores highly in all defining factors of kids’ skateboarding. The size is built to perfection, the deck is made with top-notch materials, the wheels are built rugged and sturdy, and it is absolutely easy to control and ride. You just bet your kid will fall in love with it.

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 22-inch long and 6 inches wide.
  • Max capacity: 198 pounds
  • Deck Material: Polypropylene.
  • Wheel: 60 millimeter PU casted
  • Truck: 3.25 inches Aluminum alloy.
  • Bearings: ABEC-7.

The truck Gonex skateboard  is an alloy of aluminum which is one of the strongest truck materials. It provides enough support to carry heavy loads. It also makes it very sturdy and durable which is important in case of poor handling by your kid. Also, the truck length of 3.25 inches is about the right length for kid’s skateboards. This is because it makes it easier for kids and beginners generally to start and find their footing. Gonex board deck is made with a high-quality polypropylene material that makes it highly durable and strong. Its dimension of 22-inch length and 6-inch width is perfect for kids’ feet.

The deck coupled with the truck provides an excellent grip that gives a rider balance even on the roughest of surfaces. Add this to its wear resistance and you have a durable skateboard that can withstand rough handling. Gonex has carefully designed the bearing of this mini skateboard to provide slick and fast movement. It features a high-performing ABEC-7 bearing. This makes it pleasingly smooth on the track and at the same time, effortless in scaling over bumps and walkways. Watch out test riding video of my 8 year old son

This skateboard is endowed with 60mm PU-casted wheels. These wheels rank among the sturdiest available even in adult and professional skateboards. It gives it the rigidity and strength to easily run on any surface. As the name implies, this is a mini skateboard for kids but can also be used by teens and even adults that find it comfortable. Its size of 22 inches in length and 6 inches in width ranks it amongst the most compact out there. This size coupled with its 3.6 pounds weight makes it easy to carry to school and on travels. Whether you are traveling or going to school or the park, your kid can always have it in his backpack or luggage ready for riding at all times.

Lastly, the size does not affect its load capacity as it can comfortably carry a load of 198 pounds.

My Experience with Gonex Skateboard

I bought this for my son’s 8th birthday. He wanted to use his big sister’s skateboard, but the smaller wheels were too fast for him to keep on the street. This penny board offers larger wheels that are made of rubber and a stiffer design that is more forgiving of navigating bumps and rocks. The larger wheels make it easier to ride on and he was up and going within minutes!


  • Offers a high level of control for beginners.
  • Bars underneath make it extremely solid.
  • Cool and colorful design.


  • The center is very flexible and might be concerning when it Carrie’s a load close to its threshold.


Gonex board makes for superb kid skateboards with all of its features tailored towards that purpose. It is designed to make skating easy and adventurous for kids. However, adults can find a use for it for random run-out in the park with a bit of skill and tricks here and there.



METROLLER Skateboards for Girls Boys Beginner

METROLLER Skateboards

Versatility is an important feature of every product and skateboards are no different. Metroller skateboard is a versatile skateboard that provides something different to what you have seen on this list – a traditional size skateboard but with features to suit kids and equally adults. In terms of design and attractiveness, it is without doubt one that catches the eye. Also, it is made of quality materials that ensure its longevity and quality of performance. Your kid just might rival you for this skateboard if you get only one!

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 31-inch long and 8 inches wide.
  • Max capacity: 220 pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood.
  • Wheel: 54 Millimeters, 95A High Rebound PU.
  • Truck: Aluminum Alloy.
  • Bearings: Carbon Steel ABEC-9.

As trucks go, the Metroller skateboard has a high-quality 5-inch reinforced truck. This is understandable because of the deck length and the overall build of the skateboard. The length gives it inherent support all through which in turn gives the skater balance and better control. Made with alloy aluminum, it has enough strength for the tricks of seasoned skaters while also providing a much-needed balance for kids. As expected in a versatile skateboard, the truck offers enough power and strength for skaters of any age.

The deck of the Metroller skateboard is made with high-quality Canadian maple wood. Using advanced technology, this wood is arranged in seven layers. The strength of the deck is evident in the fact that it can carry a maximum of 220 pounds of load which is more than enough weight for any kid.

The deck is equipped with waterproof and high-quality sandpaper which provides friction. Finally, it has an emery sandpaper matching coupled with a double kick concave design which provides better control and high safety for an 8-year-old kid. Metroller skateboard has carbon steel high-speed mute ABEC-9 bearings. These bearings matched with PU bushings provide support to the wheels and enable them to move smoothly on different surfaces. It also allows the board to move at a searing speed on even surfaces.

Being a high-performance skateboard, it is only fitting it has a top-notch wheel. Its wheel is an anti-shock 54mm 95A High Rebound PU car line wheel. This wheel is especially for easy gliding over surfaces of different types. The wheel is also well-balanced and allows you to learn different turns and tricks. This plus its superb bearings gives it balance, control, firm grip, and stability which are major features of a kid’s skateboard. With a length of 31 inches and a width of 8 inches, it might not look like the ideal size for kids in terms of ease of transportation. However, its weight of 4.9 pounds makes more than makes up for that and as such can be easily transported. Also, it comes with its own bag made for easy carriage on journeys and travels.

Whether it’s just for easy carriage to the park or school or probably on long journeys, it can always be a part of kids’ luggage.


  • Superb design and highly versatile.
  • Great balance and comfort.
  • Sturdy with really smooth wheels for fast movement.
  • Comes with repair tools.


  • The bearings might need some loosening as it usually comes tightened.


The biggest strength of this skateboard is its versatility. It is so suitable for all levels of skaters making it a good buy for yourself while also serving as a good starting point for your kid. However, due to some of its top-notch features, it will require close monitoring as your kid learns the ropes. But there is no doubt that your kid will rival you for this gem when perfection comes. I bought this skateboard last year for my 8 years old son and it’s still in good condition, so I suggest you buy it too. It’s a pretty decent product for its price.



WhiteFang Skateboards for Kids

 WhiteFang Skateboards

This is another highly versatile and top-notch skateboard that will give you and your 8-year-old kid so much joy and fun. It is designed to suit professional riders, beginners, kids, and all levels of skaters. It is a highly rated skateboard amongst skaters around the world as it just performs all purposes a skater can dream of. It comes in a variety of designs and colors and has a clean finish as well as an eye-catching design. It just about attracts any onlooker and your kid will surely find it desirable. All this while being available at an affordable price.

Key Specs and Features

  • Dimension: 31.75-inch long and 7.88 inches wide.
  • Max capacity: 330 pounds
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood
  • Wheel: 52 Millimeters, 95A High Rebound PU.
  • Truck: Magnesium Alloy truck.
  • Bearings: ABEC-9.

Whitefang skateboard unlike any other skateboard on this list has a rare but extremely reliable Magnesium alloy truck. Magnesium alloy is known for its incredible strength. This is why it is probably the best on this list in terms of pure strength. The truck is of 5-inch length which is ideal for a traditional skateboard board of over 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width. Also, the strength of this truck does not mean added weight as it is about as lightweight as they come.

The deck of the Whitefang skateboard offers a perfect balance between inherent strength and weight. It is endowed with 7 layers of Canadian maple wood – a material well-known for its inherent strength and lightweight. This balance allows it to carry a whopping maximum load of 330 pounds. That’s you plus your 8-year-old kid on the skateboard at once with enough strength for extra! The deck is suitable for mastering new skills thanks to its double-kick dissymmetric concave design. This feature combined with the customized emery sandpaper keeps your feet firm on the surface. With this, you can easily teach your kid and learn new skills yourself with an added sense of security and balance.

This gem of a skateboard features high-performance ABEC-9 precision bearings. The bearings allow it to run fast on smooth surfaces with a top speed that’s up there with some of the very best. It also allows you to easily maneuver your way on rough surfaces without difficulty.

As one would expect with a high-performance skateboard, there must be an equally high-quality wheel. Whitefang sure does not disappoint.  It boasts super smooth 52mm, 95A High Rebound PU wheels which give a quick and resounding response irrespective of the surface. Coupled with the bearings and the 95A High rebound bushing, you just know you can dazzle with ease on any surface of your choice with relative ease. The Whitefang skateboard is a traditional skateboard. It is 31.75 inches long and 7.88 inches wide. This might seem a disadvantage for kids, especially the 8-year-old but not with the Whitefang skateboard.

Its weight of 4.5 pounds is about the average weight that can easily be controlled by kids and experts. The weight also makes it easy to carry to school and outings. The size also makes it highly versatile as your 8-year-old kid wouldn’t be the only one to have fun with this gem.


  • Perfect for learning new tricks.
  • Top-quality materials and eye-catching design.
  • Smooth and fast ride.
  • Strong and durable.


  • The board warps after extensive use.


Whitefang skateboard is a high-quality skateboard that is available at a pocket-friendly price. It is highly regarded for its superb finish, close control, balance, comfort, and speed. It is, without doubt, a no-brainer and you shouldn’t miss out on it, especially for your 8-year-old kid. However, it is important to state that while it is suitable for everybody above the age of 6 years, it requires proper monitoring in the early stages when your kid is still learning the art.



Types of Skateboards for Kids

There are different types of skateboards for kids with different styles, designs, and suitability. Below are the 4 most popular types of skateboards for kids.


Just as you guessed with the name, it is a skateboard with a long deck. This type of board measures 33 inches and above and is characterized by wide decks and softer wheels making them one of the easiest for skating.

Longboards are ideal for downhill skating, long-distance skating, and skating on the streets. It is a good fit for tall kids (8 years and above) and beginners. As good as they can be, they are tough to maneuver and as such should be handled with care.

Cruiser Boards

Cruisers are the most common type of skateboard. They are compact in design with a short length, moderate width, and relatively lightweight. Cruisers, unlike longboards, are easy to maneuver and allow skaters better control.

There is also the mini-cruiser that is distinctly smaller than the well-known cruisers. Both the cruiser and mini-cruiser are ideal for skating on flats surfaces such as streets and smooth roads.

Cruisers are ideal for kids around the age of 8 and above while the mini-cruiser is the ideal type for skaters around the age of 5 and above and beginners.

Old School Skateboards

Old school boards are the first types of skateboards that were manufactured. They have an asymmetrical deck with a fish-like shape. Also, unlike the latest types of skateboards with curved noses and tails, these boards feature flat noses and tails.

Old school boards are perfect for skills and turns and give riders greater control and maneuverability. However, it requires close monitoring when used by kids to avoid injury and accidents.

Double Kick Boards

This is the best for tricks and skills. It has a curved nose and tail allowing the skater to perform skills on either side of the board. If your goal is to teach your kid loads of tricks, this is your go-to board.

A double kickboard is perfect for skating on flat surfaces and skate-parks. It can be used by kids from age 5 and above and beginner adults. It also offers a great level of control and stability to riders making it ideal for flat surfaces and skate bowls.

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Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Skateboard for 8 Years Old Kids


Probably the most important and most obvious feature to consider in a skateboard for an 8-year-old. The size of the skateboard largely depends on the height and shoe size of your kid. Also, the most important parameter when considering the size of a skateboard is the width. This is because it determines how comfortable your kid’s feet will be on the board as well as general balance and stability.

There is four major classifications of skateboards according to size:

  1. Micro Skateboards: These are skateboards with a deck that is 6.5 inches wide. These types of skateboards are usually compact in size and are generally suitable for kids that are 3’4” or shorter.
  2. Mini Skateboards: These skateboards have a 7 inches wide deck. They are a bit bigger than the micro skateboard and sometimes heavier. They are ideal for kids that fall between the height range of 3’5” to 4’4” and with a shoe size within the range of 2 to 5.
  • Mid-sized Skateboards: They have a 7.25 to 7.375 inches width deck range. These skateboards are closer to the standard skateboards that can be used by kids and adults. They are ideal for kids that are within the height range of 4’5” – 5’2” with a shoe size within the range of 6-8.
  1. Full-sized Skateboards: These are skateboards with a deck that is 7.5” and above. This size can accommodate adults and kids with relative ease. It is the ideal size for kids that are 5’3” tall and above with shoe sizes of 9 and beyond.

The recommended size for your 8-year-old is the Mini skateboard as it fits the feet of kids between the age of 6-9 years old perfectly. However, you can get all other sizes provided the board is lightweight.

Lastly, kids’ skateboards come in various lengths. There are mini cruisers of 22 inches long decks, mid-sizes with 27/28 inches decks, and standard boards with 31/32 inches decks. The mini cruisers are ideal for 8-year kids due to being lightweight but all other lengths can also work perfectly provided the board is not heavy.


The durability of a skateboard is largely dependent on its material. Some skateboards are made with plastic which is less ideal for kids due to the relative strength of plastics.

Skateboards made with wood are the feature of today’s skateboard market. However, the best skateboards for kids are those made of multi-layer wood decks – especially maple wood. These types are sturdier and can withstand crashes and carry more load.


The type of wheel of your kid’s skateboard is dependent on the type of surface where the skateboard will run. Street skateboards usually have 50-60mm wheels. These wheels are ideal for technical skating.

Cruiser skateboards on the other hand have 54-60mm wheels while longboards have 60-75mm wheels. These big wheels are best for faster and smoother skating.

Another important factor when choosing a wheel is the hardness. Soft wheels (75-90A durometer) are good for cruising while the hard wheels (95-101A durometer) are ideal for street skating and tricks. Hence, it all depends on the type of skating activity you want for your kid.


The bearings determine the maneuverability of a skateboard. Skateboards with ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 bearings are the best you can get for your 8-year-old kid. This is because they are fun to use with high maneuverability and control.


Trucks are important for the strength and smoothness of a skateboard. The higher the quality, the smoother and stronger the board.

Trucks made from Aluminum are of good quality and can do a very good job on cruiser boards. However, trucks made of Aluminum alloy and Magnesium alloy are way stronger and offer much more smoothness.

Weight capacity

There should be a good balance between the weight capacity of the board and your kid’s weight. This is important to avoid damage to the board and fatal accidents.

The ideal weight capacity of an 8-year-old kid’s weight board is 190 pounds to 220 pounds. This accommodates the weight of virtually all 8-year-olds with extra. Skateboards within that range can comfortably carry adults too.


Another important feature of a kid’s skateboard is the shape. The shape determines the types of activities a skateboard can do. Kid’s skateboards are of two major shapes:

  1. Mini-cruiser type shape: This is a type of skateboard with a bigger tail, shorter wheelbase, and no nose. It is also characterized by wider trucks and large albeit softer wheels. It is designed for cruising on sidewalks, streets, and mostly rough terrains.
  2. Standard Popsicle-shaped street Skateboard: This type of skateboard has a shorter tail and longer wheelbase compared to the mini-cruiser type. It is perfect for skating bowls and half-pipes at the park, stairs skating, rails skating, and more.

The two options are remarkable depending on your kid’s interest. However, if you don’t know where your kid’s interest lies, you should go for the standard street board. This is because apart from making it possible for your kid to practice some tricks and turns, it can be made to perform the function of the mini-cruiser by replacing the wheels with a larger and softer wheel.

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Overall Design

While this might not seem important, it can be the only thing that endears your kid to the skateboard. Aesthetic designs with colorful and neat finishing will always be pleasing to an 8-year-old kid.

Also, it is usually a bragging right for kids amidst their counterparts in the park. Hence, you must choose an attractive skateboard for your kid without compromising the quality.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to this one factor; your budget. The price of skateboards for 8-year-old kids varies from $30 to $110. Within this range, there are lots of quality options you can choose from.

It is important to know that, just like in most products, the higher the price of the board, the higher the quality. Also, this is a skateboard for kids and as a result, the quality should be prioritized over the price. This is to ensure the durability and safety of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my kid start skating before becoming 8 years of age?

You can start teaching your kid skating as soon as he can walk properly with balance and stability. But parents being parents will always worry about the safety of their kids – safety being a genuine concern for all skaters irrespective of age. That said, it is widely accepted that the safest age to start teaching your kid skating is 5 years old with some mention of 3 and 4 years too. However, to be totally sure that you are doing it right, you can get your kid a skateboard at the age of 5.

What does the ABEC rating of bearings mean?

ABEC means Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. It is the representation of the precision of the bearing via the closeness of a skateboard’s moving parts. Presently, there are only five ABEC levels for skateboards bearing: ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The ABEC-7 being one of the most balanced and suitable for kid’s skateboard while ABEC-9 is regarded as the fastest. However, the speed of a skateboard does not solely depend on the ABEC level. The speed depends on other factors such as load, wheel, and other materials. ABEC is just a representation of the precision of the bearing and can contribute to the speed of a skateboard if matched with the right materials.

What is the average lifespan of kids skateboard?

The lifespan of a skateboard depends on a lot of factors. The first being the quality of the skateboard. The higher the quality of the skateboard you buy, the durable it is. Another factor is the frequency of use, crashes, accidents, and maintenance activities. If the skateboard experiences much wear and tear, it will surely get damaged quickly. A lifespan of 6 months to a year is a good start point for kids’ skateboard considering how kids handle things.

How can I differentiate between the tail and the nose of kids’ skateboards?

Differentiating between the tail and the nose of skateboards can be confusing if you are not accustomed to the board. But it is not as difficult as it seems, in fact, the two sides are distinctively different. The tail of the board is always closer to the ground than the nose. Also, the tail is more often than not narrower than the nose. In some cases, manufacturers state clearly which side is the tail and the nose. You should check for any indication on the board.

How can I take care of my kid’s skateboard?

Kid’s skateboard just like the professional once does not require a large amount of maintenance. However, it requires a bit of care to keep it going for as long as possible. A good starting point is regular cleaning of the grip tape and replacement when there is a need. You should also clean the bearing regularly to keep the board moving smoothly. More importantly, you should change the deck if it is showing any sign of weakness, but make sure you take care of the truck and hardware as they can work with different boards. Lastly, never leave your kid’s skateboard outside. This is important to save it from the effects of moisture and temperature.

Where is the ideal location to train my 8-year-old kid?

Training your kid requires caution and a patient approach to avoid injuries apart from the occasional falls. You can start on a carpet in and around the house to teach balance and stability. Once your kid gets the grip of the basics you can take him to a less busy road to learn some tricks and controls. You can also take him to the increasingly empty skate parks around. In a skate park, you get to worry less about injuries and he gets to probably meet people that can train him better.


Selecting a skateboard for kids has to be intentional. There should be thorough research and no half-hearted efforts due to the safety concerns of skateboards. This is why we have put together this well-researched guide to guide you through the process. Aside from reviewing some of the best skateboards in the market, we have provided the needed information to take you through the selection process in case you don’t find our list juicy enough. The onus is now on you to get your buddy the high-quality board he deserves.

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