Best Electric Skateboard For College Students ( Longboard For Campus)

Skateboarders who plan to move around without a fuss choose electric skateboards. Compared to traditional four-wheel skateboards, these electric-powered boards are more stable, make acceleration, and deceleration easier, and are excellent for use uphill.

Electric skateboards are arguably the fastest and most convenient way to move people on commute routes today. Until manufacturers begin to make skateboards that can fly, your best bet is to purchase one of these bad boys with a strong motor and battery so you can partake in the joy of E-skating.

If you’re ready to buy your very own electric skateboard, you have come to the right place to make a decision. There are far too many options in the market for you to make a good choice without getting confused. As a student, the choices can even be more complicated as a wrong choice will mean wasting your money on a board that won’t stand the test of time or your weight.

List Of  Top Best Skateboard For College Campus

We are going to review 10 different electric skateboards that are suited specifically for college students. We sourced popular designs across the web and tested them in our local skateboarder group that is comprised solely of individuals who attend college. These designs range in affordability, durability, and ease of learning so you have all the info you need ahead of making a decision about which options to choose for your specific needs!

  1. BLITZART Huracane 38” Dual Hub Skateboard
  2. Elos 18”
  3. Elifine Youth Electric Longboard
  4. Surfwheel SU 26” Single Wheel Hoverboard
  5. Azbo 27”: 
  6. Jizmo 28” Portable Electric Skateboard
  7. Azbo 17” Mini Electric Skateboard
  8. Razor X 38” Campus Cruisers Electric Longboard
  9. Razor X 30” Electric Cruiser
  10. Viro Rides 35” Electric Drift Board

Best Electric Skateboard For College Students

BLITZART Huracane Dual Brushless Hub Motors Electric Skateboard Longboards for College Students

Best Electric Skateboard For College Students

People who want to enjoy a comfortable ride across miles may find that this dual brushless motor has to offer is very much to their liking. The cool and stress-free mode of transportation it offers is a great choice for college students because it’s budget-friendly.

For starters, it features a new-tech version of a lithium battery capacity that can go as far as 10 miles on a single charge. It also has a high-capacity battery life span which ensures you won’t have to swap the electric skateboard battery anytime soon.

Its 700W brushless motor comes fitted on a beautiful board made of layers of maple wood, an unparalleled construction material.

Performance and User Experience

It’s a good board for beginners and experienced riders alike because of numerous safety features, like the extra traction grip tape it comes with and its ability to bear extra weight and load capacity more easily.

Managing everyday college life while on the go is also a little easier with the stylish, wireless remote control you can use to easily adjust motor powers, regardless of your skill level.

For one, I was able to use the remote control for about 6 days straight without charging before it started to give out. And, unlike your regular skateboard, this electric board guarantees a comfortable ride, even over rough terrain. Grade hill climbing was also a breeze, no matter what riding mode I was on.

From its aesthetically-pleasing features to its immense battery power, multiple speed modes, and considerable weight capacity, this is undoubtedly one of the best electric motor longboards for college students at the moment.


  • 250lbs/113kg weight limit.
  • 700W dual brushless hub motor.
  • Replaceable soft wheels.
  • 23mpb top speed.

  • It has a more than decent weight capacity and works great for heavier riders.
  • It offers the perfect balance of range and speed.
  • It helps climb steep hills with ease.
  • It ships fully assembled.
  • It comes with extra traction grip tape and grippy wheels.
  • It boasts an above-standard battery power and a stable power output.


  • Doesn’t come with regenerative braking.
  • Customer support can be difficult to reach.


Elos 18”- best small electric skateboard

Elos 18” Lightweight Mini Cruiser

Some people want to bring their skateboard with them so they can easily access it at any time and ride when they feel like it. If this is your goal, you need a lightweight electric skateboard like the Elos 18″ Mini Cruiser. Even little kids can carry this light skateboard around without any problems. Even though it is only 18″ long, this mini cruiser has a very wide 10″ deck making it very useful for beginners.

You might be wondering what a mini-cruiser is doing on a list of skateboards for college students but this little guy can bear up to 250lbs in weight. On top of that, the extremely stable design adds safety for big guys. Your joints and knees will remain stabilized as you cruise around on this mini skateboard with big soft wheels. The ride will be so stable and smooth that your weight will never be an issue.

Available in different colors, this mini cruiser has a nice no-scratch coating to keep it looking beautiful for a very long time. Not everyone wants their skateboard to look like what it has been through. This one can take a good beating and still come out looking great.

Elos provides exceptional customer service for all its products including this mini electric skateboard. You will receive a unique QR code engraved into your electric skateboard so it can easily be tracked and found if it gets missing. The customer support team will also provide you with beginner tutorials to get started with your new mini electric cruiser.


  • 250lbs/113kg weight limit.
  • 18” x 10” electric skateboard weighing 4.8lbs.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.
  • The beautiful design includes handles.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Very stable.
  • Can turn sharp corners very smoothly.
  • It is hard to make a U-turn.
  • Not suitable for use on rough terrain.

Elifine Youth Electric Longboards for College Students

Made from 7 layers of Canadian A-grade maple wood, this is a cruiser board that gives you the perfect balance of range, functionality, and affordability.

Compared to more mainstream brands, it may not offer plenty of power. But, with a state-of-the-art version of a lithium battery with only a charge time of 2 hours, its 250-watt brushless hub motor makes it the ideal choice for college students who have to move around fast and often.

For the most part, it’s good for riders who have to navigate bumpy city terrains more comfortably on a tight budget.

And, even though it’s a better cruiser skateboard for pros, it easily doubles as a beginner skateboard because of its intelligent handling and multiple riding mode options.

Other key features like its smooth power and slightly larger wheels for preventing wheel bite and enhanced for better shock absorption mean that anyone can enjoy this great skateboard at an average speed.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 7-layer maple deck.
  • 250-watt Motor.
  • Intelligent remote control.
  • 12mph maximum speed.
  • It has a short charge time.
  • It’s designed to prevent wheel bite.
  • It has a large battery capacity and a decent battery life.
  • It has useful advanced safety features and accessories.
  • The remote’s battery capacity is low.

Surfwheel SU 26” Single Wheel Hoverboard

Surfwheel SU 26” Single Wheel Hoverboard

This is an excellent hoverboard for college students. The single wheel board can support skaters of up to 220lbs. The board is designed to be very sturdy and is quite heavy. The weight helps to keep you centered and stable as you skate.

If you are completely new to one-wheelers and hoverboards, you should give yourself ample time to adjust to this system. It may be tough to get used to this board but you will enjoy riding around on it once you have mastered moving and turning.

This machine might be on the costly side but the fun you will have to roll down your street will be well worth the money. Surfwheel sends this Single Wheel Hoverboard in beautiful, drop-proof packaging to ensure your investment is protected.

It is very easy to assemble this hoverboard and start practicing movement immediately. Although the board is quite heavy, its compact size makes it easy to carry around. There is even a built-in handle to make carrying easy.

This hoverboard features safety wheels at the front and back for extra protection as you glide along the way at 12mph. It can be controlled from the Surfwheel app available on iOS and Android platforms.

We advise that you don’t attempt to ride this hoverboard on rough terrain or off-road environments. It is specifically designed for use in an urban environment with smooth roads and pavements.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 26” x 8” electric skateboard weighing 19lbs.
  • Uses a self-balancing algorithm.
  • 12mph maximum speed.
  • Extremely fun electric skateboard.
  • Perfect one-wheel skateboard for the city.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers smooth speed.
  • The board is too close to the ground.
  • Can be a learning curve if you’re new to one-wheelers.
  • Not designed for off-road skating.


Azbo 27”: Best Longboard For College Campus

Azbo 27”: Best Longboard For College Campus

If you are an experienced skateboarder looking for a challenge, this powerful electric longboard is just what you need. The remote-controlled longboard can reach a speed of 11mph but still feel controlled in your care.

You will surely have a superior skating experience as you enjoy easy acceleration and deceleration on this electric longboard. The board is super strong and can carry up to 243lbs in weight.

No matter where you’re skating the shock-absorbing polyurethane wheels will ensure you maintain speed and do not slow down when you encounter small bumps on your path. The battery is strong and durable. It can fully recharge in less than two hours and take you 6 miles after a single charge.

The remote control is also rechargeable. It is wireless and easy to use for swift control of your skating and easily switching between moves. The remote control also has a battery indicator so you know when to stop and recharge your electric skateboard.

This longboard may be small but it is mighty in performance. Skaters at all levels can enjoy this board and always testify of outstanding riding experience. Azbo offers 12 months warranty in case of the board breaks so you can purchase with confidence knowing you will get another board if your initial purchase has a problem.


  • 243lbs/110kg weight limit.
  • 27” x 7“ electric skateboard weighing 11lbs.
  • Optimum 400w motor.
  • Made with 7 layer maple.
  • 11mph maximum speed.
  • A convenient battery indicator helps you recharge at the right time.
  • Good for smooth riding.
  • Turns smoothly.
  • There are no replacement parts to fix a problem, you must replace the entire board.
  • You cannot fly with it on a plane.


Jizmo 28” Portable Electric Skateboard

Jizmo 28” Portable Electric Skateboard

A high-quality electric skateboard doesn’t have to cost a thousand bucks. The manufacturers at Jizmo have surely proved this by putting the Jizmo 28” Portable Electric Skateboard on the market. This machine is the ultimate beginner’s electric skateboard. It rides and turns very smoothly.

The remote control is small and will fit snugly in your hand so you can easily control your board as you ride. There are three levels of speed so you can start from the slowest and move your way up as you get used to the skateboard.

As an adult skateboarder, this compact electric skateboard can surely carry you as it supports weights of up to 222lbs. It is made from 7 layers of the best Canadian maple wood to ensure rigidity and durability. The highest speed on this machine is 12mph and it can go as far as six miles. This skateboard can climb up slight ills but was not designed for serious hilly terrain.

You don’t want an electric skateboard with a weak battery that will give up on you after a short life. You can hardly find a low-cost electric skateboard with an excellent battery but this product has just that. It is fitted with a premium Samsung 22p battery pack and management system to guarantee long life.

Many customers use this skateboard for hours every day after just a single charge. This will make an excellent gift for a young child, teenager, or adult who wants to learn how to skateboard.


  • 222lbs/101kg weight limit.
  • 28” x 7.5” electric skateboard weighing 8.2lbs.
  • Made with 7-ply Canadian maple wood.
  • Three-speed levels.
  • Strong hub motor.
  • Small and lightweight remote makes for easy control.
  • Three varying speed settings.
  • Has a high-quality battery that holds a charge for hours.
  • Smooth turning experience.
  • Not ideal for riding up hills.


Azbo 17” Mini Electric Skateboard

Azbo 17” Mini Electric Skateboard

If you’re in the market for a lightweight, portable electric skateboard that you can easily perform expert tricks on, look no further. The compact Azbo Mini Electric Skateboard might be small but it will do wonders for you.

Carrying and storing this skateboard is easy because of its mini size and the beautiful concave shape allows for easy sharp turns while riding.

Heavy users need not be wary of the size of this compact electric skateboard. It can bear up to 243lbs in weight without flinching. because it is constructed from 7 layer maple wood, the deck is very sturdy and secure. The wireless remote is rechargeable and makes control very easy.

You can move forward, change your speed, and come to a stop by operating the handheld remote. It also has a very helpful battery indicator that alerts you when the remote or electric skateboard needs charging.

The 400w motor can move up to 11mph. after charging the battery for an hour and a half, it should last a full 40 minutes for your pleasure. The deck of this electric skateboard is covered with non-slip grip emery paper that is also waterproof.

If you get caught in the rain, you don’t need to fear that your electric skateboard will be damaged or that you will slip off while riding.


  • 243lbs/110kg weight limit.
  • 17” x 6” electric skateboard weighing 7lbs.
  • Fitted with a 2,2 AH battery.
  • Has a wireless remote.
  • Made from 7-ply maple wood.
  • The electric skateboard is well built with high-quality materials.
  • Lightweight and portable. Easy to carry around.
  • Quick and efficient.
  • The battery doesn’t last very long.

Razor X 38” Campus Cruisers Electric Longboard

Razor X 38” Campus Cruisers Electric Longboard

Because of their size and weight, a lot of students are more attracted to longboards which give them more room for leg placement and flexibility. If you’re comfortable with longboards, you should purchase this 38″ electric longboard from Razor X.

skaters of up to 220lbs will feel comfortable on this longboard. Their weight will be evenly distributed over the surface of the 5-ply bamboo deck so there is no excessive pressure on the board.

Ensure to avoid excessive contact with water or your motor will start to get weak and make weird noises while you ride. The noises don’t affect speed, control, or any important features so you will be fine if noise doesn’t bother you.

Like most electric skateboards with remote control, this one has a rechargeable remote. The remote is conveniently built with a strap to keep the device in your hand at all times.

Even if you fall off the board while riding, the remote will remain securely in your hand. Strong, perforated grip tape covers the surface of the longboard to make for a more controlled and smooth ride.

After charging the 125w motor to maximum, you can enjoy up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted ride time before another charge is necessary.

The Razor X 38: Electric Longboard is a dream come true. The rear-wheel-drive technology on this board ensures that you have little or no maintenance to perform and can enjoy smooth riding for a long time.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 38” x 11“ electric skateboard weighing 10lbs.
  • 125w geared motor.
  • 22v rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Made with 5-ply bamboo.
  • The deck is covered in perforated grip tape.
  • The perfect skateboard for cruising around town.
  • Holds a good charge.
  • Very strong longboard design.
  • You’re always in full control of the board.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • You may want more speed than 10mph as you advance.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • The motor can be quieter.

Viro Rides 35” Electric Drift Board

Viro Rides 35” Electric Drift Board

Ever heard of a turn-style electric skateboard? If you love cool technological kinks then you should love this cool skateboard with a unique drift system from Viro.

The board features a drift plate that allows the rider to turn up to 36° in any direction while skating. All you need to do is press one foot down on the turntable and you can direct the back wheels to move for sharp turns, tricks, or carving.

Heavy skaters will feel at home on this board as it can carry up to 220lbs in weight. The board itself weighs about 20lbs making it rigid and sturdy. However, this means your skateboard will be heavy and not portable to carry along in a backpack. The entire deck is covered in non-slip grip tape to enhance stability for skaters.

You can do your tricks in comfort as the grip tape helps to keep both of your feet planted on the board. Note that the wires under the electric skateboard can come loose and rub against the trucks and other parts of the board.

Make sure to use a zip tie to keep the wires in place before riding to prevent fraying and damage. This skateboard is so much fun and comes at a very affordable cost.


  • 220lbs/100kg weight limit.
  • 35” x 7.5” electric skateboard weighing 20.5lbs.
  • Rechargeable 22v battery.
  • Full grip tape deck.
  • Powerful hub motor.
  • Polyurethane wheels.


  • Cost friendly.
  • Fun to ride.
  • Less maintenance is required for the hub motor.
  • The drift system is very cool.


  • Not very portable and quite heavy.
  • Hub motor and drift plate are a bit noisy.
  • The wires under the board can get exposed and fray on the trucks.
  • It will not work smoothly with weak wi-fi.


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Final Verdict

Buying your first electric skateboard should be a thing of joy and not a daunting task you keep running away from facing. The right E-skateboard for you is out there, all you need is the right information to help you find it.

Be sure you’re getting the maximum reward for your money and choose companies with a warranty over sellers without one. Although you’re ready to spend good money on a revolutionary technology that works, you should get value for your cash.

Don’t buy a board that is hard to maintain and don’t go for the one you don’t need. Make sure you consider all the points we have discussed before making a final decision.

This will ensure you get the most use out of your purchase. We hope that all the details and suggestions provided in this post will guide you to make the right decision. Happy skating!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid Expensive Mistakes When Choosing An Electric Skateboard: Important Questions To Ask Before Purchase

Electric skateboards are a convenient alternative to conventional skateboards. They are easier to use and will give you the thrill and fun of skating without excessive perspiration. However, finding the right board that suits you can be hard work. Electric skateboards are generally more expensive than four-wheel boards and more consideration is required before purchase. After considering the buying guide above, ask yourself the following questions before making a final purchase.

Where will you ride an electric skateboard?

Different boards are designed for different terrains. You don’t want to buy a city cruiser for off-road skating. Consider the area you’re going to be riding around the most. Whether it’s your work commute, leisure park rides, or dirt road adventures, there are options for you.

How much distance will you cover?

The stronger your electric skateboard battery is, the longer you will be able to ride. If you want to enjoy a longer ride time, get one with a strong battery or you might need to recharge after every 40 minutes of riding.

Will you customize skateboards?

Traditional skateboards tend to outlast electric skateboards because they are easily customizable. Spare parts are readily available and owners can make almost unlimited custom changes. It will be harder to modify an electric skateboard but consider one that is customizable so you don’t park up your machine when it has a single fault.

Is there a warranty?

You’re probably not an engineer and will have to take a few trips to the store to sort out motor problems in the lifetime of your electric skateboard. If yours isn’t covered by a warranty, you will be paying for all those trips. That cost can add up very quickly and make your skateboard extremely expensive.

Watch my review on the best electric skateboard for college. 


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