Moose Stained Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape

If your skateboard experience has been a long history of numerous broken decks, you have come to the end of your bad story. This deck can hold up to 220lbs of weight. One skateboarder weighed 290lbs and still used this deck for a long time without splitting, cracking, or breaking.

The value you will get from this skateboard deck far outweighs the little amount paid for it. It performs just as good as more expensive options. You will enjoy doing tricks and feeling a fantastic pop when you first start using this deck to skate but beware that the pop does not last so long.

There is also a tendency that this board will begin to lose shape with frequent use, but that is a heavy burden skaters have to bear.

This is a very tough skateboard deck. The strong Canadian maple wood used in construction has seven layers. That is very sturdy and great for heavy users. This board has already made holes for users to mount their trucks but some customers complain that the holes are not centred.

To get around this problem, don’t take off the plastic upon receipt. Work on mounting your trucks first so that customization doesn’t chip or scratch your beautiful wood deck.


  • 31” x 8” board size.
  • Made from genuine Canadian maple wood.
  • Modern concave design.
  • 7 layers of wood.
  • Comes with diamond grip tape.
  • The bottom side is stained.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Holds up well under heavyweight.
  • Cost friendly.
  • It has plenty of pop when new.
  • Very tough.
  • Truck holes are not centered.
  • Shape and pop will not last too long.

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard Deck

Loaded Boards has been dishing out high-class designs to her customers for years, and they have not disappointed on this longboard deck. The drop-through design is functional and increases stability. The concave design is also very helpful for enjoying a good flex.

Although this is a longboard deck, you will have incredible speed because of the unique design. When carving and cruising, skateboarders usually pump their board to increase speed. This is made easy and very doable on this longboard, even when the skateboarder is heavy.

After constructing your skateboard, this will probably be the best longboard you have ever ridden. The flex allows you to enjoy easier movement as you make turns and attempt skate tricks. More aggressive and heavy riders should select lower flex, while lightweight riders can select higher flex that will be more responsive to their weight.

This longboard deck can handle weights of up to 270lbs. It is long and wide enough for a heavy rider to properly balance so that their weight is evenly distributed, and there is no excessive pressure on any part of the board.

This deck is very lightweight, so your fully constructed skateboard isn’t excessively heavy and easy to carry around even though it is long. At the same time, the board is very strong. It is built with a combination of durable bamboo wood and modern fiberglass material. You can enjoy fun rides without worrying about breaking your skateboard.


  • 8” x 8” deck.
  • Drop through carving design.
  • Stable and functional design.
  • Lightweight but very strong.
  • Has energetic flex.
  • Made with bamboo and fiberglass materials.
  • It is not as heavy as regular longboard decks.
  • It is made with strong materials that will not easily break under heavyweight.
  • The responsive flex makes for a more enjoyable ride.
  • The design is not only beautiful, it is stable and functional.
  • Not portable.

Cal 7 Blank Deck And Grip Tape

Because weight is an important factor in enjoying skateboarding, skaters need strong decks like this blank skateboard deck from Cal 7.

It has been constructed from strong, genuine Chinese maple wood. The wood comes in 7 layers and has been expertly used by the manufacturer to create a very sturdy deck. This deck can bear weights of up to 220lbs and more. Even while performing complicated tricks, a heavyweight skater will not break this board.

This skateboard deck comes with a strong grip tape that will help keep you stable and steady when you ride on your completed skateboard. Take note that you will have to apply the grip tape by yourself as it doesn’t come on the board.

If you’re not good with DIY projects, you should enlist the help of a professional or a knowledgeable friend if you don’t know how to apply grip tape. A wrong application might cause air pocket to form and the grip tape to lose effectiveness in a short period.

Compare this deck with similar offers from bigger companies, and you will see that this product competes with those expensive offers for half the price. It has excellent shape and can maintain pop for a long time after construction.


  • 5“ x 8” deck.
  • Symmetrical popsicle shape.
  • Medium concave design.
  • Available in five different colors.
  • It is made from 7-ply maple wood.
  • Comes with grip tape.
  • Solid deck. Does not break easily.
  • Good for street riding.
  • You have to manually apply the grip tape.

Cal 7 Blank Deck Set

If you are a skater on a budget, you will get a lot of value out of this skateboard deck set from Cal 7. Heavy skaters have the problem of going through many decks in a short period because they keep splitting and breaking.

This is a cost-effective way to enjoy skating even after your board breaks. The set of three skateboard decks are identical and serve very well as a replacement deck in varied situations. You can gift the other boards to friends or family members if you don’t intend to use all three.

Made with the highest quality of maple wood, this skateboard has excellent construction and displays superior craftsmanship. The strong and durable material of construction makes it ideal for heavy skateboarders. Skateboarders of 220lbs can purchase this skateboard deck set with confidence.

Apart from the material, this skateboard is long and wide enough for a heavy user to balance both feet securely, so their weight is spread around the board and not on sensitive pressure points. With careful use, you can enjoy each board for a long time before you have to change them.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner trying to build your first skateboard. This deck is suitable for use by riders of different skill levels. A novice and expert will feel right at home on this deck and enjoy the riding experience just as much. There is an assortment of colors available so you can choose whatever you fancy.


  • 32” x 8.5” deck.
  • Ideal for park and street skating.
  • Medium concave design.
  • Ideal for skaters on all skill levels.
  • Made with 7 layer maple wood.
  • An excellent replacement deck.
  • Very tough and reactive board.
  • Superior wood quality.
  • The tail and nose are quite steep.

Moose Pro Skateboard Deck Set

Who doesn’t love an incredible deal? Getting five of these strong maple wood decks at such a crash price is the only reason you need to rush the deal. A flimsy skateboard deck will not accommodate basic tricks but this board allows the rider to move majestically and achieve sophisticated tricks that look and feel nice.

This board is so sturdy you can jump down the stairs with it and make a good landing without splitting your deck in 2. This strength and stability are why we recommend this skateboard deck for heavy users.

If you do not store your boards properly, they can become delaminated and would have to be repurposed for another use.

These Pro Skateboard Decks come blank. That means they are not predesigned with graphics and you have full control over the look and design of your skateboard. If you are not artistic, you can simply enjoy riding this deck in its original color, but people who want to play with their blank space have a lot of fun doing so.

Be rest assured you will only receive high-quality decks in the mail when you order from this manufacturer. Every product is manually inspected for flaws and defects before items are shipped off to the customer. If there is a problem with one board, it is recycled, and another perfect board is packaged for the customer.


  • 31” x 8” deck.
  • Made from 100% maple wood.
  • Has a great pop.
  • Modern concave design.
  • Available in different colors.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Very sturdy board.
  • Lightweight deck.
  • You cannot mix sizes in one set.
  • Can easily get delaminated.

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

 If you need a good and sturdy skateboard deck that will stay strong under very heavy use, this is the product you should purchase. Moose creates many terrific decks and skateboard accessories, but this one is especially durable in many ways.

Apart from functionality, this skateboard deck offers an opportunity for creativity. The blank space is a great place to try out your artistic prowess and customize your deck to match your style. This is not necessary or obligatory; it is just another step to help you enjoy all aspects of skateboarding.

This strong and reliable skateboard deck will serve you in and out of season. Whether you’re putting it to the task at the skatepark or have it stored away until your next riding spree, the skateboard will not crack or budge.

This deck is especially wide to accommodate the large feet of tall skaters and the weight of heavy skaters. There is more space for even weight distribution so there are no accidents and the board doesn’t break from the very start.

The deck is also made from high quality 7-ply Canadian maple wood. This is one of the strongest materials used to manufacture skateboard decks and is guaranteed to carry more weight than other types of skateboard decks.


  • 31” x 8.75: deck.
  • Made with 100% genuine 7-ply Canadian maple wood.
  • Nice concave design.
  • Excellent blank deck
  • Extremely sturdy deck.
  • Will not wear down under heavy use.
  • You will enjoy a DIY painting project on the blank deck.
  • The finish can scrape off easily.

Moose Natural Blank Skateboard Deck

The fact that you can create your custom design on this deck is thrilling. If you are buying a skateboard deck, you probably want the hands-on experience of putting your skateboard together, and painting, graphics, and design will be a very fun part of that process.

If you don’t have DIY skills or aren’t interested in painting your board, you can simply line up some sticker, and your deck will look nice. When fully constructed, this deck is supposed to be handled with precaution, or the layers might start to come apart.

Skateboarders who want to perform heavy tricks should find a sturdier board for this purpose because this one can delaminate with too much abuse.

Any skateboard you construct from this deck will be strong and long-lasting. You can use it in different weather conditions and even carry it along with you as you travel. Long time skateboarders with decades of experience have attested to the fact that this board is strong and durable.

It is made from hardcore Canadian maple wood that will stand the test of time. The deck design is plain but beautiful because of the natural wood grain that runs along the bottom.

This deck can carry weights of up to 250lbs, so heavy users are welcome to purchase it. However, if you are heavy, don’t plan to perform skate tricks with this board, or you will break it.


  • 31” x 8” deck.
  • Excellent for park or street use.
  • The concave design is responsive.
  • This deck has a nice pop.
  • Beautiful natural wood deck.
  • You can custom paint your deck to your taste.
  • Not designed for complicated tricks.

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

Every skateboard deck has natural wear. The more frequently you skate with your board, the shorter its lifespan. This strong deck is so durable that it refuses to break at the end of its life. The wood might warp, or the layers come undone, but this board is hard to break.

This should be especially good news for all heavy skateboarders. Don’t take this as an invitation for abuse. You have to take good care of your skateboard to make it last longer. However strong and well built a skateboard deck is, you can damage it by not following skating guidelines and taking the necessary precautions as a heavy skater.

This is a great skateboard deck for beginners who want to start practicing their skateboard movements and basic tricks. It is also suitable for an expert rider who wants a good board to cruise around the skatepark. Be reminded that this deck was not designed for vigorous skating.

If you are an everyday skater, you should probably find another product designed to take abuse. This is a terrific deck for the price. We assure you that you will enjoy the full use of this board and get good value for your money spent.


  • 5” x 8.25” deck.
  • Natural wood look.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Perfect as a replacement deck.
  • Ade with durable 7-ply maple wood.
  • Good for newbies and professionals alike.
  • Works perfectly.
  • Looks very good.
  • The natural grain of the woody finish is very attractive.
  • Not built for vigorous skating.