Best Double Kick Longboard (Bought & Tested)

Beginners in any area of life are always left with many options to go with, which leads to them being frustrated and may even want to give up. The sports world has a lot to offer all, and if you are good at taking information that is needed from the right place, you will find things very easy to go with.

Beginner or a professional, you would always need a guide to buy tools to make your sports life a beautiful one. If you already have a mind to electric skateboard or longboard, as the case may be, welcome to a place where you will find the right information to grab the best board that will make you have a fantastic moment every time.

Many people have toiled through the skateboard market and see how rogued they must know the best board to buy.

Many have bought boards that they need to replace in a short time, and many that don’t even know the right board for what they want to do have also fallen for the wrong boards. If you are reading this post, I have prepared an easy way for you to grab the best double kick longboard that will make your Longboarding as easy and interesting as it should be.

You will find less hassle in the market when you allow my guide and also make a quick purchase as directed. I find it very easy to say you are at the right place to make this summer a great one for your kids and yourself if you want to test longboarding this season. You can save cost to grab the right board once you know all about the boards and which one fits your riding style.

Best Double Kick Tail Longboards

To help you select the best double kick longboard for your needs, we have tested and reviewed the top popular choices on the market today so that you can browse through each expert-verified top pick. You’ll also find links to a selection of helpful buyer’s guides for additional research.

Best Double Drop Longboard 

Raven Geo Drop Through Longboard Complete

Raven Geo Drop Through Longboard Complete

Width 24 cm / 9.5 inches
Length 99.1 cm / 39 inches
Material wood ( 7 ply maple wood)
Wheels mindless 70mm 80A
Bearings ABEC-5 Bearings

Like every rider that has the experience of riding a longboard, making the choice of this board is a good one. A lot of people know about this brand and they make it the number one choice when they need to change to a deck with a double kick. You want to try out something good this season put yourself on the roll to have one. Raven Geo Blue 41 drop-through longboard complete is a good brand longboard that you can trust and use over again.

They have an amazing deck that many pro riders have reviewed as one of the best, and they have what is needed to make you balance on the deck while you try to make some good moves. If you are ready to take the summer with a good ride, you can always make them your number one choice and enjoy the ride. This longboard is good for all that is just learning and those that are intermediate. The expert also uses the board because it holds a great feel for them also. If you haven’t tried any brand before and they are your first brand, you will have good things to say about riding a longboard.

The board comes with a low center gravity pull that allows you to have greater stability as you move. It is the best for anyone who wants to cruise around the city or get to try some downhill. If you haven’t learned how to balance, you can learn with it. The double kick makes it a better option for those that want to do tricks with a longboard as it allows that. Trying out this brand is a must if you want to know the best longboard that is out there with unique features that will make longboarding a unique activity for you.


The price is not too high for a quality ride. It provides all that ride one. It ranges from $60 to $100. which is a good price that you can go with if you want a very good longboard that will take you through.

Design and Riding experience

Raven Geo Blue 41 drop-through longboard complete comes with a very good design that you will like to go with. If you love decks that come with a classic shape, you have one with them. The blue touch on the board makes it have a feeling that is well appreciated by users.

You can carry it anywhere you would go with a longboard and not have a feel of not being welcome with the color of your board. The grip is very good, which makes the riding experience great. A beginner can ride excellently on it, likewise an intermediate and an expert as well.

Final Verdict

I have a take for this longboard and if you want to make a purchase, you can do so now. The board is perfect for a beginner and an intermediate. If you want to give a gift to a teen or a young adult that loves longboarding, it’s a perfect gift for the season. The price is good to go with, and it lasts long for all-level riders. You can purchase via the link provided above and save the market hassle.

  • It has a classic drop-through shape
  • It has a good grip that prevents you from falling off the board
  • The wheels are perfect for skaters at any level
  • It is good for any distance ride
  • Good deck and material makeup that lasts longer
  • It comes assembled which makes it easy to use without spending time to fix
  • Not good for a rider above 95 kg


Landyatchtz Atv- double kick cutaway longboard


Trucks Polar bear TKP trucks of 155mm
Wheel 60 mm 78A
Shape Double kick, concave (mellow)
Material wood and Glass fiber
Width 9.2 inches
Length 45.5 inches

If you are a rider that regularly cruises around the town or if you are a longboarder that loves to hone your deck skills, then you need to take a closer look at the Landyatchtz hybrid. They are a good choice for skateboarders and longboarders of all ages. They are a mixture of traditional and cruiser skateboards. They are street-inspired and an old-school type of running on soft and bigger wheels. The wheels and truck make a great one for a comfortable ride without giving a hardcore feeling on the street.

If you have been searching for that bright and full deck that will offer you a good ride, you have just got one. The name of the brand speaks for them, and they always give the best to all users. They are the answer to all that want to skate anytime and anything everywhere.

The material makeup and capacity of this board make it one of the best choices that many people love to go with. They are good for all ages and one of the best for all that don’t want to use many boards as keeping one for skateboarding and one for longboarding. It fits in for the two and can be used any time once in good condition.

Landyatchtz ATV longboard is best for combining urban cruising on all Terrain hence the (ATV name) with traditional skating. The ATV works with the reinforced and oversized traditional size construction with good trucks and bigger, softer wheels. The big double kick, stiff flex, and mild concave give room for easy snap Ollies and kickflips. The deck shape and wheel make a comfortable shredding and even allow some freeride.

When on a medium downhill, the TKP trucks on the ATV make it stable and easy to slide. It delivers what it is for design and can be used as a multifunctional board for all riders on All-Terrain.


The complete board is quite expensive but not more than what you can spend. The price ranges from $400 to $450. You can budget for it at any time.

Design and Riding experience

Landyatchtz ATV comes with varieties of designs that you will always want to go with. The shape is concave and best for all that want to get on with a board that fits them. The response from users so far on the riding experience is great. Both young and old users have a good feel on the ride. If you want to make use of a good board that will give you a comfortable ride, you can use Landyatchtz ATV.

Final verdict

Landyatchtz ATV is a very good board if you want to ride comfortably and have a deck that will give you balance. The grip is good, the wheels are perfect and the ride is excellent. The design is also cool, and you ride with joy.

If you love to look smart with your board, it gives a very smart look that you will love. If you have the intention to give out a gift this summer, you can gift a friend this board and enhance the riding experience of such a person. You can make a purchase now and get a good ride as you longboard.

  • It comes with All-Terrain features
  • The shape is concave which gives a very good ride
  • It is good for dancing, racing, downhill, freestyle, and a lot of it.
  • It is multifunctional
  • Good for beginners and expert riders
  • It has a good grip
  • Quite pricey


Chrome Wheels- double kicktail longboard


width 31.25 inches
Length 8.5 inches
Material maple wood
Color varieties of color to choose from
Wheels 78A

Many people talk about the Chrome wheel as one of the best suitable for all-level riders. This longboard brand has been around for a very long time and offers a high quality that is known abroad.

When a parent has the intention to gift their boys and girls, they make this brand the number one choice as it appeals and works well for teens and adults. They are a perfect board for all that want to enjoy skating and doing all activities of longboarding with ease.

If you have used a longboard that didn’t meet your satisfaction, I think it’s time to change and get a new experience with this one. As a beginner, you don’t have trouble with how to make moves and get a good balance with this board.

If you are just learning, it is good for all style riding and can take you through hard grounds. For professional riders that need something cool to hop on, it is also a very good one to use. A lot of skaters have reviewed the brand and have great things to say about it. They are one of the coolest budget high-quality boards to go with.

If you want a gift for your kids and you hope for the best, but with a low budget, you can go for it. Chrome wheels complete Longboard is a full double kick board with a concave design that comes with varieties of colors. It is available for beginners and pros that want to do tricks, ride long and perform stunts.


This is one of the best brands with a good price for a low budget. They help you save your pocket while giving you the best ride ever. The price ranges from $55 to $65.

Design and riding experience

Chrome wheels complete skateboard is designed for all level riders. It is ideal for both beginners and pro riders. It comes with a pattern that is appealing to sight, and the stable construction makes it suitable for a good ride. The wheels are made of anti-shock materials which makes every ride comfortable. It comes as a complete package that is already assembled.

Final verdict

Chrome wheels complete Longboard is known as a good brand and one that is good for both genders. It is good for cruising and for downhill, for expert riders and beginners.

If you ever need to make the choice of colors that will suit your style, you have many options from this brand. The price is affordable for all income earners. This longboard is a good one for all age groups. I recommend it for your use and also as a gift for your teens. You can make a purchase now!

  • High-quality thick aluminum trucks
  • Affordable price
  • It has a cool pattern that appeals to sight
  • It gives a very good ride with anti-shock wheels
  • beginners
  • Suitable for a smooth surface and rough grounds
  • No assembled require once purchased
  • Not recommended for beginners


ATOM ALL-TERRAIN- double kick cruiser skateboard


Wheels 100mm 78A (Super high rebound urethane)
Bearings rubber shielded ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant
Material maple wood
Color woody

If you are a seasoned longboarder looking for a new challenge or a novice, that is looking for a board that will roll over anything or a campus cruiser that doesn’t want to step on the ground with feet, you have a ground with Atom all-Terrain longboard. It is made with a top-notch high rebound urethane which makes them very fast in terms of speed. You can save a lot of stress with this board as it comes with a lot that makes longboarding very easy for users.

I have had ugly times before now as a result of bad board usage and if you have fallen in the same shoes, know that you can get helped with this board. This brand has been in existence for a long time and they have a good name for the people. A lot of skateboarders and longboarders prefer their boards to the others. When it comes to price, they are affordable, and in terms of quality, they offer one of the best. The board has high durability and can stand the test of time. All the parts of the board come with high quality and easy to use, plus high comfort.

Whether you have a smooth surface to ride on or rough ground, the Atom all-Terrain longboard will carry you through without hassle. The board is designed to have good speed, a balanced wheel, and a comfortable ride. It is excellent for all-level riders and good for kids as well.


  • Wheels: 100mm 78A (Super high rebound urethane)
  • Bearings: rubber shielded ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Super coarse grip tape
  • Material makeup is maple
  • Color is woody

Design and riding experience

Atom all-Terrain longboard has a good design that is catchy and good for all age groups. If you want to show your personality with your longboard, you can look deep to see if you would customize one to what you want. It comes in a plain woody color that most skaters prefer.

If you have stickers that you want to design your board with, you can go ahead and make the pattern you want. Atom all-Terrain longboard gives a good feel to the ride. It can go through bumps without giving a shock.


The price ranges from $88 to $100. This is a good budget for all that want a good board with a comfortable deck.

Final verdict

There are times you calculate some grounds and feel you can hit your face on the ground if you dare to skate over them, but with Atom all-Terrain longboard, you can skate over any ground. It is best for all beginners and pro riders. It is also best to be given as a gift to any skater that your heart goes with. You can make a purchase directly from here with the link provided above and forget about the market hassle.

  • The wheels give the rider confidence to ride
  • It is quite affordable for all income earners
  • It has a good grip
  • The size of the deck is balance
  • It is highly durable
  • It can ride over any surface and anything
  • It is not a good one for skaters that love multi-color boards

Lmai 27-inch- cheap drop through longboard

Lmai 27-inch Complete Pop Longboard

Our last pick was a bamboo-infused maple skateboard but this one is the reverse. Lmai Skateboards went for a more flexible skateboard here and infused bamboo with maple wood instead. This results in a super flexible skateboard deck that will pop like a dream. This construction ensures the skateboard does not lose its great pop after a few riding sessions but keeps on popping with each trick. Lmai skateboards are up and coming but they are already known for using high-quality materials to deliver impressive skateboards that last.


  • 7-ply bamboo and maple wood deck.
  • 5 x 8-inch professional skateboard.
  • Fast ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Soft 62mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Double kick-tail.
  • High rebound 62mm wheels.


There are 6 plies of bamboo, 1 ply of maple wood, and 1 sheet of grip tape on this skateboard deck. This is a sturdy construction that ensures maximum flex with a hint of solid dry wood in the maple construction. The maple wood fortifies the deck for strength as it stretches to the max due to the bamboo construction. The 27.5 x 8-inch skateboard comes already assembled by the manufacturer and is ready to ride straight out of the box. The board features strong aluminum trucks and ultra-high rebound bushings. The wheels are 62mm with 78A durometer so they are soft and stable. The wheels look nice with their black frosted coating from Lmai. The stainless steel bearings are also custom-made by Lmai and offer fast spinning with zero noise. You can roll smoothly on this skateboard every time without worrying about disturbing squeaky noises.

User Experience

This is not the best skateboard for super complicated tricks. It is built for cruising and longboarding so it has the shape for speed and cruising not tricks. Nevertheless, this skateboard does have a good amount of pop. We think the best part about this skateboard is how smoothly the large wheels roll over cracks and rough patches. Although it is fast, it makes sharp turns effortlessly resulting in a super smooth riding experience. With this skateboard, you can make more friends in the park because a lot of people will want to know where you got such a smooth and beautiful skateboard from. The grip on the deck works well but can come off easily if exposed to high moisture. Nonetheless, the many positive reviews and recommendations on this product are all we founded. We agree with all the satisfied customers who tried out this board and gave a resounding yes for a satisfying purchase.

Final Verdict

To go straight to the point, we think this cruiser longboard is worth every penny. We advise any beginner who is looking for a solid skateboard to try this. The inclusion of bamboo in the deck makes it very flexible with a super high pop, the skateboard has an overall superior quality, and although it is simple, it looks really good. Beware that this is a cruiser and will pick up speed and momentum very fast. Speed is not a bad thing but you should beware, especially if you’re a beginner.


  • Excellent workmanship and a beautiful board.
  • The noiseless wheels spin smoothly.
  • Easy to carry around on your backpack.


  • The grip comes off easily.


Black Longboards Exotic Wood Longboard


If you want to have a skateboard that pops and looks good at the same time, black longboards have you covered. From their awesome lineup of products, this exotic wood skateboard stands out. It is a beautifully designed skateboard fortified with strong maple wood to ensure your beautiful board can last long. Black longboards are dedicated to releasing only perfect products. That is why this skateboard has been severally tested to correct all errors before its release.


  • 8-ply exotic rosewood and maple wood deck.
  • 28 x 8-inch professional skateboard.
  • Fast ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Soft 60mm polyurethane wheels.
  • Medium concave.


This skateboard is built with only high-end materials. The deck is made of top-quality maple wood plus rosewood. That is 7 layers of strong wood and one of decorative wood. The wheels are soft at 60mm. They are very stable and they ride smoothly. The positioning of the wheels guarantees and even wear. You will not expect to get much pop from a longboard but at 28-inches long, this one can do some ollies. It has just the right amount of concave and a kicktail to assist in your adventures. Rolling is effortless

User Experience

We had never heard of the Black Longboards company before trying out this skateboard. After seeing how excellent the craftsmanship is and how good this skateboard performs, we wonder why they are not more popular. This skateboard will comfortably compete with products in the $250 range. When you get a skateboard in this price range, the manufacturers promise heaven on earth but more times than not you have to change out some of the elements. You might have to get better wheels or bushings that don’t squeak but this skateboard comes complete and accurate. It is made with 7 layers of 100% genuine Canadian maple wood and not the Chinese variation used on many skateboards. It is strong and sturdy with this construction. An aesthetically appealing layer of maple wood makes the eighth and last ply for a beautiful bottom with a natural grain. It is finished on the top with a good grip tape for added safety. The wheels are custom made and the Hellion 2 bearings are fast. These help the cruiser roll super smoothly and you don’t have to change a thing. The wheels on this skateboard remind us of barebones wheels. That shows you the high degree of excellence invested in this product.

Final Verdict

You can start riding this skateboard right from the box. There are little or no adjustments needed at all. The craftsmanship is superb. This is the kind of skateboard you spend hundreds of dollars to ride. The parts are very high-quality and the board is strong. This skateboard pops very well and the pop will last for a long time too. They finished it up with nice rosewood that looks excellent which is a nice icing on the cake.


  • Excellently crafted.
  • Has a beautiful rosewood finish.
  • The grip tape is laser cut to show off the design.
  • The wheels roll very smoothly.
  • The bearings are fast and quiet.


  • The grip tape is weak.


DB Longboards Urban Native

Best Double Kick Longboard

Longboarding is an artform so it’s only fitting that any skateboard you get has a design and build that suits your riding and playing style perfectly. DB Longboards has been around for about two decades and the skateboards they’ve produced in that time have been nothing short of amazing. 

The DB Longboards Urban Native collection in particular is rather spectacular as each board boasts numerous key features that enhance foot movement when you hit the pavement.


  • 8-ply maple wood deck.
  • 28 x 8-inch professional skateboard.
  • Soft 69mm 78a Cloudride Cruiser.
  • Cambered platform with moderate flex.


Built for skateboarders who only want the best, everything from the board’s beautiful maple wood deck to its super-soft 69mm 78a is designed to afford you that 100% wobble-free, extreme power glide you want. This isn’t your common type of longboard that’s solely focused on aesthetics only, as its beauty just complements its peerless functionality further. With the perfect longboard bass drum beater, rolling is effortless on this amazing speed flyer.

User Experience

DB Longboards started its journey into the board-making world producing boards by hand. We think that’s likely why they aren’t as popular as more mainstream names today. There are several great things to love about their longboards though, and that’s thanks to how skillfully they were able to blend key features and produce a masterpiece with an above-normal range of dynamics and performance. 

Speaking of the range of dynamics and performance, seemingly small yet thoughtful features like well-accentuated wheel cutouts ensure that you get maximum wheel clearance when stunting with these products. 

Also, unlike the normal range of boards out there, you’re good to go with the soft 69mm 78a Cloudride Cruiser wheels that come with this board. But riders who want to push their playing style even further beyond the normal range and get a faster feeling can easily upgrade their wheel cutouts with shark wheels. 

We’ll confess that we initially picked up a DB longboard because of its eye-popping design. However, we’ve fallen in love with everything about this board, from its strong material type to the superior, lighter feeling it gives on the move. The best part is that its seamless beater movement translation and excellent playing response are designed to be long-lasting. So, if you’re looking for a board for the long haul, you may have just found it.

Final Verdict

Everything about this longboard is optimized for superior user convenience. You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to use this board right out of the box. We also like the fact that the strong material type, axis pedals, and excellent playing response of this board are available at a relatively pocket-friendly price. 

This is because, typically, you’d have to pay at least double to get the wide range of special features and thoughtful features on this skateboard. Of course, it also helps that this board is very pleasing to look at. It gets a full thumbs-up from our team.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • It boasts a range of dynamics perfect for both beginner and pro longboarders.
  • It offers great wheel cutouts and exceptional wheel clearance.
  • It never wobbles and has a design that minimizes road vibration.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.


  • It doesn’t hold heavier drivers too well.


What’s the difference between skateboarding and longboarding?

If you don’t know much about boards, you will assume all boards are the same and classify them as one. But really, boards are different from each other, and this gives them a different riding name. Skateboards are smaller with a small deck, while longboards are longer with a wider deck.

When you prefer to ride a longboard, you are longboarding and otherwise. However, there are still some differences that lead to the preference of one over the other that I would want you to know before we proceed to the boards you should buy.

Differences to note in longboards and skateboard

  • Shape and size

When you put a longboard and a skateboard side by side, you will notice the shape and size of both boards. The flat nose and tail of the longboard and curve on the skateboard that makes it better for trick and flip. You shouldn’t be surprised that longboards are longer, they can be as long as 60 inches while the skateboard is just within 36 inches. Not to confuse you, longboards also come in sizes, but how you can always spot them is that they are flat, and the skateboard is curved, which is a major difference between them. So when you see a flat shortboard, it could probably be a small size longboard.

  • Deck flexibility

If you are new to the game, the deck is the base of your board. If your aim to learn tricks, you would want your board to be thinner, which means it will have more flex. The flexibility should either be soft or medium, and this comes with a skateboard. Many Longboards are built to have a thicker deck and low flex to support during riding, but they always have speed incorporated in them.

  • Truck and wheels

Every board has wheels attached to it, and the base is the truck. The truck is where the major difference is seen, it operates and looks different on both boards. The truck of skateboards is rigid and narrower, making it easier to grind and land tricks. They are also the same size as the width of the skateboard deck. In longboards, the trucks are more flexible, which gives a smoother ride. They are wider and usually measure around 150 to 180 millimeters.

When you want to have a faster and smoother ride, the wheels of the longboard provides room for them as it is soft and large compared to skateboard wheels that are smaller and harder.

  • Balance

If your goal is to learn tricks and become a pro on time, you may have to use a board that will give you more balance. A longboard is what you should try out first to learn how to balance as the deck is wider and it offers more stability and ease. Once you have confidence in the Longboards, you can transit to using a skateboard, it will be easy for you to learn how to use it for balance.

  • Speed and tricks

If you are finding it hard to make the choice of a board, just sit and ask the reason why you need one. If you just want to cruise and race a friend, then you need a longboard, but if you want to make a name and perform tricks, you need a skateboard. Longboards are built with speed, and they do well with that. This summer may be a good time to explore the skate park, and the best board you need is a skateboard. If you haven’t tried out balance, remember you have to do that with a longboard, then you can buy your skateboard and learn tricks with ease. This applies to all beginners and everyone that wants to ride with ease.

Is longboarding harder?

If you are asking this question or you have it rolling through your mind, I have a two-way answer to it. In short, longboarding is very easy to learn and perfect. On the second answer, if it would be easy for you, it depends on your interest, your fitness level, your environment, physical abilities, and the type of longboard you use. If you can find a balance to all of these, you will have a very easy ride. From the above, I have stated that longboarding is best to learn balance for a new rider which signifies that every new rider will find it very easy to go with if he meets other criteria.

If you always carry the notion that you may not skate, know that you have to try it first. It is a thing that anybody, whether old or young, as long as you are healthy, you can do. It is part of fitness tips to enhance the fitness level and help you come more alive as you have fun and commute with ease.

Facts about longboard

A longboard is a type of skateboard that is often longer than a conventional skateboard. It comes in various sizes and designs with a high speed incorporated into it as a result of the material makeup and the precise hardware. Longboards are commonly used for cruising and downhill racing. When it comes to commuting without having any form of obstacle on the way, it is best for it. The deck offers a very good ride and a balance that is needed on any road.

Now that you have an idea of what a longboard is, what type to get will be the next target and a thing you must know to make a good choice. All longboards are not the same as they are made for different actions and performances. The shape and designs give the different attributes that you see in the ride. If you can make the right choice, your everyday ride will be a splendid one that you will be happy about.

The major part of the board that makes the difference most is the deck. Every other part matters, but what offers you the ride as a professional rider or a beginner is the kind of deck you have. If you want to ride with ease and comfort, you should know how to make the choice of a deck with a double kick. Most riders know the benefits of this, and they make the most use of it. With a double kick, you can ride with ease and do all sorts of things with the deck without feeling you are doing much.

Facts about double kick longboard

The double kick longboard allows you to ride smoothly along the street and perform tricks at both ends of the board (nose or tail). This kind of longboard eliminates the barrier of only trusting one part of your board for the best action. You can decide to raise a trick from any end and come out well. The issues of wheel bite are also being taken care of in almost all double kick longboards that are sold today with the cutaway design.

I have put a few lists of the best double kick longboards you can buy without fear of buying less in the skateboard market. This list will help you see what you can go for and reduce the hassle in the market. On each board reviewed, a link is provided to help you visit and check/buy any of the Longboard you prefer. All you need to know, including the pros and cons of all the boards, are provided to help you take fast action that will benefit you.


Having a longboard for longboarding is good, but how you get a good ride depends on the kind of board you go for. If you know the different types of longboards and how to easily get a good one from the market, you will be on the safe side.

If you have the intention to freestyle and do some tricks along the line in your longboarding, know that you would need to double kick the longboard as they give room for that. In the case where you have experienced wheel bite and you want to get rid of that, you would need a board with a cutaway design. Usually, many people do go for double kick cutaway boards.

The cutaway design will help to prevent wheel bites. If you want to get the ease of pushing on lower riding platforms, you would need Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway boards. The kick offers riders the opportunity to do tricks and kick turns.

Cutaway reduces wheel bite and drop through decreases maneuverability but helps to increase stability for moderate riders. The whole essence of having the best double kick longboard is to help you increase your chances of being able to ride and also do some tricks with ease.

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