Best Skateboard Wheels for Sliding (Longboard)

Different types of skate wheels are best suited to each of the soils and roller styles. Having the most appropriate is essential for the experience to be the best possible, without negatively affecting the performance of those who walk.

Each type of roller requires specific technical specifications for the wheels, which change its structure to withstand the impacts of each practice and collaborate for the skate’s resourcefulness.

Need to choose the best skateboard wheel for sliding, but you still don’t feel safe? This post will bring all the information you need to have a quality tour. Check out!

Best Skateboard Wheels for Sliding

We picked out seven of the best skateboard wheels for sliding and tried them out ourselves. Here are our top findings:

Best Longboard Slide Wheels

Sector 9 Skiddles: Best Sliding Wheels For Beginners

Sector 9 Skiddles: Best Sliding Wheels For Beginners

These wheels are from one of the oldest and well-trusted brands that make skateboards. These wheels are 70mm tall and have a minuscule 28mm contact patch.

The durometer is rated 78a. They have round lip edges. They are neither hard nor soft. They slide so smoothly because of the thinness of the contact patch. They are available in a variety of colors.

They have rounded inner and outer edges that keep you from getting hung up on cracks. They produce consistent and smooth slides. These wheels have excellent speed and acceleration. They are easy to slide. They are great for cruising. They have excellent stability. They are incredibly comfortable to use.


  • They slide easily because of the thinness of their contact patch.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.
  • They leave the roads you skate covered in thane.
  • speed and acceleration.
  • Outstanding grip: This set of wheels has an excellent grip.
  • They are great at skidding.


  • They wear out quicker than some other wheels.
  • They have a shorter lifespan, probably due to their tendency to lay down gray lines.
  • At the end of their lifespan, they lose their smoothness.


Orangatang Stimulus- Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding

Orangatang Stimulus- Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding

Orangatang Stimulus skateboard wheels are 70mm tall. They have a 42mm contact patch because of their rounded edges. The inner lips are beveled. The durometer is rated based on its color. The orange is rated 80a, the purple- 83a, and the yellow- 86a. They have a wide overall width of about 49mm.

Excellent Grip: They provide a lot of grip for fast corners because of their relatively wide contact patch. They offer unique butter slides. They have an attractive wear pattern. Their round lips ensure that they don’t hook up coming out of a slide. They are excellent for beginners.

They have high stability. They have long-lasting urethane. Thus, they have high resilience and can withstand abuse. They are great for not only slides but also for cruising. They have fast speed and quick acceleration. They are made of Hi-Rebound Urethane.


  • They provide smooth and chatter-free slides.
  • Longevity: They are long-lasting and durable.
  • They are very comfortable to use.
  • They are great for a free ride, dancing, and carving.
  • They are excellent for cruising.


  • They are only available in three colors and not in a variety of colors.
  • They don’t make thane lines.
  • They are loud and super chattery.


Sector 9 Butterballs: Best Sliding Wheels

Sector 9 Butterballs: Best Sliding Wheels

Sector 9 Butterball wheels are 70mm tall and have an 80A durometer. They have a 38mm contact patch. They are center set with rounded lips. They have a stone-ground wheel surface. They are neither too hard nor too soft. These wheels are quite versatile and are almost suitable for anything. They are ideal for different slides- stand-up slides, hands-down slides, sit-down slides, and many more.

They leave the roads you skate covered in thane trails. They are quite affordable. They are great for beginners. They have an excellent grip. They are great for cruising. They can go over cracks and bumps pretty easily. They have a stone-ground wheel surface to eliminate break-in.


  • They are great for sliding and skidding.
  • Their symmetrical shape and center set hub to allow for flipping for even wear.
  • They have smooth surfaces.


  • They can be slippery in wet weather conditions.
  • They have a wider contact patch, and thereby efforts are required to slide them.
  • They are not as durable and long-lasting as some other wheels.
  • They have a wider contact patch, and thereby efforts are required to slide them.


Remember Skateboard Wheels

Remember Skateboard Wheels

Remember Collective Lil’ Hoot skateboard wheels are super slide wheels. They are 65mm tall. They have a 78a durometer and a 40mm contact patch. They have beveled inner lips and rounded edges. They have a relatively small center set at the core. They are easy to get going sideways because of their urethane formula. They are great for kicking out long and drifting slides. They are great at making smooth slides.

They wear out evenly. They have great speed and quick acceleration. They are long-lasting and exceptionally durable because of their urethane formula. Their round edges allow them to break traction easily.

They have a stone-ground wheel surface, which prevents break-in. They leave the roads you skate covered in beautiful thane lines. They are available in different colors. The urethane allows you to get sideways with ease and even stay sideways for long.


  • The hub enables you to wear the hills down nicely and evenly.
  • They are easy to kick out slides.


  • They are not best for downhill.
  • They are not available in a variety of colors.


Blood Orange Liam Morgan- best longboard slide wheels

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Skateboard Wheels

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Skateboard Wheels are great wheels for long and effortless slides. They are 70mm tall and are available in varying degrees of hardness. They come in durometers of 80a, 82a, and 84a.

They have a contact patch of about 32mm and a width of 46mm. They have rounded and beveled edges. Although they are symmetrical, they have offset cores. As a result, they can’t exbe flipped.

These wheels are chalky. Thus, they leave the roads you skate on with long and wide thane lines. They handle downhill quite well. They produce predictable and consistent slides over different terrains. They have stability during long and fast slides because of their large cores. They have a smooth kick-out. They are available in a variety of colors.


  • They have high-speed capabilities.
  • They allow for controllable slides and expectable hook-ups because of their offset cores.
  • They have smaller contact patches, round lips, and a stone-ground finish, which makes sliding easier.
  • Their rounded edges allow them to break traction easily.


  • Not ideal for beginners. These wheels work best for experienced riders.
  • Because of their offset cores, they cannot be flipped.
  • They are not easy to kick out while at slower speeds.


Classification of wheels according to their characteristics

The specifications regarding the structure of the wheel are fundamental points to take into account when choosing the most appropriate for your type of use. These specifications consider two characteristics: hardness and diameter.


The wheels are manufactured with different levels of hardness, that is, stiffness. These levels are classified by a number and the letter “A” at the end. Such ratings generally range from 75A to 99A.

Each level of hardness adapts better to a different type of soil and to the way this wheel is used, observing the modality of skateboarding.


This measurement can be considered as the width of the wheel, checking the space between its two ends, measuring with an imaginary horizontal line. This characteristic has a direct influence on the speed that the wheel can reach.

The diameter measurement is in millimeters, varying between 49 and 75mm. The bigger the wheel, the greater the ability to gain speed.

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Types of skate wheels appropriate for each ride

These characteristics of the construction of the wheels influence the skater’s performance. Each size and stiffness is more appropriate for a different modality. Know the main and the best wheels for each one.


This stage includes ramps, halves, bowls, mini-ramps, and pools. Because they are tracks that require a lot of wheels, having hard floors, the most appropriate hardness is 97A.

The vertical mode, for using larger trucks, requires medium-sized wheels, with diameters between 55 and 65 millimeters. These two hardness and diameter options are also great for wooden ramps.


On the street, various elements of urban architecture are explored, while others are adapted for the tour. The sport explores the streets, sidewalks, asphalt, and handrails. For those who choose the streets, a 97A wheel is ideal.

For those who venture on cement tracks, the maximum stiffness is required: 99 to 102A

The street is a faster ride and needs a quick response. Therefore, wheels with a smaller diameter, between 50 and 55mm, are the most suitable.

What wheel softness suits you?

The soft marking is always indicated on the wheel (sometimes only on the packaging).

Soft wheels are great for riding outside the skateparks with their smooth, smooth surfaces. Soft wheels perfectly cope with small irregularities and obstacles, dampen strong vibrations. However, soft wheels can deform under pressure and wear out faster. Hard wheels roll faster on smooth surfaces, but on rough and uneven tracks, they cause strong vibration, which reduces speed and makes riding not very comfortable.

Street riders choose hard wheels. Most tricks are better suited than soft ones: due to their smaller size, better maneuverability, the ability to make flips, and so on.\ For greater clarity, see the picture below and choose the wheels of the very softness that is more suitable for your purposes.

Measuring scale by DUROMETER Durometer – is a measure of the hardness of rubber. The Shore A scale is used to indicate the range of wheel hardness in skateboarding. He also developed an appropriate measuring device called a durometer. More on.

Solid 100A + Pro wheels. Tough and fast wheels. Not suitable for rough surfaces and tiles. Such wheels are not recommended for beginners, because they quickly develop speed on a smooth surface.

Also, to scale A, there is scale B, bones and some other brands use it. For example, the stiffness of Bones 84B wheels will be 104A; that is, the density is even higher than that of A.

What wheel diameter is right for you?

The most common wheel diameter: from 51mm to 56mm. Here again, too, have their own characteristics. If you need speed, take a large diameter. Need a quick start from a place, then take a small diameter. We look at the picture below and determine what is needed.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport, the essence of which is to masterfully perform tricks on a special board – a skateboard. It originated a long time ago – back in the 30s of the last century. Surfing enthusiasts came up with such entertainment that in the absence of waves on the coast they would not be bored without their favorite entertainment. Since the surfboard is quite large, it turned out from the first. And then they noticed that performing tricks is much more convenient on a shorter and more manageable board. Since then, people began to ride a skateboard.

In recent years, skateboarding is gaining popularity among young people, turning from simple entertainment into a real subculture, with its own music, clothing style, behavior, and ways of spending leisure time. And more recently, he was recognized as an official sport, created a set of rules, and his International Association of Skateboard Companies.

June 21 is the official holiday of fans of this sport – International Skateboarding Day. So, tricks on the board have proven themselves from the most serious side. And every year the number of fans and enthusiasts of this sport is steadily growing.


In choosing a wheel for sliding, there are specific parameters to be considered.

First, you acknowledge the durometer and diameter; that is how hard the wheel is and how high the wheel is. Softer wheels give smoother rides. Harder ones give easier slides. Freeride wheels have diameters ranging from65mm to 70mm, while their durometers vary from 78a to 82a.

Also, consider the lip profile. Freeride wheels should have round edges to make it easier for the rider to break traction and kick out into a slide. Furthermore, the contact patch should be considered. The freeride wheels should have small contact patches to reduce friction.

You should also consider the core and core placement. Usually, freeride wheels have a center set or offset cores.

I would recommend the Blood Orange Liam Morgan skateboard wheels because they are great wheels for long and effortless slides. They have a perfect diameter of 70mm and an excellent durometer rating ranging from 80a to 84a. They have rounded edges, which make it easier for the rider to break traction and to kick out into a slide. Also, they have excellent stability and high-speed capabilities.

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