The Best Skateboard Cruiser Wheels You Can Buy Today

You may think that just slapping any wheels onto your longboard or skateboard is good enough, but this isn’t the case!

As you’ll soon learn through this article, there are numerous different kinds of skateboard wheels available.

They come in various sizes and have other characteristics suitable for certain types of skating.

You will need the correct wheels for those who just want to cruise along. As you’ll soon discover, the various wheels will give you a different riding experience.

If you need help deciding which skateboard cruiser wheels to buy, this buying guide should be helpful.

But before we provide you with information to ensure you purchase the right wheels, we will review some that we consider to be among the best available.

Five of the Best Skateboard Cruiser Wheels For 2022

1. Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels 81a

You will find that these Fireball Tinder skateboard & longboard wheels are not only soft enough for cruising but also complex enough that you can carry out some basic tricks on your board at skateparks.

They come with a fiberglass core, so they wear more evenly over time.

The use of an 81a Durometer might be too hard to offer you smooth cruising, but they feel like soft wheels, especially when traveling over a rough surface.

Not only do they roll fast, but they absorb vibrations well. You’ll also find that they are ideal for sliding over slick surfaces. It’s crucial to note that if you like sliding, these will wear down quickly.

  • They are made in California.
  • They are not only sturdy but also durable.
  • They will provide you with a smooth ride.
  • They provide an excellent grip-to-slip ratio even on rough surfaces.
  • They are available in three color options – red, white, and blue.
  • They have larger contact patches.
  • They’re fine to use when you want to do the occasional trick on your board
      • As these don’t come with bearings, you may find them challenging to put in.

2. Freedare Skateboard Wheels 60mm

You will find that these are one of the best sets of wheels for cruising as they don’t mold much to the road surface. They come with an 83a Durometer count, which tells us they are harder wheels, ideal for skateparks, and can cope with any pressure.

Another reason for considering these Fireball Tinder skateboard & longboard wheels is how the inclusion of ABEC-7 bearings improves the speed of cruiser boards.

You can rely on these even when traveling downhill at high speed.

What you’ll also like about these skateboard cruiser wheels is their look. Unlike some others, these will give your board a more classic look and come at a great price.

  • As these come with bearings and spacers, they are easy to fit your skateboard.
  • These are durable, smooth wheels.
  • They fit best on a penny board.
  • They make ideal wheels for beginners as they provide a stable ride.
  • There is a wide variety of colors, all at a low price.
  • The ABEC-7 bearings will enhance your ride.
  • The polyurethane material used in these types of skateboard wheels provides more grip.
  • Some skateboarders have found the bearings of this wheel profile are not the right fit for their board.

3. Freedare 58mm Skateboard Wheels 

These wheels are made of polyurethane that provides you with plenty of grip and comes with an 82a Durometer count and an ABEC-7 rating.

As you are also provided with the bearings and spacers, you’ll find fitting these cheaper wheels to your board easy.

These are slightly softer wheels than the ones above but are also very durable. They roll over rougher surfaces smoothly, making them ideal for use on roads and in skate parks.

These Freedare 58mm skateboard wheels are perfect for cruising as they are so wide. But you need to be aware that these are larger than some other skateboard wheels, so they can cause some “wheel bite” to occur.

These skateboard wheels are designed for cruising over smooth surfaces and for use on hills and longboards.

A company makes them with over 15 years of experience in designing equipment not only for skateboards but also for scooters.

  • They’re good quality at an affordable price.
  • This size skateboard wheel offers you a smooth ride.
  • Traveling over holes and bumps is no problem.
  • They are durable.
  • They provide superb performance and speed.
  • They’re perfect for doing the occasional trick on your board.
  • You may find that the skateboard bearings used in these aren’t of the highest quality.
  • All of these are now manufactured in China.

4. AXDT Skateboard Wheels Set

If you are learning how to ride a skateboard and want to change out your wheels, these from AXDT are an excellent option.

They are suitable for beginners as they come with a 60% rebound and a 100A Durometer rating.

Unlike previous wheels we´ve reviewed here, these come with an ABEC-9 rating and are suitable for 7.5 to 8″ skateboard decks.

The ABEC-9-rated bearings inside these are excellent as they continuously rotate without much effort, providing you with a much smoother ride, even over rough roads or surfaces.

Plus, the higher Duroment rating makes them ideal for being able to perform the occasional basic technical tricks if you want.

Using their patented cold infusion process to make these wheels provides you with more solid ones. As a result, you’ll find that these particularly hard wheels are more resistant to wearing down quickly.

  • These dedicated street wheels come with a 30-day warranty.
  • You will find that fitting them to your skateboard is easy.
  • They provide you with clear installation instructions
  • These popular wheels are optimized for the ultimate cruising experience.
  • They provide a smooth ride on any terrain from smooth concrete to rough roads.
  • They look good!
  • The wheels are pretty small and look like plastic.
  • Sometimes you may find that no instructions on how to install them have been included.
  • The bearings don’t seem all that excellent.

5. Shark Wheel Title 60mm 78a DNA Formula

 Whether you enjoy cruising or traversing different surface types, then these wheels from Shark are ideal.

They are suitable for cruising along roads, as well as being able to tackle hard curves. They even work well in the skate park, up to the task of a flippy trick or two.

You’ll also find that these wheels have left friction when in motion compared to similar-sized wheels with the same Durometer rating.

Like many others made from high-rebound polyurethane, this board has more speed, range, and comfort, even when moving over rough surfaces.

  • They are made in California.
  • They have a unique and innovative design.
  • You’ll get great performance on all kinds of surfaces and for landing tricks.
  • Shark Wheels are durable and long-lasting.
  • These are some of the most expensive wheels you can buy.
  • You will find that they don’t ship with bearings.

We hope you have found the reviews we’ve offered above helpful in showing the great range of high-quality skateboard cruiser wheels available.

What are the Best Skateboard Cruiser Wheels?

As you will have seen above, many different cruiser wheels are available. With so many brands to choose from, how can you decide which ones are right for your needs?

Below we look at some critical factors to take into account before making such a necessary purchase.

Things to Consider

When it comes to buying a new set of cruiser wheels for your skateboard, the main things you need to consider are as follows:

  • Wheel Size
  • Urethane Hardness
  • Lip Profile
  • Core Placement
  • Contact Patch
  • Wheel Shape
  • Material

If you’re looking to reach higher speeds, you’ll want to choose a set of wheels that are a little beefier than conventional street wheels.

NOTE: Smaller wheels can accelerate faster, but larger wheels have a much higher top speed.

Also, think about wheelbite when choosing your wheels, as you may also need to invest in some thick riser pads to place between the deck and skateboard trucks.

Urethane Hardness

Next, you must think about how hard or soft you want the wheels to be.

The higher the Urethane Durometer number, the harder the wheels are.

Most skateboards are fitted with wheels with a Durometer Number of upwards of 99. But when it comes to fitting wheels for cruising, go for a Durometer scale of 83a or less.

Softer wheels can absorb more impact as you travel over rougher terrain or uneven surfaces, providing you with a much smoother ride.

Lip Profile

This references the edge of the cruiser skateboard wheels, which come in several variations. To keep things simple, go for ones with a sharp or rounded lip.

Wheels with sharp lips give you more grip on a surface if you enjoy doing hard carves. While those with rounded lips help to break traction easily if you enjoy doing powerslides.

Core Placement

This is another crucial element to consider when choosing decent cruiser wheels to buy.

When carving, wheels with offset cores are placed closer to one side, providing more grip.

As for wheels with a counter set core, these are located in the center of the wheel, and you will find it easier to perform slides on your board when these have been fitted to it.

Contact Patch

This is the area of the cruising wheel that is in contact with the surface over which you are traveling.

So, of course, if you fit larger wheels onto your board, they will have a wider contact patch. In turn, you will find that this helps to distribute your body weight over a much larger area and offers you more comfortable rides.

Wheel Shape

Wheels for skateboards come in either a round or square shape. If you are only going to be fitting wheels on your skateboard, choose square-shaped ones. This is because they can make more contact with the surface over which you are traveling.


Ideally, the wheels you choose should be made from materials that can cope with continuous motion and traveling over rough terrain.

You’ll find that the majority of skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane. Not only is this material more efficient, but it also provides a more stable base.

Plus, making wheels from such material is relatively inexpensive, so the price of these wheels is pretty affordable.


Can You Cruise on Hard Wheels?

You can go for wheels with a 90a Durometer rating, but they will not be the best for cruising. Instead, go for ones with a lower Durometer rating, such as an 81a or 83a rating.

Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Regular Skateboard?

Putting cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard and penny boards is okay. However, you will also need to fit some spacers between the skateboard deck and trucks to ensure that wheel bite doesn’t occur.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Riding your skateboard should not only be about performing some basic tricks or competing against others in a race.

There are plenty of people who enjoy skateboarding as a way to relax. They choose to fit the best skateboard cruiser wheels to their board.

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