Best Electric Skateboard Under 500$ 2021 (Complete Buyer Guide)

The latest trend in skateboarding is e-boards. It’s all the rage with adults and kids alike and if you’re reading this, you’re interested in one too. We know you’ll enjoy riding an electric skateboard but that enjoyment could come with a high price tag.

Many electric skateboards are over-priced. You can see options on the market for as high as $1500. However, we’re here to provide you best electric skateboard under 500$ options that are also top quality.


We understand that not everyone likes to blindly follow trends. If you need to understand why owning an electric skateboard is a good decision, consider the following points.

  • If you’re new to skateboarding, using an electric skateboard is the easiest way to learn how to skate. You can gradually increase your speed and master balance with one.
  • If you’re a professional skater, an electric skateboard is a great way to challenge yourself. You can enjoy uphill and downhill rides instead of just settling for downhill thrills on a manual board.
  • If you need an exciting and cost-friendly way to commute, an electric skateboard will be perfect for the task. You can get to work on time and not break a sweat as the board does most of the work.
  • If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, getting one of these will have a lesser impact than owning a car.
  • If you love to have fun and exercise, you can combine both chores into one on an electric skateboard.

There are many more reasons why owning an electric skateboard is a great idea, but the above should be enough for now. If you’re ready to get yourself one of these exciting toys, don’t skip our reviews below to make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard Under 500$ 

Hiboy S22 Electric Longboard


Material maple wood
Deck length 30”
Weight 16.5lbs.
Recharge time 2 to 4 hours
Battery range 12.5 miles
Top speed 18.6mph to 24mph
Motor power 350w x 2

When it comes to reliable personal vehicles, Hibioy covers everything from skateboards to scooters, hoverboards, and e-bikes.

This experienced brand surely did not disappoint with the S22 electric longboard. Every detail of this engineering marvel was carefully poured over by a competent team of engineers and designers to ensure high-quality riding.

With double brushless hub motors providing stable power to the electric skateboard, the Hiboy S22 will give a safe and smooth ride every time you hop on.

Equipped with an ergonomic wireless rechargeable remote, you can control your speed as you cruise on the Hiboy S22. This skateboard can easily climb 20% grade hills and lower angles.

Design  and User Experience

The Hiboy S22 longboard comes well packaged and fully equipped with all you need to start riding immediately. Although instructions in the manual booklet are poorly written, you should have no problems setting up as the process is pretty straightforward. The quality of this machine easily matches that of some $1000 electric skateboards.

This skateboard can go very fast but has multiple speed levels you can easily regulate from the wireless remote control. You will enjoy a smooth and exhilarating riding experience as the wide wheels absorb the shock of bumps along your path.

Beware that there is no indication of charging progress and so you will not be notified when the skateboard is fully charged. Take care not to overcharge your battery and damage its lifespan.

Final Verdict

If you asked us for the fastest electric skateboard under 500, the Hiboy S22 will be a top choice. Because it can accelerate 18.6mph to 24mph at top speed, this is an excellent electric skateboard for anyone who loves to ride fast.

This machine can bear weights up to 210lbs, making it a great choice for children and adults alike. The four-speed modes and comfortable control with the remote also make accelerating and stopping very easy. You can go at your own pace and enjoy every moment of the ride.


  • The large board and wheels are great for balance.
  • Has different riding and braking modes to suit varied users.
  • Control your speed and stops with ease using the rechargeable remote.
  • Maintenance is easy as replacement parts are easily accessible.


  • No indication of charging progress.
  • The instruction booklet is poorly written.


Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Longboard

Material bamboo and maple wood
Deck length 38”
Weight 18.4lbs.
Recharge time 2.5 hours
Battery range 10 miles
Top speed 7mph
Motor power 350w

Because Blitzart aims to deliver flexibility and comfort to its customers, the Hurricane electric skateboard is only made with high-quality materials. With a durable deck and easy-to-hold wireless remote, every rider can have a smooth experience with each encounter. 

After fully charging the battery within 2.5 hours, you can go a full 10 miles at 17mph on this super-fast skateboard. The 36v lithium-ion battery with a 350w brushless hub motor delivers reliable power for every ride.

Design  and User Experience

The Blitzart 38” Hurricane is the best electric board under 500 that you can ride straight out of the box. It comes fully assembled and saves you the work of putting a board together.

Shipping and delivery of this board are handled fast and professionally. You have to be careful with the speed if it’s your first time on an electric skateboard because this machine goes full throttle quickly.

Make sure you wear a helmet and toggle from the lower speed to the higher speed at a comfortable pace. This is a well-constructed and sturdy skateboard with 2 layers of bamboo, 6 layers of maple wood, and premium quality gripe tape. It can support up to 250lbs of weight and will still deliver maximum range with fast speed.

Final Verdict

Apart from having easily accessible replacement parts, this electric skateboard is available in 4 different colors and can be specially customized for you.

The wrist strap on the remote control contributes to ease of use and better controls to reduce accidents and elevate your riding experience. You surely won’t regret the purchase of this Blitzart board.


  • Super fun and very easy to use.
  • Ready to ride straight out of the box.
  • Customer service is very responsive.


  • Beginners must beware as both speed settings are very fast.


Alouette 32” Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard

Alouette 32” Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard

Material maple wood
Deck length 32”
Weight 9.9lbs.
Recharge time 3 to 4 hours
Battery range 14 miles
Top speed 16mph
Motor power 250w x 2

Whoever said you couldn’t get a durable electric skateboard under 500 has not tried the 32” Pheonix Ryder from Alouette. Made from 7 layers of premium maple wood, this electric skateboard is very sturdy. You would think the location of the battery pack will affect flexibility but riders less than 200lbs can enjoy elasticity on this electric skateboard. The brushless dual motors each pack 250w of power and have a regenerative braking system.

The ergonomic remote is very simple to master. When paired with the board, you will quickly master acceleration, deceleration, and braking to enjoy smooth rides. You can even climb 15-degree angles with ease on this skateboard.

Design  and User Experience

With this 32” Pheonix Ryders skateboard, you get to enjoy reliable performance with every ride. The batteries are ready to go straight out of the box and provide more stamina and power than is expected from a $300 electric skateboard. The ergonomic wireless remote control has a display screen where you can view mileage, power consumption, and speed.

If you ever get tired of manual settings, you can simply select cruise control on the remote and drift smoothly on your board. You will enjoy an excellent performance with this electric skateboard. Even when riding in puddles and on wet roads, Alouette’s Pheonix Ryders will work great.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to sacrifice price for durability to get a good electric skateboard. The materials and skills used in designing this machine prove just that. This skateboard will last long even with rigorous and consistent use. Take note, however, of the recommended weight limit of 132lbs to ensure your skateboard doesn’t get overly damaged before you can enjoy it to the fullest. Pros

  • Has excellent torque for climbing steep hills.
  • Extremely durable board and parts.
  • The board is wide and easy to balance on.
  • The remote is easy to get used to.


  • Distance and speed are only displayed in km/h and not mph.
  • Not suitable for adults over 200lbs.


RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard


Material maple wood
Deck length 29.7”
Weight 10.5lbs.
Recharge time 3 to 4 hours
Battery range 6.5 miles
Top speed 10mph
Motor power 125w

The top electric skateboards under 500 come from different brands but RazorX is one of our top choices for safety, style, service, and quality. This tested and trusted brand has made the cruiser electric skateboard for skaters who love to zoom.

Design  and User Experience

With the digital wireless remote in your hand, you can toggle different speed options until you reach your desired velocity. You will need it to control this 125w powered machine and can go up to 10mph at full speed.

The combination of ground-gripping polyurethane wheels and perforated grip tape on this electric skateboard will keep you centered and safe. You will never have to worry about issues with belts, chains, or alignments because this board is designed with modern rear-wheel drive technology. This electric skateboard is suitable for kids and adults who weigh up to 220lbs.

Final Verdict

Anyone who wants to enjoy some power without having to carry a heavy skateboard around can go for this option. Although the battery and motor and to the board’s weight, this is easier to carry than many other electric skateboards.

The RazorX Cruiser is great for beginners and skaters who are transitioning from manual to electric skateboards. It is very easy to use and makes getting used to electric skating super simple.Pros

  • The board is firm and sturdy.
  • Portable and fun to play with.


  • The motor drives quite loudly.
  • Replacement batteries are hard to find.


Wookrays 25” Electric Skateboard


Material maple wood
Deck length 25.4”
Weight 8.6lbs.
Recharge time 2 hours
Battery range 5 miles
Top speed 12.4mph
Motor power 350w

The people at Wookrays aim to enhance the skateboarding experience for their customers. They believe skateboarding is a way of life and not just a sport. We agree with Wookrays and we highly recommend their 25-inch electric skateboard as one of the best options on the market. You don’t need any skateboard skills to use this beginner-friendly product. The wireless remote is all you need to move, slow down, and brake.

Design  and User Experience

This electric skateboard has three-speed levels. low, medium, and high, to suit varying skill levels. You can choose your level of comfort or work your way from low to high speed with ease. The wireless remote control can be operated from a 14m distance and is all you need for a smooth riding experience.

This skateboard is durable, flexible, and stable because it is made with 7 layers of high-quality maple wood. No matter how much your skateboard collides with hard objects or is stomped on, it will not be deformed because it is built to last.

Final Verdict

This electric skateboard might not be the fastest electric skateboard under 500, but it has good speed. The deck is built with quality materials so it will last long and serve well. if you’re looking for a powerful motor on your electric skateboard, this option will be suitable for you.

Recharging the battery only takes 2 hours and you can go up to 5 miles after a full charge. no matter your skill level, you can purchase this board today and start gliding smoothly down your street immediately it arrives.


  • The concave tail and kick tail increase stability.
  • LED indicators that show battery level are convenient.
  • The remote is very comfortable and feels natural to use.


  • Customer service is not very responsive if you have a problem.


Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Material polypropylene
Deck length 19.6”
Weight 7.7 lbs.
Recharge time 1.5 hours
Battery range 4 to 6 miles
Top speed 9.3mph
Motor power 100w

One of the best electric boards under 500 is the small but mighty Swagstake NG3 from Swagtron. The engineers from Swagtron have deliberately overhauled the bulky stuff and scaled it down to deliver this small, lightweight, and highly effective electric skateboard.

The skateboard’s polypropylene deck is supported by strong polyurethane wheels. This combination of materials is dense enough to support weights up to 150lbs but flexible enough to absorb the shock of bumpy roads.

With this electric skateboard, you get to enjoy the real feel of skateboarding with lesser kicks required for acceleration and deceleration. The precision-engineered battery of the NG3 has passed many system tests. Because of this, overvoltage, overcharging and temperature spikes will not be a problem.

Design  and User Experience

Unlike most electric skateboards, this product still has room for a human touch. There is no remote control included in the design in a deliberate effort to bring back the need for you to move the board.

Although there are smart sensors intelligently placed underneath the skateboard, the rider is required to push to activate acceleration. As you move along, the ‘Move More’ technology will match your speed until you hit the maximum speed of 9.3mph.

The beautiful design on the board is durable. It will look the same after 100 rides because of zero cracks, fades, and wear. Even after the purchase, customer support is excellent. All your questions and complaints will be answered swiftly by a standby team of support staff.

Final Verdict

This is an excellent choice if you are starting in the world of electric skateboards. It is easy to use and will help you move around smoothly with ease. Because it is not completely motorized, it will assist you in transitioning from traditional boards to electric boards.


  • Great design.
  • The skateboard will stop rolling immediately when you get off.
  • The kick assist is excellent on leveled ground
  • The battery lasts long.


  • It is almost impossible to go up an incline.
  • It is harder to control when it is moving fast.


Viro Rides Turn Style Electric Drift Skateboard


Material polyurethane
Deck length 35.25”
Weight 20.5lbs.
Recharge time 2 hours
Battery range 6 miles
Top speed 10mph
Motor power 115w

Viro Rides electric drift skateboard is an exceptionally unique choice for boards under $500. The turn-style design is very different from any conventional electric skateboard and adds to the fun of your rides. Although this skateboard is quite heavy at over 20lbs and wide at over 35 inches, you will benefit from a secure and sturdy board in your skating arsenal.

While you’re enjoying making sharp turns and awesome skating tricks on this board, the wireless speed controller will help you accelerate and brake with ease. The controller is thumb-activated making it easy to start and shut off. You can control your turn angles from the remote by selecting any of the four drift modes provided.

Design  and User Experience

This skateboard presents a completely different way for you to enjoy skateboarding. When you press down on the drift plates, you can rotate the back wheels by up to 36 degrees. This will help in carving, making tight turns, and achieving other neat tricks.

The strong polyurethane material used in construction reduces flexibility but ensures increased durability. The powerful brushless motor also delivers reliable power to the electric skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you have a small budget, we highly recommend Viro Ride’s turn-style electric skateboard as the best electric board under 500. Even though it costs less than $100, this skateboard will deliver quality and comfort to every rider. Before you ride this skateboard, we advise that you zip tie the wires or they can begin to fray when they rub against the insulation.


  • The good wheels roll smoothly over bumps, cracks, and rough surfaces.
  • It has excellent battery life.
  • The cool turn-style design makes it fun to ride.
  • Requires little to no maintenance.


  • The skateboard is heavy.
  • The board has no flex.
  • The drift plates will rattle if you don’t stand on them.


Blitzart 28” Mini Flash Electric Skateboard


Material maple wood and bamboo
Deck length 28”
Weight 12.2lbs.
Recharge time 2 hours
Battery range 8 miles
Top speed 12mph
Motor power 250w

Blitzart surely delivers comfort and flexibility again with this 28-inch mini flash electric skateboard. The solid board is made from 5 layers of maple wood sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of bamboo. This construction ensures the skateboard is sturdy yet flexible enough to support up to 250lbs of weight. The 24v lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in just 2 hours and is ready to go up to 12mph for 8 miles.

Design  and User Experience

You don’t have to worry about assembling this skateboard because it comes ready to use straight out of the box. It is equipped with a 25ow brushless hub motor to reduce the need for maintenance and other problems related to belt drive motors. The hub motor makes this electric skateboard look good, work very quietly, and function in both manual and electric mode.

The ergonomic remote control can help you regulate acceleration, deceleration, and even reverse. The convenient strap will aid ease of handling the remote while you ride.

Final Verdict

This good-looking electric skateboard is functional and easy to use. With no assembly or maintenance required, you get to enjoy smooth cruising without added work on the product. The rechargeable remote control, sturdy board, and reliable battery on this board are what every good electric skateboard should have. This purchase will be a plus to your skateboard arsenal.


  • Perfect for use as a beginner board.
  • The skateboard is strong for its size.


  • The nuts holding the truck in place are flimsy and must be tightened.
  • The red, yellow, and green charging lights are all on simultaneously, which is confusing.


Hover-1 Switch 2 In 1 Electric Skateboard And Scooter


Material polyurethane
Deck length 27.2”
Weight 17.6lbs.
Recharge time 4 to 6 hours
Battery range 6 miles
Top speed 7mph
Motor power 90w

Our list of top electric skateboards under 500 will not be complete without mentioning this double package from Hover-1. The scooter and skateboard are powered by a single brushless motor of 90w.

the 25.2v battery delivers adequate power to the machine but does not make for a very fast electric board. This product has IPX4 water resistance and can be used on dry and wet ground alike. The top-quality manufacturing and wide balanced wheels make for a sturdy machine.

This electric skateboard and scooter come with an ergonomic remote to control the throttle, reverse and brake. When in scooter mode, the remote control fits into the handlebars so you are riding safely with both hands yet controlling your machine with ease at the same time. There are zero tools required to switch from scooter to skateboard and back. Simply navigate the lock and release system to fasten the board to the scooter or ride it as a skateboard.

Design  and User Experience

The Hover-1 Switch provides one board but two ways to ride and enjoy yourself. Whether you’re cruising around on the scooter or gliding on the skateboard, you can carve and perform stunts like a professional skater.

Because the steering height is awkward for tall people and the board can only take 132lbs, this product is recommended for petite adults, teenagers, and kids. You can still ride with this product if you’re not so small. However, you will have to recharge more often to compensate for the added pressure. The Hover-1 Switch is an excellent choice for beginners who want to transition from scooters to skateboards over time.

Final Verdict

The only thing better than a good electric skateboard is a good board and a scooter in one package. At under $200, the value for money on this deal is almost unbeatable. With its stable wheels, strong rechargeable battery, and water-resistant feature, this is easily one of the best skateboards under 500 deals you will find anywhere. If you’re like us and you enjoy getting more value out of your purchases, you will go for this 2 in 1 electric skateboard and scooter combo.


  • Acceleration and braking are very smooth.
  • Conversion from scooter to skateboard is very easy.
  • High-quality design and construction.


  • The battery life is on the short side.
  • Not great for climbing hills.


RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

Material maple wood
Deck length 25”
Weight 12.4lbs.
Recharge time 5 hours
Battery range 7 to 9 miles
Top speed 12mph
Motor power 150w

Last but not least, our list of top electric skateboards under 500 is the DLX electric skateboard from RazorX. Every product from Razorx is so meticulously produced that we have come to expect safety, style, and top-notch quality from this brand.

As a leading manufacturer of skateboards, this company did not disappoint us with the DLX. The skateboard is not just fast, it is also smooth. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 150w motor ensure it runs smoothly with a load capacity of up to 220lbs. 

The wireless remote with a wrist strap is great for speed control. You can achieve all your turning and carve with this comfortable controller. You will enjoy 40 minutes of continuous use at 12mph after every full charge. That thrilling electric power is just what you need to cruise around your neighborhood with ease.

Design  and User Experience

This twin tip electric skateboard is made from sturdy 7 ply maple wood. This material is not only very strong, but it is also lightweight so you’re not always gasping for air when you carry your skateboard around.

The kick-to-start hub motor is super quiet while in operation and requires little to no maintenance. You will have zero chains, belts, or alignment issues throughout the life span of your board. With the digital hand-held remote, you can activate soft start and slowly build speed as you move along. Decelerating and stopping are also made easy and safe with the remote.

Final Verdict

This is one of the most versatile electric skateboards out there. You can enjoy perfect cruising velocity while the board is charged and seamlessly switch to manual mode when you’ve run out of power. With this product, you get to enjoy the advantages of an electric skateboard and a normal skateboard at the same time.Pros

  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Accelerating and stopping are easy.
  • The board is very easy to handle.


  • Only runs for 40 minutes after charging for 5 hours.


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There are simply too many brands in the skateboard market for users to make a clear choice of which product to buy. However, you will know just what to choose when you consider the following factors.

  • Best Deck material: electric skateboards are typically made of wood (maple wood and bamboo) or synthetic resin (polyurethane or fiberglass). Beware that wood is more flexible while the plastic resin is stiffer.
  • Motor type and wattage: Some electric skateboards have a belt-driven system while others run on hub motors. Hub motors are quieter and easier to maintain. More wattage on the motor means more speed and more power. If you want a fast skateboard, go for the highest wattage.
  • Board weight: if you will be carrying your skateboard around, consider getting a lightweight option for convenience.
  • Speed, range, and charge time: some companies display speed, range, and charge time within a range. Always assume the lower number is accurate as only extremely lightweight individuals can enjoy the higher numbers. For example, if the range is listed as 4 to 7 miles, assume the accurate range is 4 miles.
  • Weight capacity: always consider your weight before purchasing any electric skateboard or you might buy a product you cannot use because you are too heavy.
  • Customer support: you must consider what happens after you purchase your electric skateboard. Always check if the company has a track record of good after-sales service and if they have spare parts readily available.


Electric skateboards are not only thrilling to ride, but they are also good for exercise, having fun, and commuting. With their versatile functions, you want to have one at your disposal. However, top-grade electric skateboards are very expensive and impractical for many users. You can still enjoy premium quality skateboarding with a cheaper product under $500.

Take note that not every electric skateboard under 500 is worth buying. In this post, we have made available 10 outstanding options from the fastest to the cheapest and most lightweight skateboards under $500. You can take your pick from our in-depth research and enjoy the exciting experience of cruising on an electric skateboard.

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