Deathwish Skateboards Reviews: Is Deathwish A Good Skateboard Brand?

Skating was no longer a regular sport. People had started seeing it as a hobby, a way of life. Some people could hardly go a day without skating. Such was its attachment to people’s lifestyles. Within blocks on campuses, on the street, at the parks, and almost everywhere, you would see people skating.

Unfortunately, the joy of skating was often marred by low-quality skateboards until 2008, when professional skaters Jim Greco and Erik Ellington founded Deathwish Skateboard. The company was founded as a way to keep people’s love for skating intact.

Since its inception, the company has always pushed for the production of high-quality skateboards in the right course, not slacking on quality and giving skaters the best boards their feet rock and their pockets can afford. Today, Deathwish is a household name when it comes to the production of skateboards that gives everlasting joy. Powered by a team of incredible minds and world-class skaters like Brian Hansen, Romero Salcedo, Neen Williams, Luis De Los Reyes, and the founders themselves, Deathwish skateboards are a haven of functionality and versatility.

Deathwish Skateboards And Decks

The company draws inspiration from the 80s cult movies and the artwork cover of the then-popular magazine- Kitsch. The name “Deathwish Skateboard” is a brand inspired by the cult film series “Death wish” which features popular actor Charles Bronson. He was also the inspiration behind the logo of the company.

Deathwish Skateboards are beautifully designed to match the taste of modern skaters. They boast of top-notch artistic design, which will surely arrest the attention of anyone who loves skating and can identify a quality skateboard.

This skateboard defines perfection from start to finish, using the finest of maple woods from across the world. Each building process is one taken with precision and caution to satisfy the comforts of skaters. The outcome is a high-quality, efficient performing skateboard known as Deathwish Skateboard.

Over its twelve years in the skateboarding business, the company has proven to be a force to reckon with. They produce top-quality skateboards, which beats a host of other skateboards in terms of efficiency. Deathwish uses maple wood for its decks, making it reliable and long-lasting.  Also, the board doesn’t chip easily. In case chipping occurs, you will notice the boards won’t slide fast.

As for their pops, deathwish skateboard’s pop is so well such that it lasts for long. However, it may wear off after some time, but not until you have done a great amount of skating. In summary, all parts of their skateboard are a true definition of expertise at work.

Is Deathwish A Good Skateboard Brand?

I have to say that Deathwish is a really good skateboard brand. They make really high-quality skateboards and I have been using them for a long time. They are really fast and have a lot of pop. I think one of the reasons why I have been using Deathwish for a long time is because they give a lot of support to skaters. They are one of the few companies that still make a lot of their products in the United States and they give their employees benefits. They are a really good skateboard brand and I think they should be a brand that you consider.

User Experience 

I’ve been on this deck for three weeks now and it’s been a really good deck I’ve kind of shredded it. Because I’ve been skating tons of Street but it’s still in really good shape nice and crisp anyways. Let’s get into the dimensions this is the Jamie Freud deck but it’s actually only an 8-inch deck. It’s definitely not what he rides and it is 31 and a half inches long don’t know what the nose and tail measurements are but the wheelbase is 14 and a quarter.

Which is pretty long for a thirty-one-and-a-half-inch board so that makes the nose and tail feel kind of short and they’re pretty pointy.  It’s actually pretty cool-looking and it looks really nice. I almost wonder if it’s screen-printed like I can feel

His kicks are pretty pointy. It’s quite pointy it’s also very steep it almost feels like the kicks are curved up that’s okay.

Features of A Typical Deathwish Skateboard

The features of the Deathwish skateboard are in no way different from that of other skateboards. However, the high-quality materials used in its build process, coupled with its artistic finishes, are what set it apart.

Asides from that, this exquisite brand features a team stacked with talented skaters and a line of artistic graphics designed logos and images. Their deck designs consist of a wide range of beautifully lighted neon colors, with cheetah prints replacing the old prints and monster pictures.

Another feature of this fantastic deck is that it allows users to choose between varieties of wheels to mix with their favorite deck designs. In case you are in doubt about how efficient this skateboard could be, get yourself one today.

Deathwish Complete Skateboard


Benefits of Using the Deathwish Skateboard

  1. Shredding: Most skateboards get damaged once they are shredded, but for the deathwish skateboards, such is not the case. Despite shredding, it will continue to satisfy your skating urge up to any level. You can get tired; your skateboard will not.
  2. Numerous skills: Most skateboards get damaged once they are shredded, but for the deathwish skateboards, such is not the case. Despite shredding, it will continue to satisfy your skating urge up to any level. You can get tired; your skateboard will not.
  3. No pressure cracks: Pressure crack is a defect common to skateboards, or maybe fake skateboards. It happens when you land suddenly on your board after performing a stunt or flip. They are very tiny and barely noticeable. But with the deathwish skateboard, you have nothing to worry about as it doesn’t crack regardless of the weight landing on it. By the way, it supports heavyweights.
  4. No Skating limit: Some boards limit skaters to particular skate grounds due to their inefficiency; however, that is not the case with the deathwish skateboard. From manual drop pads to rails and ledges, this skateboard has got you covered as long as you maintain it properly.


Despite its benefits, the deathwish skateboard isn’t spared of perfection as it also comes with its downsides. Some will be discussed below.

  1. Nose slides: Most users complain that the skateboard has nollie nose slides and crooked grinds, which is a bit bad for a board of deathwish status. The implication of this is that it makes skating a bit hard on the ledge and could even lead to skaters getting injured.
  2. Compatibility: This skateboard only works efficiently with trucks and other accessories that are the same size. If your truck or thrust is longer than the board, you will have problems skating with it.

For instance: Blunt kicks, when used with boards with deathwish’s decks, are friendly and fun, but this would never happen because deathwish skateboard only works well with customized accessories.  The implication of this is that you have to buy all other accessories separately, which could attract extra costs.


Why Deathwish Skateboards?

Choice differs truly, but if you are willing to have a long-lasting relationship with your board, then Deathwish Skateboard is your plug. There are several reasons you should consider buying the deathwish skateboard, and some of those are listed below.

  • Logo

Inspired by a picture from the movie “Death Wish,” the deck bears a picture of Charles Bronson and his gun. Jim claimed the image had a historical background, and it had given deathwish the strength to spin-off from a sister company -Bakers. The logo symbolizes historical strength.

  • Reliability

Another reason to consider any Deathwish skateboard is its reliability. The company has been consistent and steadfast over the years, and this justifies their reliability. Despite numerous challenges, there has never been a dwindling effect on Deathwish’s quality of boards. As a Deathwish skateboard user, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to efficiency. They will surely deliver.

There is no fear of any part wearing off fast, tights slacking fast, or of bolts losing quickly. If wisely used and maintained, the skateboard is sure to stand the test of time.

  • Delivery

Since coming to the limelight in 2008, Deathwish has always been on the frontline in terms of delivery. Their parent company- Baker boys, has been responsible for distributing its in-house brands, of which Deathwish skateboards is one.

They have grown incredibly over the years, making a significant contribution in the skating world, a value that makes them a stateside distributor of brands like Heroin Skateboards and Birdhouse skateboard. All these have endeared them to a host of staunch followers, and of course, there is no sign of them slowing down or cutting down on quality.

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Demystifying the myth

Most people believe that Baker skateboard and Deathwish skateboard are the same, while others have a contrary opinion about this. Both parties are right, or maybe it is okay to say the other party is not well updated. While the above claim might be wrong or otherwise, it is essential to distinguish between these two brands.

Baker skateboards started in 1999, distributing Birdhouse and other brands of skateboards. Years later, Bakers Boys Distribution decided to launch another skateboard outfit. It was dreamt, pursued, and before mid of 2008, the idea materialized into what is now known today as Deathwish Skateboards.

Baker boys and Deathwish are like brother companies- since the latter was carved out from the former. However, do not get carried away by this. Indeed, there are some similarities in the boards’ functioning capacity, but both companies are of the same root that is not enough to skip their differences.

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An alternative for the Deathwish skateboard

Just in case the Deathwish skateboard is out of stock, and you need a board urgently. The best alternative is to opt for the Baker boys skateboard. As earlier stated, both are similar in functioning capacities with slight differences.

For instance, the skateboards produced by both companies are durable, strong. Regardless of the ground, you are skating on. You will never have a feel of your board getting spoilt or broken. It doesn’t even flex at all.  Likewise, if you have a rough landing, you do not have to worry about getting your board snapped.

Albeit, there are quite a several differences between both products. Some of the notable differences are the shape and concave. The thin line between both boards is your interest, that is, the shape and design of the board you want. Do you want a baker graphic or a Deathwish graphic?


This review covers every detail about Deathwish skateboards and the company. The inspiration behind their existence, what value they hold, why they should be top on your list, the features, and benefits of their skateboards, and lastly, the product closer to them in terms of performance efficiency should you need an alternative.

The effort has also been made to clear the air about the myth surrounding Deathwish and its parent company- Bakers Boys Association. Similarities were drawn from both companies, and their differences were clearly stated.

No stone has been left unturned towards capturing all the details about the Deathwish skateboard. However, should there be cause to need any other additional information about them? Endeavor to visit the company’s website.

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