Most Comfortable Skate Shoes (Popular with Arch Support)

Skateboarding is a thrilling sport but there is some danger involved. To enjoy the sport to the fullest while avoiding injury, you need to have the right gear. You need to carefully choose a good skateboard for the game. However, as important as getting the right skateboard is, buying the right shoes to go with it is even more important.

The most comfortable and durable skate shoes should offer ample support, maintain a board feel, fit snugly and be very cozy. We have many options for you to select from in this article, so keep reading to get the full list.

Why Do You Need Comfortable Skate Shoes?

Many argue that they can go skating wearing any kind of shoes they want. This is true but not ideal. You will not enjoy your ride, maintain balance properly, or even safely perform tricks if you are wearing the wrong shoes. There are several skateboarding shoes in the market for this reason. Factors like grip, board feel, and shock absorption will significantly improve when you are skating in proper shoes. Most importantly, you can prevent injuries by avoiding unnecessary accidents when you are in the right shoes on your board.

Comfortable skate shoes will completely change your skating experience. You will never go back to regular shoes after trying them once. Many brands in the industry have done an extensive research to develop some excellent options for different kinds of skateboarders.

Most Comfortable Skate Shoes (Popular with Arch Support)

We’re going to look at 7 of the most comfortable skate shoes that you can buy right now. They can all be purchased online or in-store, depending on which store you prefer. After testing them, we compiled this list so it will be easy for you to pick out the right one!

Best Skate Shoes (Wide Feet)

Lakai Cambridge most durable skate shoes

Lakai Cambridge skateboarding shoes Review

After 3 weeks of skateboarding Lakai Cambridge is good. yes, they are really really good. Actually so comfortable that the first time I put my feet into the shoes I was like oh damn hurting my feet into clouds that’s how comfortable they are. One of my favorite things about Lakai is I am able to skate pretty well on them. They have a great flick I love the way Lakai feels for kickflips. 

But I didn’t find this modal a little bit lacking for heelflips. If I didn’t have a steep kick or steep concave then I found that the heel didn’t grab very nicely but was still manageable obviously. Another unique thing about these shoes and I think it has to do with the design of this sole. It seems to not make a screeching sound on the heel drags. Overall I enjoyed these shoes they were incredibly comfortable right off the bat. I love the style and I love the feel. 

Lakai Cambridge consists of mixed materials including suede mesh and perforated synthetic leather giving a shoe a modern look without forfeiting that vintage vibe. This mix of contemporary and classic keeps the shoe from being pigeonholed into a specific look catching the eye of minimalists. Lakia Cambridge has been paired with a paramount outsole.


Adidas 3ST-003- casual skate shoes


Material suede and fabric
Weight 2lbs
Cost $74 to $108

Fresh from the professional team at Adidas Skateboard is the 3ST-003 sneakers. This next-level design features the classic feel of the super brand and some more.

Available in black and burgundy colors, these fashionable skate shoes are stylish yet functional. It features a soft fold-down tongue for comfort, regular laces, and gum rubber cup soles for great grip.

Design and User Experience

The sneakers are made from high-quality suede material and a knit quarter. This combination ensures durability plus breathability.

I feel it is finished off with reinforced stitching and a beautiful gum rubber wrap that enhances the silhouette and overall aesthetics of the shoes. If you are looking for comfort, these sneakers are one of the most comfortable skate shoes you can find. They may feel tight on the first day but will loosen up to fit your feet after some days.

Final Verdict

These shoes do not only look great, but they can also take a regular beating. You can wear them every day for regular activities and casual skating and they will not give up on you.

Many skateboarders designate their ugly shoes with numerous scuff marks for skating. However, with these comfortable skating shoes, there will not be any visible difference for months.

  • Shows little wear and tear after extensive use.
  • Flat arches do not cause any pain.
  • Some breaking in time is required.
  • Insoles are quite large.


Nike AQ7475-001- proper skate shoes


Material suede
Weight 1.85lbs
Cost $64 to $219

If you like to skate in fashion and comfort, get these SB Zoom Janoski sneakers from Nike. From the first wear, these shoes don’t feel like you are breaking them in and it only gets more comfortable as you go. This is the kind of stylish comfort we are used to seeing from Nike. You cannot go wrong skating in these fashionable lace-up sneakers.

Design and User Experience

The outsole and upper part of these sneakers are fused with vulcanized construction. I feel his vulcanized construction makes them very flexible and is responsible for the super comfortable broken-in feel. The sock liner is infused with a Zoom Air unit to give responsive cushioning.

With these shoes, you will enjoy great grip and traction because of the tacky gum outsoles. As you walk and skate in these shoes, it expands and contracts in all directions to give consistent flick and enhance the board feel.

Final Verdict

You are going to enjoy every dollar spent on these skateboarding shoes. This pair of shoes delivers style, comfort, and durability in every weather. They are by far the most comfortable Nike skate shoes we have come across and we guarantee they will not disappoint.

  • These shoes are made to last. Top-notch stitching is used throughout.
  • Stylish for skating and everyday wear.
  • Some breaking in time is required.


Osiris Men’s Relic- most comfortable skate shoes for walking

Osiris Men’s Relic Shoe

Material leather
Cost $34 to $91
Weight 0.03lbs

Osiris has been changing the game of comfortable shoes for a while and they surely delivered again with these Relic Shoes.

The top brand has delivered one of the most comfortable and durable skate shoes on a budget to prove you can look great and feel happy without spending a ton of money.

Design and User Experience

These shoes are constructed from 100% synthetic leather. This material is strong for durability and yet affordable. The iconic design features several high abrasion areas that enhance durability.

For additional support and comfort of the wearer, the tongue and collar are soft, lightweight, and padded. These shoes are available in different neutral colors.

Final Verdict

All materials used in the construction of these comfortable sneakers are high quality. This delivers a very durable and fashionable pair of shoes with reinforced stitching. The shoes are solid and will hardly show signs of wear even after months of use. You can wear them for skating, walking, motor racing, and even for music concerts.

  • Very safe gummy soles.
  • Durable shoes with superior stitching.
  • You cannot slip on and off. You must undo the laces first.


SKDOIUL- supportive skate shoes

SKDOIUL Fashion Sport Sneakers

Material leather
Weight 1.1lbs
Cost $38-$40

The most comfortable skate shoes do not have to look boring. If you love fashion and style but also want to skate in comfort, try these sports sneakers from SKDOIUL. These sneakers are made for high-quality fashion leather that shines all day long. They are available in different bright colors too.

Design and User Experience

These leather sneakers are constructed with a breathable technique to promote airflow and increase comfort. The body design doesn’t only look nice, it is very soft and comfortable too. The non-slip outsoles are made with high-quality rubber and have extra flexibility.

Skateboarders with skinny feet will find these shoes are the perfect fit without going one or two sizes above their normal size. The laces may be a bother to get on and off but they are easy to insert and manipulate since they are rounded laces. These shoes have hard soles featuring an amazing grip to keep you safe as you maneuver your tricks on the skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you don’t want a bland pair of shoes for skating, you can have maximum visual enjoyment with this pair of skate shoes. These shoes are breathable, lightweight, cushioned, and highly flexible with just enough board feel. They are suitable for skateboarding, running, walking, playing tennis, and simple everyday occasions.

  • Very fashionable.
  • Has sturdy outsoles.
  • Hard soles.
  • Made for skinny feet.


MAIZUN- mid top skate shoes

SKDOIUL Fashion Sport Sneakers

Material canvas
Weight 1.1lbs
Cost $18 to $33

MAIZUN has another stylish skate shoe option for all our fashion lovers. These shoes are one of the most comfortable skate shoes for walking and the perfect gift item for your friend who loves to skate. You can enjoy your casual skating in style and comfort with these high fashion lace-up skate shoes. Because they look so good, you can transition from skating at the park to a night out with friends without having to change your shoes.

Design and User Experience

Casual skateboarders will enjoy the most use of these canvas skate shoes. Since the material is not as durable as suede or leather, they are not the best for heavy use but will work excellently for casual use. However, these shoes offer maximum breathability and are very lightweight because of the material.

Final Verdict

These shoes fit perfectly and look so good you won’t even know they are skate shoes. If you skate to work in these, you do not have to carry a different pair of shoes to change into when you get to the office. These skate shoes are lightweight and elegant. A good choice for casual skaters on a budget who want the best of fashion and style.

  • Very nice and stylish.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • The insole is a bit uncomfortable.


Vans SK8-Hi- good skate shoes


Material canvas and suede
Weight 2.1lbs
Cost $89 to $125

Some skaters will not buy shoes if they are not high tops. We have included this super comfortable high-top style from Vans for all of you in that category. These legendary lace-up, high-top sneakers are inspired by the original old-school vans fashion.

The sneakers are made for canvas material and finished with a suede upper for extra durability. The classic waffle outsole from Vans is featured in this design.

Design and User Experience

Your entire foot will be comfortable as the padded and supportive ankle design cushions the inside. The white soles contrasting against the black body design are sharp and beautiful. Take note that you might be in for regular maintenance to keep this looking clean. Also, wear dark-colored socks with these shoes to avoid staining.

Final Verdict

These shoes are on the high-end side, but they are worth it. The quality can be seen from the material to the sole design and the superior durable stitching technique.

Everyone at the skate park will know you are serious about the game when you show up in these shoes. Be rest assured you will not need another pair of skate shoes for years when you buy these comfortable and durable high-top sneakers.

  • Wonderful stitching.
  • Very sturdy skate shoes.
  • If you wear light-colored socks, they can get stained inside these shoes.
  • Requires high maintenance to remain clean.


Adidas- longest lasting skate shoes


Material synthetic suede
Weight 1.6lbs
Cost $19 to $147

No matter how serious you are about sports, you will have to leave the sports field for real life sometimes. Why not do it in grand style and comfort with the Adidas originals Seeley Sneakers? We don’t expect anything less than excellent from Adidas and they did not disappoint this time. The Seeley Sneakers draw on Adidas’ heritage channeled for skateboarding. They are meant for skating, but these shoes can be used in many other scenarios.

Design and User Experience

These skate shoes are sold in more than twenty colors making room for every kind of skateboarder to discover their unique style. The upper design is constructed with top-quality abrasion-resistant suede material for extensive use.

The inner is lined with textile to keep your feet in comfort whether you are riding your skateboard or simply walking. You can see the Adidas style featured here represented by the classic three stripes and trefoil logo.

Final Verdict

Getting Original Adidas shoes that fit snugly and are specifically made for skateboarding is priceless. That is why we’re sure you will enjoy every dollar spent on these sneakers.

The cup soles are made of gripping rubber to help you stay safe while you stunt at the skatepark. This is one of the most comfortable Adidas skate shoes for many reasons including style and comfort.

  • Very stylish.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • The soles hug your feet while you skate.
  • Has a squeaking sound before they are properly broken in.
  • Makes a pop sound like a suction cup when you walk on wet surfaces.
  • The insoles cannot be removed.


WHITIN- skate shoe with arch support


Material fabric
Weight 0.85lbs
Cost $36 to $39

If you are looking for versatility, get these most comfortable skate shoes for walking from WHITIN. The name is not a joke, this is a minimalist barefoot sneaker. No matter how many shoes you have tried, these breathable knit skate shoes will be the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn. They make you feel protected and yet as if you are walking on bare ground.

Design and User Experience

Even though these shoes have laces, they are elastic and that makes them double as lace-up and slip-on shoes. You will enjoy all-day maximum comfort in these slip-on shoes because of the in-built arch support. The design features zero drops, non-elevated soles for balance and posture. Because this sneaker is made from knit fabric, it is super lightweight.

  • They fit snugly like a hug.
  • Extremely comfortable shoes.
  • Very beautiful design for a cheap minimalist shoe.
  • They are not extremely durable.
  • Your feet can get sore if you are not used to zero drops.


DC Men’s Court Graffik- popular skate shoes


Material leather
Weight 1.1lbs
Cost $42 to $140

For maximum cushioned protection on and off the board, go for DC’s Court Graffik skate shoes. These sneakers are tailor-made from leather and have mesh holes on the top to enhance breathability.

Design and User Experience

Roomy enough for breathing yet snug enough for support, these skate shoes are fantastic for wide feet. You can throw them on with some dress jeans and go out with your friends or wear them to hit excellent ollies at the skate park.

If you don’t mind a little bulk on your skate shoes, you will love these for a padded feel and they are great for walking and running too.

Final Verdict

These sneakers do not disappoint as one of the most comfortable skate shoes for walking. Overall, they look nice and feel comfortable. These shoes will last for years, especially if you are not a heavy skater. We recommend going a full size larger when you place your order as these sneakers tend to run small.

  • Very durable.
  • The perfect solution if you have wide feet.
  • You only need one day to break these in.
  • The laces are too long and flat.
  • Sizes run small.


Adidas 3ST-004- cool skate shoes


Material suede and leather
Weight 3lbs
Cost $48 to $150

Another one of our most comfortable Adidas skate shoes is the 3ST-004. With a sleek low-profile design, these skateboarding shoes are built for the game and made to last. The classic three stripe detail identifies these shoes as original Adidas design. The no-bulk geo-fit tongue design stays out like it should for added comfort and style.

Design and User Experience

These performance-driven Adidas sneakers will help you take your skateboarding to new heights. The upper material is a blend of leather and suede while the inner lining is a soft textile material. The midsoles have boost cushioning for extra comfort. You will enjoy added stability with the molded heel clip on this design. The outsoles are made of grippy rubber for traction and a good board feels.

Final Verdict

You can start skating with these sneakers straight out of the box. They are so comfortable you might feel like you are wearing pillows for shoes. These shoes also look as good as they feel and are built to last. You should add them to your collection if you are big on comfortable skateboarding shoes.

  • The tongue stays out as it should.
  • Feels like pillows on your feet with just enough board feel.
  • The sleek design is very attractive.
  • Ready to skate right out of the box.
  • The stitching could be a bit more robust.
  • Feels a little tight around the toes and laces.


What To Consider Before Buying Comfortable Skate Shoes?

Whether you are a complete novice or expert skateboarder, you should carefully consider the following points before buying skate sneakers.

Durability: low durability sneakers mean quick damage and money gone down the drain. Nobody wants that. To get the most durable kicks, only choose shoes with good cover material and strong outsoles. The type of stitching on the shoes also matters. Reinforced triple stitching is the best to ensure your shoes do not split during use. It is good to consider fashion but do not sacrifice durability for fashion or you might regret it.

Style: your riding style will dictate the style of sneakers you choose. Vulcanized sneakers, like most comfortable Nike skate shoes, have great grip, are lightweight but are not very cushioned. On the other hand, cup soles are heavily padded and can absorb more shock, but they have to sacrifice lightweight for this.

Comfort: if you are reading this post, maximum comfort is your number one priority in good skate shoes. We agree with you. Your entire skateboarding experience will be affected by how comfortable or not your shoes are. Comfort means adequate padding for cushioning that is still breathable, so you do not feel hot. That padding should be just enough that you can still feel your skateboard under your feet. You will feel very confident and secure wearing comfy sneakers while skating.

Protection: comfort, style, and durability are important, but your skateboard should also protect your feet. Some of the most comfortable skate shoes for walking have some of these comfy additions:

  • Double heel cushioning for extra heel protection. Vulcanized skate shoes usually have this cushioning for impact absorption and comfort.
  • Your sneakers should have lightweight midsoles with PU or EVA foam. The foam releases air bubbles when you press down your feet and refills again when you lift off.
  • A thick heel cover will keep your sneakers from flying off and causing an accident during tricky maneuvers.

Fit: only go for skate kicks in your perfect size. If the shoes you wear on the skateboard are too loose or too tight, you will feel uncomfortable and most likely get injured. Take note that different brands have different sizes. Some run small while others fit perfectly. For the perfect fit, leave just enough room for your foot and your socks.

Grip: all the best skate shoes have a flat profile and rubber soles for grip. This feature is usually gum rubber grip and will help your feet hug the skateboard when you cruise. Make sure the kicks you choose have an excellent grip for better attachment.

Type of feet: last but not least, consider your type of feet. Many skate sneakers are made for general foot size. However, if you have small, wide, or narrow feet, take a closer look to make sure the kicks you are considering were designed for your kind of feet. For this reason, we recommend that you walk into a store and try on your favorite options before making an actual purchase.

What Are The Most Comfortable Skates Made Of?

If you are asking, ‘what are the most comfortable skates made of?’, you are not alone. You do not have to wonder anymore because we have the detailed answer ready for you. There are three main types of materials used in constructing skate shoes.

Leather: full-grain leather is gotten from the hide of animal skin and is very durable. You will get a good shine from it and it can take a good beating without looking easily worn. However, you will have challenges performing good flip tricks with shoes made from this leather and they do not have an excellent grip. Full-grain leather is also expensive. An alternative is synthetic leather which is cheaper but not as strong.

Canvas: this is a textile material used to make comfortable skateboarding shoes with zero cruelty to animals. If you are a team vegan, you should consider this material instead of leather. Canvas is surely not as tough as leather, but it is still durable. The reduced weight from the textile and increased breathability make canvas an attractive option for casual skateboarders.

Suede: most skate shoes are made from suede especially because of their toughness. This material is stretchy and soft. It tends to expand and get more comfortable with each wear. If the entire shoe isn’t made from suede, you can make sure the suede covers the highest stress points like your toe caps and ollie area.

Depending on your personal preference, you can find comfortable skate shoes made from any of these materials. We have reviewed options in all three materials so you can make a good choice no matter your preference. Get into those reviews below to get started.

What are the Best Shoes For Skating And How Prevent Wear And Tear?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all for skateboarding shoes. When you walk into a store, the question ‘what are the best shoes for skating’ will have one answer for you and a different answer for the next customer. Every skater has unique needs and must select their skate shoes with those needs in mind. With that said, we strongly recommend you make a selection from the exhaustive list of comfortable skate shoes we have reviewed in this post.

  1. Wear and tear happen naturally, so there is no real way to stop it completely. However, there are ways to help the process happen slower. To make sure your skate shoes live long, we have arranged some helpful wear and tear tips for you.
  2. Always tie up your laces neatly to avoid tripping on them. Loose laces may look cool but the trouble that comes with them is not worth it. The interior and outsoles of your shoes will last longer when you trip less.
  3. Properly tie and untie your laces when putting your shoes on and off respectively. Don’t slip your skate shoes off with the laces tied or your heel reinforcement, padding and the seams of your shoes will spoil fast.
  4. Bad weather can be damaging to your shoes, so make sure to weatherproof them before riding in bad weather.
  5. Because part of your shoelaces will inevitably come in contact with the grip tape on your skateboard, we recommend the use of adhesive. Apply some glue to the exposed area so your shoelaces don’t fray and tear. You can also use some adhesive on your textile-covered skate shoes.
  6. The stability and shape of your comfortable skate shoes will be preserved when you air out your shoes after intensive use. This will also help to prevent unpleasant odor.
  7. When cleaning your shoes, avoid the use of harsh detergents that contain acetone, alcohol, and similar products. Such cleaning agents can damage the waterproofing, adhesives, and color of your skate shoes.
  8. We know some manufacturers claim their shoes are washable in the washing machine but we strongly advise against this type of cleaning. With this method, your skate shoes may look clean on the outside, but the padding, adhesives, and coating can be completely ruined. Avoid this to avoid deforming the beauty and comfort of your skate shoes.

Also, consider the following cleaning and care tips for your skate kicks.

Use a damp cloth and a soft brush to clean your skate shoes. With this method, you will not put too much pressure on your shoes and they can look good for longer.

Use clear water or mild soap to clean the outsoles of your sneakers.

When using a rag to clean, make dabbing rather than rubbing motions. This will avoid pushing dirt from the surface into the lining of your skate shoes. Make sure to follow this tip if you have textile or vulcanized finished shoes.

You don’t have to ash your skate sneakers after every use. Regular wet wipes can clean off daily dust and dust you may have gathered from the street.


You cannot argue with the fact that buying the most comfortable and durable skate shoes will transform your skating experience and reduce your risk of accidents. Since every skater wants to have a complete and joyous experience on the board, we know you will make the right choice to purchase a pair of comfortable skate kicks today. If you already have some good skate shoes and want to add to your collection, you will still find terrific options on this most comfortable skate shoes review post.

Whether you will buy your skate sneakers in a store or online, make sure to keep the points we have discussed into consideration as you select. Apart from your preference, the manufacturer’s warranty and your budget are also important points to think about before making your final decision. Share this valuable information with a friend and maybe you can enjoy shopping together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need comfortable skateboarding shoes?

Yes, you do. If you skate often, they are even necessary. Some professionals in the game can manage kickflips in just about any type of shoe, but we recommend getting the right skate shoes, especially if you are just starting. If you are planning to purchase your first pair of skate sneakers, we recommend starting with budget-friendly options, so you are not overwhelmed by the high-end prices of some of the best options.

How long do skate shoes last?

Generally, the frequency and severity of use will determine the lifespan of your skateboarding shoes. The quality of your skateboard’s grip tape will also contribute to how long your shoes last. Ultimately, your skateboard shoes will wear and tear faster if

1: You do kickflips and ollies all day long.

2: The grip tape on your skateboard is brand new.

3: Your skate shoes are not made from sturdy fabric.

Do skate shoes make a difference?

The simple answer is yes. Skate shoes make a world of difference but not everyone on the market is good enough for you. Skateboarding is a popular sport so big brands like Nike, Vans, and Adidas are also designing amazing skate snickers. This is a great way to pick the best options in a market full of options. We are not saying these brands have exclusivity in making good skate shoes. We have some amazing budget options on this list. Ultimately, don’t select shoes according to budget but consider the six points discussed above.

Are skateboard shoes okay for walking?

There is no significant difference between walking shoes and skate shoes. Your skateboarding shoes can double as walking shoes and many walking shoes will work for skating. Be careful to note the qualities of your walking shoes before attempting to skate with them. However, some of the most comfortable skate shoes for walking are great versatile options that you should strongly consider buying.

You can also visit our youtube channel for detailed reviews. I and my team used most of the best skateboard shoes. According to our experience, we review on above products. 

How To Make Skate Shoes More Comfortable?

A rule of thumb is to always try wearing skate shoes with thick socks first and when you get more comfortable, wear them with regular socks. Laces mustn’t be too loose or too tight. The best way to get comfortable is by using them for walks at first. A walk of 20 minutes or so daily will get your feet used to the shoes, after which you can increase the duration of your walks. They will get comfortable with regular use so make sure you use them every day, even multiple times a day if you can. If they still are uncomfortable, a little bit of heat can be applied to break them in a bit. You can use a hairdryer for this purpose. After heating, walk around in the shoes to stretch them out. The more you do this, the better your shoes will feel.

Why Do Skate Shoes Have Big Tongues?

Skate shoes usually have bid padded areas – like tongues, heels, side walls, etc. – to prevent any serious injury from happening while skateboarding. Padded areas add more comfort to your feet while skateboarding. This allows you to skateboard without having to worry about getting injured.

What Are The Benefits Of Skate Shoes?

One of the benefits of skateboarding shoes is that they are specially designed to have vulcanized soles. These shoes are lightweight and come with grippy soles. These characteristics allow greater flexibility of movement and better agility, helping you to maintain good posture and perform quick maneuvers. Also, skateboarding shoes are made to give you a better feel of the board, allowing you to skate to the fullest and give you better control of your skateboard.

Is It Okay To Dry Shoes In The Sun? 

Usually, the best practice is to dry shoes in an area that is airy and dry. Exposing your skateboarding shoes to direct sunlight might accelerate wear and tear sooner than expected. So it’s a good idea to dry your shoes indoors. You can use a big fan or your refrigerator to hasten the drying process. Also, drying your skateboarding indoors will make sure your shoes hold their shape and also maintain their appearance. You can also put your shoes in the dryer, but that might cause them to shrink a bit.

How Do You Dry Wet Skateboarding Shoes Without Them Smelling?

Paper sheets or newspapers work well to soak excess water from your wet skateboarding shoes. You need to wrap the shoes with newspapers or paper sheets and secure them using rubber bands to keep them in place. The newspapers not only soak up the water but also any unwanted smell that might be present. To make the process quicker, you can place the shoes in front of a large fan or use a gadget like a hair dryer. A hairdryer will help remove water as well as make your shoe odor-free. In addition to using a fan or hairdryer, you can wrap a few sheets of newspaper around the shoes and secure them with a rubber band for extra support.

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