Best Skateboarders In The World (Famous and Richest)

TOP 5 richest and most famous skateboarders in the world. Skateboarding star of the Freaks and Guinness World Record tricks.

Every sport has its heroes.

For example, when talking about football, Ronaldo, David Beckham, or Messi immediately come to mind, in the biathlon – Daria Domracheva, and in tennis – Maria Sharapova.

Who is the best on the global skateboarding scene?

We have compiled the TOP-5 of the most famous and outstanding skateboarders in the world, according to the “Skating Club” in the entire history of the existence and evolution of this type of extreme sport.

5. Ryan Sheckler (San Clemente, California, USA)

The youngest professional and world-famous skateboarder. Ryan is now 30, but he is already the winner of numerous competitions, including the World Extreme Games, the face of the brands Volcom, Red Bull, Etnies, Plan B, Oakley, GoPro.



Sheckler began skating at an age when most children still can’t walk confidently – at 18 months old, and at 4 years old he was already boldly performing an ollie. At the age of 7, Ryan had a mini-ramp installed in the yard, thanks to which he could train daily and improve his skiing skills.

In addition to a successful career in skateboarding, Sheckler has starred in the MTV television show Life of Ryan, several feature films has been a playable character in the Tony Hawk series of computer games, and founded the Sheckler Charitable Foundation.

The best skateboarders in the world - 2

4. John Rodney Mullen (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

Represents teams: Globe, Almost, Tensor, Matix, Bones.

Today, Rodney is over 50, and he is rightfully considered one of the most successful and famous professional skateboarders in the world. During his career, Mullen invented more than 30 tricks on a skateboard, including kickflip, impossible, and the most popular – ollie (jump with a board).

For the first time, Mullen got on the board at the age of 11, gradually starting to communicate with like-minded people. The young skater was attracted by complete individuality and creativity, the absence of a team, a captain, independence from the time and place of skating.

Rodney is the founder of the A-Team (1997), and his videography includes about 20 works, including his own autobiography.

Due to his age, Mullen often missed performances due to injuries, but that does not stop him. The skateboarder continues to ride and release exciting videos to this day.

The best skateboarders in the world - 3

3. Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera (West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA)

Represents commands: Element, Speed ​​Metal.

At 40 years old, Bam is not just a professional skater – he is also a director and music video director, stuntman, radio, and TV star!

The best skateboarders in the world - 4

Many people know the most popular TV show in the format of the series “Jerkers” and “Jerkers 3D”, where 9 friends in each episode perform rude, dangerous, but at the same time incredibly funny tricks and experiments on each other. Margera was an integral part of this team until the end of the show.

After Jackass in 2003, a new show appeared thanks to Bam’s efforts – Viva la Bam, in which Margera not only makes crazy antics with her friends from the CKY Crew but also popularizes skateboarding as a sport.

The best skateboarders in the world - 5

2. Rob Dyrdek (Ohio, USA)

The 45-year-old skateboarder, TV star, actor, producer, founder of the Street Skateboarding League, founder of his own clothing company, and record label are all one man, who also has 20+ Guinness World Record stunts to his credit.

Like Mullen, Rob started skateboarding at the age of 11, taking part in festivals, competitions, rider competitions, gradually gaining victories.

A few years later, in 2005, Rob completes the construction of the Skate Plaza skate park in his hometown, and in 2006, he starred in the popular TV show Rob & Big on MTV, which brings him fame as an actor.

Today, Dyrdek is the advertising face of such skate brands as DC Shoes, Alien Workshop decks, and wheels, Silver trucks, Spy + optics, Monster Beverage, Rogue Status.

The best skateboarders in the world - 6

1. Tony Hawk (Carlsbad, San Diego County, California, USA)

Represents teams: Birdhouse, Independent, Bones, Nixon.

This prominent skateboarding guru is in his 50s.

Hawk rightfully occupies the first line of any rating of representatives of this culture. During his long career, Tony not only achieved the highest results and vocation as the best skateboarder in the world but also became the prototype for the creation of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series of computer games.

The best skateboarders in the world - 7

At the age of 9, the younger brother gives Hawke his first skateboard so that the boy can direct his inexhaustible flow of energy and aggression somewhere on the recommendation of the school psychologist.

His father builds a ramp in the backyard, and by the age of 12, Tony is sponsoring Dogtown skateboards. From that moment on, the young skater joins the professionals, and at the age of 17 he buys his first house with the money he earns.

In 1999, when Tony was 31, at the World Extreme Games, he was the first to perform the hardest trick on the Indy 900 ramp – a jump with a 900-degree rotation around himself.

After that, the world saw the Indy 900 performed by Hawke again – in 2011 and 2016. In addition, Tony was the first to perform the “dead loop” trick.

In addition to his sports career, the skateboarding star appeared in episodic roles in films, television shows, released an autobiography in 2000, and made a huge contribution to the popularization of this sport.

Today, Hawke continues to star in themed videos and is the richest skateboarder in the world.

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