Best Skateboard For Tricks 2022 (Ollies & Flip tricks)

Skateboarding is an incredibly fun sport that gives satisfaction and self-fulfillment. What’s even more satisfying about skateboarding is the ability to do tricks and pull off stunts on your board. Now, you’ve mastered the basics of skateboarding, and you are ready to pull off cool tricks on your skateboard, a wrong skateboard can put skateboarding tricks beyond your reach. You need a skateboard that is designed to handle all sorts of tricks. More so, you need to know what makes a trick-supporting skateboard.

Want to know what features make a skateboard great for tricks? Let’s get going.

Before we progress, this article isn’t about shoving some decks up your throats till you purchase. The focus is on what makes a skateboard good for tricks and the features you need to look out for so that you can identify one easily at the point of purchase. However, after serving you a comprehensive guide, we handpicked some products that best offer the features contained in the guide. This comprehensive guide will help you make the right choice of the best skateboard for tricks.

Top 7 Picks for Best Skateboard for Tricks

We’re going to review the Top 7 Best Skateboards for Tricks. That you can choose the right one for your purpose. We bought some of the skateboards and my local skateboarder group and tested them based on a wide variety of tests, considering factors such as weight, size, durability, level of skill, design, and performance when enhancing our list by compiling it into ranking insight which we have done in this review online!

  1. Enjoi Complete Skateboards
  2. KPC Pro Skateboard- Best For Tricks
  3. Whitefang Skateboard
  4. Minority Skateboard
  5. Scientoy  Skateboard
  6. Amrgot Good Skateboards
  7. Hiboy Alpha Skateboard

Best Skateboards for Tricks

KPC Pro Skateboard- Best For Tricks

KPC skateboards for tricks

To give yourself a spectacular experience with skateboarding tricks, you need a board that’s can do more than the conventional. Once you are ready to pay for it, KPC Pro Skateboard Complete promises to give you what you pay for. Durability is not a concern with this board, the aluminum alloy truck has got you covered. Keep performing tricks for years before you will ever think of a replacement.


  • Truck Material: Heavy-duty Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 32 By 8 Inches
  • Wheel Material: 52 mm Polyurethane
  • Deck Material: Canadian Maple
  • Load Capacity:330 Pounds
  • Wheel Material: 99 A PU
  • 80 grit black grip tape.
  • Precision Speed ABEC-7 Bearings

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete has a deck with a dimension of 32 by 8 inches, which is inarguably the choicest board size that pro skaters vie for. This complete trick skateboard comes fully assembled and it’s ready to go as soon as it’s unboxed. The presence of a grip tape adds a ton to its credibility, making it one of the best skateboard tricks you can ever get. This incredible grip tape will make breaking a breeze and that’s to a large extent is what makes a good trickster and promises to bring out the genius in you. As if that’s not enough, the skateboard comes with an additional grip tape. You can -with no headaches replace the old one once it shows any sign of wear. Alas! Your fun is never paused for a moment. That’s so thoughtful of KPC.

At just 52 mm, the wheels are small and perfect for tricks due to their small area of contact with the surface. They are hyper-responsive and promise to answer your call as you flip and pop on all fronts. Plus, they will never let you down when your ride calls for speed.

The truck is built from heavy-duty aluminum material, which rules out any objection to quality. This skateboard rides on a 55mm krown wheel under the influence of ABEC-7 steel bearings, the speed, smoothness, and comfort will always be top-notch. It features highly adjustable Philipd head mounting hardware that will dramatically ease your transition, tricky bends, all-around flips, and pops. What’s else can you ask for. KPC skateboard test video on my youtube channel. For video recording, I recommend some skateboarding cameras.

Final Verdict:

There’s more that will make you want to pounce KPC Pro Skateboard. The aesthetics and the graphics are two adornments to make your board garners envy-eyes. Every other rider on the by-street will cast a second gaze at your board. For it’s so beautiful. Don,t worry about finding a favorite color, it is available in tons of colors variation. the hall we talk about the performance? It’s mouthwatering for skateboarders that have experienced one or two days out with this product. You will thank your luck for coming across this incredible and fore liner board.

    • Incredible performance according to users
    • Standard deck size for skating professionals
    • Beautiful graphics and aesthetics
      • Off-center truck alignment.
      • Not recommendable for heavy adult


Enjoi Complete Skateboards

I’ve been doing backside flips and manuals with kickflips well. I’ve been working on manuals with kickflips out I haven’t been landing many but on the Other two boards I skated way longer. So the tail is just much longer and it lasts longer on these big shaped boards. Also, I just love how much room you have on a big shaped award, one of the boards is over ten inches wide other one’s a nine-point one in the middle, and then enjoi skateboard is eight point five.

It just feels so tiny but also that can be a positive thing too because it does feel tiny it feels so light and it’s easy to maneuver and do flip tricks on. I’ve been landing flip tricks the first varial heelflip I tried on this board I landed perfectly. Watch Out for test rides and tricks of the Enjoi skateboard on my Youtube channel

The skatepark it’s got a perfect shape so this is the first board I’ve had in a while with the shape exactly like I like it. It’s got a bigger nose steeper nose and a more mellow tail and it’s got a decent mid-type concave that works really well. I used to skate years ago so this board has had a lot of pop and it felt great.

It’s been a breath of fresh air and it’s made skateboarding so much fun. I just love riding this board at the park but it is losing its pop really fast that’s the thing about pop sickle-shaped boards. They do they wear out faster than these big-shaped wards that just seem to last forever that was the great thing about the Andy Anderson board that board just always has pop and it never wears out. I actually just picked up that Andy Anderson board and realized how heavy it actually is compared to this board it’s so heavy that’s why the thing is just so much fun to ride. 


Minority Skateboard- Best For Kickflips

Minority Skateboard- Best For Kickflips

Let’s start with the minority skateboards review. If you are on the lookout for the all-around best skateboard you can use to perform tricks, then the minority maple skateboard is one of the best skateboards you can ever find.  This skateboard will have you at the track every day and will still be as strong as ever after several hours of tricks practice.


  • Dimensions of 30.75 By 8 By 4.9 Inches
  • Made of Maple Wood, Aluminum, Steel,, and Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity of 200 Pounds
  • ABEC-9 Precision Bearings Forged with Chrome Steel
  • Wide Range of Graphics to Choose From
  • 5-Inch Trucks Cast by Genuine Aluminum Alloy
  • 78A High Rebound PU Bushing
  • 102A PU Wheels

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard is finely made with 100% 7-ply hard-rock maple cold-pressed into a deck and supported with mediate concave, which makes it ideal for any type of trick to be performed. The Canadian maple wood is cold-pressed into a 32 by 8-inch deck and can support up to 220 pounds of weight. The the7-ply hard rock maple is responsible for the sturdiness and strength of the deck. The deck also has epoxy glue well smeared on the surface, to give the feet maximum grip on the skateboard while you pull off several tricks.

Like most wheels, Minority  Skateboard wheels are about 54 millimeters in diameter and made of polyurethane. This gives it around 85% high rebound performance, meaning, the skateboard will exert 85% of the energy that you put into it and you can quickly bounce back to action after any major hit and impact. An advantage of its wheel is made out of Polyurethane is its idealness for all sorts of wheels and the great strength, reliability, and durability it produces. It also has great grips on whatever surface you use it on.

The trucks of the Minority Skateboard are forged with genuine aluminum texture to ensure extra flexibility and limit corrosion. Also present in it are chrome steel axle and kingpin, which provide users with a perfectly smooth ride and still have great speed.

Final Verdict

Again, if you must perform tricks while skateboarding, then you must get this skateboard and it is a great investment. Another benefit of this skateboard is that it will help skaters sharpen their skills in no time as beginners can also effectively use it. What completes this great piece is the stunning graphics ranging from different trendy to vintage styles its surface is adorned with. For doing tricks, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes and shoe insoles.

    • Perfect for outdoor sporting activities
    • Very strong and durable
    • Trendy design
      • Some customers complained that graphics wears out quickly


Scientoy  Skateboard- Best For Dancing

Scientoy  Skateboard- Best For Dancing


Scientoy Skateboard is a great investment for all skateboarders due to the numerous advantage it offers over other types of skateboards. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or expert user, this skateboard is sure to leave you with no regrets.


  • High-density waterproof grip for increased safety
  • Nine-layer Canadian maple deck
  • Wheel material: polyurethane
  • 4 package dimensions of 31 by 8 by 5 inches
  • 5oad capacity of 220 pounds
  • 95 A high rebound PU wheel
  • Double kick tail concave

Like many other skateboard brands, Scientoy uses Canadian maple to manufacture their skateboard deck, which makes it strong and sturdy. The Canadian maple has several properties such as flexibility which makes it easier to trick. The maple is also very strong and can support up to 220 pounds. Scientoy Skateboard comes with a double kick concave to make it even more flexible. The high-density waterproof grip will have your feet perfectly placed on the deck so that you can perform even the most daring tricks without worries of falling or getting hurt.

The Scientoy are 95 A high rebound PU wheels. Simply put, the 95A means that the wheels are very hard and sturdy and are unlikely to wear out or break for quite some time after you have been using your skateboard. The high rebound means that you will be pushed forward a great deal with just a few strokes. PU stands for Polyurethane and is a highly durable material with an amazing grip that will avail you of the smoothest of rides on your skateboard.

Scientoy Skateboard trucks are made up of a 5-inch aluminum alloy, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. So, be rest assured, your skateboard is free from rusting. It is bound to remain sturdy for a long time. Aluminum is also very light so it will allow for better flexibility and a smooth ride.

Final Verdict

Scientoy skateboards are definitely one of the best on the market, Scientology Skateboard is one amidst their numerous product lines that delivers marvelous moments in technical skating. From newbies to pros, there,s a statement to make with this great product.

    • Strong, durable, and reliable
    • Comes with a repair kit
    • Perfect for all levels of skaters
      • Color may fade off quickly
      • Only for beginners


Amrgot Good Skateboards Deck- Best For Ollies

Amrgot Good Skateboards Deck- Best For Ollies




  • Deck length of 31 inches
  • Polyurethane wheels 54 millimeters in diameter
  • Package dimensions of 34 X 8 X 4 inches
  • 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks
  • Made of 7 layers of cold-pressed Canadian maple
  • 7051 high-density waterproof grip
  • Abec -9 bearing
  • 85 A high-quality PU wheels

Amrgot Skateboard deck is an eight-layer Canadian maple deck that allows for overall flexibility and durability as Canadian maple is known to be quite sturdy. It is also complete with high friction anti-slip, meaning that it is safe for use on all kinds of surfaces. This skateboard can also support a weight of up to 200 pounds. The deck is also designed with a picture with highlight processing, making it brighter and better textured.

Amrgot skateboard trucks are the ideal trucks required for a good skateboard. The 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks are completely durable and incredibly light so that the skateboard remains flexible. The aluminum alloy is also completely resistant to corrosion so it will last for years. The trucks are also complete with polyurethane support pads so that you are completely balanced on the skateboard making it even safer. The amrgot skateboard pro is a must-have for all skaters

Amrgot Skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane and are 54 Millimeters in diameter. These wheels are complemented with ABEC-9 bearings which provide the skateboard with the perfect balance required of a skateboard. The 85A rating also means that the wheels are very hard – though not as hard as that of other skateboards, which sell for a couple of dollars less. This hardness means that it will take quite a lot of time for the wheel to wear out.

Polyurethane is a material that is perfect for skateboard wheels. It is super sturdy and provides excellent grip so that your ride is smooth overall and fast enough that you can feel the thrill of skateboarding.

Final Verdict:

If you recently got into skateboarding or you are looking to buy a new skateboard, the Amrgot skateboard is your best plug. Like most skateboards, it is made out of Canadian maple but what makes it stand out from other skateboards is its very small size as it weighs not more than a few kilograms.

    • Extra-light and flexible
      • Only for beginners



KPC Complete Skateboard – Best for Freestyle & Pumping

Many in the skateboarding community will argue that you don’t have any real skateboarding experience or skill until you’ve shown what you’re worth on this board. And, considering the high-rebound bushings, extra speed, and durable wheels this deck is fitted with, it’s easy to see why.


  • The minimal weight of 4.8 pounds.
  • 7-ply maple deck.
  • 52 millimeters durable wheels.
  • Aluminum alloy trucks.
  • 99A high-rebound bushings.
  • 28.58 X 8.43 X 5 inches.
  • Precision speed ABEC 7 bearings.
  • 80-grit level grip tape.
  • Arrives fully assembled.

This 31-inch deck 7-ply maple board is available at a very reasonable price and it guarantees a smoother ride, even on rough terrain. What’s great about these boards is that it has just the right features to help casual skaters and intermediate skaters hone their basic tricks while allowing advanced skaters to execute more technical skills flawlessly.

It’s no surprise that it’s so popular among skater trainers and recreational skaters!

With the cutting edge ABEC-bearings, the perfect skateboard size, a larger diameter of bearing, and softer wheels you get with this high-quality product, you can easily achieve that stoked ride and get on with learning those technical tricks you’ve always had your eye on!

What’s more, because it falls in a low price range, many entry-level skaters may assume that it’s not as durable as its more expensive counterparts.

Well, the only two key differences we were able to spot between this cruiser board and its more expensive competition is the wide gap in price and a lower level of aesthetics in the KPC Complete Skateboard.

While this board is available in a wide variety of colors (it has 16 different color variations), they aren’t exactly eye-popping. However, if you can look beyond that, you’ll not only find a skateboard responsive to your every gesture but also a highly durable product that’ll serve you long and well in the skate park.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner skater or you know your way around a pair of skateboard trucks blindfolded, you’re certain to find a reliable skate tool in this high-quality product, especially if you’re on a budget.

And, even though all the 16 color variations it comes in aren’t as flashy as many riders might like, they’re 100% fade-resistant so you won’t ever have to worry about retouching the board.

Finally, unlike most regular skateboards, it has a deck that can support over 200 pounds! So, there’s really no reason not to give this board a try if you want consistent rides and a tool that easily fits a recreational or aggressive skating style.

  • It has a very strong and well-balanced board.
  • It’s available at a reasonable price range.
  • It caters to both beginner and advanced skateboards comfortably.
  • It’s available in a wide variety of colors.
  • It’s made with highly durable materials.
  • It supports heavier riders while still offering a smooth staking experience.
  • Some riders may find the graphics unimaginative.

Whitefang Skateboard- Best For Flip Tricks

Whitefang Skateboard- Best For Flip Tricks

If you are currently on the lookout for a skateboard – not an ordinary one, but one that will enable you to practice your many skills, then this skateboard should top your list. Whitefang Complete Skateboard is great for beginners and professionals and will have you doing multiple tricks in just a few weeks.

Key features

  • Material: Aluminum and Maple Wood
  • Dimensions: 31.75 By 7.88 By 3.9 Inches
  • Wheel Material: 52 mm Polyurethane
  • Deck Material: Canadian Maple
  • Load Capacity:330 Pounds
  • Wheel Material: 94 A PU
  • Truck Material: Magnalium Alloy

Whitefang Complete Skateboard deck is made of four layers of Canadian maple, from which it derives its sturdiness and balance.  This also contributes to its flexibility, making it possible for the most daring tricks to be performed. It is light and does not hinder the skater’s movement. You do not have to worry about slipping as the deck is well protected with emery non-slip and wear resistance grip tape, ensuring balance while making turns and bends.

The dimension of the wheel is 52 mm, adding to an already trick-enhancing structure and build that guarantees ease while skating. The wheel is made out of polyurethane. The material produces a strong grip on the ground ensuring greater flexibility. Besides, it is also durable and will last as long as you wish your skateboard last. Its truck is built from magnesium alloy to add to its reliability and stability. Magnesium alloys also prevent the trucks from rust and produce as much balance as needed. Likewise, it is resistant to high impact while performing tricks. Another amazing feature of the truck is that it has its center of gravity right at the middle of the deck, which contributes to the absolute balance it reaches while skating. All these benefits are thanks to a 5-inch presence of magnesium alloy in the truck.

Final Verdict

Whitefang Complete Skateboard comes in several minimalist designs to suit your taste and is suitable for use for everyone above the age of six. Whats more? It does matter if you are just learning to skate or you are an expert, this magnificent edifice is definitely for you.

    • Great Quality
    • Perfect for beginners and experts
    • Does not require assemblage
    • Perfect for kids and adults.
      • Does not come with a user manual.


Features of The Best Skateboard for Tricks

No Almighty skateboard does all things. While some skateboards are good at cruising, others excel at tricks. For some, speed is their stronghold, while stability and balance-as in beginners’ board kill it for some. Although some shiness in more than one aspect, no skateboard model is one-size-fits-all. Whatever a skateboard is good at and more suitable for, it all depends on the features it possesses.

The performance of a skateboard is dictated by its incorporated parts and the features these parts are capable of. For this reason, we’ll look at the best skateboard for tricks by dissecting what each part does and how suitable they are for tricks. After which we introduce to you some selected products that check all boxes we discuss here.

Parts like the skateboard wheel, size, shape, and hardness; the truck, its dimension, quality, and build; the deck, material, width, and more are all significant areas we’ll turn our searchlight too. After reading this guide, selecting a skateboard for tricks will be less difficult. Here we go.

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Skateboard Truck for Tricks:

For starters who don’t know much about skateboard parts, the trucks are the two pieces of metal that are under any skateboard deck. They stabilize the deck and serve as a point attachment that joins the wheel to the deck. Typically, a truck is made of three main parts; axle, hanger, and kingpin.

The axle is the T-shaped iron metal to which skateboard wheels are attached. The hanger is the triangular-shaped part of the truck. The kingpin is the fitted big bolt that holds the hanger and the axle together.

How does this relate to finding the best skateboard for tricks?

On you hunt for the best skateboard for tricks, you need a stable board, that’s where the width of the skateboard axle comes to play. A stable board is one in which its truck axle’s width closely matches the deck’s width. There shouldn’t be a great gap between the width of the axles and the width of the deck on a skateboard you intend to perform tricks with. Ideally, the perfect axle-deck with combination should be 7.5 inches to 8 inches. And anything in between the range.

Skateboard Truck Profiles

Another consideration regarding the truck is the truck profile. This represents the distance between the skateboard deck and the hanger. Generally, a board with a low truck profile is considered better at a trick performance by professional skaters. You may need to look into that as well.

Trucks with low profiles are closer to the ground and thus create a tighter center of gravity. This makes the flip and pop on your board easier.

Skateboard Truck Construction

Aside from looking at the truck profile, you should as well consider the type of truck. There’s an age-long debate about which is better. Thunder trucks or independent trucks. The short answer is that it’s a matter of choice.

Viewing through an economic lens, an independent truck has the advantage of serving its users longer. That’s what most regular skaters choose. For skaters whose interest lies keenly in technical skating, thunder trucks are the sought-after’s. This is in part due to their grinding capabilities and partly for extra responsiveness.

Thunder trucks are mostly low profile, which makes them perfect for tricks. Go with thunder trucks if performing tricks is choicest to you. Settle for independent trucks if longevity and mostly skate transition is what you want. Thunder for tricks, independent for transition is the code phrase. You should try to save that somewhere safe.

Skateboard Wheel for Tricks

The wheel is what drives your board and you aren’t doing any trick without them. There are tons of skateboard wheels available out there, but not all wheels are good for tricks.

The production of a high-quality skateboard wheel requires a lot of calculation and refinement. Not all manufacturers have the resources to go all-in until they arrived at the wheel of the highest quality. Nonetheless, some do.

Skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane; a mixture of a wide variety of plastics. A perfect mixture is what makes a great polyurethane formula and ultimately high-quality wheels that are suitable for tricks.

Once the construction is solid and durable, a wheel is suitable for tricks. You need to check out the following as they will immensely impact your skateboarding tricks experience.

  • The Diameter of The Wheel
  • The hardness of The Wheel
  • Wheel Bounce Rate and Rebound
  • The shape of The Wheel

All these are factors that come together to make your board good for tricks. Failure in one aspect can affect others negatively. Let’s quickly run through them.

The Diameter of The Wheel

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the wheels, the more responsive your skateboard. Consequentially, the more responsive your skateboard, the better its performance for tricks. For tricks, 52 mm is a good wheel size to settle for as it allows for more control of your board. Below are 4 reasons why smaller wheels are better for tricks

  1. Small wheels are more responsive, thus better for tricks
  2. Smaller wheels perform better than larger wheels when it comes to grinding rails
  3. Smaller wheels accelerate more quickly than larger wheels
  4. During to their less mass, smaller wheels make it easy for users to flip and pop

The Wheel Bounce Rate and Rebound

The ability of your skateboard wheel to deform on impact is referred to as a rebound. That is when the wheel gets hit and knocked out of shape, how quickly it bounces back to retake form and retain shape.

Hard wheels have a low bounce rate, which means they quickly snap back into their shape. Softer wheels on the other hand have a high bounce rate and take longer to return to shape. What does this mean?

Performing trick with low rebound wheels is very difficult and most time doesn’t end well. The experience is usually regrettable except for Verts who have the skills to pull that off on purpose. Or how do you pull off, landing on the side of your board and wheels with both feet?

In short, harder wheels are excellent for skateboarding tricks because of their low bounce rate.

The shape of The Wheel

Wheel shape is another essential part of the skateboard wheels you need to look into as they play a crucial part in a trick performance.

Square wheels have more surface friction because they cover a more extensive area at impact, thus, they are not ideal for tricks. A wheel that’s good for tricks should make minimal contact that will aid its responsiveness.

With square wheels out, you can select radial, classic, or conical-shaped wheels as they are best for tricks.

Simply put, wheels that offer less surface area are more responsive and are more suitable for tricks. The lesser the contact surface area, the better the performance. So, if you are going to select any shape amidst lots, make sure you stay away from wider wheels. You will have a hard time performing tricks on them.

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Skateboard Bearing for Tricks

Bearing is a precision tool for skateboarders. It is responsible for mounting the skateboard wheels to the axles. Fortunately, there’s no size variation to worry about in bearings, no matter the type of board you opt for. bearings come in only one size and will fit any wheel perfectly.

Instead, you need to turn your attention to the quality of the bearings. The quality of bearings is rated based on the ABEC grades. The grades are indicated with numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 ratings which translate directly to represent the precision of the bearings. The higher the ABEC rating, the better the quality and precision of the bearings.

Also, you don’t want to forget the cost implication of highly rated bearings. High-quality bearings cost significantly more than low-quality bearings, but they are surely worth it.

Low-quality bearings are cheaply made and are likely to break easily when subjected to continuous pressure. Also, they gather dirt quickly due to their weak seals. Thus, impacting the smoothness and speed of your board negatively.

Selecting a board with ABEC -7 and ABEC-9 is good for tricks. Nonetheless, some expert boards come with an ABEC-11 rating but are very expensive and advisable for professional riders. For regular or weekend riders like yourself, ABEC ratings of 7 and 9 should do those tricks for you.

Skateboard Bushing and Hardness for Tricks

Checking for the right bushing in a skateboard should be determined through your weight. Bushings are made of polyurethane and come with your truck.

You will need to break them in a little to find the perfect fit for you. This depends on how loose or tight the bushings are. There’s a standard durometer scale for measuring the hardness of a bushing. Anything that falls between 87A, 90A, or 92A bushing rating is fine for tricks. Make sure you check them out before the purchase.

Skateboard Wheel Contact Patch

Whenever you ride on a skateboard, the area of the wheel that’s in contact with the surface is called the contact patch. This area of a skateboard is very easy to overlook, but it’s essentially instrumental to pulling off tricks on any board.

Since tricks largely depend on how responsive a board is, you want your board to be more responsive. A wheel with a narrower contact patch is what you should go with. The narrower the contact patch, the more responsive your skateboard wheels are. However, don’t forget that means a lesser grip, so you need to be more careful.

Skateboard Deck for Tricks

Typically, a narrow deck is more responsive than a wide deck. While a wider deck is good for stability, narrower decks are kings of technical kinds of stuff. The standard for technical skating is an 8-inch wide deck.

Slightly below 7.75 or slightly above 8.25 will do as well.

Skateboard Deck Nose and Tail for Tricks

Separating the nose from the tail in a skateboard can be somewhat cumbersome for new skaters. One way to identify which is to look well at the board edges. The higher and pointer end of the deck is usually the nose.

The height and shape of the nose and tail are equally advantageous to skateboarding tricks as they make popping and flipping your deck a bit easier. Finding the best combination of nose and tail that works for you is a matter of preference. You’ll need some experience before deciding what works best for you.

Skateboard Deck Concave for Tricks

There’s no doubt, performing tricks on a skateboard with a concave deck is easier because they are more responsive. Concave is the curvature of your board that affects its responsiveness.

Skateboard manufacturers equip their boards with varieties of concave decks so there’s isn’t a rule here. We recommend going for boards with a mellow concave. They are typically easier to control and maneuver when attempting to perform tricks.


With guides like this, selecting the best skateboard for tricks is never complex. Skateboarding is fun, sport, and entertainment in a go. Performing tricks is even more. It takes time to master the art, and you cannot learn all the skills in a day. Just make sure you practice often as a beginner and don’t forget to wear your protective gear. The best skateboards for tricks are out there, it’s waiting for you to pick up. All products mentioned here are all good for tricks. You can never be wrong with any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the hardest skateboard trick?

Hardflip is arguably the most difficult trick to pull off on a skateboard. It takes more than a skater to do this trick. Hardflip is a combination of two tricks at a time. Both of which are not easy to pull through. Hardflip combines simple kickflip and front-side pop shove trick. You need to master the front-side pop trick as it’s more difficult combined in hardflip than when attempted alone.  You have to quickly do a kickflip and swiftly follow it by pulling your board to the front with your back foot to perform a hardflip. You then use your front foot to receive the board very fast as it rolls over.

  1. Where Can I Get the Best Skateboard for Tricks?

You can find the best skateboard for tricks both online and on-street skate shops. There are tons of tricks skateboard available in these stores, but it takes a trained eye to identify one. We’d advise you to look out for one with pretty much the factors we explained in this guide, as there’s no board out there that sings “I’m only made for the trick”. If you are new to the skateboard market, make sure you get knowledge about the best skateboard for beginners before finally going for one. You can always read our detailed and well-researched guide to help you make the best choice.

  1. What Are Some of the Tips for Doing Skateboard Tricks?

There are tons of skateboard tricks you can practice, from the starter-friendly tricks to the complex expert stuff. We recommend you start with the simplest like lone flip and pop and try something complex as you advance. You must take note of your mistakes when attempting tricks. You can as well make videos of yourself to watch those mistakes later. This way you can improve on them as you perfect. Our sincere advice is for you to master skateboarding basic skills before attempting tricks. This is much safer in your interest. Don’t try to force tricks by pressuring yourself too much. Tricks come naturally when your skateboarding skill is advanced.

Check out our youtube channel. Most skateboards are used by our team and me. Then we review the best skateboards for tricks.

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