Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks (Skateparks & Pool Skating)

We understand that not every skateboard comes with the perfect set of wheels for your lifestyle and needs. Even if your skateboard arrived perfect, your wheels might have broken or you’re simply in the market to get an alternative for your collection of skateboard wheels. Whatever the reason for your search, we know the information in this post will help you find the best skateboard wheels for concrete parks & skateparks.

Every skateboarder has a different definition of what the best skateboard wheels for concrete parks are. Of all the different wheels available in the market, you must select one that is suitable for your skateboard and your riding level. This post will help you understand and correctly choose the most appropriate skateboard wheels to suit your lifestyle. We have a list of top 8 products for you to review and are confident your new skateboard wheels are on this list.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Concrete Parks

We are going to review the top 8 skateboard wheels for riding on concrete. That you can use to know what would be right for your personal needs. I went out and bought skateboard wheels with some other equipment so that I could test them and create this list.

  1. Bigfoot Wheels 83A
  2. Choice 99AWheels For Pool Skating
  3. Bigfoot 83A best skating wheels
  4. Ricta 92A Cloud Skateboard Wheels
  5. TGM Skateboards 99A Wheels
  6. Playshion 78A Frosted Longboard Wheels
  7. Shark Wheel 78A
  8. Orangatang 77A Electric Longboard Wheels

Best Wheels For Concrete Skatepark

Bigfoot Wheels 83A- best skatepark wheels

Bigfoot Wheels 83A- Best For Skateparks

If you have a board deck and are looking for a complete concrete-friendly set to build your ideal skateboard, this is the set you need to purchase. No need to go searching for wheels in one store, bearings in another, and trucks from your friends.

This set includes all you need for a full skateboard setup, including truck mounting hardware. You will need to purchase bolt nuts separately to secure your new trucks to the board as there are none included in this set.

The skateboard wheels in this set are 53mm wide with a durometer of 83a. These are original soft wheels for concrete parks with a scaled-down durometer. They are fast, offer quick acceleration and function, and incredibly quiet speed as you roll around the skatepark.

These wheels are built with a strong plastic core for accurate bearing alignment. When soft wheels don’t have a strong core, they tend to put pressure on wheel bearings when the rider makes a turn. That results in uninvited braking which can dull the fun of the moment. The hardcore on these skateboard wheels will ensure your board rolls fast all the time.

These wheels are fitted with high rebound bushings specially made in the USA. This feature brings about silk smoothness to improve on your turning geometry when you do tricks and spin around at the skatepark. This is a great value pack for the price and we’re sure you will enjoy the process of personally fitting your board together with this complete pack from Bigfoot Wheels.


  • Four 53mm 83A skateboard wheels.
  • Hard plastic core.
  • High rebound bushings.
  • One set of core trucks.
  • 1” truck mounting hardware.
  • One set of ABEC-5 amphetamine bearings.
  • Extremely smooth and fast wheels.
  • Very quiet wheels.
  • Great for skate tricks on concrete.
  • Great value for money if you’re assembling a starter kit.
  • No nuts were included for securing the trucks.


Choice 99A- Best Wheels For Pool Skating

Choice 99A- Best Wheels For Pool Skating

Hard wheels are excellent for concrete skateparks and this set of four 99a skateboard wheels from Choice will be an excellent choice for your skateboard. These wheels are available in six different interesting colors so you can choose according to your preference.

You can select different wheel sizes as these are available from 50mm to 59mm. You can pick whichever size you prefer for your shortboard or mini cruiser because all these wheels are ideal for use on concrete skateparks.

Whether you’re commuting on a concrete path or enjoying yourself at the skatepark, these wheels are an outstanding choice. They offer good grip, have good speed, and will roll very quietly as you cruise around.

Because they tend to lose traction and slide sideways, some skateboarders use these wheels together with longboard wheels. They are also not ideal for complicated skate tricks because of the same sliding issue so don’t expect to perform like a pro while rolling on these.

These hard skateboard wheels are very durable. Many skaters use them more than four days a week and have no problems at all. They are lightweight and will surely endure extended use. When choosing the size of Choice 99a Skateboard Wheels for your use, remember that larger seized wheels will give you a longer roll than smaller-sized ones.


  • Four 50mm to 59mm 99a skateboard wheels.
  • Lightweight wheels.
  • Available in 6 colors.
  • Durable hard wheels.
  • Excellent for ramp skating and commuting on concrete paths.
  • Very quiet.
  • Incredible value for money.
  • A very durable set of wheels.
  • Not ideal for skatepark tricks.
  • Might break traction when you’re cruising.


Bigfoot 83A- best skating wheels

Bigfoot Wheels 83A Skateboard Wheels

Any new skateboarder that is ready to learn smooth-riding needs accurate soft wheels like these 83a wheels from Bigfoot Wheels. These small skatepark wheels from Bigfoot Wheels is an excellent choice for soft riders who want more smoothness while they roll down pavement or around a concrete skatepark.

Little bumps in the road and cracked pavements will not affect the smoothness of your roll when you have these wheels on your skateboard. They are shock absorbent and help keep you stable as you skate. These wheels offer extremely quiet skating. You won’t hear as much as a squeak as you roll down a path.

These are typical-sized wheels for skateboard riders who want to cruise around the park. They are available in 50mm and 53mm sizes making them ideal for small riders who want to slowly roll around.

Beginners and children will enjoy the most out of these wheels because they don’t need to go fast and don’t have excessive weight to disturb wheel movement. Tall, heavy, or expert skateboarders who want fast and swift action with sophisticated moves will do well to look for another set of wheels.


  • Four 50mm or 53mm 83a soft skateboard wheels.
  • Made from polyurethane.
  • Hard plastic core.
  • High rebound formula.
  • Roll excellently on concrete paths, sidewalks, and roads.
  • Very smooth for cruising.
  • Soft enough for smooth riding and hard enough to prevent excessive bouncing when landing.
  • The colors are beautiful.
  • Not so great for skate tricks.


Ricta 92A Cloud best wheels for park

Ricta 92A Cloud Skateboard Wheels

If you’re looking for highly versatile skateboard wheels to ride concrete skateparks and metal ramps, this is just the set of wheels for you. Ricta’s 92a Cloud Skateboard Wheels are hard and can take on rough terrain. It is appropriate for riding in pools, ditches, rough terrain, metal ramps, concrete skateparks, and other common situations.

The wheels have a smooth surface design making them easier to slide than threaded wheels that produce too much friction. We guarantee you will enjoy a great skatepark experience with these wheels and also enjoy veering off into rough terrain before you head home to rest.

You don’t want to worry about grip while riding on rough terrain. These wheels have an outstanding grip that keeps your skateboard stable even when you’re sliding across metal ramps. You will freely cruise over cracks and pebbles but can also enjoy the smoothness of sliding across smooth concrete.

The manufacturer’s measurements run a little bigger than most skateboard wheels. You must remember to order one size smaller than your desired fit to get an exact size or something close to it.

You won’t have any problem replacing your old skateboard wheels for this set. Installation is pretty easy and straightforward. We guarantee these wheels will give you the smooth to rough transition you have been craving for and aid you to learn hard flip tricks in the skatepark.


  • Excellent grip.
  • The wheels have very good bearings.
  • Great for smooth sliding and riding on rough paths.
  • Very silk and smooth.
  • Offer excellent performance.
  • Measurement runs a little bigger.


TGM Skateboards 99A Wheels

TGM Skateboards 99A Skateboard Wheels

TGM Skateboards never disappoint with their high-quality products. Their manufacturing expertise is evident in this skateboard replacement set. You will get the same value out of this set that many skateboarders pay a higher price for when they buy from bigger brands.

The skateboard wheels perform excellently on asphalt and concrete surfaces. They are available in 50mm to 54mm depending on your preferred size. Whatever size you select, this pack comes with eight ABEC-7 bearings to ensure your wheels roll uninterrupted. The pack also has bearing spacers to increase the speed of your wheels and eliminate wobbly wheels while you cruise on your board.

There is no fuss with the installation. You can have your new skateboard wheels, bearings and spacers quickly installed without breaking a sweat. The whole process is straightforward and fully adjustable. After installing them, you can use your skateboard daily for an extended period and the marks of use will not be significantly evident.

If you like art and are ready for a DIY project on your wheels, you can draw some graphics onto these wheels by free hand. They are plain and colorful, all you need are some art pens and you can spruce up your skateboard look. We love that these wheels can take a beating and not even look the part. Read the full review on TGM skateboard. 


  • Four 50mm to 54mm 99a skateboard wheels.
  • Comes with eight ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Comes with bearing spacers.
  • Made from hard polyurethane.
  • Durable and shows very little wear.
  • Quick and simple install.
  • Customizable plain body.
  • The lubricant in the bearings is quite thick.


Playshion 78A Frosted Longboard Wheels

Playshion 78A Frosted Longboard Wheels

Who said you can’t use longboard wheels on a skatepark? Skatepark cruising isn’t dedicated to mini cruiser and shortboard skateboarders. People with longboards can also enjoy the nice feel of the concrete and they need sturdy wheels to achieve this. Playshion’s 70mm 88a Frosted Longboard Wheels are the best for carving, cruising, and sliding in a concrete skatepark.

The soft wheels have more grip and traction than other options in the same category. This is an excellent feature if you want to skate securely and avoid accidents on your longboard. The wheels are not too soft that they interfere with your skate style.

You can achieve everything from downhill to carving on your longboard when you have these frosted wheels installed. Installation is also very smooth, easy, and straightforward.

If you are interested in gliding and sliding across pavements and concrete skateparks, the durometer of these longboard wheels are perfect for the task. The good traction and grip will help your board stay straight and not veer off when you slide.

These wheels will be very easy to clean when the day for maintenance comes around. The bearings will come out easily from the wheels and you can slide off the bearing covers for easier access to remove grease and dirt buildup.


  • Four 70mm 88a longboard wheels.
  • Increased stability.
  • Made with heat-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • Easy to install.
  • Nice and smooth soft wheels.
  • Excellent for carving and sliding.
  • Nice bright color.
  • Fast and quiet.
  • Has outstanding traction and grip.
  • Too large for smaller skateboards.


Shark Wheel 78A Shark Wheel 78A Skateboard Wheels

 If you don’t want your skateboard to be a park-only instrument, you should get these 78a Skateboard Wheels from Shark Wheel. These wheels are the perfect fit for people who love to transition from smooth to rough surfaces and back again.

You can ride on gravel and these wheels will maintain your momentum so you stay stable. The channels in the wheels help to push away interference so your movement is stable. Your skateboard will never get stuck in a patch of grass, rock, or uneven concrete again. These same qualities make the wheels perfect for sliding around the skatepark.

You might get a lot of questions about the funny square design of these wheels but we think they look cool. They are available in different colors so you can pick what you like best. Shark Wheel’s 78a Skateboard Wheels are great investments because they last long.

You will spend more money buying many sets of cheap wheels compared to the one-time purchase you need to make to secure these wheels for long-term use. These wheels also offer lesser resistance when cutting through rough patches on the road and the 30-degree approach angle is convenient for rolling.


  • Four 60mm 78a skateboard wheels.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Suitable for smooth and rough terrains.
  • Beautiful design with nice color options.
  • Offers more friction in motion.
  • The perfect cruiser wheel.
  • Ensures smooth riding.
  • Will crus through twigs, gravel, and patch concrete surfaces.
  • Weird square wheel design.


Orangatang 77A Electric Longboard Wheels

Orangatang 77A Electric Longboard Wheels

If you have an electric board and need a set of special concrete skatepark wheels to fit them nicely, we have you covered with Orangtang’s 77a Electric Longboard Wheels Set.

The big and smooth longboard wheels have been designed to deliver maximum comfort, speed, and momentum as you cruise on your longboard. Skateboarders can rely on these wheels for long-distance pushing, commuting, pumping, and carving on an electric longboard.

This set comes with V2 bearings, bearing spacers, and speed rings. It has everything you need to fully upgrade your old and tired wheels. Even though they are electric longboard rings, you can use Orangtang’s 85mm wheels on mini cruisers and shortboards.

The rule of thumb is to make sure they are comfortable and achieve the aim of bringing a longer and smoother rolling experience for you. If you love to ride fast, you will get much-needed momentum and acceleration because of the large 46mm core of these wheels. They are compatible with any electric skateboard and many other types of skateboards.


  • Four 85mm 77a longboard wheels.
  • Comes with V2 bearings.
  • Has speed rings and spacers.
  • Functional design.
  • Big supportive core.
  • Happy thane formula.
  • Incredible speed.
  • These wheels will send any twigs and rocks in your path flying away.
  • Surprisingly agile.
  • Gives a smoother and longer roll.
  • Great alternative if you want soft wheels on a shortboard or mini cruiser.
  • Edges might start to chip with heavy use.


Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Right Skateboard Wheels For Concrete Parks

Choosing your next set of skatepark skateboard wheels is a serious matter. Here are some critical points to consider to ensure you don’t spend good money on the wrong product.

Size of wheel

Skateboard wheels are measured in mm (millimeters). Lower numbers are for smaller wheels and they get bigger as the number increases.

  • Small wheels are 50-53mm in diameter. They are good for skatepark riding, turning, and doing tricks.
  • Medium wheels: are 54-59mm in diameter. They are great for beginners and street skaters.
  • Big wheels are 60mm and above in diameter. They are made for speed and rougher surfaces.

Durometer or hardness of the wheel

Durometer means wheel hardness. Most manufacturers label their skateboard wheels with ‘a’ or ‘b’ for durometer.

  • Soft wheels range from 78a to 87a. they are designed for smooth riding on rough surfaces and fit longboards nicely.
  • Moderately harder wheels are 88a to 95a. They are good for street riding and are faster than soft wheels.
  • Strong grip wheels are from 96a to 99a. They are excellent for skateparks, ramps, and beginner skaters.
  • Hard wheels are 101a and above. These are professional wheels with little grip and the most speed.

Type of wheel

There are three kinds of wheels you can use on concrete surfaces.

  • Skatepark or street wheels: are between 50mm to 60mm in size and 95a to 101a in hardness. They are lightweight, glide easily and move smoothly on surfaces.
  • Soft wheels or cruiser wheels: are between 54mm to 60mm in size and 78a to 90a in hardness. They are fats and roll smoothly on any surface.
  • Longboard wheels: are between 60mm to 75mm in size and 75a to 85a in hardness. They have a good grip for turning sharp corners and are good for skating on patchy concrete and rough terrain.

The slightest difference in skateboard wheel durometer or size can completely alter the feeling you have riding your board. Make sure to consider all the above points closely and make an informed choice based on your personal preferences.

Final Verdict

Skateboard wheels come in different shapes and sizes. You cannot pick up a random pack at your local store and expect them to perform optimally for any kind of riding. Different skateboarders require something different from their board. If yours is concrete skatepark cruising, you will find one of the top skateboard wheels on our list will be very suitable for you.

The perfect skatepark wheels for your skateboard are waiting for you in a store and now you have all the information you need to identify them and pick them up. Don’t take any tip or consideration points discussed here for granted.

All of it comes together to ensure you are matched with the right product at the end of the day. Do you have a skateboarder friend who is also interested in concrete suitable skateboard wheels? Share this post with them and help them find their dream skateboard wheels too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Skateboard Wheels

You are entitled to ask a lot of questions before spending money on any purchase. We encourage inquisitiveness and seek to answer as many questions as you have so you will make the right choice and not regret your buy. Here are some frequently asked questions we usually get about skateboard wheels and helpful answers to them.

Is my weight a factor when selecting skateboard wheels?

Yes. Your weight will affect the effectiveness of a wheel’s grip and roll. Heavier riders should go for harder wheels.

Is surface a factor when selecting skateboard wheels?

The surface is the first factor to consider when choosing skateboard wheels. Soft wheels provide more grip for slippery surfaces and hard wheels offer more speed but have less grip.

What wheels are best for cruising?

Most cruisers go for wheels of 52mm to 60mm in size and 78a to 92a in diameter.

What wheels are best for the skatepark?

Smaller-sized wheels are better for streets and skateparks. We recommend wheels of 50mm to 55mm in size and 99a or above in hardness.

What wheels are multipurpose?

We hope some of your questions have been answered and you have a better understanding of skateboard wheels. Feel free to call customer care at your local store or visit them to ask more questions you may have.

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