Winners of the European Championship in figure skating EDEA

In Tallinn, the European Figure Skating Championships, held at the Tondiraba Stadium from January 10 to 16, 2022, ended, where the skaters competed in four categories: single skating (men and women), pair skating, and ice dancing.

It is noteworthy that in each of the categories, the top lines of the standings were occupied by athletes on skates from the Italian brand EDEA.

We have prepared a brief summary of the competition, as well as gathered skaters and what models of skates they performed on.

Women’s Singles

Winners of the European Championship in figure skating EDEA  

Skates EDEA Piano. Photo: Instagram @edeaskates

The first place with 259.06 points on EDEA Piano skates rightfully went to the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, the bronze medal went to Alexandra Trusova, and the Belarusian Victoria Safonova took ninth place.

Belgian Loena Hendrix skated Ice Fly and took fourth place, the representative of Poland – Ekaterina Kurakova – in fifth place.

Other places:

  • 10th place: Alexia Paganini (Switzerland) – Ice Fly skates
  • 12th place: Lea Serna (France) – Piano skates
  • 13th place: Nicole Scott (Germany) – Ice Fly skates
  • 14th place: Josephine Taljegaard (Sweden) – Ice Fly skates
  • 16th place: Lana Naki Gutmann (Italy) – Ice Fly skates
  • 18th place: Jenny Saarinen (Finland) – Ice Fly skates
  • 19th place: Yasmine Kimiko Yamada (Switzerland) – Piano skates
  • 20th place: Alexandra Feigin (Bulgaria) – Piano skates.

Men’s single skating

Representatives in this category, included in the top twenty, mainly performed on EDEA skates.

Gold was won by Mark Kondratyuk (Russia) on Concerto skates, silver went to Italian Daniel Grassl on Ice Fly skates, and Belarus took 21st place (Konstantin Milyukov on Ice Fly skates).

Other places:

  • 6th place: Morisi Kvitelashvili (Georgia) – Piano skates
  • 7th place: Kevin Aimoz (France) – Concerto skates
  • 8th place: Vladimir Litvintsev (Azerbaijan) – Piano skates
  • 9th place: Gabriel Frangipani (Italy) – Ice Fly skates
  • 13th place: Nikita Starostin (Germany) – Piano skates
  • 14th place: Arlet Levandi (Estonia) – Concerto skates
  • 15th place: Nikolai Memola (Italy) – Piano skates
  • 16th place: Paul Finz (Germany) – Piano skates
  • 17th place: Maurizio Zandron (Austria) – Ice Fly skates
  • 18th place: Cornel Witkowski (Poland) – Piano skates
  • 19th place: Valtter Virtanen (Finland) – Ice Fly skates
  • 20th place: David Levton Brain (Monaco) – Ice Fly skates
  • 22nd place: Thomas-Llorenz Guarino Sabate (Spain) – Ice Fly skates
  • 23rd place: Burak Demirboa (Turkey) – Piano skates.

Pair skating

The EDEA skaters and pair skaters were pleased with good results. Fourth place on Concerto skates was taken by Karina Safina and Luka Berulava from Georgia, the fifth place was taken by Italians Rebecca Ghilandi and Filippo Ambrosini. In a pair from Belarus, together with Bogdana Lukashevich, Alexander Stepanov skated Piano, the pair took 10th place.

Other places:

  • 6th place: Yulia Shchetinina (Hungary) – Ice Fly skates
  • 7th place: Sarah Conti and Niccolo Masii (Italy) – Concerto skates
  • 8th place: Menerva Fabienne Haze and Nolan Segert (Germany) – Concerto skates
  • 9th place: Laura Barquero (Spain) – Ice Fly skates
  • 11th place: Balazs Nagy (Hungary) – Concerto skates
  • 12th place: Martin Bidarzh (Czech Republic) – Piano skates
  • 13th place: Annika Hokke and Robert Kunkel (Germany) – Ice Fly skates.

Dancing on Ice

Representatives of this category performed on Flamenco Ice skates, among which were:

  • 4th place: Olivia Smart and Adrian Diaz (Spain)
  • 5th place: Laila Fir and Lewis Gibson (Great Britain)
  • 7th place: Diana Davis (Russia)
  • 13th place: Simon Pru-Senekal (Armenia)
  • 14th place: Maxim Spodyrev (Poland)
  • 16th place: Loisia Dejumo (France)
  • 18th place: Maria Ignatieva (Hungary).

We congratulate the winners and wish only new victories and records!

And professional figure skates, EDEA equipment, and accessories can be purchased in our online store. Skating Club is the official representative of the brand in Belarus.

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