Best Skateboard For Beginners 2022 (Good Quality Brands)

If you’re a skateboarder, then you know that the best skateboards are the ones that are specifically designed for beginners. But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. We’ll take a look at some of the best skateboards for beginners and give you our advice on which one is right for you. 

Top Rated Best Skateboard For Beginners  (Best skateboards 2022)

We all know that finding the right board can be tough. With so many different types of boards out there, it’s hard to decide what will work best for you! But fear not – I’ve found 8 great beginner skateboards and compiled this list based on my personal experience with them (and feedback from other local skaters).

  1. Magneto Mini Skateboard
  2. Metroller Standard Good Quality For Beginners
  3. Jecolos- Best Complete For Beginners Adults
  4. Element Skateboard
  5. Beleev Skateboard
  6. Skitch Skateboard
  7. Gentle Monster Best Starter Skateboard
  8. Apollo Bali Longboard

Best Beginner Skateboards (Recommended boards)

Magneto Best Skateboards For Beginners

Magneto Mini Cruiser for beginners review


Deck 6-ply Canadian maple wood 7.5″ x 27.5″ mini-deck.
Wheels 60mm wheels with 78A hardness.
Truck Gravity cast aluminum alloy trucks.
Bearings Shock absorption ABEC7 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 275lbs.
Kit Skate tool included.

As one of the newer and upcoming bands in the skateboarding industry, Magneto is already making a good name for itself with exceptional products in the market. One of such beauties is this sturdy shortboard from the company’s finest selections.

Magneto may be new, but they have learned a lot from being immersed in the skateboarding culture of California, the skateboarding capital of the world.  A lot of care and thought is put into not creating skateboards at magneto. We don’t expect any less from a company where staff enjoy lunch together and constantly share ideas as they live together to make skateboarding better for beginners and pros alike.


As a beginner, a go-to skateboard that allows you to skate anywhere is a treasure to have. This mini cruiser is perfect for this. Magneto has designed this skateboard with the everyday rider in mind. It is fun to skate on and is easy to carry around. No expense has been spared in the production of this board. That is why we have it on this list even though it costs $100. The quality of the design shows in every part of the skateboard. This kind of quality is almost unmatched in the industry.

Deck: many manufacturers go for Canadian maple wood because it is dry and strong. This skateboard is made from six plies of genuine Canadian maple wood. That makes it strong and durable. The small size is an advantage while carrying and riding. Because it is small it is portable and can easily fit into a backpack or be carried easily by hand. While riding it is lightweight and easier to manipulate because if it’s small size. A 7.5″ wide deck gives enough room for an adult to balance both feet. The deck can also bear weights of up to 275lbs. That makes this skateboard a good size for kids and adults alike.

Skateboard Wheels: this skateboard is fitted with slightly bigger and softer wheels than the usual wheels for park and street skateboards. These wheels will fit most skateboard decks and they offer better stability and control because of their size. Because they are softer, they also roll more smoothly over rough surfaces and absorb shock better. These wheels are so stable that filmers who use skateboards to shoot rely on them for steady shots in dramatic angles.

Skateboard Trucks: the trucks on this skateboard are very sturdy. You can rely on them to hold up under pressure because they are well made. Premium quality aluminum is the choice of material and they are made with gravity casting, plenty of expertise, and a lot of love. There is zero plastic involved in making any part of this skateboard.

Personally Tested and reviewed

When testing this board, what I really don’t like about the shape of this board is that it starts to get thinner as you get closer to the kicktail. So at the end, it’s right around five and a half to six inches wide l. Which doesn’t feel right in my opinion, aesthetically sure it looks cool but from a functionality standpoint, I think that’s this board’s biggest flaw. I also weighed it and it is around five and a half pounds which if you compare it to the lanyard’s dinghy it’s very similar.

If you want to do some tricks you can do it easily. The deck is made of five maple layers sandwiched between two bamboo layers. I just think that the overall look of the bamboo is awesome. I dropped it on the pavement a few times the results were that there were no major cracks or dents on the board. The next thing that I checked out were the bearings I feel no difference in it. 

I am going to push the test just pushing that one time to see how far I go. I  think I end up making it like 25 to 30 yards. I think it is a little bit uphill but nothing too crazy. Watch out ollie and push the test on Magneto. 

About one weekend pretty happy with the board definitely getting more comfortable with the leash trucks able to kind of carve a little bit harder. They’re always getting a little bit better definitely need some work though. We are pretty happy to see a little bit of wear and tear on the tail getting used to the grip on the wheels.


  • Looks and performs great.
  • Perfect for every age.
  • Super lightweight and portable.
  • Offers a good grip for more control while riding.
  • Perfect for street skating


  • More on the expensive side.


Beleev- best complete skateboard for beginner

beleev skateboard for beginners


Deck 7-ply Canadian maple wood 8″ x 27″ cruiser deck.
Wheels 60mm wheels with 78A hardness
Trucks Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks
Bearings Shock absorption ABEC7 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 220lbs.

The Beleev company was founded in 2016 out of a mother’s love for her child. The founder, Jessica, started the company to create something her daughter could ride safely for sport and development. Beleev produces scooters, skateboards, and other related gear. Many customers attest to the fact that Jessica has built something great for children to enjoy everywhere.

The best kind of skateboard for beginner teenagers or children will look good and be very safely built. This one passes both tests and is surely suitable for teenagers and children of all ages. This skateboard is suitable for every level of skating and can even be used by adults who are not on the big side. It comes completely built and ready to ride so you can hit the streets as soon as your package arrives. This skateboard offers a smooth ride and is versatile for trying different styles of skateboarding. It is especially suited for beginners who are interested in smooth cruising.

Design And Material

This is a great skateboard with beautiful and durable graphics. It is available in five different captivating designs with flashy colors. You’ll get noticed by your friends when you ride this skateboard for the first day. This skateboard isn’t only beautiful, it is designed for speedy transport. The ABEC7 bearings ensure high speed while cruising so you can get around town faster with your skateboard. This sturdy skateboard has been safely designed so that beginners won’t have a bad experience with their first try.

Deck: the sturdy deck is constructed from strong Canadian maple wood, the toughest in the industry. Seven layers of this premium quality wood have been merged before the deck was shaped and given a nice medium concave. This cruiser skateboard has a short 27” deck with a decent width of 8”. It is the perfect size for children or teenagers to feel balanced within a short while, even those who are stepping on a skateboard for the first time. The deck has been beautifully designed using a heat transfer method to ensure it doesn’t wash away easily. It is finished off with a non-slip grip tape that is also waterproof. This will keep you glued to your board even when water is splashed on your skateboard as you ride.

Skateboard Wheels: this skateboard has standard 78A soft wheels or ‘cruiser wheels’. The 60mm wheels are softer than park wheels and also bigger. This adds to stability, which is essential for a beginner cruiser. Some beginners shy away from cruiser wheels because they are fast, but if you’re not afraid of a little speed you will enjoy a stable and exhilarating cruise on this skateboard from the first day. If you want to film your skateboarding adventures, you can do that on this skateboard because it rides so smoothly it is stable enough to catch clean shots on camera. These wheels will fit easily on any deck so you can try them on another skateboard whenever you want.

Skateboard Trucks: we love the heavy-duty trucks on this skateboard. They are sturdy without adding too much weight to the setup and will last long. Made from premium aluminum alloy material, these trucks are reliable and sturdy for riding in different weather conditions. The trucks can bear weights of up to 220lbs and will be a great choice for teenagers and children alike.

My Experience with this board

When I’m skateboarding, the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not my board can handle my weight. That’s why I love this skateboard – it’s incredibly durable. It’s made with seven layers of maple wood, which are carefully pressed against each other. That means it can handle 220lbs, so I don’t have to worry about damaging it. Skateboarding is all about having fun, and with this board, I know I can enjoy myself without worrying about breaking it. Thanks to its durability, I can focus on perfecting my tricks and becoming the best skateboarder I can be. 

I bought and tested Beleev skateboard for 3 weeks. Now I going to give you my unbiased most honest opinion. I can of this board everything about it and with a special window, I also filmed a video with my girlfriend. because I want to know her opinion on the board and her reaction to it because she is like a beginner skateboarder. That’s will help you in making a decision you should buy or not. Here is the video of  beleev skateboard test ride

This skateboard board is wider so I’m much more comfortable skating this board. The board is made with maple wood, it’s good quality wood. It’s pro for me, especially from the price point of view. The grip tape of the skateboard is mediocre l give a score of 6 out of 10. 

Both wheels and bearings to me are mediocre mid-grade. They have eight back seven bearings inside the skateboard to personally feel more like an ABEC 5 or lower because they don’t spin nearly as well as an ABEC 7 should. Now that does have something to do with the wheels itself and the wheels are a little plasticky. 

This is not a good quality as the normal wheels I’m used to skating but then again that’s because the wheels I’m used to skating on are like thirty to forty dollars themselves. To get what you pay for and a beginner board this is still a great setup. 

I was a bit disappointed when I realized that the board didn’t come with the tool I needed, but I quickly got over it once I started skating. Overall I recommend this board for beginners. It’s definitely better than some other 50 dollars Amazon skateboards.

  • The perfect size for teens and kids.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • A smooth and fast cruiser board.
  • A skate tool is included for making adjustments.
  • Not suitable for adults who weigh more than 220lbs.


Element Skateboard Good For Beginners

Element Skateboards

Deck Size 8″ x 32″
wheels Four 52mm wheels with 99A durometer.
trucks Two lightweight trucks with kingpins, axles, and pivot cups.
Bearings Pack of ABEC5 amphetamine bearings.
Grip One sheet of grip tape

Element Skateboards is an American company that has been releasing great skateboards and skating products to the market since 1992. Founder, Johnny Schillereff started taking skateboarding seriously since he was in the 7th grade. His extensive expertise and influence are obvious on the brand as their products are well-known and loved all over the world.

Element is a highly respectable brand for all things skateboards. This kit is a well-put-together representation of the brand by a professional team. Every part of the kit was built in the USA following strict industry standards so you’re sure you’re buying the real deal if you pick this product.

The team test rides and approves each of their skateboard designs before sending them out on the market to make sure customers are getting perfect products. That’s the kind of dedication and detail we like to see from every brand we recommend. 

Design And Material

Element Skateboards has thought about every beginner’s needs and made a full package to cater to those needs. This beautifully constructed board with catch graphics is well constructed to look beautiful on the outside and perform just as well.

Deck: this skateboard deck is made from 100 percent American-grown maple wood. This is one of the strongest maple wood species available, second only to Canadian maple wood. The high-quality construction material guarantees a strong deck any beginner skateboarder will be confident to stand on. The featherlight deck is professionally designed to be a high-grade lightweight deck. Because it isn’t heavy, it can be easily managed, lifted, and moved around by any skateboarder, even a first-timer.

Element claims this deck is designed to endure and they are not joking about that promise. This skateboard deck will truly outlast the regular cheap products in the market. The deck has a medium concave that is perfect for tricks and cruising. It is not so flat that you can’t achieve flips. It’s also not overly steep that a beginner will have trouble balancing.

Skateboard Wheels: the wheels in this complete skateboard kit come in the recommended size for beginners. Any beginner who has their sights on street skating should lean more to harder and smaller wheels. At 52mm, these wheels are small enough to be very responsive at the skate park when you want to start doing tricks. They weigh less and therefore will move quicker for turns and flips. The wheels have a 99A durometer which is hard for parks, streets, ledges, and rails.

Skateboard Trucks: the standard kingpin trucks in this kit are perfect for a beginner because they are highly adjustable. As you assemble your skateboard, you can determine how tight or loose the trucks will be to allow you to turn your board the way you prefer. The trucks are made from heavy-duty aluminum meaning they are durable while also being lightweight. These trucks will not add significant weight to the rest of your board to make it harder to move around.

User Experience

After trying different starter skateboard decks, it is easy to see the deck in this kit is very well made. No one expects a beginner to know the difference but Element delivered top quality on this kit regardless. You’re going to crash your skateboard a lot when starting. You want a strong skateboard like this set to ensure you don’t replace your deck every week due to drought riding.

It’s exciting to have the chance to build your very first skateboard from scratch. According to my experience, this complete kit makes the work easier because every part you need is included in the package. You don’t even have to spend extra money on grip tape as it is part of the package. As a beginner, doing this for the first time might be daunting. If you follow the instructions included, the assembly is not hard at all and you will be ready to hit the skate park with your new ride in just a few hours. Many skateboarders that have used this product confess that it was the perfect starter board.

  • Perfect as a gift for a beginner.
  • The deck is very solid and professional.
  • Comes complete with all parts you need.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Does not come pretty assembled.
  • No skate tool is included for the assembly.


Skitch good first skateboard

Skitch skateboard Only Best for kids


Deck 6″ x 22″ plastic penny board deck.
Wheels High rebound 82A durometer wheels.
Bearing Chrome steel ABEC9 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 200lbs.

Skitch perfect beginner skateboards is a new and upcoming brand in the skateboard industry. This company focuses on penny boards also called mini cruisers. These small but mighty skateboards are excellent for beginners and experts alike, that is why we couldn’t help but add them to this list. If you’re looking for the perfect little board to kick start your street skating dream, look no further than this mini cruiser from Skitch Skateboards.

On the same note, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child on their birthday or during the holidays, this set will be perfect. It comes complete with a tote bag, backpack, and skate tool. This is the kind of skateboard you can carry around all day and even forget you have it because it is so small and lightweight.

Design And Material

For small skateboard beginners, a small board is usually perfect. Mini cruisers are excellent for starting when learning skateboard basics like balance, turning, pushing, and carving. This one is built for cruising and beautifully designed too. It is available in two bright colors that any child will love. Your child will love the bright and beautiful design of this fancy penny board.

Deck: conventional skateboard decks are made of wood but not this penny skateboard. Skitch makes their decks from plastic. Before you run away from this option, consider that it isn’t regular plastic that will snap under the slightest pressure. High-quality adaptive flexibility plastic is used in the construction of this skateboard deck. This material guarantees a strong deck that will flex according to the skater’s body weight. It will outlast many wooden decks that warp and distort in hot and humid weather.

The deck measures 6″ x 22″ and almost looks like a child’s toy. Regardless of its appearance, this penny board is excellent for little beginners with tiny feet who want to cruise around in comfort. People with larger feet and those looking to try professional tricks should go for a larger skateboard with wider and longer decks as stability is needed.

Skateboard Wheels: soft wheels are the best for cruising. These 82A durometer wheels strike the perfect balance between cruiser and longboard wheels. They roll fast and ride smoothly like cruiser wheels while also delivering a great advantage for carving and turning.

Skateboard Trucks: this skateboard comes fitted with standard kingpin trucks. They are made from strong aluminum that will last long. The sturdy trucks can easily be adjusted to fit your riding style. They are less susceptible to rust damage than steel trucks will be.

I remember the first time I ever rode a skateboard. I was ten years old, and my older brother had just gotten a new board. He let me try it out, and I was hooked from the very first push. Since then, I’ve tried out dozens of different boards, and I have to say that the SKITCH Complete Skateboard is my favorite. It cruises smoothly and effortlessly, making it a joy to ride. Plus, the stylish design turns heads whenever I’m out cruising around town. Whether I’m hitting the skate park or just cruising around my neighborhood, the SKITCH Complete Skateboard is always my go-to choice.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Completely adjustable for different skill levels.
  • The backpack and tote bag make carrying it around easier.
  • The bearings spin nicely.
  • This skateboard cruises very smoothly.
  • The deck could be longer to accommodate skaters with large feet.


Apollo Bali- best quality skateboards

Apollo Bali Longboard

Deck 5-ply bamboo and fiberglass 9″ x 39″ longboard deck.
Wheels 70mm wheels with 83A hardness.
Trucks Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks.
Bearings Shock absorption ABEC9 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 220lbs.
Grip Waterproof grip tape.

Longboards are highly recommended for beginner skateboarders. The most recommended skateboard for beginner adults is longboards because they offer special stability regular popsicle-shaped boards cannot give. The experts at Apollo Skateboards company know this so they have focused on producing great quality longboards for beginners and cruisers alike.

The company is based in Germany. Right from the city of Cologne, this brand has been releasing strong longboards to the world for years. While they have many products for professionals, Apollo has some great longboards for beginners too. This Bali longboard is a great example of one. If you crave stability and speed, you can find them in this package.


The people at Apollo are passionate about creating skateboards and scooters. They design with passion hoping that their customers will derive satisfaction from every ride. The zeal with which they create is evident in every material and technique used in constructing their longboards. This Bali Longboard is a great example.

The graphics are perfectly laid with no bleeding and will stand the test of time. Every part is created with only premium materials to ensure beauty and longevity. The skate tool included is very versatile to help you adjust the different parts of this skateboard to fit your style or evolve with you as you advance in your skateboard journey.

Deck: The deck design of every skateboard says a lot about its durability. Many people look out for 7 or 8 ply skateboards but this 5-ply deck will outshine them all. Three strong sheets of genuine bamboo have been laid down and sandwiched with one layer each of fiberglass on top and underneath. This unique combination offers maximum flex from the bamboo and maximum strength from the fiberglass. All this in one package would have been great but there is also the added advantage of a lightweight longboard due to the fewer plies and lightweight nature of fiberglass.

Now you can carry your longboard around without breaking a sweat because it is very lightweight. This will even make riding this skateboard easy and as a beginner, we know you need all the help you can get.

Wheels: the big and soft wheels on this skateboard are perfect for longboards. These wheels are guaranteed to ride smoothly through rough surfaces. You will also find that turning sharp corners will not put you off balance because the wheels grip nicely in turns. These 83A durometer wheels will be great for carving and cruising.

Trucks: as a true longboard, this skateboard is fitted with reverse kingpin trucks, more popularly known as longboard trucks. They are wider and taller than the standard trucks and also highly customizable for different styles of longboarding. The trucks are constructed from high-quality aluminum that will not bend or break under pressure. You’re assured your weight will be held up as you ride on this skateboard.

User Experience

The hassle of coupling a skateboard is a bother for most people, especially beginners. This longboard comes ready to ride straight out of the box with a handy skate tool to help you make adjustments if you please. As a beginner adult, it will give ample room for your legs, stability for smooth rides, and speed to transport you around with ease. The fiberglass and bamboo combination on this deck gives it a lot of bounce without compromising on strength.

This skateboard will give you a lot of bounce and pop and will still last very long. If you want a skateboard for tricks, you should probably try another size because this longboard was built for cruising and not much else. If you assert heavy use on it, the deck might not last as long as it would under normal circumstances.

  • Perfect for cruising and transportation.
  • Comes already assembled.
  • Has a great bounce.
  • It can move very fast.
  • The skate tool is very handy.
  • Not built for tricks and slides.
  • The deck is low to the ground.


Jecolos- Best Complete For Beginners Adults

Jecolos- Best Complete For Beginners Adults

Deck 7-ply maple wood 8″ x 31″ cruiser deck.
Wheels 50mm wheels.
Truck Steel axles and aluminum trucks.
Bearings ABEC7 precision bearings.
Grip Waterproof grip tape.
Weight Weight capacity of 220lbs

The Jecolos brand creates every skateboard for their customers to feel desire, freedom, and conquest. This beginner skateboard is designed to give just that experience on a safe, strong, and stable skateboard. Every step from sourcing construction materials to printing graphic designs is handled with great professionalism and pride.

The outcome is some of the best quality skateboards for beginners we have seen on the market. This skateboard isn’t designed to remain on the beginner level. When you start your skateboarding journey, it provides stability and comfort for you to learn how to cruise with ease. As you move forward and get better at the game, this skateboard transforms for the pool, rink, or skating ramp. You can learn tricks with the same skateboard that you learned how to carve. It is the right tool to learn skateboarding skills at any level.


Available in six different designs, this beautiful standard skateboard is not only good to the eyes but is highly functional and durable too. The classic popsicle shape has double kick tails for easy braking and maneuvers. The medium concave is good for stability and tricks. Zero assemblies is needed to ride this skateboard but you can make adjustments with the free skate tool if you want to.

Deck: the deck on this complete skateboard comes in the standard 8″ size. This gives enough room for both feet to stand comfortably and is still narrow enough to practice tricks and flips. As a beginner, we know you need this kind of board for a smooth transition. While you ride around the skate park or down a street, you will enjoy a good flex from this deck and it is strong so it won’t break after a few uses. The seven layers of maple wood used in construction guarantee durability while giving some good flexibility to avoid the disadvantages of riding a rigid board.

jecolos deck 7 layer wood


Wheels: this skateboard has hard wheels. At 50mm, you can achieve the best power slides, ollies, and flip tricks when you’re ready for them. The hard wheels are great for the park and street so you can ride on rails and ledges like you see skateboard professionals do on TV. With precision ABEC7 bearings, these wheels will go fast enough for an exhilarating ride.

jecolos wheels


Trucks: solid trucks are required to hold your skateboard up. They are also very important for you to achieve the right movement for your style of skateboarding, these kingpin trucks are solidly built from hardcore aluminum material. They will not bend or break under pressure and are sure to outlast even the solid deck. These trucks are also highly adjustable. Since the settings are not one size fits all, you’re free to use a skate tool and make adjustments to your liking.


  • The wheels and trucks are easily adjustable.
  • The skate tool provided is very helpful.
  • The design pattern is beautiful and does not bleed.
  • This is a strong, well-built skateboard.
  • Very pocket-friendly price.
  • The trucks might lock in one direction if you lean too much.


Gentle Monster Best Starter Skateboard

Gentle Monster Best Starter Skateboard

Decks 9-ply maple wood 8″ x 31″ cruiser deck.
Wheels 54mm wheels with 80A hardness.
Truck Thick aluminum trucks with rebound damping.
Bearings Fast ABEC7 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 220lbs.
Kit Repair kit and storage bag included.

There are many up-and-coming brands in the skateboard industry. The major advantage of patronizing these brands is that they offer a cheaper price. We know that cost should not deter you from getting a good skateboard. But what if the cheap options are also good.

This cheap complete skateboard from Gentle Monster is a great example of a perfect starter skateboard that is pocket-friendly. It is solidly built with 9-ply maple wood and comes with helping accessories for storage and repairs. You cannot get a better deal than this for your child who wants to own a skateboard. It is an excellent gift choice and your kid will look cool riding this skateboard around the park.


Flashy decorations might not matter much to adults, but that is as important to a child as any other part of a skateboard. The flashing wheels qualify this as one of the best skateboards for beginner teenagers and kids. We know all that glitters is not gold, but this shining skateboard comes very close. It is beautiful on the outside and is solidly built to take a beating.

Deck: this 8″ x 31″ deck is the perfect size for most styles of skateboarding. 7-ply skateboard decks are the industry standard for strength but this deck goes beyond that. The deck is very resilient as it is made from nine layers of strong maple wood. Because of the increased strength, this deck can comfortably carry kids, teenagers, and adults of up to 220lbs. the deck is finished with a griping top layer that helps glue the skateboarder’s feet to their deck. You can ride this skateboard without adding grip tape and you might not even notice. The heat transfer method is used to create a beautiful design on the deck so it will not fade or wash easily.

Wheels: it’s so cool to know that these wheels light up in the dark. They flash blue light to match the electrifying design on the deck. Any child will be the coolest kid on the street riding this skateboard with flashing wheels. The 54mm wheels are just in between hard and sift so you can switch to cruising mode when you’re done with your stunts at the park. These wheels will fare well on all smooth surfaces and the partially rough ground too.

Trucks: turning and carving are very easy with this skateboard because of the sturdy trucks. They are precision trucks made of heavy-duty aluminum and built to last. These trucks have a rebound dampening feature to reduce shock and unsteadiness while you fly around on your skateboard.


  • Zero assemblies are required.
  • The storage board helps prevent the skateboard from dirt.
  • Made of solid materials.
  • You have spare repair parts when your skateboard needs a tuneup.
  • Rides smoothly.
  • There may be delivery delays.

Metroller- Good Quality For Beginners

METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners


Deck 7-ply Canadian maple wood 8″ x 31″ standard deck.
Wheels 54mm wheels with 95A hardness.
Trucks Heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks.
Bearings Carbon steel ABEC9 bearings.
Weight Weight capacity of 220lbs.
Grip Pre-gripped with anti-slip grip tape.
Bag Storage bag included.
Kit Skate tool included.

Having a cheap skateboard isn’t the real goal but let’s face it, every beginner is on a tight budget because they are not ready to spend so much money on what they aren’t sure about. After buying your first few skateboards and deciding what you want in one, you can go ahead and spend exorbitant amounts on products. However, we advise beginners to try things out with the cheap stuff first.

Brands like Metroller are in the game to provide cost-friendly options for skateboarders of all types. They have designed this standard skateboard to fit every beginner’s needs. Since teenagers vary greatly in size, it is one of the best kinds of skateboards for beginner teenagers because it will fit most heights and weights. Kids above age 5 and adults under 220lbs can enjoy riding this skateboard too.


Not only is every part of this skateboard beautifully designed, but it is also fully assembled before being packaged to send out. This removes all the hassle and confusion from having to assemble a skateboard as a beginner. For under $30, we don’t think you can come across a better bargain no matter how far and wide you search.

Deck: made of genuine Canadian maple wood, this skateboard deck is built to stand the test of time. This is a strong deck for any beginner to confidently ride on. At 8″ x 31″, it is also the perfect size for beginners of different heights and weights. The deck is beautifully designed using a heat transfer method that eliminates bleeding and peeling. Cheap paint jobs from low-quality manufacturers exist, but this skateboard stands out from that kind of junk.

Wheels: these park wheels are designed to go fast. If you’re afraid of speed you might want to look for another type of skateboard or switch out the wheels on this one for softer wheels. The smoothness of these hard wheels will make ollies, flips, and even cruising very easy. This is the kind of support you need as a beginner. This is one of the best complete skateboards for a beginner and the wheels will serve perfectly for this purpose.

Trucks: the standard kingpin trucks on this skateboard are made from premium aluminum alloy. This is a heavy-duty material that ensures the trucks will hold up and bear the recommended weight of 220lbs. you don’t want anything less than this high-quality. Tough trucks like this will outlast even your skateboard deck.

User Experience

I have been riding for a few years now and I can confidently say that this deck is the best beginner’s deck you will find on the market. It has a great capacity to carry 220lbs worth of weight, which is more than most beginner decks out there. Additionally, it is very durable and well-made, so you can rest assured that your gear won’t give out on you in the middle of a slide.

I love the quality of the bushing. With its high-quality bushings, the skateboard is made to be comfortable on any type of terrain. The PU components will reduce impacts from bumpy roads so you can enjoy your ride without being jarred by sudden jolts!

Metroller skateboards are the best way to get around. They’re easy to carry and you can store them in your backpack or on your bike. The only downside is come with damaged bag. When I first got my Metroller, the bag was ripped and the wheels were falling out. I had to return it and get a new one. But other than that, Metroller skateboards are great!


PHOEROS Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners

PHOEROS Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners

Skateboarding is a great way to stay active, and it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a beginner’s skateboard, the PHOEROS Skateboard is a great option. It has a max load capacity of 220 lbs, making it perfect for kids and adults alike. The high-speed bearings will give you that smooth ride while 7 ply Canadian Maple provides durability during tough times in between riding sessions. With its great features and affordable price, the PHOEROS Skateboard is a great choice for anyone looking to get into skateboarding.

I’m loving my PHOEROS Skateboard! It’s perfect for doing tricks and sliding around. The design allows me to be creative with my ride because it has a double-warped deck, which makes pivots simple as well as slides or street skating possibilities so I can turn up in any situation without worrying about falling on my face (or at least not too often). The board is also really light so I can carry it around with me easily, and the bright colors make it easy to spot when I’m skating around in a crowded area.

I am the type of person who likes to be prepared for anything when I am on the road. I need to know that my truck can handle whatever comes my way and that I can rely on it to get me from point A to point B without any problems. That is why I was so happy to discover PHOEROS and their line of aluminum trucks. I could tell right away that these trucks were built to last, and I have never felt more confident behind the wheel. The stability and durability of PHOEROS’ trucks are just what I need to feel safe on the road, and I know that they will continue to perform at a high level for years to come.


Buying Guide For Best Skateboards For Beginners Adults?

Cruising around on a skateboard, feeling the wind in your hair and the wheels roll beneath your feet is a great experience. If you want to join the league of skateboarders, you should get yourself a good skateboard and start practicing right away. There are different parts of a skateboard and different factors to consider when selecting one to suit your needs. Here are some important points you should consider while choosing the best quality skateboard for beginners.

Deck: the material of the deck you select is very important. Maple wood and bamboo are excellent choices. If you want to have a featherweight skateboard, you should also consider fiberglass. The mahogany used to be a wood of choice but it has little to no flex and is out of fashion in modern skateboards. Apart from the material of choice, the number of layers of the material is also important. A 7-ply wood is the industry standard for strong and long-lasting decks. Some manufacturers use 8 or 9 plies to increase this strength. When wood is mixed with fiberglass, 7 plies is not usually necessary, but anything under 4 plies is too weak and will not last over a day. Another important thing for decks is the size. For riding parks and pools, a deck of 8” wide and above will be ideal. If you are riding streets, consider decks between 7.5” and 8” wide.

Wheels: street wheels need to be very responsive and fast. Therefore, they have to be small and hard. Any wheels of 50 to 60mm will be the perfect size for the street and a preferred durometer is 95 to 101A. cruisier wheels are softer than street wheels but not too soft. They range from 78 to 90A in hardness and are generally between 54 and 60mm wide. These wheels are known for riding smoothly on different terrains. Filmers use cruiser wheels on skateboards so they can position their cameras to capture steady shots. The softest and largest wheels are for longboards. They can be 60 to 7mm large and have a durometer of 75 to 85A. these wheels keep a nice grip through corners and power through rough surfaces very easily.

Trucks: the axle length of your trucks should match the width of your deck. That means you don’t want oversized trucks that stick out the sides of your deck or undersized trucks that don’t extend to the edges on your deck. Trucks that don’t fit perfectly will be imbalanced. That is a bad accident waiting to happen that you want to avoid by all means. Your trucks should also be made of strong materials like aluminum. Ceramic trucks are also good but you should avoid rubber and plastic by all means.

Shape: there is no better or bad-shaped skateboard. It all depends on your personal preference and what you’re comfortable with. We recommend the classic conventional shaped skateboards for starters. They come with identical noses and tails to make riding easy before you get used to it. Retro-shaped skateboards can come later on in your journey.

Grip tape: many beginners wonder what keeps skaters from falling off their boards. Most of the time it is grip tape but experience helps too. As a beginner, you ought to buy some grip tape for your first skateboard if it doesn’t come in the package. It is dangerous to ride without grip tape to help you remain stable. The best complete skateboard for beginners will have grip tape included because manufacturers know how important this element is when starting.

Graphics: graphics are not so important because they don’t add to the functionality. However, some people cannot get over having a good-looking board. If your skateboard looks good and performs well you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. All the options we have included on our list of best skateboards for beginner adults and teenagers look good and perform very well. You can feel free to pick from our list and be rest assured the beautiful design that arrives in the mail will not wash off after a few uses.

Beginner skateboards that come with other accessories are the icing on the cake. Stuff like carrying and storage bags, skate tools, and repair parts are not necessary but they are very helpful when included. If you want to have a good first experience and more value for your money, aim for skateboards with many accessories included.

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best size skateboard for beginners

When initially choosing the width of the deck, if you are a beginner, you need to start solely from the size of the shoe. You still do not have enough experience to understand what width is needed. A rough rule: for 8.5 US shoe sizes, an ideal width of 8 inches will be. Then correlate yourself.

Occasionally, riders with huge paws ride 7.8-inch boards. This goes beyond the rules, but they are comfortable and this is the main thing. Only after trying several deck sizes, will you be able to decide on the most optimal one for you.

Also, the choice of board width may depend on your riding style:

  • wide boards 8.5 and wider are bought by ramp riders. For fans of radius bowls, it is many times more comfortable to extinguish on a deck of this width, since the rider is more stable during landings, and also the leg will not be able to slip at the most crucial moment. It is worth noting that such boards are considered to be stronger, which is logical from the point of view of physics. Therefore, if you often put boards, then try to take it wider;
  • narrow boards 8.0 – 8.5 are taken by technical guys who like to flip in the park or do a clear flip in / flip out the trick on the straight edge. It is easier for such a board to scroll under your feet even on the most difficult flip;
  • The narrowest boards (anything less than 8.0) are suitable for children and girls. These two categories of riders are most likely to buy such unpopular skateboard sizes.* 1 “(inch) = 2.54cm
Deck type Deck width Rider age Rider height Shoe size
MICRO 6.75 “and already 5 years and under 1.2 m and below 5.5
MINI 7.0 “ 6 – 8 years old 1.4 m 6.5
Mid 7.3 “ 9 – 12 years old 1.6 m 9
FULL 7.5 “and wider 13 years and older Higher than 1.7 m More than 9


Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that has been in vogue for a long time. More and more young people are getting interested in the sport and demand for beginner materials is only increasing. In a market where a sea of products is available, this guide is the perfect tool you need to pick your very first skateboard. Whether you’re going to buy a complete skateboard or a kit that requires some work to assemble, you will need the guidance of an expert or you could easily get lost in all the noise.

We have listed several options in different price ranges and with varied advantages. No matter what kind of skateboarding you are interested in, we guarantee you will find an excellent first-timer skateboard on this list. Make sure to share this extensive information with your friend who is also in the market for a new beginner skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you know the best skateboard to buy for a beginner?

Knowing the best skateboard to buy for a beginner means you have to know what kind of style that person intends to skate. If they want a skateboard for transport, a mini-cruiser will be an excellent choice. If they are interested in flips and tricks, classic skateboards are very good for hitting half pipes and rails.

Every trick from ollies to flips can be achieved on classic skateboards because of the almost symmetrical nose and tail. Whatever style of skateboard you choose as a beginner, always start with a medium concave. That is the balance between deep and zero concave. It gives just enough balance and enough edge to lift off and turn a skateboard around.

What are the best complete skateboards made of?

Many skateboard companies are creating complete skateboards because of the high demand. They are perfect for beginners because they come complete with every part needed and are already assembled. You can ride a complete skateboard right out of the box. Complete skateboards are also cheaper than collecting different skateboard parts on your own.

The best complete skateboards will include extra materials to help your skateboarding journey easier. Some of those extra parts include a storage bag, grip tape, a skate tool, or other replacement parts. A complete skateboard doesn’t need to have all these parts but you might find one that does. Don’t mistake complete skateboards for complete skateboard kits. The former comes pre-assembled while the latter requires some technical skills for assembling.

What type of skateboard is best for beginners?

Longboards are great for starting with skateboarding. They are long with plenty of legroom, very stable, and have big soft wheels good for absorbing shock and rolling over every kind of surface. Longboards aren’t suitable for everyone. Shorter and more petite riders will find it harder to maneuver such a big board.

This is where mini cruisers come in. As the name implies, they are small and perfect for small skateboard beginners to move from point A to point B. Keep in mind that cruisers are designed for cruising and might not be great for tricks and flips. If you are interested in learning tricks and flips at some point on your journey, consider a classic popsicle-shaped skateboard between 7.5″ and 8″ wide. This board will provide stability for a beginner and can be converted into a skateboard for the street or park later on.

Check out our youtube channel. Most skateboards are used by our team and me. Then we review the best skateboards for beginners.