Best Skateboard Wheels For Wood Ramps 2022 [Bought & Tested]

Skateboarders have spoken, and they want wheels that slide fast and last long. In response, companies have created top-quality wheels with long-lasting urethane and high-speed, high-rebound formulas. We found that high-end skateboard wheels for wood ramps and bowls perform better than the cheapest wheels, so we’ve put together this list of top-rated skateboard wheels for wood ramps and bowls.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Wood Ramps 

We’re going to review the 8 best skateboard wheels for skateboarding on concrete. We tested these wheels and have selected the best products that we’ve reviewed below!

  1. TGM Wooden Skateboard Wheels
  2. Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels
  3. Dura Rollers Blank Wheels
  4. Ricta Skateboard Clouds- Ramp Wheels
  5. Ricta Rapido- Best Wheels For Vert
  6. Blank downhill skateboard wheels
  7. TGM- best wheels for mini ramp
  8. Choice Skateboard Wheels

Best Wheels For Wood Ramps 

TGM Wooden Skateboard Wheels

TGM Skateboards Wheels

We love this set of skateboard wheels, bearings, and spacers because it is a value-added pack. As a skater, you will get more value for your money when you purchase replacement parts in combo deals and sales.

In the package, you will receive four hard wheels of 99a durometer, eight skateboard bearings with removable bearing shields, and spacers for your bearings. Depending on your preference, you can select different wheel sizes from 50mm to 54mm wheels.

All of them are suitable for use on wood ramps. The installation of this set is fast and easy. You don’t have to spend all day peering at a lengthy instructional manual to get the job done. All the necessary parts are available and the process is very straightforward.

The wheels in this set come in different nice colors. All designs are plain, providing an opportunity for your artistic side to find expression. You can use graphic pens and draw nice designs on your wheels to add some character to them. This is not an obligation so you can use them in plain color mode if you like.

These wheels from TGM Skateboards are made from a strong plastic material. They will last long no matter how hard you use them.

The small size and hardness of the wheels mean you will experience faster, smoother riding on wood ramps and other smooth surfaces. The space bearings will eliminate any wobbling movements when you perform your tricks on the ramp.


  • Available in 50mm to 54mm size and 99A hardness.
  • Comes with ABEC-7 skateboard bearings.
  • Comes with bearing spacers.
  • Has removable bearing shields.
  • Made of hard plastic material.


  • They work very well.
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • They are customizable.


  • Not meant for use on rough areas.


Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels And Trucks

Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels

 If you thought the first package on the list was a value-adding pack, check out this amazing combo set from Cal 7. This skating set comes complete with trucks, bearings spacers, risers, and more.

In one package, you will receive four 52mm skateboard wheels with 99a hardness, eight bearings, two trucks, two riser pads, four bearing spacers, and tools to put all these parts together. The best part is everything costs less than $40!

We love this set especially because of the small hard wheels. They are lightweight and roll very smoothly. You don’t have to stick with the plain boring design either.

The wheels and trucks are available in different beautiful colors and patterns. You can select the style that matches your personality and enjoy a beautiful skateboard.

You don’t have to be an expert skater to get good use out of this value combo set. It is a good deal that beginners can also profit from. If you will not use all parts of the package, you can gift the other parts away or keep them safely stored for the future. As your skateboard needs change, you will have the right equipment to customize your board and advance to new stages.


  • Has four skateboard wheels of size 52mm and 99a hardness.
  • Comes with two trucks.
  • Comes with nine skateboard bearings.
  • Comes with four bearing spacers.
  • Comes with two riser pads.
  • Ideal for amateurs and experts alike.


  • Different beautiful designs to choose from.
  • You get a valuable pack at an unbeatable price.
  • The wheels are excellent for ramp skating.


  • The trucks are regular. There is nothing spectacular about them.


Dura Rollers Blank Skateboard Wheels

Dura Rollers Blank Skateboard Wheels

If you need disposable skateboard wheels for your ramp tricks, look no further than this set of four wheels from Dura Rollers. These wheels are available in 50mm, 52mm and 54mm sizes. You can select which one suits your preference but remember that smaller wheels move slower than bigger wheels.

The durometer, or hardness, is a good 98a. this gives a good grip and speed for you to enjoy riding at ramps. Wooden ramps are very common and they can be quite slippery. You need skateboard wheels that won’t slow you down but keep you stable enough to power through rounds of ramp skating.

These wheels are cheap and will perform just as expected. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a set of fancy wheels if you are looking for a quick replacement.

These skateboard wheels will do the job without biting a chunk out of your wallet. Take note that the seizes run big for this product. If you want 52mm wheels, order the 50mm and it will be closer to your preferred 52mmsize.

Dura Rollers offers good customer service. Your order will be promptly shipped with no damages upon receipt. Your questions will be promptly answered and you can return products for an exchange or refund depending on what went wrong with your order. Even though these skateboard wheels are cheap, you don’t want to be stuck with them if you did not get what you expected.


  • Set of four 50mm, 52mm, or 54mm wheels.
  • 98a durometer.
  • High-quality wheels.
  • Comes in plain solid colors.


  • Can fit skateboards and longboards of different sizes.
  • Comes in plain solid colors that can be customized.
  • Ships quickly.
  • Is cost-effective.


  • Sizes run big.


Ricta Skateboard Clouds- Ramp Wheels

Ricta Skateboard Clouds

If your main concern with skating ramps is grip, we have a solution for you in the form of skateboard wheels from Ricta. Because ramp wheels and other hard wheels made for smooth surfaces have less grip than soft wheels, it is usually a challenge to find a product that gives the best of both worlds.

These skateboard wheels don’t have any wow factor but they are properly designed and deliver the best grip for smooth surfaces. Even on metal ramps where things can get very slippery very fast, these wheels hold and will keep you from being thrown off your skateboard when you attempt tricks.

At 92a durometer, these skateboard wheels are a little softer than we would usually recommend but it has an advantage. You don’t have to pick up your skateboard and walk the dirt path home after you have finished the ramp.

You can cruise home on these wheels because they still have a grip on rougher terrain. Although your ride will be bumpy, you will enjoy the natural skating environment and get home in one piece.

Specialized large wheels and narrow wheels are specially built to excel in certain situations. These wheels have a regular classic shape but they make gliding very easy. The design results in less friction from your skateboard and increases your stability and safety as you skate ramps.


  • 52mm and 54mm wheels available.
  • Wheels are 92a hard.
  • Made from strong polyurethane.


  • They have outstanding grip.
  • Awesome design.


  • Some wheels might have flat spots.


Ricta Rapido- Best Skateboard Wheels For Vert

Ricta Rapido Wide Skateboard Wheels

Any skateboard enthusiast worth their salt has a set of 101a skateboard wheels in their arsenal. If you are searching for some fir on the ramp, you need to purchase this pair from Ricata.

This is the ultimate pack of skateboard wheels for the slickest and smoothest moves on wooden and metal ramps. Since you will be needing super speed to move swiftly and hard wheels to remain grounded and make easy turns, you should not hesitate to make this purchase.

Please note that fast wheels can be dangerous to untrained riders. We do not recommend these wheels for amateurs or beginner riders without ramp experience. They move very fast and have less grip than soft wheels.

This means the rider has to have mastery and full control of the skateboard or there could be a bad fall that will either destroy your skateboard or injure you badly. Even skateboard professionals are strongly advised to wear protective gear while stunting on these wheels.

These wheels are only available in one white color. You don’t have the luxury of choosing from many options. You have to put some effort into maintaining the color of these wheels as they attract dirt very easily and can change color quickly.


  • 54mm wheels of 101a hardness.
  • Ricata Rapido shape design.
  • Built for speed.


  • Very fast wheels.
  • The smoothest and slickest hard wheels you ever saw.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • The wheels get dirty very quickly.


Blank downhill skateboard wheels

Blank Skateboard Wheels

You need solidly built wheels that will not give up on you while skating. You should never go for anything less than this because your safety depends on it. If your skateboard wheels aren’t strong enough, they can break or flat spot right in the middle of a routine.

And since you are more geared towards ramp skating you want to avoid bad falls in such areas. These wheels are made from hard polyurethane material to ensure rigidity and durability.

They work surprisingly well for the price. We didn’t expect them to perform as well as they did but were pleasantly surprised at how well these wheels hold up under stress. These wheels will serve the same purpose as many similar but higher-priced skateboard wheels.

You don’t require any specialized tools to put install these wheels on your skateboard. Everything is straightforward. If you have any questions or concerns about the installation, you can reach out to customer care and they will give you clear directions to follow.

Talking about customer care, this set of wheels comes well packaged and ships very fast. After delivery care is also a breeze and customer care representatives always answer your emails promptly.


  • One set of blank 50mm to 54mm wheels.
  • Made from a hard plastic material.


  • No flat spots.
  • Cost friendly.
  • Will make ramp riding more pleasant for you.


  • Available in limited colors.
  • The wheels you receive might not match well.


TGM- best wheels for a mini ramp

TGM Skateboards Blank Skateboard Wheels

A smooth roll and good balance are two of the most important characteristics of good ramp skating. These skateboard wheels will be the perfect tool for you to cruise around the skatepark like a king and enjoy every minute you spend on the ramp. These wheels are built sturdy and strong.

You should be able to rely on your skateboard wheels to carry you and cooperate with your movements. If your wheels get flat spots every time you try a complicated trick, you need to change your brand and buy these cost-friendly blank wheels from TGM Skateboards.

Even with vigorous everyday use, these wheels can last a long time and serve you for many months up to one year. Skateboard parts are not meant to last forever so don’t expect your wheels to be everlasting.

However, go for a reliable product like this so you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts on frequent wheel replacements.

Some people complain that these 100a wheels are a bit slow and not as hard as they should be. This is a matter of preference and slightly softer wheels will still get the job done. Even though there are only three color options, these plain wheels can be beautified to improve the general look of your skateboard. 


  • One set of 51mm to 56mm skateboard wheels.
  • 100a durometer.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Made with polyurethane material.


  • Allows for amazing tricks.
  • Very smooth for pleasurable riding.
  • Can be used for extended periods.


  • Can be a little slow.


Choice Skateboard Wheels

Choice Skateboard Wheels

If you like to skate on the streets but would like strong wheels for tricks and ramp skating, this is the best set of skateboard wheels for you. The 99a hard wheels will provide adequate grip and speed to create the exhilarating experience you have always desired on the ramp.

These wheels are lightweight and also durable. Since they are small in size and constructed from lightweight hard plastic, they will not be adding bulk or excess weight to your skateboard. Also, be assured that these wheels will last for a very long time. You can enjoy what you paid for and get the maximum use of this set of skateboard wheels.

You can select between 50mm wheels up to 54mm wheels. All of them operate extremely quietly so you can skate on any wooden or metal ramp without causing a ruckus. Choice’s Skateboard wheels are versatile.

They are the ideal choice for ramp skating, city gliding, and commuting. With six different plain solid colors to choose from, the manufacturer gives more choices to consumers so they can get a set of wheels to match their skateboard.


  • One set of 50mm to 54mm skateboard wheels.
  • 99a hardness.
  • Durable and lightweight.


  • Offers speed and grip.
  • Last long.
  • Ideal size for ramp skating.
  • Works very quietly.


  • Easily break traction.
  • Not for cruising.


How To Choose The Right Skateboard Wheels For Wood Ramps?

Two main characteristics of skateboard wheels determine if they are appropriate for use on wood ramps and other smooth surfaces; size and hardness.


The size or diameter of your skateboard wheels will determine how tight your turns are. Most wheels measure from 50mm up to 75mm. the bigger the number, the bigger the wheels.

  • Big wheels: these make fast riding a possibility. Big wheels are best for low cruising, vert skating, and commuting. The bigger diameter of the wheel increases stability and consequently, speed.
  • Small wheels: these facilitate slow riding. Small wheels are the best for street skating and technical skating like ramp skating. The wheel is closer to the ground and the skater has more control of the board.
  • Rule of thumb: remember the following rules
    • 60mm to 70mm wheels are big wheels. Skateboard riders who use old school boards, dirt boards, longboards, and downhill need these wheels. They are built to handle rough surfaces and give speed.
    • 54mm to 59mm wheels are average-sized. They are ideal for use on vert ramps, street skating, skateparks, and bowls. They are also the best choice for learners.
    • 50mm to 53 mm are small wheels. They offer the best stability for carrying out tricks. They are the best for skating on wooden ramps, metal ramps, skateparks, and bowls.

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The durometer or hardness of your wheels is usually measured on the scale of ‘a’. some manufacturers measure and label their skateboard wheels on the scale of ‘b’ which is an extra 20 points advanced. That means an 81b wheel will translate to a 101a wheel when converted.

  • Soft wheels: soft wheels are good for street skating and skating on other rough surfaces.
  • Hard wheels: hard wheels are good for skating in ramps, bowls, parks, and other places with smooth surfaces.
  • Rule of thumb: remember the following rules
    • 78a to 87a wheels are soft. They are ideal for riding on a street, attaching to longboards, and riding in other rough areas. They are easy to roll and have the highest amount of grip.
    • 88a to 95a wheels are a little faster than 78a to 87a wheels but they have less grip. They are alright for rough surface skating.
    • 96a to 99a wheels have a good grip and speed. They are good for ramp skating, pool, and skatepark skating. They are also the best choice for beginner skaters.
    • 100a and above wheels are professional wheels. They are the hardest and fastest with the smallest grip.

Softer wheels move slower than hard wheels. Hard wheels have more grip than softer wheels. Hard wheels are the go-to choice for skating on smooth surfaces while soft wheels are built for rough paths and off-road terrain.

Other considerations

Apart from size and hardness, you should also consider the material of construction, grip, and technique. If you want high-performing skateboard wheels, you will pay good money for well-constructed wheels that were made with good strong materials like polyurethane.

After choosing the right size and hardness of the wheel, ensure that your skateboard deck has strong grip tape to support stability. Using the right technique, you won’t have to work as hard or push as much when you are skating on a ramp.

Final Verdict

If you have the wrong skateboard wheels, you will not be able to enjoy ramp skating. Skating on wooden and metal ramps requires speed, stability, and smoothness.

You have to put all factors into consideration to get the right specifications for your needs and find the best ramp wheels for your skateboard. Apart from your enjoyment and comfort, ramp skating with the wrong wheels is very dangerous.

It can lead to terrible accidents that result in severe injuries or worse. This is why it is so important to carefully select the ideal skateboard wheels for every situation.

Explaining the intricacies of wood ramp skating and choosing the right wheels for it has been an incredible experience. We are sure that you have all the information you need to make the right choice. Go get your skateboard wheels!

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