Panasonic HC-V770HDR Capture Camcorder

To catch all the action of your skateboarding tricks in full HD, get this amazing home video camcorder from Panasonic. The HC-V770HDR is a spectacular tool that professionals and first-timers alike will enjoy. The best camera for skateboarding photography should give you options to capture special scenes from close and far.

This camera works perfectly in dim light conditions, and the microphone is good enough to capture many sounds. Apart from the amazing 20x zoom feature, you will also enjoy great slow-motion action filming and photography with this device.

You can connect and use your smartphone as a second camera with the wi-fi feature on this device. This will allow you to shoot scenes from different angles and distances for an overall great film. Even when you have to shoot in poorly lit conditions, the BMI sensors on this camera will suppress noise to deliver the best and most crispy images for you.

This camcorder also comes fitted with some special effects you can use to make your skateboard shooting more dramatic. Because of all the movement happening as you skate, the last thing you want is many shaky images that don’t look good.

This camcorder has a level shot feature that automatically adjusts tilted images to get leveled looking shots. You can turn this feature off if you’re going for off-center images.

This amazing camcorder will give you a lot of flexibility to shoot as you please while delivering picture-perfect shots. The easily adjustable functions are easy to use and change with the turn of a simple knob.

This will let you adjust shutter speed, sharpness, brightness, and many other functions very easily. If you want to show off your friends’ skills in live-action, simply create a live broadcast and stream full HD images over wi-fi.


  • High-quality audio technology.
  • Automatic level shot technology.
  • Multiple wi-fi functions.
  • The BSI sensor minimizes image noise.
  • Great with dynamic lighting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect for faraway shots.
  • The external microphone is a bit advanced to use.
  • Fees a bit flimsy and light.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit

Your action photos deserve high quality, and that is exactly what the EOS Rebel T6 from Canon delivers. Every photo and video you make is high quality with extreme details. Every colorful image is brilliantly clear so that your memories are beautiful.

Equipped with powerful sensors, this camera will deliver great pictures even in dim light. With the ability to fit different lenses, this camera is just what you need for flexibility. If you’re serious about sports and you want the best camera for skateboarding photography, this should be at the top of your list of cameras to purchase.

This camera will give you the perfect action shots as you display your skateboarding skills as it can capture up to 3 frames in a second.

Focus is super-fast on this device because of the 9 point AF feature. You don’t need too long to focus on your mark and capture your eat tricks’ priceless moments. You would be comfortable with this camera even if you were a novice.

Features like basic mode and scene intelligent auto will help you adjust every scene to take the perfect photo. There are several shooting modes available. You can simply turn the mode dial to select one and try it out.

You will never regret spending the extra money on this DSLR kit. You get the value of two lenses and an amazing camera that delivers expectational pictures under varied conditions.

If you want to take photos with a blurry background, this is one of the best options available for the job. If you have not owned a sophisticated camera in the past, we recommend purchasing a cleaning kit and camera case with this device. This will help your camera last longer and perform very optimally.


  • Built-in NFC and wi-fi for easy transfer and wireless control.
  • Has a large LCD monitor.
  • 9 point AF system.
  • Basic+ mode.
  • Takes crystal clear photos.
  • You can connect your phone to transfer photos and control the camera.
  • It can be turned into a webcam.
  • Easy manual control for functions.
  • You cannot set ISO in manual mode.
  • The screen is fixed and does not move.
  • There is no microphone jack.

KOT IPS Touchscreen With Night Vision

Not everyone displays their stunts in the daytime. If you are a night rider and still want to capture all the fun on camera, you have to purchase this exceptional night vision camera from KOT.

It is the best camera for skateboarding photography at night, and we are sure you will love all the cool features it offers. The package is delivered complete with a 4K HD camera, charger, extra batteries, extra wide-angle lens, external microphone, and external spotlight. This is by far one of the best quality night camcorders you will come across.

The sturdy batteries are easy to install and takedown. They charge very fast and are very reliable, so you’re sure to catch all the action without them failing. You can catch a bigger shooting area with the use of the wide-angle lens. This will allow you to enjoy big scenery and exceptional landscape shots.

Everything required to set up the lens is provided in the package and is convenient to use. As you film, you get to pick up quality sound with a strong external microphone.

After filming, you can share with friends via wi-fi when you download the NovaCam app on your device. The camera has built-in abilities to help with noise reduction, so your audio remains unadulterated. Take note that this microphone only fits the KOT camera, so you cannot use it on another device.

This is a great camera for taking skateboarding photos and videos. It is loaded with many helpful features that work well to enhance images. This night vision camera comes with everything you need to take good images, and you will never need a more professional camera.

It is perfect for beginners and experienced videographers alike. Although this camera is well protected in a pouch, it would have been even better with a  lens cap.

This would have offered more protection for the device, but you should have no problems keeping your camera safe if you are extra careful with storage and usage. This camera will make a great gift for a friend of yours who loves action photography.


  • Infrared night vision mode.
  • High definition touch screen with 270 degrees rotation.
  • Comes with an LED video light.
  • Comes with an external microphone.
  • Comes with a wide-angle lens.
  • Connects wirelessly for easy sharing.
  • Comes with two strong rechargeable batteries.
  • It can be used as a webcam.
  • The screen rotates easily.
  • Shoots high quality 4K images with crisp colors.
  • Does not have a lens cap.
  • The microphone only fits KOT cameras and cannot be repurposed.

Crosstour CT7000 Full HD Action camera Kit

You don’t have to shy away from stunts around or in the water when you have Crosstours full HD camera in your hands. This camera comes with a strong waterproof case that gives you the liberty to perform in and underwater stunts up to 30 meters deep in the water, and not worry about spoiling your camera.

Because of this, your skateboarding camera can also be used for capturing great images while surfing, swimming, or performing other water sports. Don’t bother that the wetness will affect your picture quality. This camera offers full HD video and photo images. With the 170 degrees wide-angle lens and 1080p quality, every image will be sharp and colorful no matter the location.

Since this camera can be set up as a webcam, you can stream your stunts live for your friends or family to view at the moment. The wide lens allows you to capture a lot of screen space while you film so that no action is missing. If you want to control your camera from a mobile device, this is made simple via a wi-fi connection.

While connected, you can review, share, and delete files as you go. The 2 inch LCD screen will let you view images as you remain in action to have an idea of what is recording and can keep it all in the frame. Not only is the battery strong on this camera, but you can also still preserve power by using the screen saver setting.

When working in optimal conditions, this camera can get hot while you film. However, this is not a cause for alarm, and the camera will cool back down when resting.

This compact and sturdy camera should be your best friend for capturing exceptional stunts in the air and the water. You can enjoy 90 minutes each of the recording time on both batteries when fully charged.

That means 3 hours in total of battery life. If you need a cost-friendly alternative for a good waterproof camera to capture fun activities, this is a great option on the market. The best camera for skateboarding doesn’t have to be the most expensive on the listing; it just needs to have all the features you need.


  • It has a wide-angle lens of 170 degrees.
  • 1080p full HD resolution.
  • Can take up to 32GB storage.
  • Includes two rechargeable batteries.
  • Waterproof for up to 30 meters deep.
  • Comes with a sturdy case.
  • Low-end camera with high-end features.
  • Portable and compact with a beautiful design.
  • The camera gets hot while in use.
  • The camera can begin to record when you plug in a USB to charge.

Dragon Touch 1080P LCD Waterproof Action Camera

This 1080p action camera from Dragon Touch is just the tool every skateboarder needs to capture the heights of action during sessions. The camera can easily be mounted on different surfaces, including on a helmet and skateboard, so action shots are captured hands-free.

The user also gets to control everything via remote control. It is so simple to operate that even kids can fully understand and navigate the camera to get amazing action shots during sports activities. This action camera has all accessories and fittings in the delivery package. You don’t need to buy extra equipment to get started unless you wish to.

Because it has a waterproof case, you can dive with this camera up to 30 meters in the water. It is the perfect camera for skateboarding, swimming, snorkeling, and other sports. The manual instructions are a bit difficult to understand, but there are many videos online on how to assemble this action camera.

Once you get everything put together, you will enjoy uninterrupted hours of pure fun. The strong 900mAh battery assures up to 4 hours of shooting time, so you don’t need to worry about a recharge whilst in action.

Dragon Touch has taken a lot of effort to build this action camera, and it is obvious in the manufacturing equipment. All parts and accessories of the camera are strong and appear to be made of high-quality materials. You will also enjoy swift delivery in a well-packaged parcel. Customer service is also great and allows you to return faulty items and receive a replacement within a year.


  • 900 mash battery.
  • Adhesive mount included.
  • Handlebar mount included.
  • 1080p action camera.
  • Splash-proof and waterproof.
  • Remote control.
  • Long battery life.
  • Well built.
  • Comes complete with all necessary accessories.
  • Has different mounts and remote control for hands-free action shots.
  • Instructions in the manual are not very clear.
  • You might have trouble hearing audio until videos are downloaded.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Full HD Camcorder

Every precious moment deserves to be captured, and you can get the clearest action shots possible with the Canon VIXIA HF R800. With its powerful image stabilizer, you are assured of crisp and clear images with no blurs or shadows. You don’t have to carry out heavy editing to have your pictures looking good.

Raw images from this camera already look like professional shots. Your action videos can have shots full of variety as the 57x optical zoom allows for creativity and continuity while shooting. Every image is captured in true high resolution to preserve original color and motions all the time.

The camera is very portable and lightweight. That makes it easy to carry around and pull out when the action starts. Even in handheld mode, your fingers will not be strained while operating this camera for skateboarding shots. This camera is not only easy to carry; it is very easy to use as well.

The functions are straightforward and simplified so that novices and professional photographers can easily operate the camera to full capacity. The VIXIA HF R800 is also fitted with a removable SD card. This means sharing images and videos can be very fast and easy.

You can also keep your files safe from accidents like deleting by mistake or corruption by system error. The file lock feature allows you to protect select images in the SD storage to ensure your best memories are never lost. The VIXIA HF R800 is compatible with Canon’s connect station device. This allows you to store and share videos and images from different Canon devices with ease.


  • 3-inch touch screen panel.
  • Strong rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Zoom frame assist features.
  • Removable SD card.
  • Portable and lightweight body.
  • HD 1080p recording quality.
  • Image stabilization is fantastic to eliminate shakiness.
  • Compatible with Canon connect the station.
  • It feels quite cheap as it is very lightweight.
  • The battery is bulky as it sticks out.

Victure AC700 Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Victure surely delivered spectacular quality with this waterproof action camera. This spectacular 4k camera delivers ultra HD resolution to capture the clearest images of your precious moments. With the 170 degrees wide-angle vision, you can capture more of your view in a single shot without the need to manipulate your images or videos.

Electronic image stabilization ensures blur is eliminated as fast action is captured in a crisp image every time. You can go up to 40 meters deep in the water with this action camera. The camera comes with a solid waterproof case that will not only keep the camera safe from water damage but protects from denting and scratching at the same time.

The external microphone that comes with this camera is highly versatile. It can be used in multiple operations, even to be mounted atop your helmet as you skate. With this microphone strategically mounted, you get to capture a wider array of frequencies to record the most realistic and clear sound with your action videos.

This simple feature on the best camera for skateboarding photography will completely change how your skateboarding videos are made, and you will never wish to use another inferior product again.

You can safely mount and operate this camera without holding it in your hands with convenient remote control. Whether you mount it on a selfie stick, handlebars of a bike, or your helmet while you skateboard, you can easily control and navigate from the remote control. The sensors and electronics on this camera are great. You will enjoy unbelievable quality on a budget with the Victure AC700 action camera.


  • 20mp 4k action camera.
  • Comes with a sturdy waterproof case.
  • Electronic image stabilization feature.
  • Remote control.
  • External microphones can be mounted on your helmet to improve sound quality.
  • Many options to shoot from apart from auto mode.
  • All necessary fittings are provided in the package.
  • Provides great photo quality
  • The microphone cannot be used underwater.
  • The battery cover is not hinged and can get lost easily.

Sony FDR-AX100 4K Video Camera

Not every action shot has to be while you’re in motion. For the best still skateboarding images, you must get a high-quality camera to match. This 4k action camera from Sony will do the trick. All you need is some good light, a tripod, and your skateboard.

This is one of the best cameras for skateboarding photography when you want to capture still images from a spot. With Sony’s portable FDR-AX100, you can capture breathtaking still images from the palm of your hand with ease. Every photo is captured with cinematic depth because of the powerful 1-inch image sensor.

With a good supply of light, while you skateboard, this camera can capture amazing shots from different angles. You can easily navigate and move around because the camera is not bulky and will help you remain flexible as you film. Note that this camera might not perform optimally under low light conditions.

Ensure that your lighting is always good to get the clearest images with the most color. This camera is also better for still images and not pictures while in motion. You will get the best quality when you place it on a tripod and capture skateboarding action from one spot. To add variety to your filming, try to change the angles of shooting as you perform.

The still images from the FDR-AX100 will rival most of Sony’s other products. This camera has been carefully crafted to provide extreme shots in the clearest format possible.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you will get the best still images for your skateboarding photography. To get this kind of quality on a high-end camera, you could pay $5000 or more. But Sony has provided this great tool on a budget so skateboarders can enjoy all the perks on a budget.


  • Direct pixel readout.
  • Fixed zoom lens.
  • 30p 4k camera.
  • Advanced image processing feature.
  • Perfect for still shots in a well-illuminated area.
  • The image quality and optics are great.
  • The large manual focus ring is very responsive.
  • Great 4k camera option on a budget.
  • The low light recording could be better.

GoPro Hero8 Waterproof HD Camera

If you claim to want the best camera for skateboarding photography in a small package, the GoPro Hero8 is the perfect choice for you. This small but mighty waterproof camera offers a 12mp lens that delivers premium quality 4k resolution to bring great detail to your photography. This compact action camera is what you need to capture your fun skateboarding moments with top quality resolution.

Even in low light conditions, you can capture detailed, high-quality images with the HDR and SuperPhoto modes. All blur will be eliminated in these modes to give you stable and crisp images every time. The SuperView mode will allow you to take wide shots through the digital lens so you can cover wider areas and catch all the action.

This camera has advanced wind noise reduction that helps filter out unnecessary sound while you record. What you get is a cleaner and clearer audio from your video shots. You can even make the coolest time-lapse videos with this action camera using the Time Warp 2.0 feature.

This cool feature does everything for you automatically, so you don’t have to worry about being a professional video editor to get amazing time-lapse videos. Based on the detected scene, motion, and available lightening, the Timewarp feature will automatically adjust its output for a premium shot. With 1080p at 240fps, you can also get 8x Slo-Mo videos. This gives you the chance to record epic moments in slow motion so you can relive them later. This feature is impressive, detailed, and intense.

It is amazing to know that this tiny camera is one of the most durable on this list. The GoPro Hero8 is waterproof up to 10 meters, rugged, and even more impact-proof than earlier GoPro models.

The streamlined design only makes it easier to handle and more resistant to impact. The Hypersmooth 2.0 feature on this rugged action camera sets it apart. No matter how rough you handle this device, this feature ensures stable images every time.

Even when you’re moving at high speed on a super bumpy ride, you can still capture crisp skateboarding action shots. Whether you’re using it on a handicam or mounting it on your helmet, the GoPro Hero8 is an excellent skateboarding camera.


  • Small streamlined design.
  • Livestreaming is available in 1080p.
  • Timewarp 2.0 feature.
  • HyperSmooth 2.0 feature.
  • Rugged, impact-proof, and waterproof for better durability.
  • High-quality images with 4k resolution.
  • Streamlined design offers a compact, lightweight, pocket-sized action camera.
  • Very versatile and can be used anywhere.
  • Quite expensive.

Panasonic HC-VX981K Ultra HD 4K Camera

Many skateboarding pros will recommend this high action camera from Panasonic as the best camera for skateboarding. There is no wonder why because the picture quality this 4k camera delivers is out of this world. With an 18.91 Megapixel MOS sensor and 20x LEICA zoom, you can get up close and personal with your shots capturing beautiful details as you skate.

The 5-axis optical image stabilizer also helps to make all images crisp and remove shadows and blurs. Even when you must shoot under poor lighting, the backside illumination sensor works well to suppress noise. The supreme image quality can justify the high cost and heavy weight of this camera; it shoots under different conditions.

If you want a picture in picture effect on your videos, that is easy to achieve with the wireless twin camera connection.

You can link up your phone camera as an auxiliary camera to record alongside the HC-VX981K. Not only can you record 4k resolution images on this bad boy, but you can also enjoy in-camera editing and never have to leave the comfort of your Panasonic HC-VX981K to finish preparing your videos and images.

Panasonic is not a renowned name in the electronics world for no reason. This brand has been delivering epic devices to the market for decades, and this HC-VX981K action camera is an excellent creation for all skateboarding and sports photography enthusiasts.

This camera comes completely packed with HDMI and USB cords, a lens hood, rechargeable battery packs, and an inbuilt shoe adapter. You have everything you need to get professional quality sports photos in one package.


  • 20x LEICA Decomar zoom lens.
  • Backside illumination sensor.
  • HDR movie feature.
  • Wireless twin-cam connection available.
  • In-camera editing.
  • 4k resolution recording.
  • The microphone is of high quality and can block a high range of noise.
  • Shoots excellently in low light conditions.
  • Zoom and stabilization are superb.
  • Unbelievably fantastic picture quality.
  • Expensive camera.
  • Heavy camera.