How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be? How To Adjust It?

The first thing you have to understand about trucks is that there are two main types: regular and reverse kingpin. The difference is the way in which they attach to the deck, but both affect how loose or tight your trucks feel.

Regular kingpin trucks are the most common and attach to the deck with a single screw pointing up from underneath. Tightening this screw compresses the bushings, making your truck tighter. However, keep in mind that tightening a truck too much will sometimes result in pucks being permanently flattened against each other since they aren’t designed to resist a tremendous amount of force.

Reverse kingpin trucks have a second, smaller bolt that attaches the hanger to the baseplate. This allows for more control over how loose or tight your truck is. You can have a very tight setup by just tightening this bolt, without having to tighten the primary screw at all. In fact, if you just tighten this bolt, it is possible to have your pucks completely fall out of the truck. This second bolt should only ever be used for loosening your trucks to change your bushings and/or wheels.

It’s important to keep in mind that tightening or loosening one side affects how loose or tight both sides are, but that a truck setup can vary from side to side – in other words, one skateboard may have a looser front and a tighter back. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing tricks or just pushing around – the way your trucks feel makes a huge difference. If you’re riding for transportation, smoothness is key. If you’re looking to get crazy, you can have your trucks super loose or really tight. It all depends on what you want out of them.

Pros And Cons Of Tight skateboard Trucks [ Tight VS Loose]

How Tight Should Skateboard Trucks Be? How To Adjust It?

So you’re looking at buying or replacing your trucks for your skateboard. You’ve seen an ad that says ‘more turning control’ and think “I’ll buy them!”. But hold on there little buddy, are tight trucks really right for you?

Before we begin there are some things I must say about what I’m talking about. First of all, I am only going to be talking about standard kingpin trucks. Although new designs may have improved turning ability or anything else for that matter, I’m sticking with the basics here. Second of all, if your truck is already tight then don’t try and loosen it yourself without the proper knowledge. If you’re new, don’t worry about it. If you have an old set of standard kingpin trucks, then it may be worth spending a few bucks to upgrade them anyways. My article is mostly about how to tighten trucks if they’re loose and the benefits of that being tight vs loose.

Tight Trucks are Good – Right?

These are the people that think that tight trucks are the best thing since sliced bread. They say that turning is much more responsive (which it is) and that boards feel lighter, better under your feet, etc. It’s easier to do tricks like kickflips, pop shove because the board stays closer to your feet instead of flying out at you.

Tight Trucks – Bad For Skateboarding?

This is the group that says that tight trucks cause more pressure on your board and thus make it snap easier, they kill shock absorbers in your wheels much faster and generally give you a bad riding experience. They claim it’s harder to do tricks like kickflips for this reason as well as others. Some people say that the trucks don’t actually turn tight. They just make it feel like they do because your board is leaning more and is closer to the ground.

Both Sides of the Argument

There is a lot of debate on which side is right, but in reality, there are benefits from both sides. I will talk about what everyone is saying and how to make your trucks tight if they are loose, but I’m mainly going to focus on the benefits of having tight trucks.

Tight Trucks Are Good – Really? The answer is yes, but don’t get me wrong it can be bad too.

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Pros And Cons Of Loose Skateboard Trucks

I will look at the pros and cons of loose skateboard trucks.

Loose Trucks Pros: The main pro for using a set of loose trucks is that you can modify them quickly and easily.
If you need to fix something on your board, or if you want to perform tricks that require some unique modifications, then loose trucks are the way to go.
They may not be as strong or durable, but they do give a very high level of control over how the skateboard performs.

Loose Trucks Cons: One of the main cons of having loose trucks is that they are not quite as durable.
They are much easier to break, which means it can be costly to keep replacing them.

Another issue is that when people modify their board in some way, they usually have to remove the trucks completely in order to add in the additional parts.
Not only can this be a pain, but it also means you cannot use your board while the trucks are off.

How to adjust skateboard trucks?

Truck Adjustments: Turning and Control

When you turn the board, the trucks should respond quickly and smoothly. If you find that your ride is sluggish or bumpy, then you may need to adjust your truck settings. The best way to make sure that your turning is as smooth as possible is for you or a professional to adjust your trucks. To keep the board under control, you should also ensure that the bushings are in good shape and that there is no wheel bite.

Truck Adjustments: Wheelbite

Wheelbite occurs when one of the wheels hits the deck during a turn. This will make the ride very bumpy because the bottom of the deck will get caught on top of the wheel. You can avoid this by adjusting your trucks and checking to make sure that all your wheels sit higher than the level of your deck.

Truck Adjustments: Center Mount vs. Drop-Through Platforms

If you need to adjust your skateboard trucks, then you also have the choice of center-mounted vs. drop-through platforms. These adjust your board in different ways, so it is important to know why you want to make the change before taking any action.

Center Mounted Trucks

If you need easy turning or a smooth ride for cruising purposes, then you will be happier with a center-mounted truck. This will ensure that your board turns smoothly and quickly, without any resistance from the bushings.

Drop-Through Platforms

If you want maximum control over your board while riding, then drop-through platforms are a good choice for you. These provide stability while turning and offer more clearance between your wheels and the board. They are not appropriate for cruising or downhill riding, however, because they require that you bend your knees more when turning.

Truck Adjustments: Bushings and Kingpins

Besides having the best truck settings, it is important to make sure that the bushings are in good shape. You can look at them to see if they are dirty, perforated, or starting to lose their lubricant. If they are in bad shape, then you will need to replace them for the best ride possible.

The kingpins also need to be checked regularly, as they can become loose over time and with regular use. The best way to tighten them is by using a skate tool, which can be bought for around $20. Otherwise, you could ask someone to tighten it up for you or to help with other adjustments on your board.

Making these simple adjustments will keep your board in good riding condition and should make your rides much smoother. Learning how to adjust skateboard trucks is an important step before attempting any tricks. It is also important to wear safety gear when riding so that you do not put yourself at risk for injury.

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How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

If you find the need to tighten your trucks, make sure it’s because your bushings are worn out or defective – not simply because you want more control. It might seem like a good idea to have your trucks really tight if you’re going fast, but there is a reason why they were looser in the first place. Tightening them up will make it more likely for you to lose control.

First things first, get a skate tool and a short screwdriver. The skate tool is essential if you want to avoid the cost of replacing broken hardware. Place your board on a secure surface where it’s unlikely to move around, put your trucks against the board, and use the short screwdriver to tighten the primary bolt. Make sure the deck is centered under the hanger because if it’s not your entire setup will be off-center.

If you don’t have a skate tool, you can also use two c-clamps to hold the hanger in place while tightening with a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Whatever you use, just make sure it’s secure and that the truck won’t move. Be careful not to break any hardware. The skate tool usually comes with a little wrench for adjusting kingpin nuts, but if yours didn’t or you don’t have one you can still put a wrench on the nut between the bushing and the baseplate.

If you have a reverse kingpin truck, make sure the second bolt is loose enough to move freely. Otherwise, you can tighten it up and make your pucks stick together. If they stick significantly when in the resting position, loosen them by turning that bolt counter-clockwise until they spread out into their original positions when not under pressure.

Can You Over-Tighten Your Skateboard Trucks?

Absolutely. A lot of people prefer a tight setup, but it’s possible to have your trucks too tight if you don’t give them time to work. If you go for a tighter ride and continue to tighten the bolts every few days or weeks, eventually they can become so stiff that your board will be difficult to turn at all. When that happens, it’s time to replace your bushings. You can have a very tight setup by just tightening the second bolt that attaches the hanger to the baseplate, but you’ll eventually need to tighten both sides of your trucks if you don’t want to change out your bushings and pucks.


When it comes to skateboard trucks, there are a few things you need to consider before making any adjustments. First and foremost is the type of truck that your board has. Different manufacturers offer different types of designs with their own specific settings for tightness. Second, you should take into account how often you use your skateboard as well as what kind of terrain or surfaces on which you typically ride when determining whether or not tighter trucks will be more appropriate for your needs. Finally, make sure that if at all possible, you get help from someone who knows what they’re doing when tightening up your boards! Skateboarding isn’t easy even without trying to fix something yourself! Badly adjusted skateboard trucks can lead to serious injuries while.

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