Is Snowboarding Like Skateboarding? Here’s the Complete Answer!

Snowboarding is a fun-packed adventure but it is restricted to the wintertime. Fortunately, until then, you can try your feet at similar board-based sports and have fun while practicing different techniques.

One of the best alternatives to snowboarding is skateboarding and in this guide, we’ll go over how snowboarding is like skateboarding and provide easier alternatives for beginners!

Is Snowboarding Like Skateboarding?

Yes, in many ways, snowboarding is similar to skateboarding. Besides the obvious differences between each sport, there are multiple similarities and all of them are described below:


snowboard board

Snowboards and skateboards are both constructed with a similar length and width which means the center of gravity is balanced the same on both. However, a snowboard doesn’t have wheels and comes with straps for the feet so there’s less risk of falling. This makes snowboarding perfect for beginners to learn how to maneuver a board at high speeds.


Just like skateboarding, there are two stances a rider can take on the snowboard: the “regular” stance where the right foot is used to push and the left foot is used to maintain balance, and the “goofy” stance where the left foot is used to push and the right foot is used to skate on the ramp and roads.

Skills to Ride

Similar to skateboarding, riding a snowboard is a full-body workout because the rider uses their whole body to turn the board in the direction they want to go. This teaches coordination, improves patience, and makes carving easier.


Riding a snowboard is safer than a skateboard because riders can lean forward and backward to steer the deck and they won’t lose balance because their feet are strapped to the board. Also, since it’s typically done during winter, snowboarders are covered head to toe with padding so the risk of injuries is significantly reduced.


Steering a snowboard is easier than steering a skateboard. It still takes a lot of energy but is quite simple. Riders have a lot of freedom over their turns, speed, and sometimes even braking power. So, learning how to snowboard is great for beginners and the perfect sport to boost confidence while skateboarding.

Is Snowboarding Harder than Skateboarding?


As easy as snowboarding is, the sport does come with a few challenges that are easily rivaled by skateboarding. Fortunately, none of them is a dealbreaker. Each board-based sport is excellent and it ultimately depends upon the rider which one suits best.

Here are some of the difficulties of snowboarding:


Snowboarding requires an ideal climate and it works only in the winters when it snows. Skateboarding, on the other hand, does not require specific weather to work.


Snowboarding can rack up quite a lot of fees, especially if you’re renting a snowboard or traveling to colder areas to practice. Skateboarding is far more cost-effective, all you need is a good deck, hard wheels, a helmet, and abrasion-resistant gloves and you’re set for years. It works anywhere, anytime.

Learning Curve

Generally, snowboarding is harder to learn at first because the board is directly in contact with the snow so keeping your feet balanced can be tricky. In contrast, learning how to keep steady and steer forward is easier on a skateboard.

Once the basics of snowboarding are understood, steering the deck almost becomes muscle memory. So, it’s recommended to take a few snowboarding lessons to accelerate the learning curve and get moving fast.

Make sure to wear a helmet and abrasion-resistant gloves – snowboarders are most likely to break their wrists and bruise their hips, legs, and shoulders.

Braking Skills

Slowing down on a snowboard is harder than on a skateboard because the deck accelerates when riding over smooth snow. It also requires different skills that cannot be replicated on a skateboard.

For instance, to come to a gentle stop on a snowboard, a rider has to carefully lean forward so that most of the pressure of their weight is on the nose of the deck. This way, the snowboard is restrained to move and ultimately slows down.

Doing the same on a skateboard can result in the rider losing balance and tipping forward. Considering they’re riding on concrete, it can also result in serious road burns.

Do Skateboarding Skills Transfer to Snowboarding?

Yes, skateboarding skills do transfer to snowboarding. Riding a skateboard requires more practice and works with advanced skills so many boarders find it easy to get the hang of snowboarding once they know how to skateboard.

The only difficulty a skater may face while being a first-time snowboarder is keeping their feet balanced on the deck and braking by leaning forward instead of pushing back. One way to reduce the challenge is by riding a longboard as the colder months get near.

Since it is closer to the ground and has a wider deck, the ‘board feel’ is similar to a snowboard, which makes the transition easier.

What Sport is Most Like Snowboarding?

Besides skateboarding, several different board-based sports are similar to snowboarding. However, each sport targets different areas of similarity – i.e some have the same ‘board feel’ while some use similar riding skills.

Here are two board-based sports that are most similar to snowboarding:



Targeting the ‘surface feel’ of snowboarding, surfing is great for riders that love adventures and are looking to conquer a new method of cruising on a board.

A surfboard comes directly in contact with water just like a snowboard comes in direct contact with snow, and both have no wheels. Surfing also requires specific weather but that’s about where the similarities end.

Learning how to surf is harder than snowboarding since the waves can be irregular and there’s no way to predict the ride. This is also why it’s difficult to learn how to slow down while riding the waves in the summer.


wake boarding

Similar to surfing, wakeboarding is a water sport where a rider balances their feet on a wide deck and holds onto a rope that is attached to a motorboat. Riders are then towed behind the boat at high speeds.

This board-based sport also gives the same ‘surface feel’ as snowboarding but it’s very difficult to learn. There is essentially no way to slow down, which may risk a fall considering the motorboat is powered at high speeds.

However, wakeboarding is most similar to snowboarding and a great sport to pick up if you’re working to be particularly good at snowboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can you learn to snowboard?

It takes an average teenager and adult less than a week to get the hang of snowboarding. Younger kids can take more time – even a whole season. But, snowboarding is generally easier to learn given the rider’s feet are strapped to the board and there’s less risk of falling.

Is snowboarding hard for beginners?

No, snowboarding isn’t hard to learn for beginners. It takes anywhere between a day to a week to master the skills of snowboarding, especially when taking professional lessons. Children aged under the age of 12 can take longer to get the hang of it, sometimes even six months or a whole season.

What is easier than skateboarding?

There’s only one board-based sport that is easier than skateboarding and that is longboarding. Both sports have a similar style of riding and braking but the main difference is that longboards have a wider deck and softer wheels which allows riders, especially beginners, to maintain their balance well on rough roads.

Is skateboarding physically demanding?

Yes, skateboarding is a physically demanding sport. It has been proven to strengthen the muscles and get the blood pumping. This is mainly because the rider maneuvers around at high speeds without any support or protection against instability on the skateboard. So, they have to be on high alert for speed wobbles.

How long should I skateboard a day?

Skateboarding for six hours is the maximum you should do if you’re preparing for a tournament. However, if there’s no rush, practicing for three hours a day is enough of a workout. By the end of it, your legs will be quite sore, so make sure not to overwork the muscles and always take into account pre-existing conditions.

Is it safe to snowboard without lessons?

Yes, it is safe to snowboard without lessons. However, it is recommended to have someone on-site that knows the basics so learning the basics is easier and you get to enjoy the season more. Also, snowboarding can be quite physically demanding so taking a day of lessons is doing your body a favor.

Final Thoughts

Is snowboarding like skateboarding? Yes, each board-based sport has the same stance and board. The only difference is that skateboarding may be a more advanced sport so practicing on the ramp in the summer may be a better deal than opting for an easier snowboarding alternative.

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