Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads & Streets (Asphalt)

Everyone wants a good skateboard with the best features that make a great transportation Skateboard to avoid stress on the parts. If you have rough roads to deal with, then you certainly should think of the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads.

The wheel is the most important part of the skateboard after the deck. You can buy a board that will give you a comfortable ride but the wheels will hinder how fast you can go or how smooth the journey will be. To avoid a daunting market in search of the best wheels, I will provide you a quick overview of what wheels to go for that will come with quality, ease your time, and pocket.

You don’t need more than one person to help you clear the doubt of what wheels to use for rough roads and now that you are here, you can relax and follow this guide to get the best wheels that will make your transportation easy on rough roads. Since I have been through the same pressure and stress of the skateboard market, I’m not gonna let you go through the same process if you would allow me.

Whether you are a beginner that wants quality and reliable skateboard wheels or a professional skater that needs good wheels for rough roads, you will find the best help here. You can buy any of the wheels that meet your budget once the recommendation is good!

Top Rated Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads?

We will review the top 8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Rough Roads. We conducted some research and asked around skateboarders who frequent rough roads in order to choose the right one for your needs. On our list is what we believe are some of the leading manufacturers and their best models, including details about their suitability and who they would be perfect for.

  1. Spitfire Formula Wheels For Rough Streets
  2. Hawgs Chubby Wheels
  3. Bones Wheel
  4. Shark Wheels For Sidewalks
  5. Freedare 58mm Wheels For Bumpy Roads
  6. Ricta Clouds Wheels
  7. CCS Good Roads Wheels
  8. MBS All-terrain Wheels

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street 

Spitfire Formula- Best Wheels For Rough Streets

SPITFIRE FORMULA- Best Wheels For Rough Streets

You must have heard great things about Spitfire formula four wheels as one of the best. It has a good name for skaters that love commuting on all terrains. They are one of the brands that offer high-quality wheels that last long and give a comfortable ride to the user.

With the interest of beginners and professionals in mind, they provide quality wheels that can take down rocky and uneven roads. If you feel your road is too rough and a skateboard might give you a headache of bumps, you just met one of the best wheels to conquer that.

The brand has been in existence for some time now and with the quality they provide, they have outshined many brands that have been in the market. Their wheels are durable and have a great feel on the road.

They give the best experience to all riders that skate with it. Their price is affordable to all income earners and one that can be used by both adults and children for rough road commuting.


  • Diameter is 99A
  • The width is 54mm
  • Polyurethane material
  • Smart off white color
  • Weight of 14.4 ounces


It comes in a price range of $40 to $45. This is very good for a great wheel for rough roads. It comes in good color and weight so you don’t have to bother about carrying it.


It is designed for rocky and uneven roads with a diameter of 99A which is very good as a soft wheel for skating for a short or long distance. It comes in a white color which pleases the eyes and is smart to use. It is ideal for rocky and uneven terrains.

Why it is the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

  • It has a very high diameter of 99A which compare to others is very high and good for rough roads
  • It has a weight of 14.4 ounces which doesn’t make the skateboard too heavy to carry for both children and adult
  • It is perfect for beginners and professional skaters on rough roads and downhill with the accuracy of the wheels and bearing
  • Affordable price and good for low budget
  • Smart color that makes a bright ride for all users

Final verdict

My say to this wheel is a yes! You can go on to buy one for yourself or get one for your friend as a gift. It is one of the best wheels out there that will save you the cost to take you a long time to replace. The durability is high and it makes a great skateboard for both beginners and expert riders on rough roads. Since you trust me on this, you can buy now and save the time and cost of not being able to get one later. Place your order now!



Hawgs Chubby- Best Wheels For Sidewalks

Hawgs Chubby- Best All-terrain Skateboard Wheels

The problem most people have is not just a wheel that can plow rough roads, but one that can provide a fast ride at that. Hawgs chubby wheels have proven to help cover that part. They are the perfect wheel for any terrain.

They ride on rough roads giving the rider a balanced movement and quality ride that don’t show the uneven grounds. They can ride over hard dirt and rocky grounds with ease.

Rough pavement is no problem with these wheels. Made to be wide contact patches, they allow riders to slide when needed. They are made with a strong ground finish that delivers a smooth ride.


  • Diameter of 78A
  • Width of 60mm
  • The contact patch of 40mm


It comes in a price range of $35 to $40. It is one of the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads at a small price. It is a good one for a small budget.


If you love wheels that come in a variety of colors and small sizes, you have Hawgs chubby wheels. They have great colors that are appealing to the eyes and also small in size compared to other rough road wheels. It comes with a bone bearing and a stoneground finish that made it remain so all its life. It is designed to be soft but not too soft for a perfect speed on rough grounds.


  • It comes at an amazing price. If you are on a low budget, you can still have good wheels with it.
  • It is made with an offset core position that makes it versatile
  • It is perfect for any longboard that is balanced for a free ride
  • It is good for both children and adult
  • It is good for beginners and professional rough road skaters
  • It can ride through any bump and give a very good slide
  • The weight is good for easy carrying of the board
  • It has great color variation to choose from

Final verdict

These wheels can slide consistently and have a good speed, it also has many features that make it the best for all rough road riders. It gives a smooth ride for both children and adults. I recommend it for you to keep a good wheel that will last you longer and help you commute on rough roads without any hassle. You can place an order for one now.



Bones- best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads 

Bones- best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads 

Bones is one of the best brands that have the heart of the people. It comes with a unique color that makes all users happy and quick sight their skateboard anywhere. They are known for quality service and give durable wheels that are perfect for transportation.

Their selection for the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads is based on the urethane products they are made of and the diameter of the wheels. They have made a name and hold good quality in the market for all skaters.

Bone’s wheel has a design color of yellow and this is what many people like when it comes to the color of wheels. It features ATF (All-Terrain Formula) which makes it suitable for rough roads. It is made from polyurethane which makes it soft and good for transportation on rough roads.

It comes with a long-lasting skateboard action. It has an 80A diameter and 80A durometer which makes it reliable for speed and durability. As a beginner or expert that want a reliable skateboard wheel, the Bone’s wheel is the best for you. You can confidently ride on it and feel less stressed in uneven terrains.


  • Weight of 16 ounces
  • Polyurethane
  • Yellow color
  • 80A diameter
  • 80A durometer
  • ATF (All-Terrain Formula) wheel


The price varies between $ 45to $49.


  • It features ATF which is one of the first formulas that makes a wheel worth going for. ATF wheels are excellent for rough roads, no matter where you are going, it will take you there in a comfortable ride.
  • It is made of polyurethane which is best for a soft wheel that will take down any rough road
  • The diameter 80A is high which makes it great for a good speed spread for the kind of road it plows
  • It gives a smooth skateboard action for riders of all class
  • It has a very good grip
  • It has a very bright color that makes it appealing to sight, with a great design on the sides

Final verdict

You remember what to look out for in the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads right? If you check through the material makeup and the diameter, you will see that they are great. The price is also a good one to go with without emptying the pocket. If you are on a low budget, you should be able to go with this. My say is yes to Bone’s wheel for you! You can order one now and get quick delivery.


  • It can maintain its resilience.
  • They have nice graphics and designs.
  • Great on stairs and for doing reverts and different slides.
  • Have a hard plastic core to keep bearings securely in place.


  • Quite expensive.


Shark- Wheels For Sidewalks

Shark- Wheels For Sidewalks

These wheels are an advanced modification of the classic longboard. They are well-shaped and designed, which makes them suitable to be ridden on dirt paths and gravel. They are available in 54mm and 60mm diameters. The durometer is rated 78a.

Unlike the usual wheels that are round in shape, they have a squared appearance. Thus, you might have a misguiding appearance that they won’t roll. But these wheels have faster acceleration and high rolling abilities than regular wheels.

Provide smooth rides, even in unpleasant territories. They are anti-coning. The shark wheels have been tried to last longer when used for transportation. They are designed to move in a wavy manner, thereby clearing away anything resisting its movement.


  • Great for rough surfaces or terrains and wet conditions.
  • High-speed acceleration.
  • High stability.
  • More grip compared to other wheels.
  • Greater traction and sliding control.
  • Perfect for rain and graveled surfaces.
  • They have smoother surfaces than the typical wheels.
  • More speed with less friction and little effort.
  • Have less rolling resistance.
  • Have firmer contact with the grounds.


  • They have less weight and are lighter than the typical wheels.
  • Very quiet and makes less noise.
  • Available in variations of colors and arts.
  • Are long-lasting.


  • They do not come with bearings.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • They may get dirty quickly.


Freedare 58mm- Best Wheels For Bumpy Roads

Freedare 58mm- Wheels For Pavement

The freedare skateboard wheels are great cruiser boards. They have a diameter of 58mm and a width of 45mm. They come with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers which are installed on the wheels.

The durometer is rated 82a. The wheels are soft and suitable for rough surfaces. The bearing steel is lubricated, which makes it better in speed and durability. They are smooth-riding wheels of excellent quality.

The bearing steel is lubricated. Thus, it is much better in speed and durability. They have great and smooth-rolling. Durability: The Freedare skateboard wheels are very durable and will last a long time.


  • They are easy to install.
  • They are quieter on-road than the typical wheels.
  • They are perfect for beginners.
  • Excellent over stony or concrete surfaces.
  • Great with tricks.
  • They have good packaging.
  • Suitable for long-distance riding.
  • Have an exceptional grip on downhill trails.
  • They offer quick and fast acceleration.
  • They are excellent for maintaining speed.
  • Made of high-quality polyurethane,
  • Have remarkable handling.


  • They have an extremely smooth surface.
  • The wheels are soft.
  • They have less friction.
  • These wheels come pre-lubricated.
  • ABEC-7 bearings are pre-installed.


  • These wheels look a little plain compared to others.
  • Not a lot of variety of colors.


Ricta Clouds- Wheels For Asphalt

Ricta Clouds- Wheels For Asphalt

Ricta Cloud Skateboard wheels aren’t your regular wheels. They are super excellent for cruising rugged surfaces and, at the same time, performing like street wheels. This set of four urethane skate wheels rolls best on rough surfaces and terrains. They are available in 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm, and 73mm diameters.

They are also available in different colors. They have a classic wheel shape and are built with high-quality urethane. They are also available in varying degrees of hardness- 78a, 86a, and 92a.

All in one: Ricta Crystal Clouds wheels are perfect for transport, cruiser board usage, and tackling a harsh terrain.


  • Fast and great for tricks: These wheels are super-bouncy and very fast.
  • Slim and lightweight: These make them easy for cruising.
  • Outstanding grip: This set of wheels hold grip very well on metal ramps.
  • Smooth ride: They hit rough pavements more quickly than the regular wheels and give you a perfectly smooth ride.
  • Very smooth surfaces: They have a very smooth surface with a shiny coating.
  • Softer Urethane: This makes them roll best on rougher terrains compared to other wheels.
  • Hard enough for sliding on surfaces.
  • Great for beginners until they gain control needed for harder durometers.
  • Durability: These wheels are made for longevity and durability.
  • Well equipped with adequate bearings.


  • Less noise and vibrations.
  • Lighter and not heavy like the regular street wheels.
  • These wheels have a perfect diameter range.
  • Perfect for maintaining stability.


  • Quite expensive.


CCS Good Roads Wheels

CCS Skateboard Wheels 

CCS Skateboard wheels are trusted and reliable. They are made with the finest quality materials. They have a classic shape and very smooth surfaces.

They are available in varying colors. They are available in diameters- 54mm and 58mm. They are hand-poured, well-shaped, and are guaranteed against defects. The durometer is rated 80a.


  • They are perfect for beginners
  • High speed: These wheels have excellent acceleration.
  • Versatile wheels: They are perfect for sliding, mellow hill-bombing, curb slapping, and pushing.
  • Have smooth and steady rolling.
  • They have very smooth surfaces.
  • They have less friction.
  • They are resistant to flat spots.
  • They have a long-lasting speed.
  • They have an unmatched abrasion.
  • They provide excellent grip on most street surfaces compared to the conventional wheels.
  • Smooth anti-slick slide.
  • Maximal control.
  • Doing flip tricks can be done with less effort.
  • They are well-shaped, which makes them fit for most situations.
  • They are made of high-density urethane.


  • They prevent unwanted flex.
  • They have more traction and stability at high speeds.
  • Lighter and have lesser weight.
  • They are highly suitable for rugged terrains.
  • They are soft and gummy wheels, which makes them perfect for rough surfaces.


  • If you have an interest in the power slide, then you will be dissatisfied.


MBS- Best All-terrain Skateboard Wheels

MBS- Best All-terrain Skateboard Wheels

If you need a wheel that has it all with high tech in the making, you have found it here. This name does resound in the heart of most skateboarders that have been commuting with a skateboard for a long time.

They have a very high quality in the making and also give wheels that skaters that have to do with rough terrains need. If you would make a choice of wheels that will give you a comfortable ride on all grounds whether rough or smooth, you can go with it.

There are times you don’t just use your skateboard in your vicinity alone, you may have to use it in other locations when you travel out, and you need to skate in some areas that are uneven. When you have a skateboard with wheels that can withstand any ground, you will be able to skate at all times.

When you have to deal with smooth grounds or rough roads, you won’t have to pull over and walk with your legs. MBS All Tertian wheels are made with polyurethane and come with the best color variation that you would love. You can make your choice as they have a very good price alongside the quality.

They are one of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads that offers a complete and comfortable riding experience to all users. There is nothing to worry about in the makeup and the design it comes with.

It is highly durable and can rebound. It has a very good grip that keeps you away from bumps and falling off the board. If you are new to skating on rough roads, you can be sure to withstand the process with this wheel.


  • Width 63 mm
  • Diameter 78A
  • Polyurethane
  • Good grip


The price varies from $50 to $69 which is a good price for anyone that wants to have a good experience on a smooth road and a rough road.


A well-designed wheel can never be rejected by riders in any state and this is one thing that gives the wheel an edge. It comes in a good color that is pleasing and big in shape. For a longboard that is new or one that has been in use, the wheels can fit in perfectly.

Why it is the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

  • It comes with a very good price that any income earner can afford
  • It is all-terrain which is good for everyone that might want to skate on any ground. No need to go for different wheels for smooth grounds as they can do the job
  • Highly durable and of high quality
  • It has a high rebound and makes of urethane material skateboard wheels, which makes it very good for rough roads
  • It can be added to any longboard quiver
  • Best for beginners and professional skaters

Final verdicts

MBS All-Terrain wheel is one of the best choices of the people and one that I also go with. The price is affordable and the rebound is great. The wheels are just perfect for children and adult that love to travel with a longboard.

You can use the wheels on your old board or a new one. If you don’t want to be buying multiple wheels for different roads, you can order these wheels now for just the small price it comes with.



Primary requirements To Choose Wheels

Wheels are one of the essential elements of a skateboard. It depends on their speed, the ability to perform stunts, and ride comfort. After all, they are in direct contact with the surface.

There are several basic requirements for wheels – they must be strong, durable, have a good roll, and withstand impacts. Well, it is desirable to have an acceptable cost.

In this case, the choice of wheels for a skate is always a compromise. We want more speed – we lose maneuverability, and we get extra weight also. We want to do tricks – we lose speed and durability.

Therefore, the choice must be approached wisely. Indeed, in the best case, we will lose money, in the worst – health. Even if it doesn’t come to fractures, getting abrasions from a bounced wheel is still unpleasant.

Also, on different types of skateboards, the wheel arrangement is different. Therefore, different wheels have been developed for scooters, which are divided into several types.

Kinds Of Skateboard Wheels

Most skateboards are equipped with classic wheels. But there are other varieties.

  1. Classic. Apply on most skateboards. They have two bearings, can be made of different materials, and have different colors.
  2. Glowing. They are usually purchased for children because they make the ride more interesting. They look especially impressive in the dark. The main thing is to take a proven model because among them a high percentage of marriage.
  3. Rotary. Mounted on a special bracket that allows them to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Independent wheels are used on scooters; on freeboards, they are interlocked with the suspension.
  4. Pneumatic Used on off-road mountainboards. They have a large diameter of 20 cm (200 mm) or more. They absorb shock well because they are pumped up by air. Evil tread rubber tires provide excellent grip on difficult surfaces.
  5. Motor wheels. They are usually also pneumatic. Mounted on electric skateboards and powered by a battery. Not suitable for tricks, as they are large and heavy. Due to the high inertia, they gain speed for a long time and have low maneuverability.

Used for personal electric vehicles, and they cope with this task well.

Criteria of choice Skateboard Wheels

But despite the simple design, classic wheels can vary significantly in performance. This is especially noticeable in cost. Therefore, you need to determine the characteristics.

Typically, the wheels are immediately equipped with two bearings. Therefore, you need to choose only these elements.


One of the main parameters determines the area of ​​use of the wheel. The designation is always indicated on the sidewall in the form of a number and the letter A.

  • 73A-87A. Soft wheels for bad roads. They are used in cruisers and longboards.
  • 88A-95A. Harder, require better quality coating.
  • 96A-99A. Have a good balance between speed and comfort. Most popular among children and adult skaters.
  • 101A and above. Designed for gliding along the railing and edges, suitable only for experienced skaters.

The size

Wheel size affects speed and acceleration. Moreover, the values ​​are inverse to each other. This means that the higher the highest speed, the slower it is typed.

Moreover, the fundamental laws are simple. So, big wheels are more comfortable; they keep speed better. Small ones are more maneuverable. Therefore, the size of the wheels is selected depending on the coverage and riding style.

  • Diameter 54-56 mm. It is applied on an uneven surface, asphalt, or special ramps. They are mainly installed on longboards.
  • 51-53 mm. Used for smooth asphalt without cracks. Suitable for not very difficult tricks.
  • 40-45 mm. Scope – absolutely flat surfaces. You can perform complicated tricks on them.

Please note that the wheels are erased, and their size is reduced. There should be a gap between them and the deck. This is especially important with a soft suspension. If the wheel “bites” at the time of landing, the sensations will not be most pleasant.

And also, do not forget about the width. It lies in the range of 30-42 mm.

Wide wheels are more comfortable and stable, narrow – more maneuverable and better suited for aggressive riding.


This is part of the wheel, therefore, part of the skate. They are classified by manufacturing accuracy: from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9. The most accurate – 9, but also the most expensive. They are installed on high-speed models for experienced riders.

Despite the prestige, children are not recommended to use such bearings. They are expensive. Also, do not forget about safety – until the child learns to ride well, it is not worth developing high speeds.

But note, ABEC-9 cannot be cheap. And also, the well-known manufacturer ABEC-3 can be faster than the nameless ABEC-9.

Some bearings may have a metal membrane on one side. When disassembling, it is better not to touch it. Such a bearing should be directed at you, that is, the unprotected side inside the wheel.


When choosing, the material is also essential, since the wheels are made from different raw materials.

  1. Polyurethane. They are reliable, have a long service life. Deservedly they are the most popular among skaters; some do not even recommend taking wheels from another material.
  2. PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Characteristics are slightly worse, which affects the price.
  3. Rubber. They cushion well, have excellent grip, but do not tolerate temperature extremes. Their resource is limited.
  4. Plastic. Advantage – bright colors. Other characteristics are worse than polyurethane. Suitable as a children’s option, as they increase interest in the new skateboard.

To interest the child, you can buy a skate with beautiful plastic wheels. And then, when he likes to ride, buy a set of polyurethane.

Sometimes there are compound wheels, namely: a polyurethane tire and a plastic hub. The strength of such motors is lower, but they are suitable for children and lightweight riders.

What to look out for in the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads?

There are many features to look out for but to measure a few that are most paramount and visible to buyers:

  • Wheel softness

The best wheel for rough roads should be soft. This doesn’t mean that the wheels will laterally be soft in your hands, it only means they have the ability to absorb impact and have a good grip. Hard wheels are meant for tricks.

  • Wheel diameter

What determines if the wheel will be fast is the diameter. If it has a small number it means the wheel is small and the speed will also be small. A big number means the wheel is big and the speed is high.

  • Material makeup

What the wheel is made of also determines how it can be used and how long it will last. Most wheels are made of polyurethane which is best for any commuting wheel. It is very good for both smooth and rough roads. Wheels made of plastic aren’t the best for transportation whether for smooth roads or rough roads. Also, wheels of steel material make up are not the best. If you will travel easily, you need wheels that are made of polyurethane.

Let’s take a dive into some wheels that are most used as the Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads.

How to change wheels?

Technology loves care, so every rider should be able to remove the wheels. This is to maintain and replace bearings.

Use a 1/2 ″ (in) socket wrench to unscrew the nut and remove the wheel. On scooters, you need to extract the bolt – and that’s it.

You can get the bearing with a screwdriver or use a skate suspension. Something sharp is needed to remove the rubber cuff. And also need water, because the procedure is not clean.

Put the wheels in the reverse order.

Possible malfunctions

It’s a shame when the skate does not go. There may be several symptoms of malfunction.

  • The wheels spin poorly. In this case, check the bearing. If it is very dirty, it must be replaced or cleaned. To clean the bearing, remove the rubber anthers (metal, if any, do not touch). Then it must be completely immersed in a bottle with kerosene, gasoline, or a solvent. After this, the container must be shaken and left for 24 hours. And then, after drying, do not forget to grease.

The measure can be used as a preventive measure – it certainly won’t be worse.

  • Skate unstable. Check if the wheels are swinging and tighten them. If this does not help, you need to change the bearing.
  • Bearing noise. They need to be lubricated with WD-40 or I-20A. In this case, it is better to put less grease than more.
  • Cracks on the wheel. The item cannot be restored, definitely a replacement.

Skateboard Cleaning Guide

There’s not much you can do to prevent your skateboard wheels from getting dirty each time you go out on the road. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on trying to clean them. Dirty skateboard wheels give off a rather grungy look and don’t ride so smoothly. So here is a quick guide on how to clean your skateboard wheels at home:

1. Take Off the Wheels

Once you have found a suitable and spacious workstation to clean your skateboard wheels, grab your skate tool or socket wrench and remove the wheels from the board. All you have to do is simply loosen the bolts from the truck axle. 

Take off all the wheels one by one and separate them from the bearings. Each wheel will have 2 bearings. We also recommend you clean the bearings at this point before putting them back on with the wheels.

2. Wash Off the Dirt

The first layer of dirt can be easily removed with a quick wash. Put the wheels under a faucet and turn on the water so to rinse them off. Wait until you see the outer layer of grime completely wash off. Remember, this is only to clean off the topmost layer of dirt.

3. Soak the Wheels in a Soap Solution

To remove stubborn dirt and gunk, you’ll need to soften them up with a soapy water solution using a commercial cleaning agent of your choice. Get a clean bucket, fill it with water, and add soap or detergent of your choice. Then put the wheels in your cleaning solution.

Wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Since most of the dirt and debris gets stuck inside the wheel, you should also consider using a soft cloth to clean the internal parts. Let the wheels soak for as long as it takes for the gunk to soften up. 

4. Use a Wire Brush to Remove the Embedded Dirt 

One of the most crucial steps of cleaning your skateboard wheels is using a wire brush to remove the embedded debris. You can easily find a quality wire brush online or even at your local hardware or dollar store. If you cannot find one, simply use an old toothbrush with strong bristles.

Remove the wheels from the soap solution and place them under running water as you scrape off the grime with the brush. At this point, it should be easy to wipe off any remaining dirt in one swift move. If the stains still remain, do not hesitate to dip the wheels back into the soap solution a few more times.

5. Dry Your Wheels the Best You Can

Once cleaned, carefully wash off the soap residue otherwise it might leave unsightly

soap scum stains on your shiny metal wheels.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of drying your wheels completely before reattaching them to the skateboard. These wheels are porous when wet and will attract more dirt if not dried properly. This will affect the smoothness of your ride and the moisture might seep into your bearing, attracting rust. 

Use paper towels to soak the excess water from your wheels and leave them under the sun for several hours until they are dry as a bone. 


If you need a skateboard for riding on rough roads or rugged terrains. There are a few things to consider. You need a skateboard that won’t cause too much friction. This will be able to roll over any kind of rough terrain. You also need to consider the diameter when choosing a skateboard.

A rule of thumb with diameters on the wheels is that the smaller the diameter, the slower the speed you will get. The ones with larger diameters will give you more speed and acceleration. So, you should consider getting a wheel with a diameter of 60mm or more.

Also, you might need to look out for the hardness of the wheel. That is referred to as the durometer. The harder a wheel, the faster you will be able to ride. A wheel’s durometer ranging from 78a to 92a is suitable for street and rough surfaces.

I will recommend the Ricta Cloud Skateboard wheels for rugged terrain as they satisfy the above parameters for choosing a wheel for rough terrains. Their durometer is rated 86a, which will give you good acceleration. They have a perfect diameter range likewise.

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