How to Power Slide on a Skateboard?

One of the most thrilling things you can do on a skateboard is to power slide. This move is not only flashy, but it’s also a great way to stop quickly or change direction. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the basic steps that you need to take in order to learn how to power slide on a skateboard. We will also provide some tips and tricks so that you can improve your skills. So, if you are ready to learn how to power slide on a skateboard, keep reading!

How to Power Slide on a Skateboard?

If you’re interested in learning how to power slide on a skateboard, read on for some tips.


The first thing you need to do is find a good place to practice. A smooth, flat surface like a driveway or parking lot is ideal. Avoid concrete surfaces if possible, as they can be too slippery and make it difficult to control your slide. You’ll also want to make sure there are no obstacles in your way that could cause you to fall.


Power sliding is all about going fast, so you’ll need to build up some speed before you attempt the move. The best way to do this is to cruise around for a while and then start accelerating. Once you’re going fast enough, you can begin your power slide.


There are two ways to position your feet when power sliding. The first is called the “regular” stance, and it’s the same way you would stand on your board normally. To get into regular stance, place your front foot near the middle of the deck and your back foot a few inches behind the tail.

The second stance is called “fakie.” To get into fakie stance, simply ride your board backward—so your back foot is in the middle of the deck and your front foot is near the tail. Fakie stance can be a little tricky to balance at first, but it’s important to learn if you want to be able to power slide in both directions.

Once you’ve chosen your stance, bend your knees and lean your body weight to the inside of your turn. This will help you keep your balance as you slide.


Now it’s time to start sliding! As you approach the area where you want to slide, begin applying pressure to your back foot. This will cause your back wheels to spin out—and that’s what you want. As your back wheels start to slide, lean into the turn and keep your weight on your inside foot. You may need to experiment with how much pressure you need to apply to your back foot in order to get a good slide going.

Once you’re sliding, keep your body loose, and don’t overthink it. The key is to relax and let the board do its thing. If you start to feel like you’re going to lose control, simply straighten out your legs and ride away.

What do you need to know before power sliding on a skateboard?

Power sliding is a great way to show off your skating skills, but it’s also extremely dangerous. Before you attempt this maneuver, there are a few things you should know.

First and foremost, power sliding is only for experienced skaters. If you’re new to the sport, or even if you’ve only been skating for a short while, you shouldn’t attempt this. Power sliding is also not for beginners because it requires a lot of balance and coordination.

Second, you need to make sure you’re wearing the proper safety gear. This includes a helmet, pads, and elbow and knee guards. You should also wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from getting injured.

Third, you need to find a smooth, flat surface to skate on. This is because power sliding requires you to glide across the ground, and if there are any bumps or unevenness on the surface, you could lose control and get seriously injured.

Finally, when you’re ready to power slide, start by skating slowly. Then, when you’re comfortable, increase your speed and lean to one side. You should feel yourself start to glide across the ground. If you lose your balance or start to fall, immediately jump off your skateboard to avoid getting hurt.

Power sliding is a great way to impress your friends and show off your skating skills, but it’s also very dangerous. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt this maneuver. And always wear your safety gear!

 How to prepare for a skateboard power slide?

Before you attempt a power slide, it’s important to make sure you’re properly prepared. Here are some tips on how to get ready for this challenging trick:

1. Choose the right location

Power slides can be performed on any surface, but they’re easiest (and safest) to execute on a smooth, hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. Avoid attempting this trick on rough ground or sand, as you’re likely to lose control and end up taking a spill.

2. Warm up your muscles

As with any physical activity, it’s important to warm up your muscles before attempting a power slide. Take a few laps around the block to get your blood flowing, then try some basic skateboarding tricks to limber up your joints.

3. Get the right gear

Power slides are notoriously tough on equipment, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the right gear. For starters, you’ll need a good quality skateboard deck that’s built to withstand heavy wear and tear. You might also want to invest in some specialized slide gloves, which will protect your hands from the abrasive surface of the road.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

As with any skateboarding trick, the key to nailing a power slide is practice. Start by performing small slides on a gentle slope, then work your way up to bigger and longer slides.

Can you power slide with soft wheels?

Soft wheels are a type of skateboard wheel that is designed for street skating. They are typically made of polyurethane and have a diameter of 50 to 60 mm. Soft wheels are designed to provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces and to absorb impact better than hard wheels.

Can you power slide with soft wheels? The answer is yes, but it takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it. Power sliding is a skating technique where you rotate your board 90 degrees so that the wheels are pointing sideways. This allows you to slide along the ground for a short distance. It’s a great way to slow down or stop quickly, and it can also be used to make tight turns.

Is it hard to powerslide a skateboard?

Most people would say that yes, it is hard to powerslide a skateboard. To do a proper powerslide, you need to have good balance, control and coordination. You also need to be able to generate enough speed. It’s not impossible to do a powerslide if you don’t have these things, but it’s certainly more difficult.

There are a few different ways to power slide a skateboard. The most common is to do it on a curb or other raised surface. You can also do it on flat ground, but it’s much harder. To do a curb powerslide, you need to approach the curb at an angle and then lean into the slide. This will help you keep your balance and control. It’s also important to keep your weight centered over the board.

If you’re power sliding on flat ground, you need to generate a lot of speed before you attempt the slide. You can do this by pumping your legs or by building up speed by going down a hill. When you’re ready to slide, lean back and transfer your weight to the tail of the board. This will cause the nose of the board to come off the ground and slide across the surface.


So, there you have it. How to power slide on a skateboard. If you’re feeling confident and want to try this out yourself, be sure to take it slow at first, wear the proper safety gear, and find a safe place to practice. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to nail down this skill in no time! Ready to give it a go?

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