How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh? ( Deck, wheels, Truck)

A skateboard’s weight is about 7-10 pounds. A standard skateboard has a length of 32 inches and a width of 9 inches. A standard 7 ply hardwood maple deck has about 2.2 lbs on its own. In terms of the trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape add another 3-4 lbs on average to the skateboard. So, the average weight of a skateboard is around 10 pounds which is just enough to lift it up without having too much trouble.

More elaborate designs and carbon fiber decks can be lighter than the standard skateboard but they are usually more expensive. Some boards have weights integrated into them so that the board remains at the same weight even after the wheels, trucks, and grip tape are removed. The boards with integrated weights are usually more expensive as well.

Older skateboards made of balsa wood can weigh nearly half of what a standard 7 ply maple deck weighs. Balsa wood is very soft which makes it possible to make thinner decks with lots of holes in them to decrease their weight. However, balsa wood is no longer used for making skateboards due to its poor strength properties compared to the standard maple hardwood.

Skateboarders usually carry their boards when traveling by public transportation or walking over short distances so the weight of the board isn’t a large concern for most skateboarders. Only professional skaters that have to carry their boards long-distance or skateboarders that have difficulties lifting heavy objects usually look for lighter-weight decks.

Since the demand for lower-weight decks is so small, not much research has been done on producing them. In-line skates, which are similar to skateboards in size and shape, can weigh as little as 2.2 lbs for a pair. This is mainly due to the fact that in-line skates usually have smaller, fewer, and less complicated parts than a skateboard.

A deck’s weight has very little effect on its performance as long as it remains strong enough to not break while being ridden. Skateboarders who do freestyle tricks usually choose a stiffer deck because the flex of the board can throw off their balance as they try to land on or rotate the board. Flexible decks are usually used for carving, cruising, and long-distance pushing as these styles don’t require as much control over the orientation of the board.

Due to the wide variety of skateboard designs and parts, it is difficult to accurately determine the weight distribution of a complete skateboard. However, as previously mentioned, most decks have about 2.2 lbs on their own and trucks usually add about 4 lbs to the total weight of a skateboard which means that trucks account for about 1/3rd to ½ of a complete skateboard’s total weight.

How much does a skateboard deck weigh?

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh? ( Deck, wheels, Truck)

A skateboard deck is typically between 7 and 12 inches in width. This makes it possible for the rider to stand on top of the board and perform a variety of tricks. The average weight depends on what type of material it is made from, and this can vary widely among different brands.

A typical skateboard deck weighs about 500 grams (17.6 ounces), but an entry-level deck can weigh as little as 200 grams (7 ounces). Many decks are made from maple, which is a strong and dense wood. Some brands use bamboo or fiberglass instead; this makes them lighter to carry without sacrificing any strength.

A Canadian company called LDP Treehouse produces indoor skateboard decks that are almost weightless. The construction process involves taking waste wood chips from sawmills, slicing them into thin layers, and fusing them together with resin to form a product that is 40% lighter than traditional decks. They are made in strips of three layers, which means they can easily be painted or decorated if desired.

Skateboard decks can also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Some are painted with logos or artwork that is eye-catching. Others feature high-quality wood inlays for added style and effect.

Skateboard Wheels Weight

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh? ( Deck, wheels, Truck)

Wheels account for the majority of a skateboard’s weight and their average size is about 58mm. Their weight can range from 1 oz to 7 oz and up depending on the mass and material of the wheel (a standard wheel has an average mass of 4-6 oz). Standard-sized wheels usually have urethane plastic cores with aluminum or steel outer rims and they come in varying hardness depending on their mass.

The size of the wheel determines how much acceleration, deceleration, and grip it can offer to a rider as well as how smooth rolling over objects feel. A smaller wheel allows more agility and better maneuverability at the cost of less speed, stability, and distance covered per push. A larger wheel can roll faster, offer more stability and cover more distance with each push but it is less responsive to rider input. A bigger wheel also makes turning at high speed harder than on smaller wheels so carving becomes difficult.

Pro skateboarders usually use large wheels for their smoothness and overtaking capabilities while they use small ones for tight control and maneuverability. The average wheel size used by professional skaters nowadays is around 58mm, regardless of whether a small or a big wheel is being used – this gives the best of both worlds in terms of acceleration, stability and coverage per push.

The hardness of a wheel also affects its performance because it determines how well it can grip and how smooth a ride it provides. A wheel’s size and mass combined with its durometer determine its acceleration, deceleration, grip level, and ability to handle various surfaces. Sharp-edged wheels are usually preferred for street skating as they offer more grip on rougher surfaces while round-edged wheels perform better on smoother surfaces such as skate parks or smooth roads.

Wheel hardness and size also affect how well a wheel rolls over minor cracks and pebbles on the road which means that they determine how smooth the ride is. Boards with large, soft wheels are often preferred for street skating because they absorb shock better than boards with smaller, harder wheels do. On the other hand, sharp-edged wheels are better for riding over small cracks and pebbles because they can roll right over them – this means that sharp-edged wheels are better suited to skate parks.

How much weight is on the skateboard trucks of a skateboard?

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh? ( Deck, wheels, Truck)

For each skateboard truck, there are different weights depending on the height of the board. In general, however, they weigh roughly 4 pounds per dimension of the board up to 10 inches long. Trucks from 10″ up to 14″ long generally weigh 7 pounds, and trucks over 14″ long can weigh as much as 8 pounds.

To calculate the exact weight of your skateboard truck you would need to find the height of your deck, which is written on it most likely, or measure yourself if you are not sure. This will give you a good idea of how heavy the trucks are though. For example, if the deck is 7.5 inches long you can expect to have roughly 5 pounds on each truck, and if it were 9 inches you would have about 6 pounds on each.

Trucks are generally 8mm thick so they should be strong enough for most skating styles. Also, the skateboards themselves usually come with metal wheels which can add up to a couple of pounds depending on the quality and size of the board. Bearings, which provide motion and smoothness in skating, generally weigh about 4 ounces for high-quality bearings containing 7 or 8 balls.

Let’s say you weigh around 150 pounds and your deck is 7.5 inches long; here are some calculations to show how much your trucks weigh.


5 pounds x 2 trucks = ______ 10 pounds x 1 truck = _____

(7.5)pounds x 1 truck = _______ (8 pounds x 1 truck = ______)

150 pounds X 7 inches = 1050

500 X 7.5 = 3750

250 X 8 = 2000

(total weight) + (weight of the rider) = _____

3750 + 150 = 4100 total weight of skateboard, trucks and all (depending on what you weigh and how big your board is)

4100/2 trucks per skateboard = 2050 lbs per skateboard

(4100 + 2050) X 2 trucks = 8200 total weight on the skateboard.

In general, however, they weigh roughly 4 pounds per dimension of the board up to 10 inches long. Trucks from 10″ up to 14″ long generally weigh 7 pounds, and trucks over 14″ long can weigh as much as 8 pounds.

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 A skateboard can weigh as little as 7-8 pounds for a smaller rider but could go up to 14 pounds or more for an adult. The weight on the trucks of a skateboard is dependent upon the size and shape of the board, how it’s mounted onto each truck, what type of wheels are used (or not), and how much pressure is applied over time by pushing with your feet. It’s important to note that you should always wear safety equipment when using any sort of wheeled transportation device like this. Skateboarding requires balance so don’t try it without proper protection!

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