Top 9 Best Skateboard Decks (Pro Quality Most Durable & Popular)

Since the first skateboards were built or sport in the 1960s, skateboard decks have seen different changes and transformed to fit more specific needs since then. Most skateboard decks used to be dense, narrow, and hard to maneuver but the story has changed completely. Skateboarding technology has changed in the past years and there are numerous options available now in the market. 

This is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s a blessing because skaters aren’t restricted to a handful of choices they must pick from. It’s a curse because there are so many options in the market that weak decks are mixed up with good ones and making a choice has become overly complicated. 

Today, the fog will be cleared from your eyes as you go through this exhaustive skateboard deck guide to discover the right match for you.

Whether the base material for construction is maple or bamboo, thin sheets of rectangular-shaped wood are stacked and glued together to create one sturdy material. After the glue is applied, clamps are strategically placed on the board to hold things in place and form the desired concave for the deck. 

When the layers have been set and the shape is determined, the wood is further developed by cutting into different sizes. Some decks are left blank while others are stained with color or even graphically designed to improve aesthetics. The different characteristics of these different pieces of wood will determine which one you select as your preferred skateboard deck.

Top 9 Best Skateboard Decks

We’ve compiled a list of the best-selling skateboard decks for your convenience. We’ve tested each one carefully and are proud to present you with this incredible compilation. So this might help you make up your mind about shopping for skateboards.

  1. Baker most durable skateboard decks
  2. Bamboo- Coolest Skateboard Deck
  3. Toy Machine Monster
  4. Losenka Light Skateboard Deck
  5. Ice Dragon Popular Deck
  6. CCS Blank- Best Deck For Tricks & Flip Tricks
  7. Stoked Ride Shop
  8. Cal 7 Blank Deck
  9. Cal 7 Set skateboard decks

Best Skateboards Decks

Baker most durable skateboard decks

Baker most durable skateboard decks

Material maple wood
Ply 7 ply
Deck size 8.25” x 32”
Cost $
Concave deep concave
Weight 2.65lbs

This brand was started by Jay Strickland and Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds now owns Baker Skateboards alone. The Baker brand designs artistic skateboard decks for every skateboarding style. The brand has sent out award-winning products under Reynolds’s innovative leadership.

We trust the Bakers brand because the owner is a professional skateboarder who knows just what is required to deliver skateboard parts that get the job done. This baker deck is durable and easy to maneuver which makes it one of the best skateboard decks for beginners.


The character of your skateboard says a lot about your personality as a rider. If you’re interested in expressing yourself through your skateboard, design matters. Using this maple wood skateboard deck as the base for constructing your skateboard removes the work of decorating your board by yourself. The beautiful black and white graphics on this board are modern and beautiful with class. It also has a classical popsicle design that is nearly symmetrical and easy to ride.

Size: most skateboard riders doing technical tricks ride decks of 8 inches and above. That is why this 8.25” skateboard deck is the ideal size for beginners skateboarding. The narrow size of this deck will allow the rider to achieve fast maneuvering and turning. This is critical to perform beginner tricks without flying off your skateboard every time. The smaller size of this board also contributes to its lightweight which is another must-have for a beginner’s deck.

Ply: constructed of the standard seven layers of wood, this Baker deck is very durable to withstand the harsh riding of beginners skateboarding. Maple wood is great for elasticity. The air is cold and humid where they grow and so they are strong but elastic and tough to break. This gives just enough flexibility for the deck to give a good pop.

Concave: you need to be able to be stable and move your feet quickly when beginners skating. It is harder to easily find the center of a skateboard when the deck is flat. When the deck has a nose, this job becomes easier and when there are two kick tails it gets simpler.

This skateboard deck has a mellow concave that means that both tails are slightly curved upwards. A deeper concave will mean tricks and flips will become easier, but your skateboard will sacrifice stability for that. This mellow concave design is the perfect fit for beginners skating.

My User Experience with Baker Deck

I just doing a review of the baker 8.25 og shape one on the right hasn’t ridden the baker in probably 10 years. So I thought I’d try it out,  how pointy the nose and tail are didn’t bother me too much. But I said I’m really used to the puller shape same thing with the anti-hero a little bit more rounded but this is really comfortable good pop pretty durable deck and definitely mellow concave actually really liked it. Just not what I’m used to skating but I liked it a lot.  It’s not too flat and it’s not too much concave, another thing is this board is really durable. 

The main thing that shocks me about this board is that there’s no pressure cracks. I don’t understand how there’s no pressure cracks. I’ve been skating like drops and stairs just landing super hard on my board and there’s just no pressure cracks. That kind of is really weird like I don’t know how there’s no pressure cracks. Every board I’ve skated had pressure cracks within the first few days of skating.

Watch my baker deck test ride video on my youtube channel

Final Verdict 

You can build yourself an exceptional beginner’s skateboard with this strong deck from Bakers. It comes already designed with beautiful graphics that will not fade. All you need to do is add trucks and wheels to get going.

This solidly built skateboard deck is just wide enough to give maximum control during fast-paced moves. This is what every beginner’s skateboarder needs. You cannot go wrong with a Baker deck, that is why we are sure you will love this purchase even if it is more expensive than many other options.


  • Unique design with a classic and modern look.
  • Durable construction.


  • Higher than average cost.


Bamboo- Coolest Skateboard Deck

Bamboo- Coolest Skateboard Deck

Material bamboo hybrid
Ply 6-ply
Deck size 7.5” x 31”, 8” x 32” & 8.25” x 32.13”
Concave deep concave
Weight 2.16lbs
Cost $

I tried the board yesterday at kite beach. It was awesome! The board is smooth to ride and feels really solid under the feet. Overall I think the bamboo quality definitely shines through.

It isn’t a surprise that this eco-friendly company has our first and second spots for the best quality skateboard deck. Since they discovered the destructive effect of harvesting maple for skateboard decks, they turned over a new leaf and have been delivering great hybrid products like this graphic skateboard deck.

A bamboo hybrid deck offers greater durability, outstanding performance, and above all, very high pop. When you buy this skateboard deck, you can enjoy all these and more for under 60 bucks. This graphic skateboard deck is only slightly more expensive than the blank deck. So you can enjoy a more beautiful deck for a little more money.


This skateboard deck is made of high-quality bamboo hybrid material. This is a cross between pure bamboo and maple wood to increase durability and reduce cost. This witty combination is what makes it one of the best quality skateboard decks. The construction is a display of excellent craftsmanship from Bamboo Skateboards.

Size: this deck is available in three different sizes. All options are full-sized decks perfect for use by teenagers and adults. You can comfortably use this deck if you are 200lbs and under.

Ply: the 6-ply construction of this board is shockingly durable. Skateboard decks are stronger with more plies but the unique combination of bamboo and maple in this model makes it remarkably strong. It is made by sandwiching 4-plies of the hybrid material with 1-ply each of bamboo. This arrangement is pressed and locked together with strong glue to create one strong piece of wood for the deck.

Concave: this graphic deck has a deep concave for better grip and movability. A deeper concave gives a quick pop. Although your board becomes a little harder to control this way, it’s worth it if you live for the pop. All your flip tricks on a technical skating level will feel better because of this concave. 

User Experience

The first thing you will notice when you try an ollie with this deck is that it is lightweight. As this is important for tricks, we are sure any enthusiastic skateboarder will love this board for doing tricks and flips. The amount of pop this deck gives is no joke at all. It is arguably one of the best graphic decks in the market. For some reason, this board ollies very easily which is another plus.

The deck is well built and nothing about its design or construction feels flimsy at all. This is important as you don’t want to throw away over 50$ on scrap. Skateboard decks that pop don’t usually last very long because of their purpose, but this one will last for weeks if not months. Its durability is impressive, and it will surely serve for a good time. 

This deck has a lot of flex, even on the nose and kicktail. However, if you’re looking for pop then extra flex should go hand in hand or you might get frustrated. Because of the extra flexibility, you should expect to see some early stress cracking around the trucks. Nevertheless, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this deck for a while before it cracks in half.

Watch out for bamboo skateboard deck test riding video on my youtube channel

Final Verdict

This is another great option if you’re looking for a strong skateboard deck with plenty of pop. Although it is slightly more expensive than our first option, this deck is already designed and not blank.

There are more than 20 different designs you can choose from instead of buying a blank deck and designing it by yourself. You will not regret selecting this deck as it is one of the best quality skateboard decks for pop.


  • Very high pop.
  • Solidly built.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Looks good.


  • Overly flexible for some skateboarders.
  • Cannot carry a very heavyweight.


Toy Machine Monster- Best Quality Skateboard Decks

Toy Machine Monster- Best Quality Skateboard Decks


Material North American maple wood
Ply 7-ply
Deck size 8.38” x 32.25”
Concave medium
Weight 8lbs
Cost $

You don’t want to hit the bowls and parks for transition skating standing on a bad deck. This great deck from Toy Machine doesn’t only have nice monster graphics, it will be a monster under your feet. Since Ed Templeton fashioned out the brand in 1993, they have given rise to some award-winning skaters including Leo Romero and Elissa Steamer.

The brands’ mantra is “die trying” and each of their products can help you go big in different aspects of skating. Transition skating is so versatile and demanding that you need a star deck to make it work. Anyone who is looking for a good brand knows Toy Machine is a go-to for the best skateboard decks for transition.


This beautiful skateboard deck from Toy Machine comes in different exotic designs.

Size: for successful carving, transfers, ollies, and shredding of pools and ramps, you need the right sized deck to keep you stable while maintaining high speed. This one is 8.38″ wide, which is the sweet spot between an 8″ and an 8.5″ skateboard deck.  Although this skateboard deck is heavy, you can’t go wrong with Toy machine’s transition skateboard deck.

Ply: North American maple wood is one of the toughest in the family. It comes just before Canadian maple wood which many skateboard decks are made of. This deck was constructed from seven layers of this strong wood placed together and eternally glued into place.

If you’re on the heavier side and want your skateboard deck to last, you’ll go for this one from Toy Machine. Its durability is more guaranteed than any other option we have on our list. Because of its construction, this maple wood deck will not overly flex, crack or break easily.

Shape: this deck has a classic popsicle shape with a medium concave. It is the ideal setup for good transition skating. Whether you’re a skater that likes to grind ledges and rails or you enjoy the bowls and ramps, the shape of this sweet deck will give you the needed boost to be a star on your turf.

My User Experience with this Deck

I am doing the toy machine deck review super excited to review this deck for you guys I’ve been skating it for about three months. I’m gonna give you guys my thoughts and let’s get into it alright so the first thing I’m gonna go over is the pros of this deck. what I liked about this is an 8.38 by 31.5 in length so it’s one of the shortest decks I’ve skated. It is also a 14 and a quarter wheelbase so one of the smallest shortest wheelbases that I’ve skated so far. the pros I would have the first thing it’s lightweight so a very lightweight deck compared to some of the other decks I’ve skated. It’s also a very balanced shape so the pitch is an average scale of one to 10 out of 10. 

I would also say it’s a very balanced shape depending on how big you are as a rider so what I mean by that is you could be tall or short I think you could still have fun on this deck. So 31.5 by eight point three eight was really interesting it’s actually wide compared to how long it is. usually, a deck that is this width or a little bit higher would have at least a 32 if not more in its length so it actually made it really fun.

I would say the pop at the beginning like fresh out of the packaging was amazing so 20 machine has some of the best pop right off the bat that I’ve ever experienced in a deck. I was doing some of my highest Ollie’s to date and the last thing I would say is that it definitely held up so it’s a super durable deck. I see skating toy machines are like younger people that are just getting into it or were professionals. 

I personally had a lot of fun in this deck I would definitely pick one up again.

Watch out test ride video of this deck on my youtube channel 

Final Verdict

Professionals always reach for brand names like Toy Machine because even though they are expensive, you will get sweet value for every penny spent. Grip tape is essential for transition skating but this skateboard deck does not include any. You will have to spend some extra cash getting your grip tape but the deck will grip your feet like glue when you do.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Comes in the perfect size for transition skating.
  • Properly built.
  • Made with high-quality wood.


  • Does not come with grip tape.


Losenka Light- Good Skateboard Deck

Losenka Light- Good Skateboard Deck

Material Russian maple
Ply 7 ply
Deck size 8” X 31.75”
Weight 2.13lbs
Concave mellow concave
Cost $

Losenka ensures its customers that they will have a different experience on their decks and this promise is true. As one of the eco-friendly brands on our list, Losenka has made this deck out of Russian maple wood to save the environment and cut down on cost.

Maple wood is better at absorbing shocks. Because of this, your deck will not break apart when hitting the rails, jumping a big gap of stairs, or hitting the half pipes at the skate park.

Design & Material

The best skateboard deck for beginners should be strong, lightweight, and easy to move around with. You need a rugged beginner’s deck like this to achieve all your pop shoveits, ollies, and kickflips. This one has a double tail, making it easier for beginners since you don’t have to identify which side is the nose and which side is the tail.

Size: this skateboard deck measures 8″ wide which is perfect for beginners skating. beginner skating calls for a highly maneuverable deck that can handle the fast technical moves that are characteristic of beginners. A narrow 8″ board is more suitable for this reason. Even for beginners, an 8″ board is highly recommended as it lands in the spectrum of comfortable board size for most skaters.

Ply: seven layers of strong Russian maple wood have been compressed and glued together for this deck to be built. This construction makes for a strong deck that will stand the test of time. Regardless of the strength of this skateboard deck, we advise only skaters under 190lbs to use this. The deck can carry more weight but will not last more than a week in that case.

Concave: because of the fast-paced movements involved in beginner skating, you need some balance under your feet. A mellow concave deck provides this stability without compromising on speed. This deck will respond well to your beginner’s trick maneuvers as you will be able to easily locate the middle of your skateboard elative to the kicktails without looking down.

The best skateboard decks for beginners don’t have a deep concave. The mellow concave of this deck allows for optimal foot placement which you will enjoy while beginners skating.

User Experience

If you love lightweight skateboards, you have to purchase this super light deck to build your board. Because Russian maple wood is not dense at all, this deck is very light and easy to ride beginner’s tricks.

We had to use extra precision to apply the complimentary best grip tape because it is exactly the size of the deck. Be careful with this step since there is no room for errors. We advise you to start applying the tape from the side of the board and not end to end as skaters usually do.

Final Verdict

As far as beginner skating goes, this is one of the best decks you can find on the market. It is lightweight, available in the perfect size, and strong to withstand beginner’s tricks. As it is a blank deck, you can have fun customizing your skateboard out of this deck and enjoying it for a long time.

You will not find many beginner decks for this price with the same strength. For just $30, you can buy more than one of these decks at a time and switch them put when one breaks.

  • Russian maple wood is not very dense.
  • This deck is very lightweight.
  • Complimentary grip tape is very convenient.
  • Very cost-friendly.
  • Produced with eco-friendly materials.
  • The concave could have been a bit deeper.
  • The grip tape is very narrow.

Ice Dragon- Popular Skateboard Decks

Ice Dragon- Most Durable & Popular Skateboard Decks

Material Canadian maple wood
Ply 7-ply
Deck size 8.375” x 31”
Concave mellow
Weight 2.65lbs
Cost $

Transition skating combines bowls, flat ground, and ramps all in one style. You just have to flow with it till you find the right time for tricks. Hence, this style calls for stability, speed, and grip. To achieve great transition skating, you need a tried and trusted deck in your arsenal.

Ice Dragon makes durable and authentic skateboard decks for every style. This blank deck is one of the best selling skateboard decks for transition. Paired with the right trucks, wheels, and grip tape it will give you mad speed, perfect grip, and great balance for every aspect of the game.


If you have gone through many blank skateboard decks, you will recognize a well-made professional deck on sight. This is exactly what we saw when unwrapping this beautiful deck from its packaging. Ice Dragon is known for authenticity and they surely delivered this time with this blank deck. It is professionally designed with real Canadian maple wood and stained with nice bright colors.

Size: there are many dynamics to transition skating so it’s not easy to pinpoint a few things that your skateboard should have. However, the right deck size is a standard requirement. This 8.375” wide deck is perfect for transition skating because it is wide enough for you to balance while moving fast.

When some grip tape is added to this wide deck, it will increase your grip on the board and make it even better for transition skating. Although this deck is wide enough, the 31” length is shorter than most wide decks. Because of this, it might feel different than what you’re used to but that is not a deterrent.

Ply: for all the slamming, ramming, and jumping into the air, you’re going to want a strong deck for transition skating. This one from Ice Dragon is constructed from seven layers of raw Canadian maple wood, pressed together with glue, and sealed under high pressure. Seven plies is the standard of strong skateboards. Many people have given testimonies of how this deck lasted for months s you can trust the word of your fellow purchasers and not just the brands’ claims.

Shape: a simple popsicle shape is an ideal shape for transition skating. There are so many complex aspects to the sport that only a classic would work for all needs. This deck has a short look with a wide base and an almost symmetrical popsicle shape.

User Experience

The quality of wood used for this skateboard deck is unquestionably good. If that is not enough proof that you should get this board, we don’t know what else can convince you. One durable board is better than three cheap boards that will break easily.

This strong board can bear a weight of up to 280lbs without cracking or breaking and it will serve you too. You can use this single board for months in parks and bowls alike. You can’t beat this great price for how well this transition skating deck rides. It surely delivers the stability that every transition skater needs.

You’re going to need to buy some grip tape to finish up a complete transition skateboard with this deck. This is a little extra cost but will be worth it for the added grip and safety. The shape of this board is excellent and we cannot argue with the quality of construction either. We highly recommend Ice Dragon’s blank skateboard deck is 8.375 inches wide for transition skating.

Final Verdict

Many blank skateboards are not built to last but this one tells a different story. Ice Dragon has used very high-quality materials for the construction of this quality deck to ensure it stands the test of time.

The punishment given to a skateboard during transition skating can be easily borne by this strong skateboard deck. You will get balance, speed, and grip from this board and all at a super affordable price.

  • Good shape.
  • Feels sturdy.
  • Looks good.
  • This promises to be a durable deck.
  • This deck is short and might feel different.
  • No grip tape included.


CCS Blank- Best Deck For Tricks & Flip Tricks

CCS Blank- Best Skateboard Deck For Tricks & Flip Tricks

Material Canadian maple wood
Ply 7-ply
Tail double kick
Deck size 7.” x 27.5”, 7.5” x 31”, 7.75” x 31.5
Concave medium concave
Weight 2.15lbs

If you’re a technical skater, you’re going to need a deck like this one to enjoy flipping and spinning on your skateboard at the park. With nine colors available on this blank skateboard model, you can create your own surreal skating experience. Anyone who loves to DIY must go for a blank skateboard and CCS makes some of the strongest decks on the market.


As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so it lies in the eyes of the maker too. You have the opportunity to create your very own unique look with this blank skateboard deck. Whether you want to draw, paint, stencil, or chisel into your deck, you only need to pick a color and start designing. If you’re not one for decorations, you can also allow your time at the park to create natural scuff marks as a design and testament to your hours of experience at the skate park.

Size: since mini and mid-sized skateboards are perfect for tricks and flips, this model has the perfect sizes whether you’re small or have wider feet. You can choose a 7″, 7.5″, or 7.75″ width board to begin your journey.

Tail: it is almost impossible to achieve great tricks and flips on a board with no curved tail and nose. A curved kicktail is crucial for the most basic skateboard tricks like ollies. Having double kicktails is even better because you can try out some advanced tricks. Even if the primary purpose of your skateboard is not for tricks, you will get used to the double kicktails on this deck easily.

Shape: the popsicle shape of this blank skateboard deck makes it perfect for doing tricks and flips. The shape makes the deck nearly symmetrical and is the best for a variety of flip tricks and other tricks on the skateboard.

Ply: all standard skateboards come in 7-ply. This ensures a strong board that isn’t too flexible and will not break under little pressure. Flips and tricks tend to be demanding on a skateboard and your deck must be strong enough to withstand plenty f pressure or you will have to buy a new deck every time you go to the park.

Concave: this medium concave board gives a good balance between control and maneuverability. Because the board is not flat, it is easier to manipulate the double tails during tricks. At the same time, you will enjoy some balance on this board because the concave is not too deep to cause balance issues.

User Experience

Although the concave on this deck is not very deep, you will enjoy every trick and flip in the book while riding this model. It is one of the best skateboard decks for tricks & flip tricks built from good material and so it is stable and firm. The double tail takes some time to get used to, but after that, it rides like a dream. Customization is super simple with this board as the material is primed for designs and all holes are drilled perfectly.

Final Verdict

This blank skateboard deck from CCS is perfect for tricks and flips. It is easy to maneuver, lift in the air, and land safely. If you’re serious about skateboarding, you need a deck like this to build your customized board for the best experience.

  • Mounting holes are drilled perfectly.
  • The edge is nicely sealed.
  • Has a good op for tricks and flips.
  • Skaters might have a hard time getting used to the double kicktail.


Stoked Ride Shop- best decks for beginners

Stoked Ride Shop- best Skateboard decks for beginners

The Stoked Ride Shop has been making great skateboard parts for years and has delivered excellent quality on this deck. This blank deck can be compared to high-end products in the same line and we dare say it will give those other products a run for their money. It is not only cheap, but it is also strong, easy to customize, and great for flips and tricks.

Specs and Features

  • Material: Canadian maple wood
  • Ply: 7-ply
  • Tail: double kick
  • Deck size: 7.75” x 31.5, 7.875” x 32”
  • Concave: medium concave
  •  Weight: 3lbs
  • Cost: $


The Stoked blank skateboard deck, as the name implies, is blank on the outside. There are no graphics on any of the five colors available but this deck is highly customizable. You can stencil, draw, paint or place stickers on either side of the deck. It is well finished with a transparent coating for easy decorating. Some people have even purchased this board for art projects because it is so easy to work with for designing.

Size: the deck is available in two mid-sized skateboard measurements. Either one can be purchased by someone with big feet for flips and tricks. A narrower board allows for easy fast technical maneuvers required when doing stunts.

Tail: the tail of a deck makes ollies and drop-in tricks possible. Having kick tails on your board is a must for beginners skating and other forms of skating where tricks and flips will be performed. This deck from Stoked is for tricks and flips and it has double kick longboard tails to let skaters perform easy and complicated stunts alike.

Shape: this deck is designed with a classic popsicle shape. This shape is very functional for beginners and bowl skating, which is where most tricks and flips are performed. Because of the symmetrical shape and upturned kicktails, you can perform tricks in both the normal and switch stance, which means with your dominant foot forward and backward respectively.

Ply: this board is made from pure Canadian maple wood. Seven layers of this high-quality wood have been professionally glued together with high pressure. The edges are well rounded and the deck itself is coated with sleek finishing. This solid construction makes for a strong board that will not easily break even when you’re slamming it into rails and bowls to perform complex tricks.

Concave: having some kind of concave, no matter how small, is very helpful when skating with speed. The medium concave on this deck will help the skater move and switch positions when flipping and turning without having to look down on their skateboard.

User Experience

An affordable deck that can take a beating is a must-have for every skateboarder who loves to stunt at the park. At this low price, you can purchase premium parts for the rest of your skateboard setup and ride like a king on the beginners. This is a very sturdy deck that will flex when you need it to and yet is strong enough to take a beating. It is made from premium quality materials and is worth every penny. We also love that the customer service at Stoked is very responsive. Any little problem will be attended to with great detail until the customer is satisfied.

  • Easy to customize.
  • A good choice for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • The double tail might be confusing at first.

Final Verdict

Skateboard decks for tricks and flips aren’t usually very strong but this one beats that record. This sturdy deck will stand the test of time under immense pressure. At such an affordable price, we were not expecting so much from this product but it passed all tests and is truly a jewel for tricks and flips. We highly recommend this deck, it is strong, arrives quickly in the mail, and rides like a dream, allowing the user to perform tricky maneuvers and stunts.


Cal 7 Blank- Best Skateboard Deck For Bowls

Cal7 Blank- Best Skateboard Deck For Bowls

Learning to skate a bowl can look intimidating from afar. The first time you observe a bowl skating park, kids are flying everywhere, the concrete is different, and the techniques are above beginner level. You don’t need to despair and give up because practice makes perfect.

All you need is a good skateboard with a deck like this one from Cal7 and some time to practice. This standard blank deck is one of the best for bowl skating and it comes with grip tape to help enhance your stability on the board.

Specs and Features

  • Material: Chinese maple wood
  • Ply: 7-ply
  • Deck size: 8.5” x 32.25”
  • Concave: medium concave
  • Weight: 3.7lbs
  • Cost: $


Bowl skating is a technical sport and a functional skateboard deck will suffice. However, there is nothing wrong with having a functional skateboard that is also beautiful. This skateboard deck is beautifully constructed with strong maple wood. It is available in five different colors of wood. The wood has been stained in bright colors but the natural grain still shines through.

Ply the more layers of wood that are glued together, the stronger the skateboard deck will be. This one is made with the standard seven layers which is reliable. Chinese maple has low water content and can be dried out very easily to make skateboards. This is good because you don’t want a waterlogged board. This blank deck is also well coated to stop your board from soaking up water even when you skate in wet places.

Concave: a majority of skateboard decks have a medium concave for a good reason. This is a good concave to choose from because you can use it to skate in many different styles. This blank skateboard deck has a medium concave which is comfortable enough for riding and. It is in between flat and curved which always gives more control to the skateboarder.

Size: this skateboard deck is available in different sizes but the 8.5” deck is our choice for bowl skating. A stable deck is key for bowl skating because you have to be at high speed and have a lot of control to keep from flying off your skateboard. The wide deck allows enough room for you to maintain a comfortable stance as you hit the bowls.

User Experience

This blank deck looks beautiful. It can carry weights of up to 200lbs without cracking or breaking and is just what you need for bowl skating. All avid skaters who gravitate towards bland skateboard decks to save money have to try out Cal7 decks. They are cost-saving yet highly effective.

You will get amazing pop and snap from this blank deck when you attempt an ollie. The added grip tape is a good bonus and for bowl skaters, it is gold. The people at Cal7 package their grip tape properly and so there is no folding or bending when it arrives in the mail. You have to be careful while applying your grip tape so that bubbles don’t form. Even if they do, you can easily take them out with a razor to get a crisp finish.

Final Verdict

Bowl skating requires maximum control to reduce dangerous accidents and this deck delivers just that. This is one of the few cheap decks we have found that delivers pop, great shape, and gives maximum control. The added grip tape is also a must-have for all things bowl skating.

All in all, Cal7 has provided a major solution for bowl skaters in one small package. This is a great blank deck that arrives quickly in the mail and will stand the test of time. It is one of the best skateboard decks for bowls we have seen so far.

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  • Available in different beautiful colors.
  • Complimentary grip tape is a huge bonus.
  • Gives a good pop.
  • Easy to control.
  • Grip tape can become bubbly.


Cal 7 Set- iconic skateboard decks

Cal7 Set- best selling skateboard decks

What is better than one skateboard deck? It’s two skateboard decks in one package. This set of two blank decks from Cal7 also comes with free grip tape to save you some cost and make your bowl skating dream a reality. Cal7 is a known brand for creating some of the most reliable replacement decks and this set is just what you need if you’re going to start skating half pipes and bowls. It is a beautiful thing to be able to build your skateboard from scratch. When you know just what you want to achieve, you can get the perfect trucks and wheels for this deck and enjoy the customized experience.

Specs and Features

Material: Chinese maple wood

  • Ply: 7-ply
  • Deck size: 8.5” x 32.25”
  • Concave: medium concave
  • Weight: 7.4lbs
  • Cost: $


Who needs graphic designs when you can get a beautiful-looking blank deck like this? The finishing on each board is top-notch as the construction itself is also sturdy. The use of Chinese maple wood is also better for the environment as it takes a shorter time to grow to maturity than the standard 60 years for Canadian and North American maple wood. You can build a sturdy bowl skateboard from this deck and keep the second one as an easy replacement so you’re covered for a long time.

Ply: each of these blank decks is made from a 7-ply sheet of Chinese maple wood. This wood has been compressed together and glued under high pressure to ensure it doesn’t fall apart. The skateboard you make with these decks will also not be waterlogged because Chinese maple wood is very dry.

Concave: these decks are designed with a medium concave. This makes them great for bowl skating and other styles of beginner skating too. With a wide board and a medium concave, you will have enough balance and control to enjoy your time in the bowl.

Size: this skateboard deck is available in different sizes but you should go for the 8.5″ deck if you’re serious about skating bowls. This wide deck will give you more space for your feet to balance so you can better control your skateboard while carving bowls. For bowl skating, you must stay away from narrow boards to avoid losing control and getting into accidents.

User Experience

These decks arrive quickly and are well packaged. The decent packaging isn’t only for good looks, it protects the board from scuffs and scratches. You can go ahead and build your skateboard with this deck straight out of the box because the color and finishing are so beautiful.

The natural grain of the wood showing under the brilliant dye of the wood is exquisite. If you want to throw on some stickers, stencil your name or even paint on your design, you can still do this easily on the blank canvas. Chinese maple wood is strong yet cheaper than other variations. That is probably why this set of blank decks is so affordable and yet functional. The sturdy board gives off a nice pop and can handle weights of up to 200lbs.

Final Verdict

You always need to have a replacement deck on hand so your skating fun doesn’t end when your board breaks. That is why it makes a lot of sense to purchase this set of 2 blank skateboard decks from Cal7 for bowl skating.

This deck is strong enough for tricks, beautiful, and available in the right size. Because you need extra grip while skating fast speeds in the bowl, you’re surely going to need grip tape. Cal7 has thought of all this for you and made two 9″ x 33″ grip tapes for each deck in the set. This will not only save you money but will also help keep you from unnecessary accidents when you’re enjoying the halfpipe.

  • Beautiful board design.
  • Comes with grip tape.
  • Has great pop.
  • Great decks for the price.
  • Grip tape will be bubbly if not properly applied.


What To Consider Before Buying A Strongest Skateboard Deck?

Fundamentally, the skateboard deck you choose will be greatly influenced by four main things. One is the size of your feet to help you choose width size. The second is the type of skating you want to achieve with the deck which will help you choose the length and concave.

The third is the shape of the skateboard you want. And the fourth is the kind of design you might want on your board. If you have answers to all four questions, then you’re ready to consider the following factors and pick the right skateboard deck for you.

Size: the size of your deck is about the most important part of the mix. It will determine how comfortable your skating will be in comparison to your feet size. It will also go a long way to dictate the style of skateboarding you can safely achieve. When talking about deck size, the length and width are both important.

Length: skateboard decks range from 31” to 33” in length. Also in the area of deck length is wheelbase length. The length of your wheelbase is simply the distance between your wheels when attached to the deck. The longer your deck is, the wider your wheelbase will be. A smaller wheelbase means sharper turns but less stability while a longer wheelbase will offer maximum stability and increase your turning radius.

Width: a standard skateboard size will range from a width of 7″ to 8.5″. However, there are skateboard decks with widths as narrow as 6″ and as wide as 10″. If you want to be able to maneuver your board easily for quick moves, you want a narrower board that can respond quickly to your moves. If you want more stability and grip to maintain speed and perform pool tricks, a wider deck width is ideal.

Shape: although the popsicle deck shape is the most popular, there are other shapes too. Some decks have a tapered nose or a fishtail and some even have squared noses. The popsicle shape is the most popular because it is almost symmetrical and the most functional for most skating styles.

However, most professional skaters find no difference between popsicle decks and other shapes as long as there is a nose and tail available. Anyone can do tricks if the deck has one or two kicks but it is almost impossible with a flat board that has no nose or tail.

Concave: the way your skateboard feels and how it responds to your movements is largely caused by the type of concave your deck has. Concave describes the degree to which the edges of your skateboard curve upwards and how the mid-section bows down. Skateboard deck concave can be mellow, medium, or deep.

Less concave will allow more room for foot placement and flexibility of movement. More concave will allow for better stability and quickly finding your place on the board during fast-paced movements.

Material: you should strongly consider the material your deck is made from if you are worried about durability. Bamboo and different forms of maple wood are the most used materials for skateboard deck construction. Maple wood tends to offer more strength but less elasticity while bamboo is more flexible and better for pop.

People who care about the environment also lean towards bamboo decks because it takes a shorter time to grow and replace bamboo than it does maple wood. Skateboard decks can be made from six, seven, eight, or even nine layers or plies of wood glued together. The more plies used, the stronger the deck will be.


You may have shredded your last skateboard deck in pieces when you were at the park. Your precious deck might have lost its pop from too many rough ollies. You may also be on the lookout for the perfect deck because you’re building a new skateboard to fit your personality.

Whatever your need is, you can find the perfect skateboard deck for your endeavors from this comprehensive guide with detailed reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang skateboard decks?

If you want to know how to hang skateboard decks, the free and easy technique is not very complicated. If you don’t mind using nails on your wall, grab an invisible fishing line, some nails, a pair of scissors, and the skateboard decks you want to hang. Fix a nail on the wall where you want to hang the deck. Cut and fed just enough fishing line through the holes for the wheelbase and tie a knot. Use that to hang up your deck and it will look like it’s floating. This is the cheaper alternative way to buying expensive skateboard mounts from a shop but you can get those if you prefer.

When to replace the skateboard deck?

The natural answer to this question is to replace your skateboard deck when it has a fault but there are too many factors involved. You could be an occasional skater who doesn’t task the skateboard deck much. If your board doesn’t break or your kicktail doesn’t crack, your skateboard deck can still lose its pop from age. The question of when to replace the skateboard deck is a little tricky. We don’t believe in benchmarks for skaters but if we must give one, you should change your skateboard deck between 2 weeks to 6 months if you’re a heavy skater and 5 months to 2 years if you’re an occasional skater. 

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