Best Skateboard For Cruising (Complete & Cheep Board Brands)

Are you tired of trying and failing at finding the best skateboard for cruising? If you need one to start skating as a newbie, or you’re ready for an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place with all the right options.

Cruisers were born out of the West Coast’s surf culture or golden era. Back in those days, everyone wanted a ‘surfboard for the sidewalk’ in Southern California. After hundreds of years of perfecting the arts, cruisers have evolved from basic roller skates attached to a plank of wood. many brands are offering modern cruisers with great wheels, trucks, and many bells and whistles.

Cruiser skateboards are making a serious comeback into skateboard stardom and you should be on board this bandwagon. If you’re ready to buy one for yourself, all you need to do is make a choice. However, the noise in the market from numerous product offerings can be very daunting. That is why we have carefully put this detailed review together for you. With diligent research and testing, we have put together the best skateboards for cruising so you can make your pick. Let’s not waste any more time but dive right into the juicy part.

Top 5 Best Cruiser Skateboards

Ready to ride a skateboard? We will review the best products in this category so you can select the right one for your personal needs. We bought, tried, and reviewed the following skateboards and compiled a list of the top 6 best skateboards for cruising.

  1. Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard For Cruising
  2. Elos- Best Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners
  3. Flybar- Best Cheap Cruiser Boards
  4. Magneto Barefoot- Best Mini Cruiser
  5. Eggboards
  6. White Wave Missile

Best Skateboard For Cruising (Wooden & Plastic)

Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard For Cruising

Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard For Cruising

The dinghy is the greatest board ever made he’s been a part of the landau’s lineup for over 17 years and has gone through a few changes over time it’s an insanely versatile board that can handle any terrain. I think we’d be struggling a little more with this spot if it wasn’t for these soft wheels all these loose bricks big cracks no problem so the dinghy comes in a variety of unique shapes and setups each offering a different feel but still having that great dingy flame there’s the classic dinghy setup with 105 polar bears and 63 mil fatty hogs.

The great board feels the deck has a nice amount of concave to let your feet really feel comfortable the tail is fully functional for ollies tricks drops manuals or anything else you needed to do. It’s got a stubby nose that keeps the board on the small side but still allows you to get some use out of it. The narrow trucks are nimble and allow you to maneuver around obstacles make tight turns and ride spots that are off-limits.

To other sides, this is the tugboat the same great dingy shape you know and love but stretched out people who need a little bit more wood under their feet bigger trucks make a little bit more stable at the same time pretty surfy and nice big fat tail on it. It’s really good for ollies’ boneless gaps you name it tugboat comes with wheels that are big enough and soft enough to kind of ride over whatever obstacle might be in your way. So we got chubby hogs on here which is on some of the dinghies if they don’t have fatties chubbies are a little bit smaller, they slide a little bit easier still rides just as smooth, i am a tug boat sailing on the water doing a million things or more just a little boat.

I think my favorite thing about the dinghy is that you can take it everywhere it’s light it’s portable it’s fun you can dance on it you can ollie it take it to the skate park it’s great. I love it you know if I had to pick one skateboard to hang all the others on the shelf and you know it was some weird test of what I would pick I would choose the dinghy because you can handle basically anything you need enough courage to get down the length and the width of it. It is perfect for stashing at school I bring it any time I’m traveling it’s easy to carry on an airplane it’s got these big soft wheels that make anything feel smooth.

Pros And Cons

The pros of this board much much higher than the cons there’s only one con many pros. So let’s get into the pros first we’re trying to be positive okay we can’t be positive name the hell is that so the pros for this board are many of them based on my personal opinion. But also factual evidence on what the actual quality of the board is the bearings trucks and wheels themselves are all very high quality.

Yes, I did say the bearings should be improved but that does not mean that the bearings are bad in any way shape, or form very good quality stuff very good quality hardware was put into this to make it a good ride and it has performed amazing so far. The actual deck itself looks amazing not to mention the fact that it rides great overall the board I’d probably give a 9 out of 10.

9.5 if I had better bearings in there nothing’s quite perfectly a 10 but honestly this board is one of the coolest boards I’ve ever ridden it performs very and it looks great and then lastly the cons which there’s only one con like I said the bearings could be improved. Watch out for Dinghy Landyachtz test ride video 

White Wave Missile- best cruiser skateboards for adults

White Wave Missile- Wooden Cruiser Skateboards


White Wave is a family business. It was created by family and has a strong family orientation that reaches down to every customer. As a family, they have ridden and mastered longboards over the years and now create some of the best products seen on the market. The Missile longboard from this brand shoots like a bullet and cruises great. White Waves believes that everyone should catch a perfect wave at least once in their life, whether it be on the ocean or concrete. Their passion to make this a reality for thousands of customers has them testing and releasing exceptional skateboards to ring that experience. The cutting edge in their skateboard designs and mastery of woodwork is obvious in the production of the missile. You will feel like you’re gliding on the water when cruising on this moderately priced skateboard.


  • Deck material: bamboo and Canadian maple wood
  • Deck Length: 91 CM
  • Deck width: 9 Inches
  • Wheels: 70 Millimeters
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Adjustable trucks: yes


The skateboard deck is fashioned out of a blend of bamboo and maple wood. This brings the advantages of both kinds of wood into play, creating a strong board with just the right amount of flex. The deck features a firm flex that is durable. The bamboo in the wood reduces the weight to make it lightweight and easy to move around with Simply put, this skateboard is easy to carry but hard to break. Instead of stick-on grip tape, this board features a sprayed grip to maintain the beautiful grain of nicely finished bamboo. This preserves the aesthetics without compromising on grip. Graphics are also heat pressed into the deck and not just plastered on. This ensures the graphics will last for a long time to keep the skateboard looking good.

The highly responsive trucks are made from grade 8 aluminum material. This is lightweight and very strong. There are high rebound bushings embedded in the tucks to make sharp turns easier and safer. There are also ABEC9 bearings with in-built spacers for durability and speed. The wheels are lively and durable. Their special design makes the ride fast and smoothly.

My Experience with this Board

We’re going to be reviewing this white wave longboard this is the warrior and this is the first longboard I ever purchased and looking back now it is probably the best purchase i could have made because I fell in love with this board. So let’s get to some details so let’s start with the look and feel so this is a combination of Canadian maple and bamboo obviously very natural looking this has clear spray-on grip tape. The other thing I loved about this board and what caught my eye was that it’s got a couple of features I really was interested in the first one is these drop through trucks this provides you with some extra stability as you can see the board is cut out so you’re not going to get any wheel bite.

When you’re turning it also has a drop-down deck so that means that the board is lowered a little bit in the middle so you’re closer to the ground here you get the better center of gravity this is one of the only boards i found online that had both the drop through trucks and the drop-down board if we’re going on rating for the look and feel I’m going to give this  5 out of 5. Like I mentioned with the drop through and the drop-down you’re going to get more stability this is a longer board I believe their website says this is about 40 inches. I’ll have to double-check that so it’s a big board it’s definitely heavy this is much heavier than your average skateboard this makes it great for high speeds especially going downhill so you get that low center of gravity a thick heavy board and you’re going to be cruising so lots of speed you can even take this on different types of pavements so in new England. We’ve got crappy pavement it gets destroyed during the winters there’s lots of cracks there’s pebbles everywhere chunks of the pavement gets taken out.

You can take this on the sidewalk and because of the big rubber wheels and just the smoothness of the board overall you’re not gonna feel that change you’re not gonna get hung up on a little pedal on the sidewalk you can ride right over it just cruising around town this is awesome. I also bought sliding gloves so that i can make it a little more a little more interesting a little more fun so when I’m cruising around. I can also slide with this and this is a great sliding board and then the last piece i want to review on this is the pricing and the customer service at white wave longboards so this board on the white wave website I believe right now it’s about 130 if you look at some other longboards on the market that is the average price. Watch test riding video on my Youtube channel 

Final Verdict

This is an excellent cruiser for heavyweight riders who want to carve like pros. The strong skateboard can comfortably accommodate 300 pounds of weight without snapping. This is more than we can say for some of our other smaller boards like the Flybar penny board. The fully adjustable trucks turn smoothly without any resistance. You want soft wheels on a cruiser so they can absorb shock whenever you hit a rough patch. These wheels have the right amount of softness to give stability and smoothness with every ride. The wheels can roll fast and the hellion 2 bearings allow you to roll smoothly with no noise in the mechanics. If you purchase this skateboard, you won’t regret it and you will live to enjoy your decision.

    • A great cruiser for big guys.
    • Carves well.
    • Moves very smoothly.
    • Flexes too much when maximum weight is applied.

Elos- Best small cruiser skateboards

Let’s start with elos skateboard review. Founded by Spring and Tom, the Elos brand started up in 2016. The company did not begin traditionally. It was just a group of friends trying to craft an exceptional skateboard. Their ideas grew into the Elos Skateboard company and five years later, they are still delivering smiles to thousands of faces around the world with his exceptional masterpiece. With Elos, skateboarding can be very easy. This urban cruiser is designed so that a newbie can learn to ride in one afternoon. The portable and compact design is easy to carry around yet durable enough to last a long time. When you ride an Elos board, you will become part of a happy community of effortless skateboarders.


  • Deck material: maple wood
  • Deck size: 17.5 x 10 inches
  • Wheels: 72mm
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Adjustable trucks: yes


This tiny skateboard measures 17.5 inches long and 10 inches wide. Although it is quite short, the deck is wide enough for a full-grown adult to balance comfortably. Since balance is very important when cruising at high speed, this is a huge plus. The deck is fashioned out of hard rock maple wood and it has a metal bumper on the nose for strength. This handcrafted skateboard is thoroughly tested and uniquely finished with an engraved Elos logo and a QR code.

The skateboard is fitted with soft 72mm wheels. This increases the balance and ramps up points for shock resistance. Your feet might start to feel numb from shock after a while of riding other skateboards but not this one from Elos. The fully adjustable trucks and wheels deliver a smooth ride with effortless carving no matter your location. For safe nighttime usage, the trucks are reflective to warn oncoming traffic of your presence.

Weighing just 4 pounds, this skateboard is perfect for carrying around to work or school. There are two handles on the deck to aid with this and a carrying case that you can use if you don’t want to use your hands.

User Experience

It is very hard to notice the enormous attention Elos pays to every detail. Everything from the packaging to the canvas bag, instructions, and videos, engraved QR helps to boost your confidence in your purchase. Everything on this small and sturdy skateboard has a purpose, even the carrying handles. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you will enjoy this skateboard and want to cruise every day there is good weather. This skateboard offers a super smooth ride, the type that you need while cruising. The soft wheels help absorb shock and the trucks turn and carve very nicely. If this is not your first skateboard, watch out or it will become your top favorite from the stash. Other skateboards are great, but this one is super functional and lightweight. This unique skateboard is everything you would want in an urban cruiser and more. The visually appealing and thoughtful design is even more amazing when you’re cruising.

Final Verdict

If you thought the shape of this skateboard was funny at first sight, you’re not alone. We also laughed a little. However, you will quickly realize this skateboard is not a toy when you hop on. Elos takes cruising to another level with this well-constructed skateboard. Every part of the board is uniquely designed and thoroughly tested so we’re not entirely surprised by the exceptional performance. It is a balanced board with nice soft wheels that absorb shock and trucks that turn nicely. You may have to adjust the tucks to loosen them up a bit as we did. This will help make turning and carving easier as you cruise.

    • It rides very smoothly.
    • It has two convenient carry handles and a carrying case.
    • It is super lightweight.
    • The company takes care to add lots of details.
    • You might have to loosen the trucks before riding.

Sanview 28”- Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Sanview 28” Insect Bamboo Infused Longboard

Maple skateboards are strong and give a nice cruise but bamboo-infused skateboards are better. This is because bamboo is highly flexible and adds the right amount of flex to the maple construction without disturbing the strength of the deck. This is what Sanview has achieved with its 28-inch bamboo-infused longboard. Beginners looking for a great skateboard for cruising will not be disappointed by Sanviews short longboard. This 28-inch longboard is very compact yet has a good 9-inch deck width for proper stability. This super stable board is also great for professionals. As a pro-level skateboarder, you can achieve smooth turning, carving, flipping, pop, and downhill skating with this skateboard.


  • 6-plies hard rock maple and 1-ply bamboo deck.
  • 28 x 9-inch professional skateboard.
  • Waterproof anti-skid grip tape.
  • Fast ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Large 70mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Double kick-tail design for tricks.
  • Supports riders of up to 220 pounds.


This skateboard is an excellent choice if you want to do tricks. It is a longboard but at 28 inches it is not so long that it will interfere with your cool tricks. The double kicktail design and mellow concave also add to the ease of controlling the skateboard while doing tricks. If you’re reading this review, you must love a skateboard that cruises, and this bamboo-infused deck cruising like crazy. The sturdy aluminum trucks allow for a maximum weight of 220 pounds to balance properly without breaking the skateboard and also aids in easy turning. The soft 70mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC9 bearings amplify the cruising experience on this skateboard.

User Experience

If you are transitioning out of penny boards and other styles to longboards, this is a great product to go for. It combines the smooth-rolling of a longboard with easy turning and cruising to elevate the experience of every ride. You can start riding this skateboard right out of the packaging and you will love it.

The graphics are high quality and the deck itself is solidly built. Sporting the standard 7-ply deck, the manufacturer adds a twist to things. Six layers are maple wood while one is bamboo. This increases the flexibility of the skateboard above others which are made of maple wood. Bamboo is a highly flexible wood that gives this skateboard incredible cruising. As one of the best skateboards for cruising, you will thoroughly enjoy the bamboo element added to this deck.

If you notice that this skateboard is a bit slow or stiff when you first ride it, the solution is simple. Just take out your socket wrench or T tool and adjust the trucks and bearings. If they are too tight, the skateboard will not roll as fast or smoothly as it has been designed to. Also, consider that this skateboard requires at least 7 days of riding to properly break it in. do not make any harsh judgments or returns before you have made custom adjustments and properly broken it in.

Final Verdict

The Sanview 28-inch longboard is the perfect skateboard for you if you want to cruise but get some tricks done at the same time. It is a small longboard with enough space for balance, plenty of speed, soft wheels that can roll and cruise for days, and a bamboo-infused deck that will be cruising amazingly. This skateboard is also highly recommended for people who want to transition from regular skateboards and penny boards to longboards. If you are not interested in custom adjusting, you can start enjoying this skateboard right out from its packaging. It is strong and durable to stay with you for a long time.


  • A portable size to carry around when you are not skating.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Very durable and flexible.
  • Fully assembled right out of the box.


  • Might ride stiff or slow initially.
  • Takes some time to break in.

Flybar- Best Cheap Cruiser Boards

Flybar is the original pogo stick company. They have been around for over 100 years and know what they are doing when creating skateboards. Since 1918, this company has released exceptional scooters, skateboards, bouncers, pogos, and other mobility vehicles to the market. Their plastic penny board with flashing wheels is no exception. Here comes the tiny plastic skateboard that many people want to avoid till they hear how strong it is. Yes, you got that right, this is almost the strongest skateboard on this entire list. The high-impact plastic used in construction is extremely tough. It is a synthetic plastic carefully fashioned to flex a little but maintain toughness. Out of all the skateboards in your collection, this one is less likely to break. The plastic is stronger and lighter than wood and it doesn’t warp when exposed to moisture.


  • Deck material: high impact plastic
  • Deck size: 22 X 6 inches
  • Wheels: 59mm wheels with 85A durometer
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Adjustable trucks: yes


This is the perfect skateboard for anyone who is always on the go. If you live in a big city with lots of traffic, you want to have this penny board in your backpack to maneuver your way out of blocked roads in a hurry. The strong plastic deck measures 22 x 6 inches. Small enough to fit into your backpack and lightweight enough that you won’t feel the stress of carrying it around all day. The deck is finished with a ribbed logo grid on the bottom. This helps to provide traction for when you’re scraping the floor as you cruise. The skateboard will flex naturally to accommodate your weight, but the ribbed backing serves as the perfect buffer.

The large and soft wheel help to keep you stable as your cruise along the way. The wheels are LED wheels that flash in the dark. This is not only visually appealing, but it will also help warn oncoming traffic of your position if you have to ride at night. The super responsive 3-inch trucks paired with ABEC7 bearings and 59mm wheels will provide the right speed with every push.

User Experience

Penny boards are no joke! It takes quite a while to get a hang of them. They are surely more difficult to learn with than regular skateboards and longboards, but once you have passed the familiarization stage, you will enjoy cruising with this skateboard. It is highly responsive for turning, super small to easily control, and gets into small spaces. The best part is you can pop this tiny skateboard into your backpack and walk around without feeling anything. The lightweight material and small size both contribute to eliminating the trouble of carrying a heavy skateboard around.

The colors of this skateboard are appealing and the flashing wheels also look good while serving as a safety mechanism. It is extremely important to note that this skateboard is not for you if you are above 117 pounds. It is built very strong but the weight limit must be respected for stability and safety to be maintained. There are wider skateboards you can choose for your size. With that said, this skateboard is suitable for kids, teenagers, and small adults with little feet who can still balance on this small skateboard deck.

Final Verdict

Longboards have their advantages but they are overly bulky. If you don’t want to sacrifice portability in a skateboard, a penny board like this cruiser from Flybar is an excellent choice for you. It is small, fast, turns well, and is very easy to carry around. Measuring just 22 x 6 inches, this skateboard is small but can be used by adults with small feet. The emphasis on small feet is so the rider can stabilize properly and not be at risk of getting into unnecessary accidents. The large wheels and strong trucks also do a good job to help with stability. But as it is with small skateboards, most of the job to stay stable hinges on the skills of the rider. If you’re a beginner looking to purchase this skateboard, we must warn you that it is more difficult to learn with a penny board than it is with larger skateboards. However, you will tremendously enjoy the experience after you have gotten a hang of staying on a small board.

    • It has more flex than expected for a plastic deck.
    • It is very durable.
    • It is very portable and lightweight.
    • It carves and turns like a dream.
    • Not built for heavy adults with large feet.


Magneto Barefoot- Best Mini Cruiser

Magneto is a skateboard company deeply rooted in skate and surf culture. Their location in Carlsbad, San Diego gives them a unique position in the subject of this culture. Immersed in the local air of skateboarding, this company can come up with some of the most innovative products that fit the needs of skateboarders around the world. Their breakthrough in the creation of this different cruiser is an example of the good work the company has been doing for years. The barefoot mini cruisier is a passion project that represents the laid-back nature of skateboarding with top peak performance and quality.


  • Deck material: Canadian maple wood
  • Deck size: 27.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Wheels: 60mm wheels with 78A durometer
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Adjustable trucks: yes


With a high-quality deck, this skateboard looks and feels great fashioned from 6 plies of Canadian maple wood and one layer of EVA foam stomp pad to finish. The stomp pad serves as the grip tape. It has the same qualities as grip tape but is soft and cushy and the same time. This soft construction is durable and comforting at the same time. The cushioning helps to dampen shock and vibrations from the surroundings as you ride, making it possible to cruise without shoes on. At 27.5 inches long, this cruiser is still very portable and easy to move around with. It is lightweight and easier on your fingers because the stomp pad is soft instead of coarse. The strong 5-inch trucks are gravity cast. This makes them strong and able to bear good weight for long cruises. This skateboard is fitted with soft polyurethane wheels that further cushion vibrations and add stability for safe rides. A T tool is included to help you make modifications and simple repairs to your cruiser. This is very helpful and convenient.

User Experience

We love everything about this beautiful mini cruiser. It is perfect for everyday use as it is super comfortable and cushy. You can cruise on this for fun r have it as your main commuting skateboard. If you like a little more spin to your turns, loosen up the wheels and trucks a little before you hit the road.

This will work perfectly as the first skateboard for a beginner. The skateboard is made of top-quality materials and feels very sturdy. It offers a smooth ride and turning is very easy with this model. Not only that, the overall design of this cruiser is beautiful. You will want to be associated with this board whether you’re riding at the beach sidewalk or the park. It comes fully assembled and ready to roll with a T skate tool included for making minor adjustments.

Considering the peculiar nature of this mini-cruiser, you will have to put some maintenance tips in mind. The rubber logo on the back can easily fall off. If you care about appearances, you can simply stick this back on with some glue. You can also ignore it and leave it off completely if it doesn’t bother you. Also, beware that the soft stomp pad is different from grip tape and has the ability to fray or even tear. It can get dirty pretty easily as well but rinses of easily with just water.

Final Verdict

Are you laid back and love to chill on most days? Do you love skateboarding or have always wanted to start? If you have two yes’ by now you should hurry up and buy Magneto’s barefoot mini-cruiser already. This skateboard was designed for people who think it’s soothing to go on a simple cruise on a chilled-out day. Whether you want to do this with your shoes on or off, by the beach or in the park, the barefoot cruiser is perfect for you. This comfortable skateboard is professionally fitted with the EVA surf stomp pad instead of grip tape. The absence of grip tape doesn’t mean zero grips. This foam serves the same function of keeping you glued to your skateboard deck as you cruise. The difference is an added advantage of a soft-top that is nice and cushy under your feet. This soft top is also good for your fingers as it is more comfortable and doesn’t bruise when you have to carry your skateboard around.

    • Easy to turn on.
    • Offers a smooth ride.
    • Good quality and very sturdy.
    • The design is beautiful.
    • The ingenious soft top is comfortable.
    • The foam stomp pad is susceptible to tearing and fraying.
    • The rubber logo on the back can fall off easily.


Eggboards- Best For Cruising  Around Town, Beach And Street

The Eggboards Skateboard Company has an interesting story. When founder, Paolo, moved to California from Venice, he left his longboard deck behind but brought the tucks and wheels with him. Upon his arrival, he decided to create a board that could fit his wheels and is portable so he can travel with it next time. His journey led to the creation of the first egg-shaped skateboard under 20 inches long. Since 2016, Paolo and his friends have been enjoying eggboard rides. And five years down the line, thousands of users have joined the party.


  • Deck material: bamboo
  • Deck size: 19 x 9 inches
  • Wheels: 69mm wheels with 76A durometer
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Adjustable trucks: yes


Intelligently crafted out of the need for a portable longboard, this eggboard is a true innovation. As the first of its kind, it must have looked funny to everyone that saw it before they started riding it to experience the sturdy parts. The 19-inch deck is fashioned out of 100% genuine bamboo. This is eco-friendlier than the maple wood skateboards you see around. The great flex of the longboard is also because f the bamboo construction because bamboo is more flexible than rock hard maple.

The large 7-inch trucks and soft 69mm wheels make up a proper longboard setup. You can cruise faster and maintain speed for a longer time this way. Atop the wide 9-inch deck of this eggboard, you will glide smoothly over rough patches and not feel the vibrations because of the shock absorption quality of the quality wheels. The unique egg shape with slightly extended wheels allows for more stability. The sturdy design of this beautiful skateboard is suitable for professional adults, newbie kids, and even your cute bulldog. It will work as the perfect gift for anyone who loves to skate.

User Experience

As a skateboarder, it is difficult to find the best skateboard for cruising that you can easily travel with. That struggle ends with the discovery of the eggboards skateboard, a mini longboard for excellent cruising. Don’t underestimate the power of this skateboard because of its size. This tiny thing goes almost as fast as a longboard without the bulk. You enjoy the full stability of balancing on a sturdy longboard with soft cushioning wheels without the trouble of lugging a 40-inch deck around. As short as this longboard is, it still has a tail. As a cruiser, this tail will not be sufficient for doing complicated tricks. Unless you’re a professional that can do something out of nothing, stick to utilizing this little tail for stability and maneuvering or you could get seriously hurt. It is very easy to hang this eggboard on your backpack. Other similar-shaped boards, like the Elos Complete Urban Cruiser, discussed earlier, have a carrying handle. It would have been nice to see a carrying handle on this skateboard but I guess you will have to manage to grab it by the trucks when moving around. Nevertheless, the skateboard is very lightweight and you can carry it around all day without breaking a sweat. This skateboard for suitable for beach cruising as well.

Final Verdict

If you are trying to decide whether to go for a longboard or a penny board for cruising, there is a fun way to bridge the gap. This egg-shaped skateboard will give you the best of both worlds. It is stable and wide with soft wheels like a longboard but lightweight and easy to carry around like a penny board. Not only is it stable, but this skateboard is also tons of fun to ride. It is made with such high-quality materials that you will be satisfied with paying $100 for it. Another great thing is the quality customer service you will get from this company. As a small company, everything is more personal with Eggboards. You will get a personalized message when you register your warranty, have all your questions answered in detail and you might be opportune to have a chat with the founder.

    • It is stable and strong
    • It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry around.
    • It offers a very smooth ride.
    • The unique shape is fun to ride.
    • Made from high-quality materials
    • Does not have a carrying handle like other short longboards with a similar shape.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Skateboard For Cruising

Keep the following points in mind if you want to buy the perfect skateboard for cruising that will fit your personal needs.

  • Material: skateboards are made out of different materials. You can find everything from indestructible plastic to flexible wood. maple wood and bamboo are the most common materials you will find in the market. Maple is rock hard and durable, but skateboards made from this material have a stiffer flex. Bamboo is both eco-friendly and highly flexible but not as strong or durable as maple wood. another good choice is synthetic plastic. This material is not only lightweight, but it is also very strong and will not warp when exposed to moisture like wood. With that said, you should be careful about plastic skateboards if you want to flex. Also, get a skateboard finished with good grip tape to help keep your feet from slipping as you cruise.
  • Board Size and shape: cruisers are generally medium to small-sized. They are not as long as longboards but some can reach up to 30 inches. You need to go with the size and width that best suits your foot size and height. This will determine how well you can remain balanced while cruising. When considering board shape, cruisers generally have a pointed nose and a flatter, slightly raised tail. The nose is supposed to reduce wind and make the board aerodynamic but we’re not sure if that makes much of a difference. The slightly raised tail can be used to perform simple tricks when the mood is right but isn’t designed for advanced stuff.
  • Wheels: the main function of your wheels will be stability and speed. Since cruising is best with the smoothest ride possible, you must pay attention to the quality and function of your wheels. You will probably be cruising on rough roads or areas with some rough patches. Since you can’t predict which areas have pebbles or cracks in the road, you should be prepared to cruise with soft wheels. The smallest twigs and rocks can fling you off your board so you must be prepared with shock absorption wheels for safety. For the best experience, cruiser wheels should be 60 to 65mm and above. Polyurethane wheels are also the best because they have a nice grip on the ground and maintain their shape for a longer time to guarantee the safest rides.
  • Trucks: your skateboard trucks allow the attachment of wheels to the board. First thing is first, you want strong trucks made from high-quality materials. This guarantees your skateboard will hold up even when you decide to try some tricks. Loose trucks are good because they give better turns and carves. Keep in mind that the looser the trucks are, the less speed you will be able to handle. There is no correct measurement here. You have to keep testing until you find the right balance that works for you. If you are assembling your skateboard with your hands or want t make modifications, make sure not to get trucks that are too narrow or too wide.
  • Bushings: when you steer your skateboard, you have to lean into it to get the right angle and direction. Your bushings are responsible for helping the trucks steer. The best skateboard for cruising will be sporting conical-shaped bushings made of polyurethane. This nice shape helps keep the urethane material away from your wheels when you lean in deep. Heavier riders should take note to get stiffer bearing so there isn’t too much flex and contact when they ride.

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Skateboarding is pure exciting fun! To double your fun, you have to be ready with the right equipment for the job. If you’re interested in cruising around your neighborhood with your board, these best skateboards for cruising will do the trick for you. There are so many products in the market and different things to consider before making your purchase of a new skateboard. We hope this guide helps you wade through the noise and hone in on one special cruiser skateboard to fit all your needs. We strongly recommend the following:

  1. If you want the smallest, most lightweight, and compact design, go for the ELOS COMPLETE URBAN CRUISER. It has the right size and weight without compromising on functionality.
  2. If you want something different and love to skate without your shoes, MAGNETO’S BAREFOOT MINI CRUISER is your perfect board. It is super comfy whether you have your shoes on or off.
  3. If you’re a big guy in the market for a full-sized cruiser that will roll smoothly without breaking under your weight, the WHITE WAVE MISSILE LONGBOARD is an excellent choice.


What should I look for in a good skateboard for cruising?

There are some general elements to consider when determining what qualifies as the best skateboard for cruising. First of all, you must consider what kind of terrain you will be cruising in. that will help choose the board height and wheels set up for you. Next, your weight and height will help choose the appropriate board size and the weight it can handle. The trucks and shape of the skateboard are also important as it determines how easily you can turn, carve and possibly do tricks. However, the most important factors remain to go for a skateboard that will offer maximum stability, enough shock absorption for the terrain you choose to skate, ad adequate speed for you to enjoy the ride.

Is a cruiser skateboard good for beginners?

Yes, they are. The first reason why cruiser skateboards are good for beginners is that they tend to have a wide deck. This gives a beginner ample room to balance and move around without falling off the board so easily. The second notable point is soft big wheels that have more grip. These increase stability and the learner’s performance in turning and pushing will be more predictable.

Can you turn a regular skateboard into a cruiser?

This is very possible. If you have a regular skateboard you can customize, it is possible to transform it into a cruiser. You will have to switch out any small hard wheels for larger softer wheels. Cruising is all about the feel and speed of the wheels. The next thing will be to add riser pads to the regular skateboard. This will heavily affect your ability to do tricks with the board but that is the point. You want to cruise now so you need more clearance and you can sacrifice the ability to flip very high for this new feature.

Is the best skateboard for cruising better than a longboard?

One is not better than the other per se, it all depends on what you want from a skateboard. The biggest difference between cruisers and longboards is stability. The longboard trumps the cruiser in this aspect because of size and the ability to carry the biggest wheels. Because of its naturally longer deck, the longboard can have very big wheels and bigger trucks because of the bigger wheelbase. All of this increases shock absorption when rolling over cracks and rough surfaces. It also increases the available room for feet placement.

Is it harder to do an ollie on a cruiser?

With a cruiser skateboard, it is easier to maintain speed than to pick up speed. Because of this, it is harder to do any skateboard tricks and flips with a cruiser than it is with a regular skateboard that can accelerate very fast. With that said, it is easier to use a cruiser for an ollie while going downhill than with any other skateboard. In this situation, the slower speed of the cruiser is an advantage.

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