TGM Skateboards Review: Is TGM Skateboards Legit?

There are numerous skateboards available for skaters in today’s market, but only a few boasts top-notch features and high-quality services to users. TGM skateboards are some of the few, and they lead the line in this realm. To top it all, this company is into skateboards and other sportspeople equipment like accessories, shoes and clothing, longboards, and so on.

They are a small-medium-sized company operating on an e-commerce website. Their products have a high reputation in the skateboarding industry. When it comes to offering coupons and giving discounts, TGM is on the low. Otherwise, they are the best company when it comes to producing skateboards.

History of the TGM skateboard- Is TGM Skateboards Legit?

Due to the ever-increasing population of skaters plus newbies showing interest in skating, there was a need for a new skateboard company to shake the market and make other companies produce boards worth the skater’s feet. Behold! TGM arrived as the savior.

Located at Mount Clemens in Michigan, this over twenty-year-old famous company started operations in 1996 when Steve Kynaston was the founder. The company started as a supply shop, and it was not long before the owner realized they needed space on the internet.

They did brief design works at first, which evolved into the famous brand known today as TGM skateboards. TGM  has served more than a hundred thousand skaters. It sells around 99% of its products outside of its location and has a staff line of about 22 members.

In an interview with the general manager, Kynaston, he said, “We are selling hundreds of skateboards daily now. We just want to give them a high-quality option over the garbage that is sold in big-box stores.”

TGM currently

To help distribute its products across the globe and deliver to more skaters in the country, the company currently acquired a wholesale distribution channel called Keystone Skate Supply. They are a subsidiary of TGM skateboards.

The mother company herself also moved to a bigger facility sometimes back, a 32,000-square-foot Dope furniture building. The location has allowed the company to double its staff line and increase sales by 20%. It is rumored that the retail shop is currently the largest skateboard shop in the Midwest.

Buyer’s guide

Shopping for any of their products is easy. They have a section on their homepage where all information about their products is detailed. For example, a click on the skateboard’s buying guide will make you know the features of the skateboard you wish to buy.

Also, I bought a TGM skateboard for my daughter from Amazon. She loves the quality of this skateboard.

TGM Skateboards Part Overview (Features)

Seven different parts make up the versatile TGM skateboard, and they are the deck, grip tape, truck, bearings, hardware, risers, and wheels. Any other part that saves those mentioned here, seen or attached to any TGM skateboard is not a property or product of TGM. It could be an extra decoration added by the owner of such skateboards.

  1. Deck: Skaters stand on this wooden board. The wood used by TGM is of high texture and natural, making their decks long-lasting.
  2. Grip tape: this is the part responsible for support and balance. It possesses a firm layer to keep the skater’s shoe in place on the top side of the deck. Its underside parts have an adhesive feature that keeps the grip tape attached to the deck.
  3. Trucks: the truck is the metal material found under the deck responsible for sharp turnings and the board’s reflexes. It acts like a pivot and connects the wheel to the deck.
  4. Bearings: This is the circle-like metallic object that gives room for attaching the wheels to the trucks. It is also responsible for the rotation of the wheel, making it slide smoothly. It goes directly inside the wheel.
  5. Hardware: These details (bolts and nuts) hold the TGM skateboard together. They are usually small and are of many pieces. The absence of one in the tightening of the skateboard might lead to an accident.
  6. Risers: These are the materials stuck between the deck and trucks. Their function is to provide cushion, absorb impact, and be responsible for the necessary gaps between the wheels and the deck.
  7. Wheels: These are the legs of the skateboards and come in multiple sizes. They also have a varying degree of hardness depending on the part of the deck they are. The difference in hardness is also partly due to the different styles adopted by skaters during skating.

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Benefits of buying the TGM skateboards

  • No Limit

While some skateboards have limits as to how long they can function straight without a breakdown. The limitations in others are what grounds their wheels can withstand. These limits are such that any attempt to exceed them might lead to the board’s total breakdown or spoilage.

The TGM skateboards are, however, free of both limits. They can be used for skating for as long as the skater wishes. Plus, their wheels them easy for skating on all types of grounds. With the TGM skateboard, you have no skating limit. Skate till thy kingdom come.

  • Long-lasting

You might be thinking this skateboard might not be durable because it has no skating limit. Well, sorry to prove you wrong. No matter how long you skate with this board or on what grounds you skate, this board is sure to stand the test of time.  The only string attached is that you have to maintain it well.

  • Shipping

Shipping price is not a barrier in buying TGM skateboards because they offer free shipping services to buyers if your board warrants shipping.

  • Different models

There are over twenty different models of the TGM skateboards, with each having features peculiar to them. All the models have one feature in common, and it is that they are sure to satisfy the skater, either he is a kid or an adult, or he is a beginner or an expert.

The different models allow buyers to select from a wide range of boards and experience different premium skating adventures.

  • Fast delivery

Not all companies can boast of delivering their customer’s packages almost immediately after making payments. TGM boasts of that! As soon as TGM confirms your payment, they will ship your order immediately. Shipping will then take some 7-14 business-working days before it finally gets to you.

Watch TGM skateboard test ride video on my youtube channel

Alternative to TGM Skateboards

Change is constant, and TGM may not always be available on the market. Should this happen and you need a skateboard urgently, consider going for other brands like the CCS, Onewheel, and Metroller skateboards.

Though they do not have the same efficiency and performance level as the TGM skateboard, they would still avail you of the opportunity of skating pending the time TGM would be available. With the TGM skateboards.

Refuting Some Misconceptions About TGM Skateboards

  • Size: One common misconception is that size matters when buying a skateboard for kids or starters. Often, people would say if you were XYZ-inches tall, buy a skateboard of size ABC. It does not do because a skateboard size is a preference that could or not matter to a kid or beginner. As the person starts to get better at skating, they can now decide what skateboard size works efficiently.
  • Skills: Teaching skills is another area of misconception regarding skating and skateboards. Kids and beginners need no force in training sessions to teach them skills or force them to pull-off some tricks. It will come intuitively once they get a better hold of their board.

TGM Skateboards Krown Resolution

TGM Skateboards

If you are just learning to skate or buy your kid a skateboard, it is advisable to purchase one that is ready to use straight out of the box. That way, it will be easy to get accustomed to skating instead of buying a particular skateboard because of some features it possesses.

  • High-quality products
  • Durability and dependability
  • Excellent delivery
  • Free shopping policies
  • Sales and promotions
  • Poor financing policies
  • Do not support international shipping.




This review has discussed vital points about the TGM skateboard; it covers every detail about the company and its products. Besides, their history has been well detailed, likewise their worth in the skating world.

I bought and test the TGM skateboard, the TGM skateboard has an overall review of 4.4 out of a possible 5-star. I give 4.4 stars on the results from the customer’s rating, prices of the products, brand’s popularity, competitiveness, and features compared with other skateboards.

Besides, they are well known and have a good rating amongst shoppers online. When compared to other brands, they have a high point on the scoreboard, and their e-commerce platform is another thing that makes them edge out among other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TGM offer free returns?

If you will purchase directly from TMG. they do not offer free returns and exchanges. But if you purchase from Amazon they offer a returns policy. This is because, over time, people have always abused this privilege. Therefore, in order not to mar good customer relations, they stopped the free returns offer. They do not also provide money-back returns, so you should be sure there is no going back before making payment.

Does TGM accept PayPal?

Yes, they accept PayPal, and many customers have always used it to pay for boards. However, they do not support other payment platforms like apple pay, amazon pay, shop bay, and Alipay. This is so in a bid to reduce the fraudulent activities of some people. Paypal, debit, and prepaid cards are known modes of payment TGM supports.

What financing options does TGM support?

This is a bit tricky because this precise information is not available; however, it is a well-known fact that TGM does not affirm financing support or take after pay financing. TGM does not also accept sizzle financing, Quadplay financing, bread financing, green sky financing, and snap financing support.

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