Raven Geo Blue 41 Drop Through Longboard Complete

Width 24 cm / 9.5 inches
Length 99.1 cm / 39 inches
Material wood ( 7 ply maple wood)
Wheels mindless 70mm 80A
Bearings ABEC-5 Bearings

Like every rider that has the experience of riding a longboard, making the choice of this board is a good one. A lot of people know about this brand and they make it the number one choice when they need to change to a deck with a double kick. You want to try out something good this season put yourself on the roll to have one. Raven Geo Blue 41 drop-through longboard complete is a good brand longboard that you can trust and use over again.

They have an amazing deck that many pro riders have reviewed as one of the best, and they have what is needed to make you balance on the deck while you try to make some good moves. If you are ready to take the summer with a good ride, you can always make them your number one choice and enjoy the ride. This longboard is good for all that is just learning and those that are intermediate. The expert also uses the board because it holds a great feel for them also. If you haven't tried any brand before and they are your first brand, you will have good things to say about riding a longboard.

The board comes with a low center gravity pull that allows you to have greater stability as you move. It is the best for anyone who wants to cruise around the city or get to try some downhill. If you haven't learned how to balance, you can learn with it. The double kick makes it a better option for those that want to do tricks with a longboard as it allows that. Trying out this brand is a must if you want to know the best longboard that is out there with unique features that will make longboarding a unique activity for you.


The price is not too high for the quality ride. It provides all that ride one. It ranges from $60 to $100. which is a good price that you can go with if you want a very good longboard that will take you through.

Design and Riding experience

Raven Geo Blue 41 drop-through longboard complete comes with a very good design that you will like to go with. If you love decks that come with a classic shape, you have one with them. The blue touch on the board makes it have a feeling that is well appreciated by users.

You can carry it anywhere you would go with a longboard and not have a feel of not being welcome with the color of your board. The grip is very good, which makes the riding experience great. A beginner can ride excellently on it, likewise an intermediate and an expert as well.

Final Verdict

I have a take for this longboard and if you want to make a purchase, you can do so now. The board is perfect for a beginner and an intermediate. If you want to give a gift to a teen or a young adult that loves longboarding, it’s a perfect gift for the season. The price is good to go with, and it lasts long for all level riders. You can purchase via the link provided above and save the market hassle.

  • It has a classic drop-through shape
  • It has a good grip that prevents you from falling off the board
  • The wheels are perfect for skaters at any level
  • It is good for any distance ride
  • Good deck and material makeup that lasts longer
  • It comes assembled which makes it easy to use without spending time to fix
  • Not good for a rider above 95 kg


Trucks Polar bear TKP trucks of 155mm
Wheel 60 mm 78A
Shape Double kick, concave (mellow)
Material wood and Glass fiber
Width 9.2 inches
Length 45.5 inches

If you are a rider that regularly cruises around the town or if you are a longboarder that loves to hone your deck skills, then you need to take a closer look at the Landyatchtz hybrid. They are a good choice for skateboarders and longboarders of all ages. They are a mixture of traditional and cruiser skateboards. They are street-inspired and an old-school type of running on soft and bigger wheels. The wheels and truck make a great one for a comfortable ride without giving a hardcore feeling on the street.

If you have been searching for that bright and full deck that will offer you a good ride, you have just got one. The name of the brand speaks for them, and they always give the best to all users. They are the answer to all that want to skate anytime and anything everywhere.

The material makeup and capacity of this board make it one of the best choices that many people love to go with. They are good for all ages and one of the best for all that don't want to use many boards as keeping one for skateboarding and one for longboarding. It fits in for the two and can be used any time once in good condition.

Landyatchtz ATV longboard is best for combining urban cruising on all Terrain hence the (ATV name) with traditional skating. The ATV works with the reinforced and oversized traditional size construction with good trucks and bigger, softer wheels. The big double kick, stiff flex, and mild concave give room for easy snap Ollies and kickflips. The deck shape and wheel make a comfortable shredding and even allow some freeride.

When on a medium downhill, the TKP trucks on the ATV make it stable and easy to slide. It delivers what it is for design and can be used as a multifunctional board for all riders on All-Terrain.


The complete board is quite expensive but not more than what you can spend on. The price ranges from $400 to $450. You can budget for it at any time.

Design and Riding experience

Landyatchtz ATV comes with varieties of designs that you will always want to go with. The shape is concave and best for all that want to get on with a board that fits them. The response from users so far on the riding experience is great. Both young and old users have a good feel on the ride. If you want to make use of a good board that will give you a comfortable ride, you can use Landyatchtz ATV.

Final verdict

Landyatchtz ATV is a very good board if you want to ride comfortably and have a deck that will give you balance. The grip is good, the wheels are perfect and the ride is excellent. The design is also cool, and you ride with joy.

If you love to look smart with your board, it gives a very smart look that you will love. If you have the intention to give out a gift this summer, you can gift a friend this board and enhance the riding experience of such a person. You can make a purchase now and get a good ride as you longboard.

  • It comes with All-Terrain features
  • The shape is concave which gives a very good ride
  • It is good for dancing, racing, downhill, freestyle, and a lot of it.
  • It is multifunctional
  • Good for beginners and expert riders
  • It has a good grip
  • Quite pricey


width 31.25 inches
Length 8.5 inches
Material maple wood
Color varieties of color to choose from
Wheels 78A

Many people talk about the Chrome wheel as one of the best suitable for all-level riders. This longboard brand has been around for a very long time and offers a high quality that is known abroad.

When a parent has the intention to gift their boys and girls, they make this brand the number one choice as it appeals and works well for teens and adults. They are a perfect board for all that want to enjoy skating and doing all activities of longboarding with ease.

If you have used a longboard that didn't meet your satisfaction, I think it’s time to change and get a new experience with this one. As a beginner, you don't have trouble with how to make moves and get a good balance with this board.

If you are just learning, it is good for all style riding and can take you through hard grounds. For professional riders that need something cool to hop on, it is also a very good one to use. A lot of skaters have reviewed the brand and have great things to say about it. They are one of the coolest budget high-quality boards to go with.

If you want a gift for your kids and you hope for the best, but with a low budget, you can go for it. Chrome wheels complete Longboard is a full double kick board with a concave design that comes with varieties of colors. It is available for beginners and pros that want to do tricks, ride long and perform stunts.


This is one of the best brands with a good price for a low budget. They help you save your pocket while giving you the best ride ever. The price ranges from $55 to $65.

Design and riding experience

Chrome wheels complete skateboard is designed for all level riders. It is ideal for both beginners and pro riders. It comes with a pattern that is appealing to sight, and the stable construction makes it suitable for a good ride. The wheels are made of anti-shock materials which makes every ride comfortable. It comes as a complete package that is already assembled.

Final verdict

Chrome wheels complete Longboard is known as a good brand and one that is good for both genders. It is good for cruising and for downhill, for expert riders and beginners.

If you ever need to make the choice of colors that will suit your style, you have many options from this brand. The price is affordable for all income earners. This longboard is a good one for all age groups. I recommend it for your use and also as a gift for your teens. You can make a purchase now!

  • High-quality thick aluminum trucks
  • Affordable price
  • It has a cool pattern that appeals to sight
  • It gives a very good ride with anti-shock wheels
  • beginners
  • Suitable for a smooth surface and rough grounds
  • No assembled require once purchased
  • Not recommended for beginners


Wheels 100mm 78A (Super high rebound urethane)
Bearings rubber shielded ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant
Material maple wood
Color woody

If you are a seasoned longboarder looking for a new challenge or a novice, that is looking for a board that will roll over anything or a campus cruiser that doesn't want to step on the ground with feet, you have a ground with Atom all-Terrain longboard. It is made with a top-notch high rebound urethane which makes them very fast in terms of speed. You can save a lot of stress with this board as it comes with a lot that makes longboarding very easy for users.

I have had ugly times before now as a result of bad board usage and if you have fallen in the same shoes, know that you can get helped with this board. This brand has been in existence for a long time and they have a good name for the people. A lot of skateboarders and longboarders prefer their boards to the others. When it comes to price, they are affordable, and in terms of quality, they offer one of the best. The board has high durability and can stand the test of time. All the parts of the board come with high quality and easy to use, plus high comfort.

Whether you have a smooth surface to ride on or rough ground, Atom all-Terrain longboard will carry you through without hassle. The board is designed to have good speed, a balanced wheel, and a comfortable ride. It is excellent for all-level riders and good for kids as well.


  • Wheels: 100mm 78A (Super high rebound urethane)
  • Bearings: rubber shielded ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Super coarse grip tape
  • Material makeup is maple
  • Color is woody

Design and riding experience

Atom all-Terrain longboard has a good design that is catchy and good for all age groups. If you want to show your personality with your longboard, you can look deep to see if you would customize one to what you want. It comes in a plain woody color that most skaters prefer.

If you have stickers that you want to design your board with, you can go ahead and make the pattern you want. Atom all-Terrain longboard gives a good feel to the ride. It can go through bumps without giving a shock.


The price ranges from $88 to $100. This is a good budget for all that want a good board with a comfortable deck.

Final verdict

There are times you calculate some grounds and feel you can hit your face on the ground if you dare to skate over them, but with Atom all-Terrain longboard, you can skate over any ground. It is best for all beginners and pro riders. It is also best to be given as a gift to any skater that your heart goes with. You can make a purchase directly from here with the link provided above and forget about the market hassle.

  • The wheels give the rider confidence to ride
  • It is quite affordable for all income earners
  • It has a good grip
  • The size of the deck is balance
  • It is highly durable
  • It can ride over any surface and anything
  • It is not a good one for skaters that love multi-color boards