Best skateboard for transportation (Bought and Tested)

If you really want to enjoy movement without stressing out your feet, using a skateboard is ideal. It is the fastest way to travel and way better than the hassle of a bike. It is also cheaper than a car, I know you will believe me on this! You don’t have to save all through the year to get a board as you do for the latest car, and everyone in the family can always travel with a skateboard anytime.  It is most useful in times you can never imagine, and can save you from a lot of hassle. You will find help to get the best skateboard for transportation that will suit your taste and merge with your budget here.

When some people hear of “skateboard” they always have a hard thought of a big board, but those in the city know how it can be used for the most mundane things. You can navigate your part quickly when you have to beat the traffic and also run down the street to grab some coffee without spending much time walking.

If you would make going to errand great for the kids, handing them a skateboard for transport make it simple and exciting for them. They will disappear and reappeared in a twinkling of an eye with the beam of a smile coming from the excitement of riding like a hero in the street. It is obvious that you can’t just go to the market and grab a skateboard just like that without knowing the quality of what you are buying.  I am walking you down this aisle to help you grab the best in the market based on what is unique, high quality, durable, cost-effective to save your pocket, and many other criteria that will make you get the best skateboard for transportation. If you would sit back and read, you will be wildly amazed at what you would have faced in the market and how you can cut your way through for the best skateboard.

How to choose the best skateboard for travel?

Choosing the best skateboard usually comes with a personal preference ranging from the board size, the color design, wheel speed, and durability. If you know what you want, the market will be less daunting for you than it is for many. Saving costs will also be possible as you will know the exact skateboard that will make transportation very easy for your budget.

Top 7 Best skateboard for transportation

We’re going to review the top 8 skateboards for transportation. This should help you choose the perfect one for your needs. After scouring through many models, I ordered some of these boards online and got feedback from my local skateboarding community. We ran through the different kinds and came up with this list.

  1. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard
  2. CCS Skateboard
  3. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard
  4. Cal 7 Skateboard
  5. Magneto Mini Skateboard
  7. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Skateboard

Best skateboards for transportation

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Not so many people know what electric skateboards can do to ease their transport at any time. You are going to see how much you can do with one of these at the end. The Boosted Mini electric is the top-rated all-electric skateboard. Top commuters make use of it and it is best for any road. If you are always on the move, this skateboard is for you.

Now that you can make a choice of a skateboard, if you haven’t thought of an electric skateboard before, know that the Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard is sent from heaven in the making. It has a great design that makes it perfect for transportation.

Never will you have to worry about uphill as it climbs with ease. While you may likely climb down from the others to climb a hill, you climb with ease when riding Boosted electric. It is good for roads that are perfect and those that are imperfect. For your fast commuting to train and other places, you can go for it.


  • Deck of 6.8×22.4 inches
  • Wheel (PU wheels)


It ranges from $740- $1590. If you are looking for electric skateboards for under 500$. Check out the list under 500$. Booted mini X is quite high you would say if you have a low budget, but for the experience, it is worth the price. You can check on everyone close to you that has one, you won’t argue at all but rush at one.


Electric boards are generally well designed and the Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard is not left out. It has a design that is eye-catchy and good for riders. It is smaller than the boosted longboard and weighs lesser.

The curve at the hedge makes it unique and balanced for all riders. It comes in a single size and one color (Black) you don’t have a variety of colors to choose from for now, but the experience is what matters right?

My experience with this Skateboard

I’ve been using the boosted mini X in a variety of situations in all kinds of conditions mainly for transporting. I am also using boosted mini X electric skateboard for college on daily bases. The boosted mini X has a range of up to 14 miles top speed of 20 miles per hour and climb hill grades of up to 20% and has regenerative braking. It also comes with the standard boosted remote beef dish deck gray, 80-millimeter wheels, and weighs about 17 pounds. 

The mini comes with three riding modes beginner eco and pro. Basically in each riding mode, the board’s acceleration and top speed will get altered a little bit with beginners being the slowest and probing the fastest, and in Pro Mode. this thing has a surprising amount of torque so it will throw you off if you aren’t used to it. 

So I highly recommend just putting your pride aside and using beginner mode if you haven’t ridden an electric skateboard before I started in beginner mode when I first got it but after only about 15 to 30 minutes of riding I was already pretty comfortable with it and I started using it in Pro Mode.

The boosted mini skateboard has a belt-driven motor system that makes the skateboard more powerful. Just a little quick note about the belt-driven motors they’re really loud so when you start picking up some speed these things really start to scream and people will start to notice and look at you.

 I’ve mainly used this in a town in the Appalachian Mountains so I’ve had my fair share of hills to test it on and although the acceleration and power of the board were really impressive. I do wish that the board had a bit of a higher speed the Border’s rated for a top speed of 20 miles per hour which is plenty fast for just cruising around.

But sometimes in my transporting, I actually have to go into traffic lanes to make a turn or something like that and in those cases, 20 miles per hour just feels a little bit slow. 

The overall build quality of the boosted board is definitely top knot I think that the overall design and the fit and finish are really great. The remote I think is especially well designed if it’s really nice in the hands and using it is extremely easy and intuitive all you have to do is press.

The trigger to activate the board and then just turn the wheel forward to go forward and then backward to break or reverse the remote. Also has a button on the bottom that you can press to view your remaining battery life which comes in really handy and you can also change modes which is pretty handy as well. 

Watch boosted mini X test ride video on my youtube channel

Why Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard is best for transportation?

  • It has very good speed and a great control
  • It can perfectly ride on imperfect roads
  • It can fit into desk and train boards
  • It has a good weight
  • Not bad for a beginner and good for a pro skater
  • Great design that is eye-catchy

Final verdict

Everyone I know that loves to skate speaks well of Boosted mini skateboard and I recommend it also. You can choose this electric skateboard for your transportation and find it very easy to carry along to every journey.

If you don’t want to spend high for a skateboard, you may not go for it, but if you place your experience first and durability, It is best for your transportation. You can place an order for one now.


CCS Skateboard

CCS Skateboard

CCS is a popular brand that has been for many years. They produce high-quality, durable, and affordable skateboards that skateboarders have relied on since 1985. They have the heart of the masses for what they have done over the years of existence. 

Their trust and credibility have earned them this name all over the place. CCS Skateboard is good for transportation, it’s one of the best choices that will save your commuting needs and not just the games part of skateboards.

Features of CCS Skateboard

It comes with great features that always make the buyers feel happy with the purchase. When you open the box, what you will see is a well-arranged component of the following:

  • wheels 52mm (usually white)
  • Long quality deck with a varying width
  • Standard silver truck  (139 sizes)
  • 1 black bolt and silver nuts
  • Smooth bearings
  • Black grip tape


The price range is from $87 to $90 which is very cheap.


You must not leave out the place of design in any product you buy as it calls out the interest of use no matter the quality. CCS Skateboard has one of the best designs that get every buyer off their feet. You can even hang one on your wall when you aren’t ready to skate. 

They are made from maple woods and are given the color variation that users crave. The shape of the deck makes it comfortable for skating at any distance. It also gives room for user customization.

Riding experience

I have a ride on a friend’s skateboard that wasn’t so comfortable for transportation as the deck is narrow, and the wheels weren’t so fast on the driveway. But the use of the CCS Skateboard changes my experience.

 I’m not being an ingrate or sounding that my friend didn’t make a good choice here, but just letting you know what I feel. For easy and comfortable movement to anywhere you want, CCS has a great deck for it.

Why CCS skateboard?

I will tell you why I recommend CCS Skateboard to any skateboarder that is ready to get a good skateboard for transportation.

  • The deck is wide and balanced for any ride
  • The design is great
  • It is good for both beginners and experienced skateboarders.
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • You can be creative with the board to give it your color or sticker taste
  • It comes fully assembled which saves you the stress of putting the component together.
  • Controlling balance is hassle-free as it comes with a lightweight and balanced deck.

Final verdict

As much as it lies in your will to grab your choice of a skateboard, knowing that you don’t have to risk your comfort and ability to enjoy a long or short distance ride made it one of the best for transportation. You will not hurt or empty your pocket to grab this skateboard for yourself, your child, or for that friend as a gift for transportation ease.


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

If you are not a beginner or have a great experience at the beginning stage, you will never have to skate as a means of transporting yourself. Parents want a good skateboard for their children and themselves anytime they have to skate. It’s sure you won’t go for a skateboard that doesn’t give you room to learn well and perfect your skills for excellent transportation to any location you want.

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying skateboard is another popular brand that many buyers like you go for. It has many features and great benefits that make the users have the kind of experience they want. Now that you hope for the best skateboard to ease your transport.

They have been in existence for more than 30 years which shows that they have the users in mind and produce skateboards of high quality for them to still be in the market. Remember that the kind of purchase you want is not just any ride, but one that is good for transportation, with this in mind, let’s see what they’ve got for their great name!


  • Deck of 7.5 and 31.62 inches
  • Wheel (hard for fast movement)
  • Casted aluminum truck


The price range is from $79 to $85 which is not expensive for any budget.


The Powell Golden Dragon Flying has some aesthetic and unique design of a dragon as the graphics. While I appreciate good designs, this one stood to be very appealing to the sight.

Riding experience

It is sure that you don’t want to learn a hard way and if you are a professional rider, you want to be comfortable in your ride to any distance. The Powell Golden Dragon Flying skateboard gives an experience that is impressive.

 The board deck and wheels are made to be perfect for learners and those that already learned to ride. It gives room for tricks that many manufacturers don’t put in mind to produce a transportation skateboard. You can maneuver the skateboard while riding on a driveway or any surface for short or long distances.

It is good for beginner’s transportation?

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying has a good grip on the board surface, carbon steel axles for strength reinforcement that allow beginners to ride well to any distance. So if you are looking for a great transport experience, you will have one.

Why this skateboard?

It is affordable for any income earner

  • Great for beginners and advanced riders that ride on smooth and uneven roads
  • Easy to get and assembled
  • Very good for cruising as the wheels are strong
  • It has a wide deck that allows comfort while riding to any distance
  • Good for children and adult

Final Verdict

This skateboard comes with high quality, durability, and complexity for the price. It is great for transportation for children and adults with a grip for those that haven’t perfected their skating skills. It’s a very good option for a long and short-distance rider with a low budget.


Cal 7 Skateboard


Cal 7 Skateboard

A skateboard with stability will do for both beginners and professionals for transportation. This skateboard is one of the best I give to people that might have a problem with speed phobia. It is made with stability and very good control features that make it great for all classes.

 The brand is very popular among college students and one you will love for transportation. If you haven’t made your choice yet, let’s roll through to what it has that calls for it being added to this list of the best skateboard we’ve got for transportation.

We’ve been looking at skateboards made from wood, but Cal 7 is made from plastic which makes it very durable for all-weather and is good for easy carrying. You can carry it in your hand after a ride or pack it in your backpack, no wonder college students go for it.


  • Deck of 7.75×31.5 inches
  • Wheels
  • Truck


With a price range of $45 to $70. It is one of the best for any budget. If you are looking at getting a cheap skateboard that is best for transportation, you can go with it.


A skateboard with an amazing design will make you crave it. If you want to show how vibrant you are while you ride, it is best for it. This skateboard has nothing negative on the design with the bright color series that may get you confused to picking the one you would go with.

The board design is symmetrical and of a double kicktail. The wheels come with the perfect design that helps riders to be buoyant and crush pebbles easily.

Why Cal 7 skateboard is best for transportation?

  • It comes with a very cheap price for all income earners, set your low budget and you will still get it.
  • It has high stability for beginners and professional skaters
  • It has varieties of deck sizes that you can choose from to aid your convenient transportation
  • It is very durable with the plastic touch that comes with it
  • It has exceptional grip tape that will prevent your feet from slipping off the board
  • It comes with vibrant colors that will allow you to enjoy your ride from any distance
  • The pads are pre-installed which makes them absorb shock and keep it stuck to the road.

Final verdicts

With the great features that Cal 7 skateboard has and the price, no one hoping to get a good skateboard for transportation would leave it for another. You can place your order for it without thinking twice. The fact that the grip tape and the pad comes with exceptional installation makes it best for your transportation.

If you want to gift a friend that is yet to master skating for a long-distance or one that is a professional, you can go ahead and order one now. The price is cool for you to save cost and grab other few things, so take the bold steps to order now.View on Amazon


Magneto Mini Skateboard


Magneto Mini Cruiser for beginners review

A skateboard that can give a smooth ride and one with high resistance to the surface is best for transportation. Magneto board is a perfect one for convenient transport. It takes up a great shape and aesthetic that anyone with a craving for designs would go for. 

The board deck is of two types: Canadian Maple (much higher in price) and Bamboo. One resounding feature that makes the board of great value of the resistance it has. This skateboard is one of its kind that is best for transportation and easy to get.

If you have the cash to get what will last you for a longer time with a great design, the Canadian maple would be what you should go for. The bamboo only shows the signature of magneto on the top and bottom of the board.


  • Deck 7.5x 31.7 inches
  • Fast wheels
  • Sand grit


The price range is from $87 to $100 which is quite cheap.


Magneto skateboard is popular as a result of the great design it comes with. The board shape and size come with a size that is fit for all riders. You can always order one that can take your weight or one that is best for your kids.

Its aesthetic nature makes it one of the best to use and it gives room for redesigning. If you love to use stickers on your board, the bamboo will be best for you.

Riding experience

What every rider wants to get is a free ride that doesn’t require much energy and one that can be maneuver. Magneto board has that cool features that make it easy on all grounds. It is very convenient for all Riders that move very fast to cover a long distance in a short time.

 If you will have to transport for a long distance, you will be surprised at the time you will spend. For a quick drift to avoid any obstacle on the way it is great. It has high maneuverability.

Why Magneto skateboard?

  • It comes with a perfect board for every age which makes transportation very easy
  • It has a high resistance to a rough surface that makes it move easily and reduce riders’ stress to push for a start
  • Controlling balance for both beginners and advanced skaters is hassle-free as it comes with a lightweight and wide deck.
  • The wheels are not so close to the deck so you don’t have to fear bumping.

Final verdict

To let you know the truth, I’m a supporter of the Magneto Mini Cruiser skateboard. The price if you have a low budget is great, and for the best transportation Skateboard, it is worth it.

You don’t have to worry about your convenience and the speed of the wheels as they are perfect. You can rely on the comfort it gives, make a purchase now by placing an order for one




As one of the oldest brand that is popular, these skateboard comes in high quality. They are made from materials that you can rely on for durability. It has found its way to this list for what the manufacturer has done over time.

Top skateboarders associate with the brand more and trust what they give. If you are looking to build your trust with a brand as top skaters do, you are right here with the best-trusted brand.

Haven’t said that, the brand is not just what you are interested in remembering, it’s the best skateboard for transportation and Positiv skateboard wins it! I’m gonna tell you why I go for it, read on!


  • Deck of 7.5x 31.375
  • Wheels (Polyenthane)
  • Truck (Aluminum, carbon steel axle)


With a price range of $84 to $100, it is inexpensive and one of the choices of both low-budget and high-budget buyers.


It has a good design and you will see the logo of Mac Donald in the middle which shows that the ambassador was the one that designed it. It is the AirLam process that makes woods to fuse very well which gives the thickness and durability you see.

The board has a unique design that attracts and is fit for any ride. The color varieties are what you can look into to make a choice that will make you outstanding as you ride.

Riding experience

Just like the brand name, it gives a positive and pleasurable riding experience that makes the rider feel great. The grip makes you feel less concerned about your hold on the deck as you feel balanced and comfortable. 

The wheels are balanced and fast enough to help you cover the distance. You can’t compare the maneuverability as it is great, you can turn easily if you have to take a new direction without applying force from your feet. It gives a very good experience to all classes of riders (beginners and professionals).

Why Positiv skateboard is best for transportation?

  • It is a perfect skateboard that has good features for an inexpensive price it comes with.
  • It is good for even and uneven surfaces and travels fast on pavements
  • It is comfortable for long and short distance rides and gives the best experience
  • It is very easy to control the board and it gives a smooth ride as the wheels are made with polyurethane which accounts for the strength and stability

Final verdict

If you weigh high or low, this is one of the best skateboards for transportation that will carry you through. It is inexpensive and easy to ride on any surface. For all kinds of driving and skills, you may want to displace on the road, it can take you without drifting. 

The grip is good which makes your feet feel so comfortable on the deck. You can ride on a Positiv skateboard without using your strength to push and hold when you need to stop or move. I recommend you place an order now to get one, it is best for transportation and your budget.


Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

The popularity of Zed board as it is well known is amazing. Since the inception of green transportation, it has been used as one perfect skateboard for transport to a long and short distance. It is the best longboard for transportation and holds a good ride for every skater.

Its makeups are what you will love to have on your skateboard and I recommend you take a good look at it as well roll through the details. Once you see it cool, you just hand pick it and move on!

Longboards are good for young and old skaters plus beginner and pro skaters. Whichever class you belong to here, you can trust the board to carry you. Also, the Retrospective Zed Bamboo Skateboard can take more weight than other skateboards. If you are weighing above 200 pounds or you are buying for a friend that weighs that, you don’t have to bother about the weight.


  • Deck of 7.5×35 inches
  • Wheel (Polyurethane)
  • Truck (Aluminum)


Retrospective Zed Bamboo Skateboard comes in a price range of $139 to 150. It is a price that is worth it if you like to have a balance board and have a grip that is firm. No user on the online reviews has a bad say about the price after riding on one.


With over 17 designs to choose from, you will find your desire met. This skateboard comes with the perfect green transportation with high comfort in mind which is why users love it more. The color variation is wild and you can design it if you want to.

Riding experience

Riding on a Retrospective Zed Bamboo  Skateboard is fun and hassle-free as the board is long and gives room for you to stand firm. You can decide to move your legs the distance you want them for ease if you are traveling a long distance. It is very fast and accurate as a result of the wheels and bearing being of high tolerance grade.

Why Retrospective Zed Bamboo?

  • It comes with an average price for a good skateboard for long-distance traveling
  • It has wheels that permit high speed and have a high tolerance
  • The ball bearing is of accurate precision which makes the movement very fast and accurate
  • It has many designs and beautiful color designs that makes it attractive to carry along
  • It has moderate weight for easy carrying and can take a skater of above 200 pounds
  • It is a longboard that is best for adolescents and adults.
  • It is very good for beginners and pro skaters

Final verdict

You have every reason to choose it as the best skateboard for transportation and I recommend it as well. The price is not the issue here. The riding experience is great for all riders and it makes a beautiful speed for quickly catching up with any mission. You can place an order for one now!


Is Skateboarding Good For Transportation?

Skateboarding is a fun activity and can be a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors as well as socialize with other skateboarders in the area. However, skateboards are more of a hobby than a real form of transportation since they are not meant for transporting people larger distances. If you’re just traveling short distances, skateboarding can usually work out, though you must be prepared for the possibility that you will have to carry the skateboard for short distances. Also, skateboards can get damaged easily when riding on the street, so protecting your board with proper gear (like a helmet and pads) is important to ensure your safety.


It’s easy to find the best skateboard for transportation now right? The market is wide, but once you can follow the criteria, you will handpick the best skateboard that will give you a good experience. You can buy one for yourself and your kids at a very good price and save the hassle of trekking to any distance.

What To Look For When Buying a Skateboard for Transportation

Need a little help to pick the right skateboard for transportation? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for commuting skateboards.

1. Go for a Cruiser, Longboard, or Penny Board

If you plan to use the skateboard for transportation, you have many options. The first thing you need to decide is the type of skateboard you will be using, which in this case could be a Cruiser, Longboard, or Penny board. 

If you are not planning on doing any tricks, any of these will be a great pick. However, if you are keen on combining regular transportation along with a few street tricks, go for a standard skateboard.

2. Weight Capacity

Whether you plan to use it for transportation or not, one of the first things to check when buying a skateboard is to see if it can handle your weight. If you are planning to use it for regular transportation, you should also consider the weight of the bag or other accessories you might carry.

3. Truck Quality

Since you will be traveling quite a bit on your skateboard, it’s best to find one with a strong and high-quality truck. Manufacturers usually use aluminum or magnesium alloy for trucks. These metals are known for their resilience, durability, and high elasticity.

Even if you’re satisfied with the quality of your current skateboard, you should personally tighten the trucks every so often to ensure everything fits well.

4. Design Longevity 

For many people, their skateboards are also a part of their personality. In that case, you might not appreciate it if the design of your deck fades away quickly. 

Usually, the designs are placed on the bottom side of the deck but even then, you should only go for skateboards that have been designed with the thermal transfer printing method for long-lasting prints.

5.  Get Grip Tapes

Want to reduce the chances of accidents or slipping off? Get grip tapes — the undisputed savior of every skateboarder. A lot of skateboards come with grip tips attached but even if they are not, you can simply do it at home. 

You will most likely get free grip tape when you purchase your skateboard. Once acquired, you can simply peel off the back side of the tape and paste the sticky side on the deck. Make sure there are no air bubbles under the tape, or else it will wear it down.

6. Don’t Go for Cheap Plastic Skateboards

It might sound tempting to save a few bucks by investing in cheap plastic skateboards but they are certainly not worth the price. These skateboards are not designed to endure regular transportation and might even put your safety at risk. 

The wheels and bearings hardly rotate and the deck is so weak that it might not even bear your weight for long. Invest in a quality skateboard you can ride frequently without worrying about how long it can last.

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